GHG: Chapter 47

“There is one minute left until the next stop, Hexagon Avenue. Passengers who are getting off, please prepare for the next stop.” The female voice was sweet and clear. “Passengers getting off the train, please don’t block the passengers getting on the train and jam the door. First let them get on and then get off—”

Mu Sicheng’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He waved his hand and glanced at Bai Liu who was sitting in the carriage with Du Sanying. “Bai Liu, what if you can’t transfer the aggro? If the aggro of these monsters is locked on me then I will easily die.”

“Don’t you have my Merfolk Amulet?” Bai Liu wondered. “You can just rely on this item to run away once. We are just trying it out. If it doesn’t work, we can talk again.”

“Did you f*king let me steal this item from you to be used here? What damn teleporting?!” Mu Sicheng exploded. “The monster’s aggro will be locked on me from beginning to end. As long as it sees me, it will chase.”

Du Sanying felt complicated as he looked at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu, are the broken lenses really on the passengers? Then this game is too…” It was a bit difficult.

“If the broken lenses are really on the passengers—” Mu Sicheng changed to an acceleration wristband and sneered while kneading his wrist. “Then the difficulty of this game is estimated to not be low among the level 2 games. Bai Liu, you really have a good eye when picking games.”

“I should be sure to transfer the aggro.” Bai Liu told him. “I have a very strong attack weapon but it is a bit physically demanding. Oh yes, speaking of this—”

Bai Liu seemed to suddenly remember something. He took out 1,000 points from his wallet and handed it to Du Sanying. “I will have to keep buying physical supplements later and it is estimated that the price of the physical supplements on my side will increase. Hold some points for me. If the price doesn’t increase for you then you can buy it for me.”

“Oh oh oh.” Du Sanying was paying attention outside the carriage door and was emotionally nervous because they were about to start fighting. He was confused when Bai Liu interrupted and instinctively accepted the points Bai Liu gave him. “I just have to help buy physical supplements for you? Okay.”

Buying large quantities of the same items would indeed increase their price in the player’s store. The moment Du Sanying took the points, Bai Liu suddenly smiled and patted Du Sanying on the shoulder. “During this game, we must cooperate well. You should help me, Du Sanying.”

Du Sanying held the 1,000 points given by Bai Liu and nodded in a daze. “Yes, okay.”

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has used 1,000 points in exchange for player Du Sanying buying physical supplements and a cooperative relationship. If player Bai Liu needs help, player Du Sanying should provide help in time.]

“The train has arrived at the station—”

Mu Sicheng looked at the burned corpses, or passengers, waiting outside the carriage doors and snorted with impatience, pressing down the monkey headphones on his head. Mu Sicheng’s entire face changed to look like a monkey. There was a dazzling red light in his eyes, fangs emerged from his lips and his hands became slender black monkey paws with extremely sharp nails. On the back of his neck, pale yellow fur could be seen. A black and white tail also stuck out of his pants and curled into a question mark shape.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the personal skill ‘Thief’s Full Armor’—]

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has entered the personal skill status change ‘Monster Book: Capuchin Monkey Tamed by a Thief’.]

Bai Liu stood back on the car. His ankles were tied with a safety belt to the go-kart small car to prevent him from being thrown off.

He slowly drew the snow white bone whip from his waist and shook his wrist lightly to adapt to it. He stared intently at Mu Sicheng. Bai Liu had always been very focused when doing things. This type of concentration could reach an unimaginable point when it was necessary to concentrate.

Once Bai Liu started to stare at Mu Sicheng, Du Sanying could barely hear his breathing. Bai Liu was immersed in a state of motionlessness similar to an object.

The idiom ‘to concentrate one’s attention’ wasn’t sufficient to describe Bai Liu’s focus. Du Sanying stared at the slowly contracting pupils and Bai Liu who hadn’t blinked for a minute. For a moment, Du Sanying felt that it wasn’t a human being standing on his small car.

It was a precision weapon that was calibrating the target.

The carriage door opened slowly. Hot wind and black burning corpses with teeth and clues rushed into the train. Mu Sicheng hung one hand and one foot on the handhold loops and watched the corpses rushing toward him. He might be maintaining a surface calmness but the rapid rise in temperature caused sweat to slide down Mu Sicheng’s temples.

The high temperature quickly distorted everyone’s sight and even the door frame melted under the touch of the entering passengers. Mu Sicheng took a deep breath and slowly moved his trembling monkey paws.

