GHG: Chapter 54 Part 2

Five minutes ago.

After Bai Liu said he would cooperate with the puppet master, Mu Sicheng was furious. “Who the hell are you going to cooperate with? The puppet master?”

“We must cooperate.” Bai Liu was calm. “Or rather than cooperation, I alone must control everyone to ensure the most efficient mobilization of health.”

“It is because our total health is too low. I only have 21, you have over 70 health and Du Sanying has full health but even so, our side only has over 100 health. On the puppet master’s side, minus the 20 points in exchange for the mirror fragments and 10 points for any testing, he must have at least 370. This is a bit less than 600 points. It is too level for a game that requires 400 health points to pass.”

“It is equivalent to one of us dying,” Bai Liu declared calmly. “We already killed a player without knowing it.”

Mu Sicheng couldn’t help complaining. “You lost most of your health! You lost over 70 in your own!”

“Oh, is that so?” Bai Liu pretended not to hear anything and changed the subject. “If the total mirror fragments are 400 and we have collected 40, there are still 360 health points that will be lost.”

Bai Liu’s tone suddenly became serious. “There is another important point. We have passed two stations but only one page in our monster book has refreshed.”

Bai Liu opened his monster book and pointed to it. “The monster book of Exploding Last Train has three pages. This means there are at least two monsters we haven’t encountered yet.”

Mu Sicheng’s expression sank. “Looking at the progress of the game, the current progress is 20%. Usually at this time, there will be a new monster.”

Bai Liu nodded and agreed with Mu Sicheng’s words. “According to the general nature of the game, I think the monsters that will appear at this time will be more difficult than the exploding passengers.”

“It will be harder for us to get the broken lenses from this new monster. Given that we are likely to lose 360 health, we still need to fight two unknown and strong monsters. The current 600 minus 360—even if all of the dead people belong to the puppet master’s side, we only have two and a half people left.”

Bai Liu wondered, “Do you think the probability of us clearing the level or being wiped out is higher?”

Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying were both stunned.

Mu Sicheng looked at Bai Liu and opened his mouth first. “So what do you mean?”

Bai Liu was calm. “I mean to let everyone survive so our combat effectiveness is increased.”

Du Sanying was a bit dizzy. “Didn’t you previously say that it is impossible for everyone to survive?”

Bai Liu explained, “I took Puppet Zhang’s perspective when saying that. If he controls the game then it really is impossible for everyone to survive. It is because we need their strength to protect us from the monsters. We need them to survive but they don’t need us. Our value is limited so if the new monster is difficult to deal with, Puppet Zhang can throw us to it to clear the instance.”

Du Sanying became even dizzier. “Then why should we cooperate with Puppet Master? Isn’t this sending ourselves to the door and letting him control us?”

Bai Liu’s mouth curved up slightly. “Yes, it is about making him think he is in control of all of us.”

Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng were stunned.

“If I was Puppet Zhang, I wouldn’t confront us head-on because that would increase their health loss. In order to reduce the health loss, it is best to disperse us one by one and then subdue us. For me, who is in a weak position, he should lure me out and cut off my back path. My back path is obviously Mu Sicheng, a player with a strong attributes panel.”

“For a strong player like Mu Sicheng, I would have a high probability of playing a negative non-frontal conflict. The mind is the top priority. This game has the mental value setting. I would find ways to lower your mental value first. Then I will control or sacrifice you when you are confused.”

Mu Sicheng’s mouth twitched when he heard Bai Liu speaking so plainly. He crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow. “Then you want to seek cooperation from Puppet Zhang? He might sacrifice us after controlling us. How can you keep everyone alive after cooperating with Puppet Zhang?”

“He controls everyone and I will control him through the cooperation.” Bai Liu stared straight at Mu Sicheng. “It is as simple as that.”

Mu Sicheng sneered and retorted, “How will you control him? What will you rely on to get him to work with you?”

Bai Liu raised his head and stared intently at Mu Sicheng. “It is thanks to you, Mu Sicheng. You will do a very risky thing and there is a high probability you will die. However, I can use this to control Puppet Zhang.”

Mu Sicheng was taken aback.

“However, even if you only have a few points of health left, I will save you.” Bai Liu watched Mu Sicheng with a calm and steady look. “Mu Sicheng, you are my most valuable card. I promise that as long as you don’t deviate from my plan, I will ensure that you survive no matter what.”

The plan that Bai Liu finally proposed was full of instability and variables. Mu Sicheng didn’t know what this guy’s personal skills were or whether Bai Liu’s so-called ‘cooperation’ skill was stronger than the puppet master’s ‘Puppet Silk’ so he could control the other party.

Yet in that moment, Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu and was uncontrollably convinced by Bai Liu. For some damn reason, he agreed to Bai Liu’s crazy plan that was full of gambles. He saw his reflection in Bai Liu’s eyes and was a bit startled as he thought of Bai Liu’s whip moving to attract the aggro of the monsters.

