GHG: Chapter 33

Once players showed a tendency to attack, spatial isolation would occur. How could this thing make his health bar red?!

“The Siren’s Fishbone.” Bai Liu didn’t mean to cover it up. He opened his clothes and gave Mu Sicheng a look at the fishbone around his waist. Bai Liu didn’t realize it but the fishbone shrank a bit and wrapped around Bai Liu’s waist tightly, covering up all the possible exposed skin.

Bai Liu spoke frankly. “You should’ve seen this item in my list of rewards.”

This was also the reason why Bai Liu didn’t hide it. This thing had been ‘put out for public display’ by the system so he didn’t have any thoughts about hiding the function. The existence of the ‘live broadcast’ and ‘forum’ mentioned by Wang Shun meant that the moment Bai Liu used the item in the game, sooner or later everyone would know the function. Hiding it from the outside world was completely unnecessary.

However, his personal skill was special and could be hidden. It was a good trump card and Bai Liu would hide it for as long as possible.

Even so, Bai Liu was also blind to the specific function of the item. It required experimentation. Bai Liu just didn’t want to experiment in a game because the risk was too great. If this item failed against a monster then Bai Liu could easily die. The best way was to experiment outside the game to determine the function. Then he could use it directly in a game.

Experiments needed an experimental subject. Bai Liu thought that Mu Ke, who was trapped and dying, was a good one. He would be a highly obedient experimental subject.

Bai Liu was originally not prepared to experiment with Mu Sicheng but Mu Sicheng’s hands were too cheap and touched it directly. This made Bai Liu realize that his fishbone whip could attack people in the system hall. In other words, it was indeed possible to tear space.

“It is said that it can tear time and space. I am going to try with Mu Ke.” Bai Liu looked at Mu Ke on the TV and naturally raised his whip.

Wang Shun was in a state of confusion and couldn’t understand Bai Liu’s thoughts at all. “Wait! What are you going to do Bai Liu? What if you throw the whip straight in and kill Mu Ke?”

Mu Sicheng was quick to react to what Bai Liu was going to do and sneered. “Are you ready to save him? You’re so kind.”

“No,” Bai Liu smiled. “I’m not saving him. It is a trade.”

Bai Liu drew the fishbone whip from his waist and shook his wrists. He took a deep breath, lifted the fishbone and waved it at Mu Ke’s TV.

For a moment, Bai Liu felt that his left hand holding the whip seemed extremely heavy. The fishbone that was barely swung hit the transparent barrier around the small TV and quickly fell down. It was just that this small thing caused the seabed in Mu Ke’s small TV to shake. Then the TV flickered like there was a bad signal.

Everything around Bai Liu shattered into a glass-like scene the moment the whip fell. Mu Sicheng and Wang Shun’s appearance became blurred like a poorly connected TV and the characters inside were distorted.

Bai Liu was in total darkness but he could clearly hear the sound of the waves from Mu Ke’s small TV as well as the tearful Mu Ke’s hysterical cries for help. Mu Ke seemed to realize that someone had come to the bottom of the sea and started to cry out frantically for help.

“Who is going to save me?!” Mu Ke knelt down in the broken water bubble at the bottom of the sea and shed tears. “I am willing to do anything! Please help me!”

Bai Liu wanted to wave the whip again but the system suddenly issued a warning.

[System warning: The use of this item consumes a lot of player Bai Liu’s physical strength. Based on the player’s physical strength, it can’t be used again. The forced use of physical strength will reduce it to a negative number and you will be forcibly sent out of the game.]

Bai Liu gave up in an instant. [So am I now in the same latitude as Mu Ke?]

[System: In the process of calculation… the latitude of the player Bai Liu and the player Mu Ke has overlapped due to some type of attack. Player Bai Liu’s latitude is in the crack of the torn latitude and only sound can spread. No image can spread and simple transactions can barely be carried out.]

“Sound?” Bai Liu was thoughtful before whispering Mu Ke’s name. “Mu Ke.”

Mu Ke suddenly howled and crawled through the bubble like a bereaved dog. “I’m here! Who are you? Save me!”

“I am a wanderer,” Bai Liu whispered while watching the TV. It was difficult to see this sobbing man as the arrogant young master.