Looking at these passengers who were burned by flames and couldn’t escape, an unstoppable fear attacked Mu Sicheng. What if Bai Liu’s speculation was wrong and these monsters didn’t have the lenses? What if Bai Liu was unable to transfer the aggro at all and just wanted to use him to test some ideas?

If any part of Bai Liu’s plan went wrong then the player who would die first was Mu Sicheng who faced the monsters directly. These burning passengers would be what Mu Sicheng would look like in the future.

Countless doubts, anxiety, fear, despair and even killing intent appeared in Mu Sicheng’s heart. All the emotions overlapped like flames in his heart, so strong that he was breathless. In the face of death and burning in the never-ending flames, Mu Sicheng shook and his monkey paws trembled slightly. Perhaps no one could remain unshakable in front of this scene except a monster like Bai Liu who was desperate for money.

However, Mu Sicheng had no retreat. Bai Liu was in control of him and he had to die even if he didn’t want to.

“Mu Sicheng.” Bai Liu called out suddenly. His eyes showed an inorganic cold light and his tone was indifferent. “You are the most useful card in my hand. You are too valuable and I won’t let you die. Yes, you will survive.”

“So don’t hesitate to do what you have to do and leave the rest to me.”

Through the strong smoke, Mu Sicheng looked at the flying sparks, the corpses and Bai Liu. The entire carriage was filled with an unquenchable flame. The passengers’ wails echoed in his ears and the black corpses writhed horribly in the sea of fire.

They seemed to be in the middle of a battlefield of burned corpses where there was no doubt they would die. Bai Liu’s words seemed like a greedy and cruel master bewitching his soldiers to charge for him and win more benefits for him.

Yet bizarrely, Mu Sicheng was really absurdly inspired. The moment he saw himself and the flames reflected in Bai Liu’s eyes, Mu Sicheng actually felt that Bai Liu wouldn’t let him die.

“Tsk.” Mu Sicheng turned around and suddenly smiled. He took a deep breath to calm his noisy heartbeat and declared, “If I die Bai Liu, I won’t let go of you as a ghost.”

The moment he finished speaking, the red light in Mu Sicheng’s eyes brightened and the shrill laughter of the monkey headphones resonated throughout the carriage. Mu Sicheng’s tail was hooked on the handhold ring in the carriage and he moved his hands and feet quickly. He touched these monsters at a speed invisible to the human eyes. The monkey paws quickly inserted into the charred corpses one after another and quickly pulled out, bringing out debris and black ash. Du Sanying could barely see all of Mu Sicheng’s movements, only the afterimages.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has been burned by fire. Health value -1, mental value -1.]

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has been burned by fire. Health value -1, mental value -1.]


Sweat dripped down from behind Mu Sicheng’s ears onto the iron floor of the carriage, making a sizzling sound like cold water touching burning hot iron. After Mu Sicheng lost 5 points in health, the system’s notification finally changed.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has got a broken lens (1/???). Congratulations to player Mu Sicheng for being the first player in the game to get the broken lens.]

A broken lens around the size of a three carat diamond was pinched between two fingers of Mu Sicheng’s black monkey paws, emitting a crystal clear light.

Mu Sicheng couldn’t help letting out a whistle. Then he turned to Bai Liu and smiled. “I got it. You actually guessed correctly. Damn, the pit in this game is huge. The broken lens is only so big and I almost missed it. Do you know how much effort I took to grab this thing?”

“However, now is the beginning of the hard battle.” Mu Sicheng watched the passengers who had been attacked by him stagger. Then the eyes that had been nearly melted by the flames stared at him intently. The flames on their body quickly rose toward him.

[System tip: The player Mu Sicheng has stolen things from 5 passengers. The passengers are very angry. They have decided to catch the despicable thief and punish him severely.]

Mu Sicheng moved sideways and put his body on the handhold ring to avoid a passenger’s outstretched hand. Then as the other four passengers rushed toward him, his veins bulged and he shouted, “Bai Liu—!!! Draw them away!”

Bai Liu stood on the front of a pink bumper car, holding a bone whip in one hand. Hot wind blew into Bai Liu’s wide, white shirt and caused it to swell up. The wind rose up from his collar and blew Bai Liu’s hair away from his forehead, revealing Bai Liu’s incredibly focused eyes.

He waved his wrist and the whip shot through the air to strike the back of the passenger about to catch Mu Sicheng.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has used the Siren’s Fishbone to hit the passenger. The target’s aggro is transferred. It has decided to catch the naughty player Bai Liu and punish him severely.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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