GHG: Chapter 32

Mu Sicheng looked at the one point silver banknote with eyes like he was seeing a ghost. He stared at the person holding the money rather speechlessly. “Bai Liu, you are teasing me? You want mental bleach for one point? Do you know how expensive mental bleach is? My mental bleach is all of high quality and costs over 1,000 points. What’s the difference between you and white bleach?”

“One point plus a display of my personal skill. Isn’t it a deal?” Bai Liu kept smiling. “You can look at my skill first and then give me the mental bleach. How about it? You are probably the first player to see my personal skill.”

Hearing Bai Liu’s words spoken in a slightly seductive tone, Mu Sicheng couldn’t help wavering but he was still a bit skeptical.

He could completely see Bai Liu’s skill and refuse to give the mental bleach. Bai Liu’s current mental value was only in the single digits. He might seem sober but it was obvious that he couldn’t take Mu Sicheng. Moreover, personal skills such as robbery and theft were prohibited in the game hall. Even if Bai Liu’s skill allowed him to steal things from others, it couldn’t be displayed in this hall.

However, Bai Liu didn’t know this yet. After much deliberation, Mu Sicheng felt that he wouldn’t suffer anyway. It was better to agree with the newcomer since he was indeed very curious about this guy’s personal skill. Mu Sicheng rubbed his nose before reaching out to grab the money from Bai Liu’s fingers. He gave a sly smirk. “Deal. Then Bai Liu, show me your skill!”

[System alert: The transaction between player Bai Liu and player Mu Sicheng is established. The poor wanderer Bai Liu has received a bottle of mental bleach.]

[System reminder: Player Mu Sicheng has given player Bai Liu a bottle of high quality mental bleach worth 1,700 points. This can restore a player’s mental value that is below 20 to the original value.]

An aluminum can of mental bleach fell into Bai Liu’s hands. It looked a bit like spray paint. Bai Liu took it and shook it. Before Mu Sicheng could react, he sprayed it on himself.

White mental bleach smoke covered Bai Liu’s face.

Mu Sicheng finally reacted and screamed, “This is the high quality bleach I hoarded during the discount sale!”

Before Mu Sicheng could grab it, Bai Liu had already finished spraying.

Mu Sicheng stared at the refreshed Bai Liu with a particularly resentful and depressed look. “What is your personal skill? Stealing? However, in the game hall, players are only allowed to trade. They aren’t allowed to steal or rob! How did you steal the bleach that I stored in the system warehouse?!”

“I have just finished showing it to you.” Bai Liu stood up from the ground with a smile and patted Mu Sicheng’s shoulder, who was dejectedly drawing circles on the ground. “Thank you player Mu Sicheng for the mental bleach. It is easy to use.”

Mu Sicheng couldn’t figure it out at all and chased after Bai Liu like a little monkey. He jumped around and asked what the personal skill was, using a strange scale to test if Bai Liu was honest. The result of the measurement was ‘yes’, which meant that Bai Liu hadn’t lied to him from beginning to end. This made Mu Sicheng more confused.

At this time, Wang Shun gave Bai Liu some basic knowledge of the game thanks to Bai Liu’s inquiry. As he mentioned that this batch of newcomers was almost wiped out apart from Bai Liu, Wang Shun spoke with regret. “In fact, there is another newcomer called Mu Ke in your group who is also good. He is still struggling but he should end up dying. I just went to watch it and he has fallen into the death comedy section. There are no rewards and he is most likely going to die.”

“What did you say his name was?” Bai Liu paused when he heard this.

Bai Liu was fired and lost his job. A big reason for that was the son of a big boss who was parachuted into the company to experience life. Bai Liu was dismissed by his boss, who looked down on him, in order to make room for the young master who wanted to experience the social hardships of the Internet industry.

The young master’s name was Mu Ke.

The young master Mu Ke was notoriously bad-tempered. Once the position was handed over, Bai Liu didn’t have time to copy the horror game and some important graphic data files on his computer. When he went there the next day, he found that his computer had been thrown out by the arrogant young master.

It wasn’t just the computer. All the things Bai Liu hadn’t taken away from his office were lost.

However, it was clear that the handover day was tomorrow. This young master didn’t give Bai Liu a day to clean up. He just packed up Bai Liu’s things with disgust and threw them out of the company in full view of the public.

Since Bai Liu was suppressed by his boss in the company, he had been working in a small, dilapidated corner. He used a computer with an XP screen that was very old. Later, Bai Liu brought his own computer. It was also very old but it was a bit better than the XP system.

Therefore, Mu Ke threw away Bai Liu’s personal computer. Bai Liu asked Mu Ke about it. Mu Ke indifferently said it looked so old that it annoyed him, so he threw it away. If Bai Liu wanted, he would compensate Bai Liu with a new, top-level computer.

Bai Liu originally thought that his computer still had dozens of gigabytes of data and some new ideas for horror games. However, he was now unemployed. It was boring to get tangled up in these things and he was no match for the opponent.

