GHG: Chapter 45

“I suggest you use an item that can speed up movement.” Bai Liu took a look at the passengers gathered at the door. “These monsters should move very quickly.”

Mu Sicheng quickly put on a wristband that increased his movement speed and suddenly laughed strangely while eating a lollipop.

Bai Liu heard this weird laughter and turned his head. He saw Mu Sicheng with his feet on the wall of the train, grabbing onto the wall with monkey paws while also wearing a speed increase item. This was obviously a ready to escape posture.

Mu Sicheng saw Bai Liu looking at him and let go of one monkey’s paw to make a salute gesture with two fingers to Bai Liu. He stared into Bai Liu’s eyes with obvious bad intentions. “Then I will be leaving one step ahead. Bai Liu, I’m not going to participate in your plan to kill the puppet master that is full of gaps. You can do it alone.”

“In addition—” Mu Sicheng raised his eyebrow and shook a small white merfolk sculpture in his hand at Bai Liu. “Your item, the Merfolk Amulet has been taken by me. This is the price of cheating me of 2,000 points. I said that no one can make me suffer.”

“By the way Bai Liu.” Mu Sicheng moved his monkey claws and his entire body disappeared from the carriage like a gust of wind. Bai Liu could only hear Mu Sicheng’s laughter. “I hate working with people the most. This time, I’ll give you a lesson. If you can survive then don’t thank me. Bye!”

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the skill ‘Thief’s Monkey Paws’ to steal a tool (Merfolk Amulet) from the player Bai Liu’s system backpack.]

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the skill ‘Thief’s Stealth’. Movement speed +7,000.]

Mu Sicheng turned into afterimages in a dazzling manner and disappeared from in front of Bai Liu’s eyes, leaving a dumbfounded Du Sanying and a still calm Bai Liu.

Du Sanying was dumbfounded. He stared at Bai Liu and questioned him with an expression that was more shocked. He gestured back and forth between Bai Liu and the leaving Mu Sicheng. “A-Aren’t you cooperating? Why did Mu Sicheng leave you and run away? Why did he steal your things? Aren’t you friends?”

Seeing that Mu Sicheng really did act, Wang Shun sighed in a complicated manner in front of the small TV. Sure enough, Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu and followed him into the game because he wanted to steal an item from Bai Liu.

Siren Town was a game exclusively for newcomers. The game rarely refreshed and old players couldn’t enter and newcomers found it hard to get out. An item like the Merfolk Amulet that could be obtained by collecting the later pages in the monster book was even harder to find. Wang Shun heard that Mu Sicheng wanted to buy this Merfolk Amulet before. It was estimated that the kindness he showed to Bai Liu previously was for this item.

Then Bai Liu’s stinginess made Mu Sicheng realize that Bai Liu wouldn’t accept his affection and sell him the Merfolk Amulet. Therefore, he directly prepared to steal it from Bai Liu.

Bai Liu truly deserved to have a luck value of 0. Wang Shun sighed. Bai Liu bumped into Du Sanying, who was 100% lucky in a collection game. His object of cooperation was Mu Sicheng, who hated companions the most and had bad intentions. There was also Puppet Zhang after him to make him into a puppet…

These were simply all the mines that could be stepped on. It was hard for Bai Liu.

However, not everyone had Wang Shun’s sympathy for Bai Liu. Most of the audience was realistic. Bai Liu took the initiative to seek cooperation but Mu Sicheng backstabbed him. This disappointed some viewers who had expectations of Bai Liu.

Bai Liu originally attracted viewers of the three great gods. The rest of the audience wasn’t much. Now he made mistakes one after another. Although no audience members stepped on him, the number of people who liked his small TV was also very few. This caused the data of Bai Liu’s small TV to be quite unsightly.

[107 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 161 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, no one charged player Bai Liu.]

[Only 120 new people are watching player Bai Liu’s small TV which is too far from the last game video data. The player Bai Liu will soon drop from the multiplayer game area to the burial mound dancing area. Please Bai Liu, please take this game seriously!]

[Welcome slogan of the burial mound dancing area to player Bai Liu: yo~ your performance is like jumping repeatedly on the lines of death ~ yo~ it is so bad that I want to laugh~ yo~ The burial mound dancing area welcomes players who don’t want to have a good game. It has prepared high level brick burial mound-shaped small TVs as a place for players to dance!]

