GHG: Chapter 43

This system notification was broadcasted over the subway radio. In other words, everyone could hear Bai Liu triggering the main task.

Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng were both taken aback. They had watched Bai Liu leaning against the subway train while playing with the coin in his hand.

Just now, Bai Liu had been sitting in a daze on the train while Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying actively looked for clues in the carriage. Bai Liu had told them that he wanted to sort out the information in his brain and just sat in his seat without moving, making Mu Sicheng speechless.

Bai Liu had told Mu Sicheng everything he knew about the bombing but Mu Sicheng didn’t think too much about it since the focus was to find clues in the carriage to trigger the main task.

Exploding Last Train was a collection-oriented horror game. According to Mu Sicheng’s game experience, it was necessary to find the first item to collect in order to trigger the main task. The thing Mu Sicheng didn’t know was that as long as one parsed out the key thing needed to be collected from the game background, it could also trigger the main collection task.

In fact, this couldn’t be blamed on Mu Sicheng’s failure to think deeply. It was due to a fixed mindset. Generally speaking, there wasn’t enough information when logging into the game. They truly only could trigger the task by finding the first thing to collect on the map.

However, Bai Liu was a bug. He was a newcomer and a game designer. He didn’t have this type of fixed thinking. He was used to thinking about how the game was designed from the background of the game. In addition, Bai Liu knew enough background information. He simply reversed things to find what he needed to collect. He hit on it right away.

Hearing the notification that Bai Liu triggered the main task, Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying simultaneously turned their heads to see Bai Liu resting in his seat.

Du Sanying and Bai Liu weren’t familiar with each other so he couldn’t go up and ask. Still, his eyes staring at Bai Liu were full of curiosity. He wanted to know how this person had triggered the main task without moving.

Mu Sicheng wasn’t so scrupulous. He stepped forward and asked the question in his mind. “How did you trigger the main task? You didn’t move!”

This was also the voice of the audience. The moment the system notification came out, many people were stunned stupid. No one thought that in a horror game with the third and fourth on the rising stars rankings and String Puppet Master, the first one to actually trigger the main task was a newcomer! It wasn’t scientific at all!

“Damn! How did he trigger it? I swear he hasn’t moved from start to finish!”

“…Could it be that he just sat on a broken lens and triggered the task? Hiss, my ass hurts suddenly.”

“Doesn’t this type of good thing usually happen to Xiao Ying? How come it happened to this newcomer?”

Mu Sicheng directly lifted Bai Liu up and looked at Bai Liu’s seat in a puzzled manner. “Did you sit on a broken lens and trigger the main task?”

Bai Liu clenched his fists in an expressionless manner. “Mu Sicheng, let me down.”

The 1.76 meter Bai Liu hated others doing this to him! As a child, Bai Liu’s dream was to cut off the ankles of everyone taller than him with a machete! If someone actually dared to pick him up like this then Bai Liu would let them understand what a crime it was to grow tall. If it wasn’t that Bai Liu needed to use Mu Sicheng—

Bai Liu stopped his overly tyrannical thoughts while Mu Sicheng felt a chill shoot down his back. He put down Bai Liu hesitantly and turned to look at him. “How did you trigger the task without the lens? You didn’t move at all.”

“How did I not move?” Bai Liu patted himself where he was touched by Mu Sicheng. He confirmed there was no dust and kindly looked up at Mu Sicheng. “My mind was moving, Mu Sicheng.”

Mu Sicheng, “……” Bai Liu stared at him like he was stupid and he felt insulted.

Once Bai Liu sorted out his clothes, he told Mu Sicheng, “Haven’t I told you the key information? Can’t you figure it out yourself? What is your intelligence? You can’t think of anything?”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

‘You f*king told me about the mirror worth 100 million yuan and that you would kill the guard and steal the collections collecting a lot of money from selling the collections. What f*king key information is this? In addition, Bai Liu you pervert. Stop looking at me like I’m a low-level creature!’

Bai Liu clapped his hands and explained to Mu Sicheng as he walked. Du Sanying cautiously followed behind them. Bai Liu deliberately didn’t lower his volume and Du Sanying was shocked when he heard it from behind. It could actually be inferred like this.

The audience was also startled.

“What is the name of this new player? His thinking is a bit interesting. I want to watch his small TV.”

“…This is the first time I’ve seen someone trigger the main task first before Du Sanying in a collection game. This newcomer is awesome. He can actually trigger it faster than the 100% lucky Du Sanying.”


“The main task is to collect the broken lenses but we don’t know the exact number to collect…” Mu Sicheng sucked on his lollipop while glancing at Du Sanying who was pretending to be searching behind them. Then Mu Sicheng licked his sugar-stained lips a bit violently. “You just told him the information directly? Wait until he finds a lot of mirror fragments later.”

“This guy is lucky and is very good at finding things. Even the lenses we find are likely to fall into Du Sanying’s hands in various strange ways. Aren’t you going to guard against him?”

Bai Liu looked strangely at Mu Sicheng. “Why should I guard against him?”

