GHG: Chapter 42

Du Sanying hurriedly stepped into the train carriage at the last second. The cabin was extremely hot but it wasn’t the type of high temperature that would burn people to death like he imagined. The corpses hanging from the handholds and the other passengers in the carriage also stayed in place. They didn’t step forward to attack. The flames scorched Du Sanying’s hair. Although it was a bit hot, it didn’t have the real texture of flames.

Bai Liu smiled kindly at Du Sanying. “Hello, my name is Bai Liu. I am one of the players in this game.”

Du Sanying reached out his hand in a slightly embarrassed manner. “Yes, hello. I am Du Sanying…”

Mu Sicheng looked at Du Sanying with surprise like he hadn’t expected Du Sanying to be in this game. Then he soon gave a cold snort and sneered while crossing his arms. He turned his head and acted like he didn’t see this person, not even saying hello.

Du Sanying seemed to have expected that Mu Sicheng would be like this. The smile on his face became more awkward and he shrank back in the corner almost silently. In the end, he couldn’t hold back and asked, “Bai Liu, you… how did you know that you wouldn’t be attacked when you got on the carriage?”

“This should be a simple cutscene.” Bai Liu analyzed. “It is because we haven’t received the first task that will give points. It means the game hasn’t officially started so these things are probably just to frighten the players and explain the story. It won’t really kill the players.”

After that, Bai Liu glanced between Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying with interest. The two of them were obviously at odds. He turned to look at Mu Sicheng who didn’t say a word after Du Sanying came up. “Why? Do you have a hatred with this kid Du Sanying?”

Mu Sicheng stared at Du Sanying coldly with a hostile look. Du Sanying had no place to put his hands and feet and shrank back a bit helplessly, watching their conversation secretly from behind a burning corpse.

Du Sanying wasn’t very tall. He was half a head shorter than Bai Liu. The thick bottle cap glasses and the thin, small body made him look like a high school student who was overly prepared for exams. He exuded a very strong and harmless nerd air so Bai Liu who entered society called him ‘kid’.

“You will know it after playing a game with Du Sanying once.” Mu Sicheng seemed to be very uncomfortable recalling this experience and he bit his lollipop hard. “His luck value is 100 points. No matter how hard you try, he will be first in the game in the end, taking away your victory in various ways that you can’t think of.”

The audience of Du Sanying’s small TV instantly laughed.

“Is God Mu thinking of the last multiplayer game where Xiao Ying picked up what he missed by mistake and came first?”

“Xiao Ying doesn’t pick up mistakes, it is called the Sky Surrender Express. He didn’t stoop to pick it up. It was delivered by God Mu himself. I have to say that God Mu’s delivery service is still in place.”


“This is why Du Sanying doesn’t know information like the opening animation even if he is third on the rising stars ranking.” Mu Sicheng sneered. “This person lies down to win and get to the top. He has no game awareness at all. I advise you not to deal with him or all the instance clearance items, information and so on that you collect will eventually somehow fall into his hands.”

“He is lucky but those close to him are unlucky. Every time you meet Du Sanying in a game, your luck value will drop to a certain extent.”

Mu Sicheng spoke like he was looking down on Du Sanying who didn’t even dare get on the train but when Bai Liu pulled Mu Sicheng onto the burning train, Mu Sicheng was also frightened. Later, it was Bai Liu who said they hadn’t received the points task and the opening scene was probably just an animation effect. Only then did Mu Sicheng react.

Most players rarely thought of things like opening animations. Even if they did think about it, they wouldn’t dare get on the carriage with certainty. Only Bai Liu would do such a thing without hesitation.

Bai Liu, this person was a heavy gambler. If it wasn’t illegal to gamble then he might’ve gone gambling. If he guessed that the success rate was 80% then he would 100% dare to try it.

If it was the future Mu Sicheng, he would definitely not get in the train with the courageous Bai Liu so obediently. However, the current Mu Sicheng didn’t understand this attribute of Bai Liu and it was easy for him to be fooled by Bai Liu’s very determined expression.

Having said this, God Mu continued to explain Du Sanying to Bai Liu.

“No.” Mu Sicheng clicked on the game manager and showed Bai Liu his luck value panel. His expression started to sink. “My luck value has dropped from 56 to 43. Tsk, Du Sanying’s strength is becoming more and more lethal. Bai Liu, your luck value will also be affected and decreased…”

Bai Liu silently looked at Mu Sicheng. “Can the luck value in this game have a negative number?”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

F*k, he forgot that Bai Liu’s luck value was only 0.

Du Sanying saw Mu Sicheng explaining about his ability to reduce the luck of others. Bai Liu seemed to know of his unpleasant ability. Du Sanying couldn’t help scratching his face and slightly shrank back into a corner. Then the sudden closing of the carriage door surprised him.

All the burning corpses in the carriage suddenly turned into normal passengers. They turned their heads together and smiled strangely at Bai Liu. Then they turned into ashes and disappeared as a female voice sweetly announced in the carriage, “Passengers, welcome to Line 4. The next stop—Mirror City Museum.”

Bai Liu turned his head and paid attention to the LED countdown board on the subway station. After reaching zero, it had become [60:00].

