GHG: Chapter 37

Bai Liu was scanning the forum using the game manager while walking around in order to learn about the internal structure of the game. The game hall was composed of three areas: the live TV area, the game login area and the game logout area.

Players could choose to login to a game in the game login area. After logging in, the game process would be shown on the various small TVs in the live TV area. Players who successfully passed the game would appear in the game logout area and players who failed would be trapped in the game forever, be completely alienated into monsters or die directly.

Among the three areas, the most complex one was the live TV area.

The structure of this area was almost like a maze. The decoration styles of the different areas varied and they were inlaid together in violation of each other. Bai Liu was almost dazzled. There were all types of zones with promotion places and tens of millions of small TVs were playing the game process of different players.

Bai Liu’s small TV had been to the newcomer zone, death comedy zone and the single player game zone. Those were just three of the thousands of live streaming small TV zones and the types of promotional places were even more diverse. There were almost dozens of different types of promotion positions in a zone.

However, there were still high and low promotion positions.

Among all the zone promotion positions, the most difficult one to board and the one with the highest gold content was the ‘central hall king promotion position’. Only the top 10 players on the comprehensive rankings could board it and it became the place where only the great gods could reside.

Bai Liu saw on the forum that it had been a long time since a newcomer got this promotion and the first and second places were even more set. As long as Spades and Queen of Hearts entered the game, their small TVs would be first and second on the ‘king promotion position’.

For newcomers, the top promotion position was ‘nightmare rising star promotion position in the central hall’. Mu Sicheng ranked fourth in this promotion position all year round.

The ‘central hall core promotion position’ that Bai Liu got last time was indeed good but among all the promotion positions, it could only be regarded as an advanced position. It was considered a promotion position with more paying users and was still one level behind the ‘top promotion position’ that almost all players paid attention to and would spend points to see.

Mu Sicheng said it was difficult for him to enter the central hall core promotion position because he played too unstably. If Mu Sicheng played well then most of the time, he skipped this promotion position and went straight to the nightmare new star promotion position. If his performance wasn’t good then Mu Sicheng really couldn’t touch the core promotion position.

In addition to the best promotion positions and the highest zones, there were naturally the poor promotion positions and the worst zones.

Bai Liu’s footsteps stopped at the entrance of a deserted area that looked like a garbage station. The walls of this area were pure white and the small TVs weren’t well arranged. Rather, they were crookedly piled up into a hill. The small TVs on the hill showed the pitiful appearance of many players struggling to survive.

Most of the TV screens were noisy. It seemed like the quality of the small TVs weren’t good and some small TVs simply had the static screen. It wasn’t known if the players inside were dead or alive.

This ‘TV hill’ was very long and was like a train with no end in sight. It started from Bai Liu standing at the entrance all the way into empty, white space.

The voices of countless players distorted and filled this pure and messy area. It was very similar to the place of abandoned futuristic electronic equipment that Bai Liu saw on TV. The signboard at the entrance of this area seemed like it would fall at any time and it had the words ‘Nameless Land’ in big letters.

This game was really cruel. A player in the highest level was a king while a player in the lowest level didn’t even deserve a name.

This was the only area without a promotion position. Of course, it was because there was no need to distinguish anyone. If there was a small TV live broadcast in this area, the promotion effect would be the same because this place didn’t have an audience. Players who fell here had almost no possibility of overturning things. This was equivalent to the prison of the game. Only players who were completely exiled and abandoned would fall here.

Bai Liu stood in this deserted and lonely no man’s land and thought about some issues. Meanwhile, the forum was full of a heated discussion.

[The seven day countdown of player Bai Liu who entered the VIP library with his first game is coming. Bet on what game he will choose next!]

1L: He is really good at playing. I replayed his last game video of Siren Town three times and gained a new experience every time. I really want to watch him play a new game!

2L: Me too! I want to see him play a multiplayer game! The revenue and rewards for single player games are far less than multiplayer games. Multiplayer games are also more competitive and interesting. I want to see Bai Liu and the bigshots fighting each other!

3L: It is true that this person called Bai Liu likes to play unconventional routines but in multiplayer games, playing unconventional routines is easy to overturn right?

First, Bai Liu can’t be sure that everyone will cooperate with his weird thinking. Multiplayer games have more variables than single player games.