Mu Sicheng’s expression was very ugly. “Didn’t I tell you? The lenses we are looking for might possibly…” Be taken away by Du Sanying.

“Who told you that we are looking for the lenses?” Bai Liu stared into Mu Sicheng’s eyes before his gaze swept over Du Sanying behind him. Then he casually retracted it like nothing happened. “We won’t look for it. Let Du Sanying find it. Isn’t he good at searching? Let him slowly find it. It is best that he collect them all.”

Mu Sicheng was startled. “Do you want to…wait until Du Sanying gathers all of it to rob him?”


Mu Sicheng licked the back of his teeth with his tongue. “I want to carry out your plan but it won’t work. Bai Liu, don’t you understand the concept of Du Sanying having 100% luck?”

As he spoke, Mu Sicheng seemed to remember something unbearable. He rubbed his teeth hard against each other, looking very ferocious. “As long as you try to grab something from Du Sanying, your luck value will fall continuously. You will encounter all types of bad luck. Even if you have a means to reach into his system warehouse, you will be interrupted by monsters. In short, you can’t get it.”

“Oh.” Bai Liu still didn’t care. “That is for you. I might be okay.”

Mu Sicheng was really irritated by Bai Liu’s stubbornness. “I said that Du Sanying is 100% lucky. No one can steal his things, not even Spades.”

It was as the system said. Du Sanying was the favorite of the god of luck.

“You said that Du Sanying relies on the luck of the surrounding things for his luck value, right?” Bai Liu finally glanced at Mu Sicheng and sighed like this person was a fool. “However, I can’t be influenced by him. My luck value is already 0 and it can’t drop lower. His luck can’t make me unlucky.”

Mu Sicheng was startled and Bai Liu’s gaze moved calmly again, the corners of his mouth twitching. “Then my misfortune might make him even more miserable. What do you think, Mu Sicheng?”

Du Sanying was sneakily following behind Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng only to inexplicably get goosebumps on the back of his neck. He stared at Bai Liu in front of him in a slightly bewildered manner.

That strange lucky yet unlucky feeling came again.

Mu Sicheng finally looked intrigued by Bai Liu’s words. “What are you going to do in this collecting game if you aren’t going to look for the broken lenses? Just sit still like before?”

“Of course not.” Bai Liu smiled. He looked around the empty carriage in front of him, showing a happy expression like he had seen gold and silver treasures. “You just told me that robbery is allowed in this game. Do you think the puppet master is very rich?”

Mu Sicheng sneered. “Your words are very big. It might be you who will die at that time.”

“It’s possible.” Bai Liu spoke nonchalantly. “However, if I was him then I would be determined to keep me alive. It is because I have greater value alive. He should’ve realized this when he wanted to make me a puppet.”

Bai Liu smiled and said, “It depends on who becomes the puppet.”


Puppet Zhang’s eyes narrowed as they scanned the entire carriage. He held transparent silk threads with his ten fingers that extended out to pierce the back of the necks of the other three players.

His index finger moved slightly and the transparent silk thread trembled. One of the players lying on the ground while searching stood upright as if affected. Puppet Zhang asked the player in a bad voice, “Li Gou, have you found any broken lens?”

Li Gou replied, “No.”

Puppet Zhang sighed impatiently. His oil-painted puppet’s face vividly showed his inverted eyebrows and lowered mouth, showing that he was angry.

“We have searched half the carriages and haven’t found them yet.”

The three puppets stood together in a trembling manner and lowered their heads. On the puppets’ forehead, huge light blue drops of sweat appeared and flowed down like an animation. Li Gou stepped forward fearfully and repeated in a low voice, “Master, we really didn’t find any broken lenses.”

“Don’t look for it.” Puppet Zhang’s fingers flicked and three puppets stood neatly in front of him like it was military training.

Standing in the center, Li Gou asked carefully. “Master, don’t look for it? Doesn’t this game require collecting the broken lenses to clear the level? If we don’t find it then how can we clear the game?”

“Idiot.” Puppet Zhang sent Li Gou a look that was slightly arrogant and contemptuous. “Don’t question any decision I make with an intelligence of 93, understood?”

“The main task wasn’t triggered by us but we should’ve been the first to find one. It is because we have the advantage of numbers and searched almost half the carriages, but we didn’t find it. Don’t you understand?” Puppet Zhang stared at Li Gou.

Sweat appeared on Li Gou’s forehead but he was indeed at a loss. “U-Understand what?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Our MC be ridiculing everyone else LOL XD Naturally, more victims will have resentment…his luck value maybe also take personality in play :0

11 months ago

Du Sanying maybe isn’t really lucky, the reason it’s always 100% is cuz he absorbs other people’s luck. He might indeed absorb some of Bai Liu’s unluckiness 🤭🤭

Anyhow, this Li Gou isn’t the type to be controlled as puppet. He probably plans to kill this puppet master too or wait until the puppet master take Bai Liu and then kill them both. As if that would really happen 🤭 This guy has a great desire for survival, I want Bai Liu to torture him so much he himself wouldn’t wish to be left alive.

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