GHG: Chapter 54 Part 1

All the illusions in front of Bai Liu shattered. The Bai Lius who died strangely turned into ashes like burning illusions. Bai Liu slowly opened his eyes without focus.

Everyone held their breaths and couldn’t help taking a step back. Du Sanying shrank back in the corner and looked at Bai Liu. He couldn’t help gulping and stepping back in fear. Du Sanying had a strange hunch. Bai Liu made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up but at the same time, it made his heart beat faster.

“What is the situation now?” Du Sanying muttered. “Is there one more monster on our side or…”

Mu Sicheng’s dark monkey paws were being pulled away from the train doors. His monkey paws scratched slightly against the door rail as he tried to stop from leaving. The door was closing slowly and only Mu Sicheng’s pair of unwilling white eyes appeared at the door.

The next second, Bai Liu moved.

He moved through the carriage at an incredible speed. The steel walls of the carriage were dented by Bai Liu as he appeared at the door of the carriage where Mu Sicheng was about to be dragged away. Bai Liu looked calm as he stepped on the door crack with great strength. One second before Mu Sicheng’s hand was about to be completely pulled out of the train, both of Bai Liu’s feet pressed against the doors to prevent the doors from closing.

Bai Liu exhaled. He held both sides of the door and pulled so hard that his shirt was raised. The glass door of the carriage made a loud sound and burst into countless pieces. The heavy carriage door was pulled open by the seemingly thin Bai Liu with his bare hands and it twisted.

“Bai…”Du Sanying looked stunned. “Bai Liu evolved into King Kong Barbie!”

The passengers and Brother Thief who were dragging Mu Sicheng all stopped at the same time. Bai Liu who opened the door made them feel threatened. Brother Thief roared viciously and instantly raised a burning fist to hit Bai Liu.

Bai Liu moved so fast that his afterimage could barely be seen. After dodging, he bent down and dragged Mu Sicheng into the train from below. Then he kicked Brother Thief away.

This time, he completely infuriated Brother Thief. Flames burst out around his entire body and his fist slammed into the ground. The entire carriage that started to move was immediately enveloped in fire again and was nailed in the spot by Brother Thief’s brute force.

Puppet Zhang was completely confused. He tentatively called out. “Bai Liu?! Are you not crazy?”

Bai Liu glanced back at him and replied with a very natural expression. “There is no need to control me. Use your puppet silk thread to catch Mu Sicheng.”

Bai Liu had wanted to throw Mu Sicheng to another carriage but threw him to Puppet Zhang instead. He stopped in front of Brother Thief. Brother Thief looked furiously at Bai Liu but didn’t continue attacking. He gave up without hesitation on Bai Liu in front of him and went to attack Mu Sicheng. His fists aimed at Mu Sicheng who was thrown into the air by Bai Liu.

The target of Brother Thief had been Mu Sicheng from beginning to end. By the time Bai Liu reacted, Brother Thief’s fist was aiming at Mu Sicheng. Bai Liu forcibly pulled the back of Mu Sicheng’s collar sideways and turned to block for Mu Sicheng. Blood was vomited from Bai Liu’s mouth, dripping on Mu Sicheng’s pale face. Mu Sicheng’s burned right hand suddenly moved.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu’s health is reduced to 6!]

“Tsk.” Bai Liu wiped the blood off his mouth and turned to avoid another attack by Brother Thief. He gasped for breath before suddenly smiling at Mu Sicheng who was motionless behind him. “Well done. No wonder why the younger Brother Thief wants to drag you away. It turns out you stole his broken lens and his aggro is locked on you.”

In the right monkey paw was a mirror fragment the size of a heart. The man had lost consciousness for a long time but held on tightly to what he had taken from Brother Thief. Stealing the lens was also part of Bai Liu’s plan. Mu Sicheng had always remembered it.

Bai Liu turned and kicked Brother Thief out again. Brother Thief roared and was about to smash the door to get back onto the carriage. Bai Liu and Brother Thief scuffled for a while. Just as Brother Thief was ready to use the group attack again, Bai Liu gave an order to the group. “Come and help me close the door. It will be fine as long as the train leaves!”

The group of people hurriedly came to push the doors that had been torn open by Bai Liu. They resisted Brother Thief who became a lot weaker after losing the lens and finally, the wrecked train moved away in a slow and creaky manner.

Everyone collapsed on the ground.

Puppet Zhang and his three puppets leaned against the door and stared at Bai Liu in a daze. Du Sanying stuck out his tongue and was sweating on the chair like a dog. Bai Liu was squatting down in the corner. He was at his limit. The mental value collapse state was very exhausting on him. Bai Liu leaned back against the damaged wall of the carriage, his chest moving up and down as he adjusted his breathing.

He bought two bottles of mental bleach and two bottles of physical recovery agents. He drank one bottle of mental bleach and one bottle of the physical recovery agent before pouring the other two bottles into Mu Sicheng. Bai Liu’s technique was very rough. Mu Sicheng was almost killed by Bai Liu when he drank half of it. He woke up with a cough and Bai Liu sat next to him, handing him what was left. “Drink by yourself. By the way, these two bottles added together cost 1,700 points. I’ll charge you a 10% commission on your purchase for a total of 1,870 points. Thank you for your patronage.”