This guy was a madman. He never flinched or evaded anything. Bai Liu never looked away from Mu Sicheng despite almost falling out of the car.  It was just like Bai Liu had said. He wouldn’t spare the whip in order to ensure Mu Sicheng’s survival.

Previously, Liu Huai had played the role of attracting aggro for the thief Mu Sicheng. Liu Huai was very suitable and good at this type of work but Mu Sicheng felt that if Liu Huai and him had cooperated today, Liu Huai would miss when stealing the broken lenses from the monsters. It was because he wouldn’t be like Bai Liu, who would save Mu Sicheng regardless of his own life.

Bai Liu unreservedly told Mu Sicheng the key to the whole plan. He told Mu Sicheng the role and function of the Merfolk Amulet and stated that as long as Mu Sicheng used this item, Bai Liu would completely become Puppet Zhang’s puppet and the plan would fail.

Mu Sicheng had sneered. “Why are you telling me this? Aren’t you afraid I will betray you and really use it?”

Bai Liu quietly watched Mu Sicheng, his eyes extremely black. Once he looked up, the other person was clearly reflected in his eyes like a mirror. There was a sense that Bai Liu, this evil person, trusted him wholeheartedly.

Bai Liu asked Mu Sicheng lightly, “Will you use it?”

Mu Sicheng closed his eyes slightly and was silent for a long time before replying, “Bai Liu, I’m not sure if I will use the Merfolk Amulet or not when my mental value is 10. It is because people’s desire to survive makes them do strange things, including violating cooperation and betraying teammates.”

After this sentence, Mu Sicheng paused. Bai Liu didn’t urge him and quietly waited for Mu Sicheng’s answer. Mu Sicheng took a deep breath. “Still, if I really haven’t used this item to the end, it means I have maintained my sanity with a low mental value of 10 as you, a madman, required.”

“Mu Sicheng, if you don’t use the Merfolk Amulet, I promise I will save you as long as I’m alive.”


The small TV wall in the central hall.

Apart from Bai Liu who unfortunately fell to the burial mound dancing area, all the players in Exploding Last Train had boarded the promotion position in the central hall. Even Li Gou got a ‘central promotional spot at the edge of the hall’. Puppet Zhang, Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng had good recommended spots.

Puppet Zhang’s promotion position was the best. Originally, he was in the ‘hot promotional position of the multiplayer area of the central hall’. Then once he successfully controlled Bai Liu, the likes and recommendations of Puppet Zhang’s TV burst out and he successfully rushed to the core promotional position.

However, Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying’s situation wasn’t so good. After these two were controlled by Bai Liu, the audience no longer felt it was refreshing and slowly started to move to Bai Liu’s small TV. This caused their promotions to slip slightly.

Meanwhile, Puppet Zhang controlled Bai Liu using his power and caused a wave of rewards. He was the first player of Exploding Last Train to rush to the core promotion position. The viewers of Puppet Zhang’s small TV were excited.

“Puppet Zhang can do it this time! It is worthy of a player with 93 points in intelligence. He successfully controlled the field!”

“F*k, Puppet Zhang controls Bai Liu and Bai Liu controls Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying. Doesn’t this count as everyone being controlled by Puppet Zhang?”

“I’m in tears for my Xiao Zhang. He has waited a long time and it has finally arrived! He chased after God Mu for so long and today he can rely on others to take God Mu down!”

“I’m laughing to death. I can finally see the grand finale of Puppet Zhang and Mu Sicheng’s love me and kill me play. I thought that the third party Bai Liu would step in. As a result, Bai Liu is indeed not Puppet Zhang’s opponent. His strength is too far away!”

The audience of Puppet Zhang’s small TV were talking with gusto when someone noticed something wrong. “No, what’s going on? Puppet Zhang performed so well. It stands to reason that the viewers of Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng should flow over here. Why are they all running to Bai Liu’s small TV?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

i am quite convinced that bai liu´s skill has some kind of enchanting ability
and that´s why everyone will fall into a strange but deep trust in him when under his skill

when mu ke and the parents of guoguo had their souls taken, they were indeed enchanted

i like to think this is the explanation to the magical trust
bai liu´s personal skill is too OP :3

1 year ago

I hate the tv promotional methods. It’s exhausting for the audience to run here and there everytime the system transfer Bai Liu’s TV to another spot –– Why wasn’t it just some kind of livestream where they evaluate the player’s performance after the game? Then they can pin him to the top in the next game. If they performed badly say 2-3x then they can remove them from the central promotion. I know it’s not that important but it’s annoying reading how BL small TV kept being transferred→⁠⁠→←⁠_⁠←

1 year ago

All that happened in 5 minutes