GHG: Chapter 40

This was what Mu Sicheng told Bai Liu before entering the game. Now Bai Liu returned it to Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng was silent for a long time before cursing sullenly. He could f*king do this too?! The guy was actually on this train!!

Mu Sicheng was quiet for a moment before chuckling and opening his points wallet. “How many points do you want for what you know? If it is less than 300 points then I can consider buying your information.”

This was indicating that he was preparing to use points to buy Bai Liu’s information. Mu Sicheng had watched Bai Liu’s game and discovered his love for money. This person would never refuse points sent to his door, nor would he waste points.

Bai Liu survived the explosion. He was a player who had survived the exploding last train in reality. In a game where nothing was known, Bai Liu’s information was indeed very valuable to Mu Sicheng who entered hastily. Mu Sicheng wouldn’t refuse something that would allow him to clear the instance.

“You can give as many points as you like.” Bai Liu put his hand in his jacket pocket and touched an old wallet. The smile on his face became more sincere. “Mu Sicheng, I have something else I want to talk to you about. I will tell you the setting and information of this game and in return, you will help me when necessary. How about a mutually beneficial cooperation?”

Mu Sicheng looked Bai Liu up and down. Bai Liu was watching him very sincerely. Mu Sicheng crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow and revealed a meaningful smile. “Cooperate with you? Then you will give me the information for free?”

“It can’t be for free right? You are a player with so much money. Getting information for free is a bit shameless…” Bai Liu sighed and pretended to be generous. “You can just give one or two hundred points as a symbolic meaning.”

Mu Sicheng couldn’t help the smile on his face becoming nasty. “One or two hundred? You are thinking very beautifully. You want a high level player like me to cooperate with you while I also have to spend 100 or 200 points to buy information that I don’t know the value of? You are dreaming! I still haven’t calculated the item worth 2,000 points that you stole from me previously!”

“…One point is also okay.”

“Wait Bai Liu, I think it is strange that you will actually seek cooperation with other players in the game.” Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu and narrowed his eyes slightly. “You aren’t such a naive player. Do you really think I will help save you if I verbally promise you?”

“You might be a newcomer but I see you as a competitor. I don’t take you lightly. You have many tricks and perhaps I will even get in your way. It is strange for you to seek cooperation. It is like a conspiracy.”

Mu Sicheng looked at Bai Liu suspiciously. He didn’t believe that Bai Liu wouldn’t have thought about this. Apart from the cooperation of players with off-site restrictions like guilds, the cooperation of other players in the game was just a blank check. There was no credibility at all.

For example, Mu Sicheng was a super A-grade player. What if he got the information from Bai Liu and then wasn’t willing to help out? Could Bai Liu take him when he was fourth on the rising stars ranking?

“There is no conspiracy. I really want your cooperation.” Bai Liu answered. “This is a game with a high mortality rate and my panel attributes are only F-grade. If I don’t seek cooperation with a god like you then it is easy to die. Secondly, I think we have a common enemy.”

“A common enemy?” Mu Sicheng asked.

“String Puppet Master is also in this game.” Bai Liu smiled. “You shouldn’t want to face this type of group attack player alone, right?”

Mu Sicheng’s expression changed. “How do you know he is in this game?”

Don’t blame Mu Sicheng for reacting so strongly. He had really suffered during his newcomer period and had a psychological shadow about this person.

At one time, String Puppet Master wanted Mu Sicheng to be his puppet. After using various means to recruit Mu Sicheng only to be rejected, this String Puppet Master still didn’t let Mu Sicheng go. He cooperated with other players in the game to encircle and capture Mu Sicheng many times. His actions were ruthless and it was like he didn’t care about Mu Sicheng’s life or death.

Every time, Mu Sicheng barely escaped from death. If it wasn’t for his personal skill that allowed him to move very fast, he would’ve been caught and turned into a puppet.

During the period when Mu Sicheng hadn’t grown up, String Puppet Master was Mu Sicheng’s natural enemy. Even if he was strong now, he felt extreme disgust toward this puppet master and didn’t want to meet this person in the game.

The puppet master was also a smart person. If Bai Liu’s method of playing games was unorthodox then the puppet master’s way of playing games was evil.

In the constant chase battle with Mu Sicheng, String Puppet Master quickly realized that no player in this game could catch Mu Sicheng. Therefore, String Puppet Master changed his approach. He used his 93 points of intelligence to quickly come up with a new way to capture Mu Sicheng.

At that time, Mu Sicheng was really almost caught as a puppet. No matter how fast Mu Sicheng ran, there were people who could catch him. In front of those he wouldn’t run away from, Mu Sicheng would be easily caught.

As a newcomer, Mu Sicheng played games with a friend. It was because it was a bit hard for newcomers to fight alone. That person was someone he knew in the real world. He and Mu Sicheng entered the game around the same time and they often played games together. Due to the real world connection, the relationship between the two of them was good at first. Mu Sicheng didn’t trust this friend but he didn’t put more attention on this person.

It wasn’t known what String Puppet Master did to instigate this friend but he joined the Kings Guild and secretly cooperated with the puppet master’s plan to encircle Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng was deliberately introduced into a game by this friend while String Puppet Master entered in advance to set an ambush. Mu Sicheng didn’t know he would face a large-scale attack the moment he entered the game.