Then he confidently reached out a hand toward Mu Sicheng, meaning—give me money quickly.

Mu Sicheng who had just escaped from death and was going to recover his sanity, “……”

Mu Sicheng silently transferred 1,870 points to Bai Liu. He touched the blood stain on his face only to stop. This was the blood that had splattered on his face when Bai Liu blocked the punch to save him.

Bai Liu didn’t mention the matter of blocking the blow for him but Mu Sicheng had vaguely seen Bai Liu standing in front of him and blocking for him. Bai Liu, a person with no conscience, helped him and didn’t mention it… this made Mu Sicheng a bit uncomfortable. He turned his face away and gave Bai Liu the broken lens he had held onto all this time. “Take it.”

Bai Liu took it naturally and didn’t ask why Mu Sicheng would give this to him. Everything was so natural.

Mu Sicheng eventually couldn’t hold back. He pretended not to care as he spoke, “Bai Liu, you actually came to save me. I thought you wouldn’t care about me. I didn’t expect you to have a conscience.”

“It has nothing to do with whether I have a conscience or not. If we are in a relationship where we use each other then it is true I can clear the instance without you. It is a lot less trouble.” Bai Liu spoke casually as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Then he continued like he didn’t feel anything. “However, we have a cooperative relationship and have made a transaction. I said I won’t let you die so I won’t let you die. This is a deal.”

Mu Sicheng was in a daze. “Transaction? What transaction?”

“A one point transaction.” Bai Liu held up the mental bleach and drank it while recalling, “You gave me one point when we agreed to cooperate, do you remember?”

Mu Sicheng was silent for a long time. He lowered his head as if recalling many things but he seemed to have no memory of it at all.

Mu Sicheng’s dark red eyes flashed before he calmed down. He suddenly snorted and laughed. “It is really one point… Bai Liu, you are really strange.”

“You aren’t the first person to say that about me,” Bai Liu answered as he raised his head and drank the mental bleach.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has used mental bleach to restore his mental value to 60.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has received a large broken lens (1 large lens = 20 small ones) that was carried by Brother Thief. Add in the broken lenses carried by Player Puppet Zhang and the total number of broken lenses is 100.  The collection task progress has reached 1/4th.  The total number of broken lenses that need to be collected is triggered.]

[System tip: Broken lenses collected (100/400)]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Brother Thief (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Brother Thief (Younger Brother)]

[Features: Extremely strong and tall. Moves very quickly. Can use one large-scale attack every one minute (1,400 movement speed, flames have a bonus effect, likes to use fists to make the opponent obedient, extremely strong attack power)]

[Weaknesses: Broken lenses (1/3)]

[Attack method: Rage Hammer, fire impact (since the important lens in the chest was stolen by the player, Brother Thief has become uncontrollably weakened. His attack speed and movement speed are greatly reduced. The player’s survival rate in a confrontation has increased.)]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu only has 6 points of health left! You are already on the verge of death! Please protect yourself!]

Bai Liu closed his eyes, leaned back against the carriage and finally let out a long, long breath. There was a slightly tired smile after the victory as well as a rare bit of humanity. “—Everyone has survived and there are still seven platforms.”

Mu Sicheng was quiet for a moment before also laughing. “Yes, we all survived by relying on your crazy plan.”

Yes, this was correct. Bai Liu’s initial plan was an incredible one.

He wanted everyone to live. This madman Bai Liu wanted everyone to be controlled by him and then survive. This was the most cost-effective way in this health consuming game. Bai Liu wouldn’t waste any health value. This extreme greed made Mu Sicheng believe in him. Bai Liu wouldn’t easily let Mu Sicheng die.

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Proofreader: Purichan

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7 months ago

ngl these mental value is a joke to BL. No explanation on how was that possible? He just uses his rage state as he pleases. All those hype with how dangerous it is for the mental value to go down but I haven’t really seen anyone die from it. I wonder how many times will he use the mental collapse tactic?

Anyways. Although I’m a bit disappointed, for the sake of reading pleasure, I’ll just put a blind eye to it. Maybe Bai Liu is really a bug like the ML or maybe he was the designer of this game right from the start, he just lost his memory but came back to reclaim his spot as the Game God, who knows right? 😂

6 months ago
Reply to  nix

maybe it’s bc he’s a crazy bastard so it has no effect or ml is helping him out

2 months ago
Reply to  nix

It’s probably due to the fact he doesn’t have a normal thought process nor can he process emotions like a normal human in both instances where his mental value dropped the illusions were meant to evict an amotional response for him to react to but since he doesn’t process emotions like others he can still keep a semi clear mind and react normally. I dint think he can keep doing it as it will probably affect his overall health and mental health eventually but that just serves to balance it because his other values are so low besides his mental value and intelligence.
Of course this is just me speculating so I may be wrong .

Last edited 2 months ago by Yukiii
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