GHG: Chapter 41

Every time there was a post discussing Bai Liu on the forum, it would end with people tearing at each other. The most important point of this tearing was around the core promotion position Bai Liu received last time and if Bai Liu deserved it.

Many players thought that Bai Liu’s strength was too poor. He might be a bit clever but he wasn’t worthy of such a good core promotion position. There were also many people who wondered why Bai Liu being worthy or not had anything to do with them.

Wang Shun had watched a few arguments and to sum it up, most of the players who hated Bai Liu felt he didn’t deserve it.

The last one to set off such a large-scale argument was Du Sanying in his newcomer period.

Du Sanying’s luck value was 100. No matter what he did, things went smoothly. Points poured into this guy’s account in a steady stream. Many players were jealous and scolded Du Sanying every day. An existence that depended on good luck didn’t deserve to exist and would die in the game sooner or later.

Some people said that Du Sanying was also powerful and his personal skill was strong. However, most of the time, this type of defense was rejected using the argument ‘let Du Sanying’s luck value fall to 0 and then see if he has strength.’

Then once Du Sanying was firmly in the top three of the rising stars ranking, no one dared to insult and offend him and things became much better.

Now Bai Liu’s luck value was 0 and he reached the core promotion position purely using his strength and mind. Nevertheless, this group still saw him as unpleasant or thought he wasn’t worthy of the position.

It seemed that deserving it or not wasn’t important. It was the position that mattered. As long as someone climbed up to that position, it didn’t matter who they were. They weren’t worthy. As long as the person who climbed up wasn’t themselves, they would pick on a mistake and zoom in for everyone to see.

Wang Shun shook his head and stopped listening to these players’ discussions. He looked at the small TVs in front of him and had the same problem. Whose small TV should he watch?

String Puppet Master’s small TV had the paid mode while Mu Sicheng’s small TV also opened the paid mode. Du Sanying was third on the rising stars ranking but he always played games without any waves and had a mediocre amount of paying viewers so Du Sanying’s live TV broadcast was never in paid mode.

As a newcomer, Bai Liu naturally didn’t open the paid model. Yet Bai Liu, a free player, had a smaller audience than String Puppet Master, let alone Du Sanying.

Du Sanying’s popularity had always been high and it was free. In this type of live broadcast of a game where three gods gathered and the topic was high, players who weren’t willing to pay flooded into Du Sanying’s small TV area. From a distance, it could be seen that Du Sanying’s viewing area was densely filled. The number of viewers was more than that of Mu Sicheng and the puppet master’s viewing areas.

There was the influence of the puppet master so even the views of the three puppet players such as Li Gou were quite good. It was much higher than Bai Liu’s area. Only Bai Liu’s viewing area was deserted.

Wang Shun couldn’t bear it. He sighed and walked to Bai Liu’s viewing area.

In a situation where multiple gods bumped into each other and most of the audience couldn’t wait to watch the big god’s small TV, how could they pay attention to a newcomer? Most of the traffic of Bai Liu’s small TV was sucked away and it was normal.

[301 people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 89 people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 210 people are watching Bai Liu’s small TV and 0 people have charged player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[Player Bai Liu, please work hard! Your number of likes is only 1% of Du Sanying, the player who is ranked first in the comprehensive data of the small and medium TVs in the game Exploding Last Train!]

“Du Sanying has 30,000 likes. How long has it been since the game started?” Wang Shun sighed. He saw Du Sanying immediately get the first promotion position and leave this zone to go to the central hall. Wang Shun sighed again and gave Bai Liu a like. “Come on Bai Liu, don’t fall into the nameless area.”


Du Sanying stood outside the platform and almost stuck his face to the ticket. “It’s strange. Why is the departure station and end station the same?”

The LED clock on the platform behind him had reached [00:10.] The moment it entered the 10 seconds countdown, the station went completely dark. It turned on again after a second but it was no longer the normal white lights. It was a flickering dark red light.

The subway station became red and black and the lights made the entire station look like a dark room for washing photos. At the end of the track, a train with red lights roared from the dark and deep tunnel like the red eyes of a beast desperate to devour its prey. It rushed into the station and slowly stopped in front of Du Sanying.

The female machine voice of the subway station coldly announced. “Passengers on the train have arrived at the terminal station of Antique City. Please get off the train at the destination. The train is about to start the next round of operation…”

Along with the announcement, the train doors in front of Du Sanying slowly opened. The stench of burnt meat swept out of the train doors along with the wind caused by the train arriving at the station. The strong burning smell filled Du Sanying’s nasal cavity and he couldn’t help covering his nose and mouth and coughing a few times.

