GHG: Chapter 30

“Okay.” The Siren King closed his eyes and kissed Bai Liu without hesitation.

Bai Liu was stunned for a moment. He had just made a joke like players who messed around with the final boss when clearing an instance. He hadn’t expected the final boss to be so cooperative. The Siren King’s lips were cold and soft. There was the light scent of creeper plants as their lips touched.

The Siren King was supporting Bai Liu, his expression strange and confused. “You are hot.”

“Of course.” Bai Liu was a bit amused. “I’m a warm-blooded animal. See you next time, Tawil.”

Bai Liu gently hugged the Siren King, patting the king’s back. He treated the Siren King boss like a child.

Bai Liu had a type of affection for the final boss in this game. It was because the final boss was really difficult to design and would definitely be the character the designer spent the most time on. He rarely saw a boss designed as perfectly and beautifully as the Siren King.

He sighed from the depths of his heart. “Tawil, I really like you very much.” The design.

Before Bai Liu finished speaking and at the moment the Siren King was hesitantly holding Bai Liu, Bai Liu’s body scattered into a burst of bright glowing light like fireflies on the deep, dark seabed. They spilled from the fingertips of the Siren King, slowly floating and rising like stars up to the sea surface dyed golden by the rising sunlight.

The Siren King raised his head and stared at the light spots that were disappearing in the sea. He watched for a long time before lying at the bottom of the sea with his hands together. He closed his eyes and spoke softly as he fell asleep, “See you next time, Bai Liu.”

[System: Congratulations to the player Bai Liu for sending the Siren King back to the bottom of the sea and clearing Siren Town.]

[System: The player has reached the true ending of Siren Town—Return to the Peaceful Old Town.]

[…As the salvaged merman returned to the bottom of the sea, the townspeople of Siren Town gradually returned to normal. The statues were destroyed and the ghosts became dormant at the bottom of the sea. The sea area that once salvaged the Siren King became a forbidden area. People know that breaking the taboo can awaken the undead sleeping under the sea. Perhaps one day, greedy humans will touch this taboo. However, at least it won’t be for now. Hush, let us leave quietly without disturbing the sleeping Siren King and deadly ghosts…]

[System: Player Bai Liu has collected the Siren King page of the Siren Town Monster Book.]

[Siren Town Monster Book has refreshed – Siren King (2/4)]

[Monster Name: Siren King]

[Weaknesses: None (the player isn’t required to explore the monster’s weaknesses)]

[Attack Mode: Fish Tail Strike (1/???) (Note: Since the upper limit of the attack mode can’t be determined, it is decided that the player will collect the page if they collect one attack mode)]

[System: Congratulations to the player for collecting the entire Siren Town Monster Book!]

The front of Bai Liu’s small TV viewing area was quiet for several minutes. Everyone lowered their heads and there was only the sound of them liking and charging him. After a while, people couldn’t help exclaiming loudly.

“First! Bai Liu’s comprehensive data for Siren Town is first! We charged him and liked him enough for him to break God Mu’s record!”

“This is crazy! He actually won! He won against the god-level NPC! The rookie player I’m fond of is too powerful!”

“Damn, Bai Liu’s final mental value is 0.1! I’ll f*king kneel on the ground and write a word for him using my nose! That’s awesome!”

“In the end, didn’t it say the values couldn’t be determined? The fact that he resisted the god-level NPC means that Bai Liu’s potential limit must be up to S!”

“I really have the feeling of witnessing history. My god, after the god-level NPC, isn’t Bai Liu the second one where the system can’t determine the data?!”

Many spectators cried and laughed. They hugged each other and celebrated. Even Wang Shun and Mu Sicheng were high fiving and smiling at each other. Only the players who had been criticizing him had ugly expressions.

They were still mocking him strangely.

“Che, it is just clearing an ordinary single player game. What is so great about it?”

“Let’s see if he can go to the core of the central screens. He is just a newcomer who cleared an instance yet you are jumping around like this. Tsk, it is better to be a low-key person.”

Hearing these words, Mu Sicheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. He slowly put his hat back on his head, the red light in his eyes flicking brightly and darkly. The monkey on the hat widened its bloody mouth in excitement, showing an expression like he wanted to eat.

Mu Sicheng seldom offended others for a newcomer but he had just watched a game performance that made him happy. He was very upset when he heard these words. He turned his head and glanced lazily at the spectators who were still talking. He wanted to walk over to confirm their identities so he could kill them in the game.

Wang Shun noticed Mu Sicheng’s intentions and quickly stopped him. “They are all members of the Kings Guild.”

“Oh, it turned out to be the Kings Guild?” Mu Sicheng curled his lips in a sneer. “This stupid gamers guild is full of stupid people with high vision who can’t achieve anything.”

“Cough cough.” Wang Shun pretended to choke and lowered his voice to whisper in an embarrassed manner. “God Mu, I am also a member of the Kings Guild.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

“God Mu, our guild members might be stupid but I advise you not to offend them because…” Wang Shun kindly advised. “You can scold them but forget killing. Our president is…”

Mu Sicheng sighed in an annoyed manner. “I know. The president of the Kings Guild is the second player in the overall rankings [Queen]—The Queen of Hearts, this mad woman is very protective and cruel. It is best not to offend her people.”

“Still, listening to Bai Liu being commented on by this group of people who are completely inferior to him—” Mu Sicheng broke the lollipop with his tiger’s teeth, his eyes gloomy. “It is really uncomfortable. It reminds me of being a newcomer.”

Wang Shun sighed. It was always difficult to be a newcomer, especially a lone wolf player like Mu Sicheng who hadn’t joined any large-scale organization. They would inevitably be excluded by the big guilds.