Second, what if he encounters the killer type player? They like to kill players to loot their items and points. Bai Liu has a lot of items and points so it is easy to be killed during a robbery. Robbery and killing are prohibited in the game hall but it can’t be helped in the game…

4L: I think it is best for him to stay in the single player area. The multiplayer game area where bigshots gather and are prone to killing aren’t suitable for players with strange ideas like Bai Liu. His F-grade panel attributes mean he might be killed by other players without even completing the first task…

5L: Not necessarily? Didn’t Bai Liu rise to the level of a super A-grade player due to the decline in mental value? He doesn’t have to be abused when meeting a bigshot right?

7L: …I’ll say something weakly. The last time in Siren Town, he achieved peak fury with a mental value of only 1 and reached the level of a super A-grade player. Isn’t this just pure luck? If his mental value isn’t stabilized and it drops to 0 then wouldn’t he just GG?

8L: The multiplayer game zone requires players with well-balanced attributes. Bai Liu is a player with too high intelligence and low attack value. He really isn’t suitable for multiplayer games. Going to the multiplayer zone is just going to die.

9L: One core aspect of a multiplayer game is the competition. The rewards received by the first player in the comprehensive evaluation of the game isn’t on the same level as the rewards received by the other players. In multiplayer games, everyone is aiming to be first but Bai Liu doesn’t have the advantage of a single player game. Tsk tsk, it seems he can only be the think tank of a bigshot…

10L: What if there is a guild willing to support him and equip Bai Liu with a high attack item? If he uses his brain to control other players then he can take the path of multiplayer games. It is just like the Puppet Master player who ranks 199 on the leaderboard. Doesn’t he rely on manipulating other players to get within the top 200?

11L: Did the person upstairs make a mistake? I am going to make a fuss as a fan of String Puppet Master! It isn’t that anyone with a smart brain can be a great god on the same level as the String Puppet Master. Bai Liu and String Puppet Master aren’t players of the same level, okay? I will thank you not to go too far!

First of all, String Puppet Master is a big name player in the Kings Guild. It isn’t an exaggeration that the Kings Guild is raising him!

All the ‘puppet players’ in his hands are carefully selected by the Kings Guild. Any one of them alone can kill Bai Liu. In addition, String Puppet Master has an intelligence value of 93! 93!

Bai Liu only has 89! Besides, Bai Liu had better luck last time. There was no big god broadcasting and he accidentally rushed into the top 100. Now he has fallen and has a comprehensive ranking of 3,000! Meanwhile, String Puppet Master’s ranking has been stable in the top 200!

12L: This String Puppet Master is really cautious and smart. In the game, he hides behind his puppet players to protect himself. A person who has followed him for many videos still can’t recognize what he looks like. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what player he is…

12L: Speaking of which, didn’t a puppet player die in the String Puppet Master’s last game? It seems that the Kings Guild is recruiting a new puppet player for him. Eh, this treatment is really good. You might just be a puppet but one game will give you 1,000 points and items. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not qualified then I would like to apply wu wu wu.

13L: Don’t think about it, it is over. A player called Li Gou has applied…


Wang Shun looked at most of the forum saying that Bai Liu gaining the core promotion position was just good luck and wanted to laugh. He shook his head and closed the game manager. It seemed that everyone had forgotten that Bai Liu’s luck value was only 0. If Bai Liu was lucky then wouldn’t ordinary players with a luck value of 30 be the favorites of the god of luck?

Nevertheless, Wang Shun agreed with some of the opinions on the forum.

Bai Liu actually wasn’t suitable for playing multiplayer games. Multiplayer games had more than 80% of the players in the entire game and the competition was fierce. Bai Liu might’ve revealed a physical fitness of a super A-grade player in his rage state last time but for him to show this quality, his mental value had to fall to 1. A mental value of 1 was too dangerous. A monster would kill him just by flicking him.

Bai Liu’s potential might be high but he was obviously still in the development stage. He shouldn’t go to the multiplayer game area where the mortality rate was high and the competition was cruel. Once he gained enough good panel attributes in the single player game, he could go to the multiplayer games to test the waters. Of course, for a newcomer with great potential like Bai Liu, there was a faster way to develop—

It was to join a big guild directly.

Proofreader: Purichan

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I think all of this guilds cultivating members thing has a weird tone. Like, it should sound like big sects cultivating potential disciples into great ones. But somehow, it sounds like sugar daddy doing some unspoken rules with poor actors/actresses or idols.