Du Sanying looked up at the Line 4 train he was about to board. Under the flashing lights, Du Sanying saw that the train was empty. The handholds were swaying alone. Then one moment later, it was filled with passengers like a train during the peak period in a big city. It was so crowded that Du Sanying couldn’t get on.

The red LED clock behind Du Sanying jumped to [00:05.] This jump was like a signal and the air-conditioning vents of the subway station stopped working.

The temperature of the subway station started to rise rapidly. The loudspeakers of the station became like candles and started to melt and drip. The female voice on the radio became distorted and finally just repeated ‘44444’ strangely. Du Sanying thought that she should be trying to say ‘Line 4’.

The passengers around Du Sanying who were also waiting to get on the train slowly started to board it. The silhouettes of these passengers flickered strangely under the dark red lights. There were a few sudden changes as they walked. They burned violently without a sound and became burning corpses.

The skin on the faces of these ‘passengers’ were burned by the flames. They turned black and curled, exposing the yellow body fat that was being roasted and melted inside. It melted and dripped onto the ground. Their limbs convulsed and shrank under the heat of the fire and pungent black smoke was emitted. Even so, they didn’t seem to know they were burning and kept walking onto the train.

The train started to fill with these charred corpses. They were sitting or standing. Some of them were hanging onto the handholds while some were leaning against the subway train doors. The flames burned the plastic handholds and the melted plastic dripped. The glass of the train cracked under the high temperature. The ‘passengers’ kept looking down at their mobile phones that were burnt like they weren’t aware of these terrible sights.

They would look like normal tired people on the last train home if it wasn’t for the flames on them.

[System tip: Asking player Du Sanying to board the train quickly.]

“No…” Du Sanying was speechless. “What is the matter with this game? Are you driving me to death? The train car is burning like this. If I go in, isn’t it just a live barbecue?”

The viewers in front of Du Sanying’s small TV were laughing.

“Driving you to death! Don’t worry, no one will kill Xiao Ying!”

“Xiao Ying, have confidence in your luck value! If you board then perhaps the fire will be extinguished!”

“Damn, no! Take a look! There aren’t just burning people on the train! There are players on the train!”

“F*k! Who is so stubborn as to go up directly? Aren’t they afraid of death?!”

Among the countless burned corpses, there was a man with a fair complexion in a white shirt and suit pants. He looked like a normal office worker as he turned his head and spoke to the person next to him.

The person he was talking to had a lollipop in his mouth and hands in his pocket. He looked like a university student as he lowered his head to put his ears closer to the office worker. He seemed to be listening to the office worker. Then the university student raised his eyebrow and showed a smirk. This was very eye-catching with his facial features.

On the train full of smoke and fire where all the passengers were burnt black, these two seemingly normal people with outstanding appearances caught the eye.

The audience of Du Sanying’s small TV instantly boiled over.

“F*k! It’s God Mu! God Mu is so handsome!!”

“Who is that office worker? He is so calm.”

Mu Sicheng was amused as he watched Bai Liu recover his original appearance. “Why did you change back? Do you think the shamate style is inappropriate?”

“The live broadcast has started. My face is adjusted back to seduce the audience.” Bai Liu tidied up his shirt sleeves and spoke shamelessly. “People are all appearance creatures. I have a pretty good face. I should make good use of it to earn money.”

“There is also another reason.” Bai Liu glanced sideways at Mu Sicheng. “It will make it easier for the puppet master who came to catch me to find me.”

The smile on Mu Sicheng’s face faded slightly and he made an annoyed sound. “Bai Liu, do you really want to use yourself as bait to lure the puppet master? He has good skills and your plan has many loopholes. Even if I cooperate with you, it might not succeed in killing him…”

“Shh.” Bai Liu raised his index finger to his lips. He looked at the LED countdown clock outside the train that showed [00:01] and whispered, “It is reaching zero. The players will come up.”

“It is up to you.” Mu Sicheng leaned against the train door and whispered, “In any case, it is you who will easily die in your plan, not me. It doesn’t matter to me. You can die yourself.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

okay, it was a bit weird how time passed, but wathever
so excited for the game to staart

1 year ago

Haha, a player with 100 luck vs our guy with 0 luck…hopefully this’ll be interesting ❤ Wang Shun is also becoming one of my favs, he’s wonderful!