This was in sharp contrast with Mu Sicheng’s small TV. The effect of stealing things from Bai Liu and backstabbing him made the data of Mu Sicheng’s small TV skyrocket. Mu Sicheng’s small TV followed Du Sanying’s small TV and left this area, smoothly entering the central hall.

“The burial mound dancing area?” Wang Shun’s expression sank when he saw the name of this zone and his expression became ugly. “Only players whose performance is too far away from their previous performance will fall to this area. Bai Liu’s current data might not be good but it isn’t enough for Bai Liu to fall to this area directly! How long has it been since the game started?”

Then Wang Shun soon realized why Bai Liu would directly fall to this area. It wasn’t because his performance this time was too bad. It was because his previous performance was too good.

The system evaluated it as Bai Liu… not playing seriously. It thought he wasn’t contributing so it gave Bai Liu a warning.

Wang Shun was dumbfounded and didn’t agree. Still, no matter how much he disagreed, Wang Shun couldn’t change the fact that Bai Liu was going to the burial mound dancing area. He had a heavy heart as he went to the burial mound dancing area.

There were some viewers who followed Wang Shun but more viewers frowned and sighed. They left Bai Liu’s small TV and headed to the small TVs of the other great gods.

Wang Shun came almost alone to the burial mound dancing area. The small TVs all had crosses on their heads and looked like small tombstones. Two huge wreaths were placed at the door and elegant couplets fell to the ground from the center of the wreaths. One couplet said ‘The most anticipated star’ and the other said ‘died without a burial place.’

The decorations of the burial mound dancing area was very similar to the storage room where altars were placed. The small TVs were also black and white.

Most of the players here could be described as miserable. The black and white color looked similar to a photo of the dead. At first glance, it wasn’t a sunny television area and the atmosphere was very ghostly.

The number of viewers here was also very small. Most of them were anxious and irritably cheering for the players on the small TV. They all had an expression of ‘resenting someone for failing to meet expectations and were impatient to see improvement’. This was similar to how Wang Shun’s face looked now.

This was normal because the burial mound dancing area was also called the ‘fall of new stars’. Players with too high data who were judged to not be playing seriously by the system were sent to this place.

This was also considered the ‘cold palace’ of the game hall.

There were many players who entered the cold palace but there were very few players who could leave. It was because the requirements for players to leave the burial mound dancing area was for the player’s small TV data to exceed their previous small TV data. Then the system would assign them a new promotional spot to leave.

Bai Liu’s last comprehensive data for his small TV was more than 100,000. Wang Shun had never heard of a player who could gain over 100,000 data in the burial mound dancing area. However, if Bai Liu was trapped in this burial mound dancing area then it was easy to fall directly into ‘no man’s land’ and never rise again…

Unlike Wang Shun’s current heavy mood, the forum was simply a festival for the low level players who couldn’t understand Bai Liu.

[Warm congratulations to the player Bai Liu who was blown up as the star of tomorrow for his gravestone small TV!]

[I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry. When will Bai Liu fall into no man’s land? I bet that he will fall in after three hours!]

[I now want to ask, where are all the people who bragged about Bai Liu wildly before? Did you go to the cold palace to accompany him? Didn’t you praise Bai Liu before? Come out and line up!]


Bai Liu knew nothing about the bloody storm and was now facing a more severe challenge.

The charred corpses from outside the train rushed into the carriages frantically. They lay on the ground in a strange posture, their heads up and sticking to their backs. Their necks seemed broken but in general, all four limbs were on the ground and moving wildly. They were like human-faced spiders with all types of normal expressions on their faces.

They were like normal passengers who were numbly looking at their phones while crowding onto the subway train with other passengers. Some passengers didn’t have time to run away and were squeezed against the window glass by the passengers who rushed in. In an instant, they were squeezed into bloody foam. Even so, it gave Bai Liu the illusion of a train during the morning rush hour.

Du Sanying dodged a dead passenger coming in and patted his chest with lingering fear. “This monster has high strength and speed.” As he spoke, he equipped himself with an item.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used the item ‘lucky bumper car’. Movement speed +1,890. He is lucky enough to avoid all creatures that hit you. The usage time limit is one hour.]

