GHG: Chapter 51

Mu Sicheng staggered two steps. His eyes were blank as he stiffly lowered his head and looked at his arms that were on the ground.

[System tip: Player Liu Huai has used (Dark Night Sleeve Sword) to attack the player Mu Sicheng. Player Mu Sicheng’s mental value is eroded by darkness and is rapidly falling!]

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng’s mental field is violently shaking. His mental value is declining drastically!]

[System warning: Player Mu Sicheng’s mental value has dropped to 40… 30… 20… 10. Player Mu Sicheng’s current mental value is only 8. He has entered the rage state!]

[Player Mu Sicheng’s Personal Panel (Rage State)]

[Mental value: 60 → 8]

[Physical strength: 339 → 797]

[Agility: 1040 → 2010]

[Attack power: 1311 → 2300]

[Resistance: 1310→ 2600]

[Comprehensive defense and attack power has increased. The total of the panel attribute points has exceeded 6000 and the player is rated as an A++ level player. The player Mu Sicheng’s level has increased from A to A++ level.]

[The degree of alienation has deepened due to Player Mu Sicheng being in the Capuchin Monkey Tamed by a Thief state.]

Black buds quickly grew from Mu Sicheng’s severed arms. They squirmed and gathered together, finally forming two black monkey claws that dropped past the crotch.

Mu Sicheng raised his head and stretched. He exhaled and shook his newborn arms to stand up. His pupils had disappeared and his eyes were completely white. His fangs emerged from his mouth and his ears had become monkey ears. Mu Sicheng’s tail slowly touched the ground, moving left and right. The monkey headphones behind him were laughing wildly and the eyes flashed with a dazzling red light. It screamed in a very strange, monkey’s sharp tone. [Crazy!! Crazy!!]

Brother Thief rushed into the last carriage with flames all over his body. He raised his fist and was about to knock down the group of people. Mu Sicheng’s pure white eyes moved slightly and he bared his teeth in a sneer.  There was a creepy animal tone in his laughter. He was extremely fast as he swung his arm at a ring at a speed invisible to the naked eye. He recoiled and kicked the burning Brother Thief out of the carriage.

Brother Thief fell dully into the other carriage. His two huge palms tried to pull on the window to stop himself. As a result, the rest of the glass was shattered and a long black carbon mark was dragged out on the ground. Flames flashed in Brother Thief’s eyes. This monster seemed to have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. He roared in surprise and anger and seemed to not understand why the prey who was chased by him was suddenly able to kick him away.

Mu Sicheng exhaled a white breath in the midst of the flames. The corners of his mouth curved in a weird smile and his sharp teeth lined up neatly in his mouth. After a simple and rapid jump, Mu Sicheng didn’t hesitate to step on the carriage wall and rushed over. The sharp monkey nails were going to grab the big lens in the monster’s chest.

Brother Thief roared and let out a burst of flames. He turned over and struck at Mu Sicheng who was riding on his body. The sea of flames instantly engulfed the two monsters fighting together.

Mu Sicheng was also a monster now. No one would think he was a person when they saw him. However, the one who wasn’t human was obviously Bai Liu.

Du Sanying was completely stunned. He stared at Bai Liu blankly as if he had never expected that Mu Sicheng would be sold so cleanly by Bai Liu, the leader in charge of planning everything. Du Sanying didn’t expect that after buying Mu Sicheng, Bai Liu wouldn’t hesitate to turn around and sell Mu Sicheng.

Bai Liu turned to Puppet Zhang and spoke calmly, “Master, the broken lenses are on Du Sanying. We should take advantage of when Mu Sicheng and Brother Thief are fighting to kill Du Sanying and snatch his possessions.”

Bai Liu’s ‘Master’ was even more standard than Liu Huai who had been Puppet Zhang’s puppet for several years.

Du Sanying was angry, anxious and sad. He cried out angrily with tears in his eyes, “F*k Bai Liu, you really aren’t human! Didn’t you say we would counterattack against Puppet Zhang together? You f*king really turned against us!”