In a way, Bai Liu had become a poor wanderer due to Mu Ke’s whim. Now Mu Ke was desperately asking for help from the wanderer he drove away and this wanderer would use a terrible deal to take away the only valuable thing left on Mu Ke.

It was a very logical chain cycle.

“I can save you but it isn’t for free since I am also very poor.” Bai Liu spoke honestly. “You need to make a deal with me. As a reward, I will give you points to save you. Correspondingly, you need to give me something.”

“Yes! I’ll give you whatever you want! Please help me!!” Mu Ke cried loudly and reached out to try and touch the non-existent god. “Are you a god? Or the system? Where are you? What do you want me to give you? Money? Or something else? I have nothing on me now… don’t give up on me. I want to live!”

“I’m not a god. Objectively, I’m not a good existence for you.” Bai Liu evaluated himself rationally.

He didn’t have any particularly extreme malice toward this young master. It was just an ordinary dislike. Even so, an ordinary dislike aimed at a person was quite terrible. Bai Liu realistically felt it and said, “To you, I should be regarded as a type of devil.”

“Devil… do you want my soul?” Mu Ke’s eyes narrowed and became empty. The next second, there was a burst of light in them. “I am willing to give you my soul as long as you save me.”

The words ‘I want your Merfolk Amulet’ stopped before they emerged from Bai Liu’s mouth. He raised his eyebrow with surprise as he was attracted by Mu Ke’s proposal.

He did need the Merfolk Amulet but at the same time, Bai Liu also needed an experimental subject to experiment with the specific function of the bizarre skill Empty Old Wallet. One of the descriptions for Empty Old Wallet was that it could trade souls…

“Deal.” Bai Liu smiled and took out 200 points from his crumpled wallet. He handed it to Mu Ke on the TV. The coin around his chest lit up and the points disappeared.

[System: Player Bai Liu has used 200 points to buy the soul of player Mu Ke.]

[System alert: Player Mu Ke has been charged 200 points.]

Mu Ke almost cried angrily when he saw these 200 points. “You really are the devil. I sold my soul to you but you are too stingy! It is only 200 points! This isn’t enough for me to buy items!”

“I really am stingy, I am a poor wanderer,” Bai Liu replied arrogantly. “However, you have 200 points and the broken water bubble. Follow my instructions and you can survive. Open the system store and buy alcohol. Yes, alcohol. Hey, can you not cry? Your crying is louder than my voice…”


Once Mu Ke successfully cleared the instance, Bai Liu felt there was a brand new polaroid-like banknote in his wallet. The banknote was printed with a black and white photo of Mu Ke’s face. There were the words ‘200 points’ in the corner and ‘soul money’ on the back. Bai Liu used the system manager to scan it and an explanation popped out.

[Item: Prop Mu Ke’s Soul Money]

[How to use: You have the ownership of player Mu Ke’s soul debt. You have all rights such as dominating him, regulating him, cultivating him or obliterating him, etc.]

Dominance, regulation, cultivation, obliteration. Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed. Wasn’t this all the permissions that the system had for players?

It turned out that this was called soul debt ownership.

In other words, the system had the ownership of all the players’ soul debts. It could be said that players sold their souls to the system when entering the game?


Bai Liu asked: [After this, I am equivalent to Mu Ke’s system? Then who has more authority over Mu Ke? Me or the official system?]

[System: In the process of calculation… If the system conflicts with the deployment of player Bai Liu over player Mu Ke, considering that player Bai Liu’s current strength is insufficient, the system’s decision will prevail.]

Hey, it actually depended on strength. Then if he became stronger, could he take away the system’s control over Mu Ke? Or could he even dominate the system in turn?

However, these were currently only assumptions that Bai Liu could think about. His physical strength had bottomed out and there was no need to think about it anymore. He walked out of the dark crack and felt dizzy for a while. His legs softened and he almost knelt on the ground. This was the aftermath of his strength reaching the bottom.

Wang Shun quickly supported Bai Liu. “What happened to you just now? You suddenly stopped moving after waving the whip.”

Mu Sicheng looked thoughtfully at Bai Liu. “How did you do that? Just now, Mu Ke cleared the instance using your method.”

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