Du Sanying instantly sat in a pink and colorful bumper color. It was like a small car for children but Du Sanying was thin and small, so there was no sense of discordance.

Du Sanying anxiously waved at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu, come on, I’ll drive you to escape. The monsters are coming in!”

Du Sanying wasn’t casually saving Bai Liu. He had a strong sixth sense that in this game, Bai Liu was the key to clearing it. In any case, this person couldn’t die. Bai Liu’s expression was still calm. He declined Du Sanying’s help and also equipped an item.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has equipped the item (Statue’s Shell). Defense power +100. Since this is a heavy piece of equipment, player Bai Liu’s movement speed -13.]

“Pfft!” Du Sanying saw Bai Liu wearing a heavy piece of marble armor shell and he couldn’t stand still. He knelt on the ground and sprayed his saliva. His expression cracked and he screamed and waved at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu! You have worn the wrong item! That is a defense item and will obviously slow you down. Take it off!”

Bai Liu knelt on the ground due to the weight of the marble armor that was dozens of kilograms. He couldn’t stand up but he spoke very stubbornly. “I didn’t wear it incorrectly so I won’t take it off.”

Bai Liu’s appearance caused the viewers of Du Sanying’s small TV to complain.

“What the hell is he doing? Is he giving up after falling to the burial mound area?”

“He probably doesn’t know he has fallen into that area. However, the operation of carrying a stone in a chase is worthy of being included in the bewildering action award…”

“I see Xiao Ying looking anxious and stunned! Ah, don’t save this fool! Let him kneel and die. You should run first!”

Du Sanying was going to die of his anxiety. His premonition was telling him to madly go and save Bai Liu. “Don’t you have any means of transportation? An acceleration kind! Forget it, take off this useless armor! It isn’t too late to take my car!”

“This armor is useful.” Bai Liu spoke calmly while clicking on his personal skill. “I have transportation so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Du Sanying was still too anxious. “How fast is your transportation’s speed? If it is lower than 1,890 then you should take my car!”

“Movement speed?” Bai Liu clicked on the Empty Old Wallet skill and finally showed a strange smile. “It is probably Mu Sicheng’s movement speed.”

Du Sanying was shocked. “A transportation tool with a movement speed of 7,000? Is there such an item?”

The burning passengers behind Bai Liu ran in a distorted form and countless burnt black and dry hands braved the sparks and smoke to touch Bai Liu’s back. Sparks drifted across Bai Liu’s white cheeks but his eyes didn’t fluctuate.

At the moment of death, Bai Liu’s hands formed a horn and he yelled loudly and lazily, “Mu Sicheng, I need your help. Help—!”

The stunned Du Sanying, “??????”

Didn’t Mu Sicheng just steal his things and leave? Why did he want to ask Mu Sicheng for help? Mu Sicheng wouldn’t help him! The viewers of Du Sanying’s small TV also had question marks above their heads. They had seen Bai Liu’s various enigmatic actions and now just had the idea that this person might truly be crazy. Otherwise, there was really no explanation for Bai Liu’s weird behavior.

However, there were more question marks above the heads of the audience of Mu Sicheng’s small TV. They watched as Mu Sicheng, who was happily fleeing the scene after stealing, heard the sound ‘Mu Sicheng, I need your help.’ Then his expression changed suddenly like he was held back by something. He instantly stopped in place.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has activated his personal skill and player Mu Sicheng must cooperate with player Bai Liu’s actions.]

[Now player Bai Liu has asked you to turn back. Do everything he wants, give all the help you can give and take him out of the dangerous place—]

“F*k you!!” Mu Sicheng’s expression was dark.  Then as if he was being manipulated, he turned his body upside down and rushed back to the carriage he had left. “F*k you Bai Liu!”

“You actually manipulated me with your personal skill!! Isn’t your personal skill stealing things?!!!”

Mu Sicheng’s anger at Bai Liu’s conspiracy was written on his face.

The almost breathless Du Sanying watched Bai Liu about to be engulfed by the monsters behind him and was anxiously scratching his cheeks. Meanwhile, Bai Liu was just smiling and looking down. He was kneeling in the heavy marble armor. Then he raised his head and opened his arms slightly, as if waiting for someone to come and pick him up.