“I’m sorry,” Bai Liu sincerely apologized. “The big boss who got on the train temporarily disrupted my plan. This monster is too powerful. I found that I can’t pass the game if I cooperate with you. Thus, I have decided to surrender to Master and give up on the plan I discussed with you.”

Liu Huai was stunned stupid by Bai Liu calling out ‘Master’ to Puppet Zhang twice in succession.

He had a bit of remorse for betraying Mu Sicheng. He had hated himself for a long time as he became Puppet Zhang’s running dog. This was the first time Liu Huai saw a person betraying others and driving them to death so quickly.

In addition, Bai Liu didn’t have any psychological burden. After finishing off one teammate, he didn’t show any buffer toward betraying his other teammate. It was faster than the undercover Liu Huai. Liu Huai had to suspect that Bai Liu was originally Puppet Zhang’s man.

Bai Liu spoke quickly and coldly analyzed it. “Du Sanying is now trapped in this carriage. There are Brother Thief and many passengers at the door of the carriage. He has no place to go. Even if he has a high luck value, he will be caught by us sooner or later. There is no better time to attack him than now.”

“F*k!!” Du Sanying ran across the carriage with tears in his eyes. “Bai Liu, damn you! You aren’t human! Don’t you have a heart?!”

It was just like Bai Liu said. Even if Du Sanying had 100% luck, he had nowhere to go. It was just catching a turtle in a jar. He was at an extreme disadvantage. Even if Du Sanying could rely on his luck value to hold on for a while, he would be caught by Puppet Zhang sooner or later.

Puppet Zhang didn’t hesitate to stretch out his silk threads toward Du Sanying. Liu Huai also joined the team to hunt down Du Sanying. The other two puppets took care of the ordinary passengers pouring in through the carriage door. Du Sanying wailed and threw out items crazily like a bullied kindergarten child. He threw anything out in the chaos as long as it could prevent Puppet Zhang and Liu Huai from catching him.

As he ran, Du Sanying cried and yelled that Bai Liu wasn’t a human. Bai Liu didn’t seem to be a human but he was the safest player in this game.

After saying these words, he stood silently in the corner and didn’t act rashly. He appeared obedient and knew how to advance and retreat. Puppet Zhang deliberately protected him from harm, using the puppet silk to get rid of the passengers who tried to get close to Bai Liu.

Puppet Zhang once again moved a passenger attempting to attack Bai Liu. He looked at the silent Bai Liu and his intuition from playing many games told him that something was wrong.

—When did Bai Liu actually take his place as the safest spot behind the scenes while arranging the overall situation? Puppet Zhang’s heart sank and his eyes examined the entire scene.

Mu Sicheng was pitted by Bai Liu and was fighting the big boss, Du Sanying was crying while being chased by Liu Huai, Liu Huai was chasing Du Sanying, two puppets were protecting Bai Liu and he had unknowingly given his back to Bai Liu…

He didn’t know when but everything had started to revolve around Bai Liu’s actions.

Puppet Zhang’s expression sank. He started to think back to when things started to get out of control for him. It was from when Mu Sicheng was pushed by Bai Liu. He had his arms cut off and he started fighting with the monster. After that, Bai Liu started to calmly control the field. Puppet Zhang subconsciously trusted Bai Liu who was under his control. Due to the drastic changes and shifting situation, he started being led by this guy!

For two smart people, nothing was more deadly than believing the other smart person was really obedient to oneself. Puppet Zhang shuddered and became sober.

“No!!” Puppet Zhang shouted sharply and pulled his puppet silk threads. “Liu Huai, come back! Pay attention to Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng! We have been led around by him! There are 20 mirror fragments at most on Du Sanying’s body. His luck value is still at 100% and we can’t get the broken lenses from him. We have wasted too much time on Du Sanying. The broken lenses that Mu Sicheng snatched from the monster are the big one!”