In the end, Mu Sicheng had his hands cut off and his mental value dropped to 18. He was in a rage and killed all the puppet players of the String Puppet Master in the game before clearing it. By the time he came out to the game hall, half his body had been alienated and his entire body was covered in blood. His appearance was terrible and he was in a semi-mad state of delusion.

Since then, Mu Sicheng felt strong hostility to this type of cooperation.

It stood to reason that as the first player to enter the game, Bai Liu shouldn’t know who came in later. Why would Bai Liu know that String Puppet Master was among the players?

…Unless Bai Liu previously made an appointment with String Puppet Master to enter the same game.

This reminded Mu Sicheng of his experience of being ambushed and his expression became more unsightly. His eyes flashed red like a danger warning signal. Mu Sicheng’s hand turned into gray and black sharp monkey claws. He hid the claws behind his back and stared at Bai Liu with a gloomy expression on his face. “Bai Liu, give me a reasonable explanation on how you know that the String Puppet Master is also here or perhaps your game journey will end here.”

Bai Liu calmly opened his game manager to let Mu Sicheng see. The game panel clearly showed a red post. [String Puppet Master has entered Exploding Last Train and said he will catch Bai Liu as a puppet!]

The dangerous expression on Mu Sicheng’s face turned into surprise and the red light in his eyes faded a lot. “How can you open the forum? I remember that after entering the game, we can’t open the forum to communicate with the outside world.”

“It is my personal skill. I saw on the forum that you also encountered something like this and were pursued as a puppet.” Bai Liu didn’t say much and reached out to Mu Sicheng. “In short, we are now in the same camp. Cooperate?”

“Of course, I don’t accept free prostitution. One point can show the sincerity of cooperation.” Bai Liu added with a smile like he was joking.

Mu Sicheng’s eyes narrowed and he placed a lollipop in his mouth as he stared at Bai Liu for a long time. Finally, Mu Sicheng took out one point.

He showed a hypocritical smile and condescendingly gave the coin to Bai Liu. “Okay, we will cooperate, share information and help each other. I will give you one point to show my sincerity.”

Mu Sicheng still remembered the last time Bai Liu used one point so he gave one point to Bai Liu. Bai Liu grasped the coin and the smile on his face became deeper. “I feel your sincerity.”

“My sincerity is that if you cry and beg for help—” Mu Sicheng pulled down the huge monkey headphones he was wearing and hung it around his neck. The monkey’s strange and sharp voice suddenly stopped. Mu Sicheng placed his hands in his pockets and sneered. “If you cry sincerely then I can reluctantly help you.”

Bai Liu smiled in an incomprehensible manner and followed Mu Sicheng’s words. “No problem. I will cry very sincerely and you will definitely help me.”

At the same time, a system message was heard in his head.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu and player Mu Sicheng’s cooperation transaction has been reached.]

[Transaction content: In the Exploding Last Train game, any time the player Bai Liu asks for help then the player Mu Sicheng must do everything to help player Bai Liu. If player Mu Sicheng is unwilling to cooperate then the system will force player Mu Sicheng to cooperate. Accordingly, player Bai Liu will tell player Mu Sicheng all the information he knows and give the player Mu Sicheng help when necessary—fixed help for points compensation.]

Mu Sicheng was going to urge Bai Liu to say all the information he knew when he saw the gentle smile on Bai Liu’s face and a chill suddenly went down his spine. What was this feeling like someone was going to take advantage of him?


As Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng were waiting for the countdown to end, the game hall and forum had completely exploded. The multiplayer game area was crowded as people came to watch the rare scene of so many great gods gathering.

“F*k! It is really the puppet master, God Mu and Xiao Ying. Oh my god, how did the three of them get together?!”

“Now it is rare for gods to encounter each other in a game. They will pay attention to each other and avoid each other. What happened this time? What is going on? Three great gods are all playing a game? It is also a level 2 game that no one has ever cleared?!”

“The gods want to play something exciting but… this is too exciting!”

“Now I don’t know who to watch. I’m a fan of Xiao Ying but Xiao Ying always wins by lying down. It isn’t too interesting. I want to see something exciting. Who should I choose between God Mu and the puppet master?”

“I’m also very troubled. I have someone new I’m following. It is Bai Liu. He was so handsome last time! I recommend you choose his small TV! The level of excitement is no worse than God Mu and puppet master!”

“How annoying. It’s coming again. This newcomer Bai Liu is acting pretentiously everywhere. What can Bai Liu do as someone who hasn’t played a multiplayer game before?”

“Just now I went to take a look. He is still talking about cooperation with God Mu. How stupid is he to talk about cooperating with God Mu? God Mu has never cooperated with people since he was back-stabbed. God Mu promised him but Bai Liu is probably being played by God Mu.”

Bai Liu was very popular right now. His ranking might not be high but the discussion around him was high. Bai Liu’s strong personal clearance video attracted some people who liked him.

However, just as people liked him, others hated him. The crowd couldn’t be convinced by a player like Bai Liu who rushed up very quickly while having a poor personal panel. Therefore, Bai Liu’s reputation among the low level players was very poor.

Proofreader: Purichan 

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2 years ago

No God Mu…our guy is pure nightmare :’D I’m so sorry for all the poor souls our guy will ensnare (;´д`)ゞ Yup, he’s ruthless (still love him tho)

1 year ago

poor God Mu…BL will definitely ask for more points related items later..😂 I feel sorry but at the same time relieved because I am sure BL would keep MSC safe with their cooperation. MSC is one of BL’s sincere friends in the game, I don’t want him to suddenly die