It was said that this young master had a congenital heart disease so he was very spoiled at home. They gave him whatever he wanted. He wanted to experience life in a game company so they arranged layoffs so he could get any position he wanted.

Bai Liu knew that his mouth was mean and unforgiving. If he said a few more words then he would stimulate the other person to get sick. Bai Liu felt he couldn’t afford to pay the medical expenses. It wasn’t worthwhile.

Therefore, Bai Liu simply nodded and took Mu Ke’s newly bought top-of-the-line Alien computer worth tens of thousands of yuan. He made Mu Ke compensate him for all the things he had lost, including a bag of half-used tissues. He took the money and left, ignoring the other person’s contemptuous eyes.

Bai Liu said he wanted to see this Mu Ke himself. Wang Shun found it a bit strange but he obediently took Bai Liu to the death comedy section.

Mu Ke’s small TV was in a very desolate corner.

This type of powerless struggle before death was also unpopular in the death comedy section because it was too boring and had no comedic effect. Only one or two people occasionally looked at this small TV. They saw the tearful Mu Ke trying everything to survive and quickly looked away in a bored manner.

This type of dying player could be seen every day in the game. It wasn’t unusual at all and couldn’t attract the attention of the audience.

Bai Liu clicked on the game panel to check the progress of Mu Ke’s game. He found that Mu Ke had already collected two pages in the monster book, one of which was the merfolk sailor page. This page was the one that gave the Merfolk Amulet that Bai Liu thought was valuable. He stopped when he saw this.

“Mu Ke’s desire to survive is very strong.” Wang Shun was used to life and death. He sighed in front of Mu Ke’s small TV but didn’t have too much pity. “However, it is too difficult for him to pass the instance. He used the rewards to gain a water bubble but this bubble was quickly broken by the merfolk and became useless. Later, no one gave him any rewards and Mu Ke fell to this place.”

“The newcomer’s performance is quite good.” Mu Sicheng commented. “If Mu Ke were willing to sell me this Merfolk Amulet after clearing the game then I would be willing to give him enough rewards for him to clear it. This item is very useful. However, no player would easily give up the monster book item they got so I have to watch him die.”

Bai Liu also wanted to get the Merfolk Amulet. Based on his many years of designing games, he could tell it was a very valuable item. Still, it was as Mu Sicheng said. If Bai Liu gave Mu Ke enough rewards to clear the instance, Mu Ke would never give him this item after coming out. He also wouldn’t do anything for Bai Liu. However, there was obviously a very valuable item in front of him. Watching it sink into the bottom of the sea wasn’t Bai Liu’s style.

Bai Liu asked the system in his heart: [System, can I trade with Mu Ke in the game?]

[System: You and the player Mu Ke aren’t in the same latitude world and can’t make a trade.]

Bai Liu lowered his eyes. He could only trade when in the same latitude. [What is the definition of latitude?]

[System: The time and space between you and the one you are trading with must be in a unified, continuous and unbreakable state. Meanwhile, the time and space between you and player Mu Ke are separated from each other and aren’t in the same dimension. Therefore, a trade isn’t possible.]

“Time and space…” Bai Liu’s fingers unknowingly started to play with the coin hanging around his neck as he muttered to himself. “It doesn’t seem impossible.”

[System, give me the Siren’s Fishbone.]

[System: Loading this item for the player.]

A fishbone around three meters in length and glowing with a white fluorescence appeared in front of Bai Liu.

This fishbone was pure white and flawless. It was elegant in shape and translucent like amber. It was as its owner, the Siren King. It could be called a beauty that went all the way to the bones but this fishbone was obviously completely extracted from the spine of a merfolk. This made the beauty take on a cruel and bloody meaning.

The end of this fishbone was a pointed bone while the other end was very smooth. It looked like a good whip.

The fishbone slowly wrapped around Bai Liu’s waist. It has a cold texture like fish scales and Bai Liu couldn’t help shivering. The fishbone finally stuck to Bai Liu’s waist gently and hung loosely from it like a bone chain.

The pointed fishbone was stuck to Bai Liu’s belly button while the smooth other end fell out of Bai Liu’s belt. It was like a non-mainstream clothing decoration and was out of line with Bai Liu’s suit pants and white shirt.

Mu Sicheng curiously reached out to touch the fishbone around Bai Liu’s waist. He was just about to touch it when he was pierced by the fishbone that seemed alive. He shook his somewhat numb, cold and stiff hands and exclaimed with horror, “What is this? The players in the system hall are separated by an independent space. How can it attack me?!”

Mu Sicheng had the physical quality of an A-grade player yet his health dropped by half when this thing pierced him. This wasn’t the most important point! The important thing was that players couldn’t be attacked in the hall!

Proofreader: Purichan

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ML already possessive eh?

1 year ago

Oh, another amulet from his beloved 🤭🤭 Our MC is really invincible now…

1 year ago

A piece of his beloved, how sweet! A love deep as his very bones, I’m jealous, I asked my husband for his spine and he said no.
Alas, life is no story book XD