“Tsk, have you found it?” Bai Liu sighed with regret. He turned his head to look at the countdown on the LED screen of the train, muttering to himself, “However, it is almost time. The train is about to leave.”

“The train is about to start. Passengers, please sit down and hold on—”

[System tip: The system will give a friendly tip to Player Puppet Zhang. The train will soon start. Please fulfill the agreement with Player Bai Liu in a timely manner and obtain the Merfolk Amulet from Player Mu Sicheng. Otherwise, as punishment, we will put your soul into Player Bai Liu’s old wallet as a soul banknote. Then Player Bai Liu will hold your soul debt rights.]

Puppet Zhang’s expression sank. He might not understand some of the words but this didn’t prevent him from realizing that he was tricked by Bai Liu.

“That wallet…” Puppet Zhang raised his head and stared at Bai Liu. He quickly reacted. “Your personal skill is trading? What is this messy personal skill? How can you have a personal skill that is close to the system’s authority? The system won’t allow you to have it!”

[System tip: The soul debt rights is shielded vocabulary. A small TV silencer has been placed on Player Puppet Zhang’s words.]

Bai Liu rubbed his nose in a shameless manner. “However, I have it. Sorry.”

Puppet Zhang’s face was tense. His eyes swept over the countdown to the train leaving on the LED screen in the carriage. There was only one minute left. Puppet Zhang gritted his teeth and had no time to fight with Bai Liu. Puppet Zhang quickly moved the silk threads using his fingers. “Liu Huai! Don’t worry about Du Sanying. He is being used by Bai Liu to waste time!”

Puppet Zhang’s eyes were cold as he gave orders. He moved his puppets toward Mu Sichengs’s side. “Go kill Mu Sicheng! Take what is on him and give it to me! He shouldn’t be able to hold on anymore. Go! Kill him and grab his items!”

Liu Huai also realized that the situation was urgent. He turned around and rushed toward Mu Sicheng. In the end, he didn’t even take two steps. The flames in the carriage where Mu Sicheng was exploded and Liu Huai was forced to stop.

Liu Huai smiled bitterly as he stood in front of the burning carriage, unable to move forward. “Master, the fighting on Mu Sicheng’s side is too fierce. I can’t get in at all. Apart from Mu Sicheng in his rage state, none of us can resist these flames. We will be burned to death if we enter.”

Puppet Zhang’s chest heaved violently. He glanced at Bai Liu who was leisurely leaning against the door in the corner. He violently tightened the puppet silk threads and dragged Bai Liu over. Bai Liu was dragged in an embarrassing manner. He was strangled by the puppet thread around his neck and choked, instinctively trying to pull it away.

Puppet Zhang grabbed Bai Liu’s neck and lifted him up, asking in a vicious voice, “You deliberately made Mu Sicheng fight this monster, right? You knew that we couldn’t get in there at all to get the item from him, right? Is this your plan with Mu Sicheng? You pushed Mu Sicheng into such a dangerous situation but he actually agreed to cooperate with you?!”

“We reached an agreement.” Bai Liu was strangled by the puppet thread and could barely breathe. His face turned red and physiological tears fell down, but he was still smiling. “We agreed that the most dangerous place is the safest place to hide something.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?” Puppet Zhang was trembling with anger. He had never suffered such a huge loss before. The string around Bai Liu’s neck tightened and he almost lifted Bai Liu off the ground.

Bai Liu’s eyes were bloodshot due to being strangled. He coughed and retched a few times, but his tone was still flat. “My personal skill is still effective after my death. Killing me is useless, Master.”

“Killing me won’t gain you anything apart from the loss of a clever puppet, cough. You are just wasting time venting your incompetent anger.” Bai Liu smiled while coughing. His face was red-purple due to being strangled. “Will you kill me, Master?”

However, he was still smiling.

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“You think you are a player? I already own the game. We are not the same, check that blood preassure, Outlander.” Saint Jiub words are wise indeed

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zhan zhan
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