This action made Du Sanying feel confused, anxious and stunned. “Bai Liu, what is the use of your armor?”

“This armor adds defense.” Bai Liu wanted to shrug but the armor was too heavy for him to do so. “I’m afraid that my vehicle with 7,000 speed will beat me up out of anger. I have to wear this to endure it a bit.”

“????” Du Sanying was full of questions. A vehicle that beat up people? What the hell was this?!! The moment Du Sanying wanted to swear, he saw an almost invisible figure roar while grabbing Bai Liu by the collar and pulling him up. “Bai Liu—you beast—what did you do to me—?!!! Why am I controlled by you—!!!”

Mu Sicheng pulled with all his strength. The burning passenger behind Bai Liu had already opened his mouth and his arms that were on fire happened to sweep past the end of Bai Liu’s eyes. He dodged but his eyelashes were still a bit burned.

Bai Liu calmly raised his burning eyelashes, blinked twice and gave a very bad smile. “I just asked you for help. Mu Sicheng, didn’t we say it?”

“I will ask for help and you will come to help me. Isn’t this what you promised? How can you call it control?”

Mu Sicheng had a gloomy expression as he ran with Bai Liu through a few carriages. Du Sanying saw that Mu Sicheng’s state wasn’t right and hurriedly drove his own small car to follow them.

After escaping, Mu Sicheng smashed Bai Liu into the ground like a rag. He held Bai Liu’s collar with a brutal expression, his eyes red, his breathing short and his chest undulating violently. The blue veins on his forehead were bulging and the veins on his arm gripping Bai Liu’s collar were also obvious.

Mu Sicheng smirked, lowered his head and stared into the eyes of Bai Liu below him. Then he squeezed out words through gritted teeth. “Very good. Bai Liu, you are really awesome.”

“In my life, I hate being controlled the most.” Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth and smiled horribly. “You really provoked me.”

After speaking, Mu Sicheng struck Bai Liu’s body with a fist. The marble armor on Bai Liu’s body was like air-dried plaster. It slowly shattered to pieces and fell to the ground. Blood flowed from the corner of Bai Liu’s mouth but he was still smiling. It was as if he had expected Mu Sicheng’s punch.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu’s armor was completely damaged because it resisted a blow from player Mu Sicheng. It can’t be repaired. Player Bai Liu’s health has dropped to 40 from the attack.]

“Are you sure you want to kill me?” Bai Liu opened bloody lips and asked with a smile. “The skill I used is a control skill that binds me and your health. If I die, you might die too, Mu Sicheng.”

Bai Liu was scamming Mu Sicheng when he said this. Nevertheless, there were indeed many control skills that bound the health of the controlled person to the manipulator.

Mu Sicheng controlled the expression on his face. He took a few deep breaths and adjusted his breathing. There were stormy waves in his eyes and his teeth snapped together. “After this game, I will find a way to get rid of our relationship and then kill you, Bai Liu.”

Bai Liu smiled, knowing he had succeeded in the scam. “That is after. What about now?”

Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu who seemed to be in control for a few seconds. Then he couldn’t help cursing. “I really want to f*king kill you!”

After cursing, Mu Sicheng glanced at the burned corpses that were coming after them and pulled Bai Liu’s collar as he ran forward with no expression on his face.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the skill ‘Thief’s Stealth’. Movement speed +7,000. Due to carrying the playing Bai Liu (weight 57kg, slightly injured), the speed has dropped. The final movement speed added is 6,900.]

Du Sanying was stunned silly. He stared blankly at Mu Sicheng’s back and at Bai Liu’s armor that had been smashed by Mu Sicheng’s punch. Then he muttered to himself, “So Mu Sicheng is the 7,000 speed vehicle that can beat up people?”

Du Sanying had relied on his luck value to clear the game and had never seen Bai Liu’s brutal method of using a player as a means of transportation. Du Sanying watched Mu Sicheng carrying Bai Liu with gritted teeth and couldn’t help shivering. What was going on? He seemed to foresee the future of being a tool man used by Bai Liu, just like Mu Sicheng.