A one hour countdown. This was the time that Bai Liu calculated it would take for the train to go from the starting station to the terminal. It seemed that the explosion would be in an hour.

Bai Liu remembered the Mirror City Bombing that was the prototype for this game, Exploding Last Train. The explosion occurred at the subway station of the Mirror City Museum. At that time, he had got off at the last stop before it. Yet in reality, the last stop before it wasn’t Antique City where Bai Liu and the others got on the train and the subway line wasn’t a closed loop.

Bai Liu was on this train with Lu Yizhan. He was supposed to get off at a stop after Mirror City but Lu Yizhan temporarily took Bai Liu to get off the train with him early. Otherwise, Bai Liu who was unlucky inside and outside the game would already have exploded to pieces in the Mirror City Bombing incident.

The Mirror City Bombing occurred when two thieves stole a priceless antique mirror. They pretended to be the owners of the mirror and wanted to donate the mirror to the local museum. However, they wanted to escort the mirror to the museum.

The antique mirror was said to be worth more than 100 million yuan. The museum rarely received such a large donation so it agreed to some unreasonable small requests.

The city where the museum was located was called Mirror City and the name of the museum was Mirror City Museum. The real purpose of the two thieves was to use the process of transporting the antique mirror to the backstage of the museum. Then they would use the bomb hidden in the mirror to rob the collections in the museum.

It wasn’t known what these two thieves were thinking but they were unwilling to transport the antique mirror by car. They had to choose the subway. Therefore, the museum had to send people to accompany them during the transportation. It wasn’t known what happened during the subway transportation process but the bomb hidden in the antique mirror exploded. Almost all the people in the carriage died on the spot, including the two thieves and the museum commissioner escorting the antique mirror.

Soon after the death of the two thieves, their crimes of stealing the antique mirror and wanting to steal the museum collections were exposed. After sparking intense discussion, it was finally concluded that this was a terrorist-like theft case and was put to rest.

Later, Bai Liu discussed with Lu Yizhan about the huge explosion they had just escaped. They agreed that the entire explosion case was full of doubts, mainly due to the following two points:

First, how did the two thieves hide enough explosives to blow up an entire carriage in a mirror and pass the security check to transport it through the subway? Secondly, these two thieves planned this explosion attack to make money. So why were they generous enough to donate a priceless antique mirror to the Mirror City Museum?

As far as Bai Liu knew, the estimated price of the collections in the Mirror City Museum wasn’t higher than the value of the mirror. If the two thieves were doing this for money then they could sell the antique mirror privately. There was no need to spend a lot of time and effort to transport the mirror to the Mirror City Museum and then rob the collections inside.

This type of operation wasn’t cost-effective. It also used a bomb which was stupid and risky. The moment a bomb showed up, the two thieves wouldn’t be able to escape after the theft even if no one was injured.

As Bai Liu and Lu Yizhan talked about the bombing, Bai Liu said that if he wanted to rob the museum, he would sell the antique mirror directly. Then he would bribe the guards at a high price to let him in to steal. After, he would kill the guards and place the blame on the guards. If he did it cleanly then he could delay the time so he could go abroad to sell the stolen goods. It was too stupid to use a bomb.

Lu Yizhan had been completely speechless when he heard Bai Liu’s analysis. He asked Bai Liu about the bombing case for him to think of a way to solve the case, not to let him take the perspective of the perpetrator to come up with a more perfect method of crime!

Bai Liu had insincerely apologized, saying that he could only think from the perspective of the person with the highest vested interests. Lu Yizhan indignantly accused Bai Liu, stating that Bai Liu’s thinking would cause a big problem sooner or later!

Now the problem was coming. Bai Liu was in the game Exploding Last Train and he needed to think about why those two idiots would do this stupid thing.

Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed and his mind turned fast. The two thieves were unwilling to take a small vehicle like a car and were unwilling to be alone with this mirror. The two thieves preferred the subway which was a crowded public transportation method. They weren’t afraid of damage to the mirror and hid a huge amount of explosives in the priceless mirror.

They would rather use this mirror to exchange with the other collections in the museum instead of selling the mirror. This was obviously contrary to the nature of thieves to collect money.

In summary, Bai Liu could come to an obvious conclusion—the two thieves were afraid of this mirror.

The two thieves didn’t dare stay alone in the car with the 100 million yuan mirror. The two thieves might’ve tried to dispose of the mirror but they didn’t succeed for some reason. The mirror returned to their hands. The thieves who collapsed sought out the authority of a museum in the hope of donating or detaining this mirror.

The two thieves even madly stuffed explosives into the mirror in order to destroy the mirror. Even if the two thieves did so much in an attempt to get rid of the mirror, something unfortunate happened. The mirror exploded on the subway.

Therefore, if Bai Liu’s guess wasn’t wrong, the key to this game wasn’t the last train that was about to explode, nor was it the passengers who burned to death or the names of the subway stations that Du Sanying was looking closely at—

It was the mirror.

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for triggering the main task—collect the broken lenses on the last train (0/?)]

Proofreader: Purichan

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it’s the mirror again, I swear mirrors are trouble 😂

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