It was terrible. This guy, wasn’t he afraid of being killed by Mu Sicheng? He could so calmly say that his vehicle could beat people. Mu Sicheng had sincerely wanted to kill him just now…

Du Sanying was deeply shaken as he drove his little bumper car and followed Bai Liu.

In the same way, the greatly shocked audience froze for a long time. For a few minutes, everyone watched the small TV in silence like they didn’t know what to say. It seemed like everything was a slap in the face for those who previously mocked Bai Liu. After a while, the audience coughed in an embarrassed manner and started speaking.

“This Bai Liu, there is some ability, hahaha…”

“More than ability…” Someone was in an extremely complicated mood. “He actually controlled God Mu. This is something that not even the puppet master could do using the strength of the entire Kings Guild…”

“Is his personal skill the same as String Puppet Master? They both control players?”

“It should be. This time, two players with manipulation skills are fighting. There might be three puppets on the side of String Puppet Master but God Mu has become a puppet in Bai Liu’s hands. I still think that String Puppet Master has a higher chance of winning but Bai Liu’s operation is too powerful. He has a 40% chance of winning…”

“Poor God Mu, he could avoid it on the first day but not the 15th day. In the end, he became someone else’s puppet.”

“I would like to see Bai Liu’s small TV. Many things aren’t clear from God Mu’s perspective.”

“I’ll go to Bai Liu’s side too. He is in the burial mound dancing area right? Unfortunately, he should’ve shown this operation earlier and he wouldn’t have fallen into the burial mound dancing area.”

Mu Sicheng was constantly losing his audience to Bai Liu.


Gradually, people flocked to the burial mound dancing area and gathered around Bai Liu’s small TV but this didn’t attract Wang Shun’s attention.

Wang Shun was just focused on watching Bai Liu on the small TV. He had been stunned for a while. He also remembered that Bai Liu’s skill was stealing things?

In the end, Wang Shun shook his head with shock. Since when did Bai Liu start laying out his plan to deceive Mu Sicheng? The reason was to make Mu Sicheng lower his vigilance and think that Bai Liu’s skill was stealing in order to control Mu Sicheng?

If Bai Liu had any other personal skill then Mu Sicheng would be wary. However, Mu Sicheng would never be wary of a stealing skill. It was because Mu Sicheng was the strongest thief in the game just judging by his stealing skills. Mu Sicheng once stole something from Spades so he could be called an invincible thief.

Yet Bai Liu stole things from Mu Sicheng, the strongest thief, again and again. The first time it was mental bleach. The second time was the physical strength supplement and the third time was Mu Sicheng himself.

The fourth time—Wang Shun’s eyes shifted to the audience that kept increasing and his emotions were extremely complicated—Bai Liu stole Mu Sicheng’s audience.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Why do they think it’s stealing? From the very beginning he’s stated clearly that they’re making a deal. How stupid are these people?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anarchy

In a game where it’s survival of the fittest, why would they casually believe what anyone says? They’re both wary of each other, so ofc they’ll only believe what they wanna believe 😂

1 year ago

Poor MSC, it must be really frustrating to get controlled against your will. But it’s your fault for trying to break your word lmaoo

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Can I ship Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu pls?? Their dynamic is so funny and entertaining!! Make me feel love and hate relationship.

BTW Du Sanying my son so cute!!!

1 year ago

Imagine stealing gift ML gave to MC, if he found out then you are F

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
7 months ago

no such thing as stealing he’s just trading hahahaha

6 months ago

So far Wang Shun’s role was to be fanboying over Bai Liu – and I love it.

Sadly, it seems that soon people will realise how Bai Liu can use his skill and then it will become much harder to fool people into making deals.

Mu Sincheng really suprised me in this chapter, because it turned out that I didn’t actually understand his character. I thought that he was a friendly, smart, and maybe a little goofy player with psycho vibes. When he stole Bai Liu’s stuff and ran away, I was mad and shocked at the same time. If I was on mc’s spot, I would’ve trusted him enough to think that he wouldn’t betray me. Now I realised that Mu Sincheng has a dark side, and a deep psychological shadow left in him because of all the trauma he went through, as well as trust issues. Overall what I want to say is – I hope they’ll become friends soon. Maybe even very close friends. Comrades. Companions. Besties.That would be great.

6 months ago

I really feel for mu sicheng not only was he robbed of his valuable item he was robbed of himself