Many players in this game formed their own guilds to help each other and this could greatly reduce the death rate of players. Among them, the one with the largest number of players and a guild that was second in the total standings was the Kings Guild established by the player Queen of Hearts.

There was a special mechanism inside the guild to recruit new players as talents to be cultivated and old players were regularly asked to bring new players to clear dungeons. Wang Shun knew that Mu Sicheng had received an invitation from the Kings Guild when he emerged in the game but he refused. Since then, he had been oppressed intentionally and unintentionally by the Kings Guild. Therefore, Mu Sicheng and the people of the Kings Guild had never gotten along.

Players at the bottom of such large guilds were generally very hostile to powerful new players. It was because once these newcomers came out, they would soon be snatched by the high level guild members. They would be provided with a lot of items, points and resources to be cultivated. The gap between them and the players at the bottom was instantly opened up. It wasn’t too much to say it was a step into the sky.

Jealousy was inevitable. Some extreme people would even gather together to trample on the powerful newcomers, making them unable to get ahead.

The group of people just now were a typical example. Wang Shun had paid attention to them. They just stepped on others regardless of whether it was Bai Liu who they intensely dissed or Mu Ke who was pressed by them.

This group of sour chickens saw the audience members who were excited by Bai Liu’s success in clearing the instance and charging him. They forced out sour words.

“Isn’t it a long way from the big gods in the central core promotion positions? Why so happy? Haven’t you ever seen anyone clear the instance? I’m speechless.”

[System Tip: Player Bai Liu’s final small TV rating—]

[24,000 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 26,700 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 7,190 new have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu obtained 10,200 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received 20,000 likes in one minute and 6,000 points from charging! Rise to fame! Unstoppable! You are crazily loved by the audience!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for getting the final promotion position and entering the promotion position on the core homepage of the central screen. The number of views is rising rapidly…]

Wang Shun held his breath for a while. He was really dumbfounded. “Core?! Core promotion position?! Bai Liu has been promoted to the core promotion position? Seriously?! Oh my god!”

“It is difficult even for me to get this promotion position.” Mu Sicheng looked at Bai Liu’s small TV and the audience members who wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate when they saw this promotion. He laughed. “If I knew this then I wouldn’t have charged him so much, tsk.”

After that, Mu Sicheng’s slightly glowing eyes swept over the guild players and his lazy tone became slightly louder “Ah, speechless person. It is actually a core promotion position.”

‘Core promotion position.’ These words spoken by Mu Sicheng were especially mocking.

The previous group of Kings Guild members hadn’t left yet. Once they saw Bai Liu rising to the core promotion position, their disbelief was greater than the other audience members.

A few of their expressions cracked on the spot. They rushed to the small TV and questioned it. “System, are you sure? Player Bai Liu actually got the core promotion position? Why? This position is all for the big gods! How can a newcomer get it?!”

The system replied in a straightforward manner. [The comprehensive data evaluation of player Bai Liu’s clearance of the game is ranked in the top 500 of the site. It meets the conditions for the promotion position.]

“The top 500? So high?! He only played his first game. How can this be possible?”

The system had no fluctuations. [The comprehensive data of player Bai Liu’s small TV is ranked 497th in the same period.]

The spectators from the Kings Guild collapsed to the ground in a daze. Bai Liu was stronger than they imagined. The system wouldn’t lie. The first time he played a game, he got the core promotion position and rushed to the top 500 of people in the same period…

They could imagine the scene of Bai Liu being madly recruited by the major guilds and then stepping on their heads. If Bai Liu joined the Kings Guild then based on his strength, he would definitely be their boss. Then this person could do whatever he wanted to them…

The other spectators ignored the severely impacted people from the Kings Guild. They rushed excitedly to the central core screens to see Bai Liu’s final promotion position. These audience members had followed all the way and must witness the scene of Bai Liu rising!


The central hall, the central screens, the core promotion area.

The decorations of this area were obviously better than the edge of the central hall. The decorations here were magnificent. Many small TVs were decorated with gold edges and there were posters of famous players. The players here whispered and politely talked to each other.

The moment Mu Sicheng raised his gaze, he noticed Bai Liu on the small TV on the opposite wall at first glance.

The main reason was that Bai Liu was too eye-catching. In the core promotion position, he was the only one with a free small TV. The rest of the players in this position were all big gods, like the previous members of the Kings Guild had said. Most of the live broadcasts of the big gods were charged and points needed to be paid to enter the viewing area.

If they didn’t pay points then they could only watch the highlights captured by the small system to attract viewers on the small TV outside the viewing area. All the small TVs around Bai Liu’s needed to be paid to watch the live broadcast. Only Bai Liu’s didn’t need payment. There was a subtle sense of cheapness among the relatively gorgeous scene in the core area. Therefore, Bai Liu’s small TV might be free but it had no audience yet.

The audience who came to the core promotion hall were aiming for paid players. For a player like Bai Liu who just rushed up, most of the audience didn’t care. They felt that players who came up suddenly were just a flash in the pan. It was indeed true that most of the players who rushed up would soon go down. Therefore, the audience here didn’t give it much attention.

However, soon these viewers couldn’t help looking at the small TV. It was because Bai Liu’s small TV kept beeping and it was too annoying.

[System: Player Bai Liu’s rewards comprehensive evaluation]

[Cleared Siren Town’s true ending: 600 points rewarded.]

[Reward for collecting the Siren Town Monster Book—Merfolk Statue page: Item ‘Statue’s Shell’ (normal quality).]

[Function: Defense is increased by 100 points after wearing it.]

[Reward for collecting the Siren Town Monster Book—Merfolk page: Item ‘Stealth in the Sea’ (normal quality).]

[Function: Movement speed is increased by 100 points after wearing it.]

[Reward for collecting the Siren Town Monster Book—Merfolk Sailor page: Item ‘Merfolk Amulet’ (excellent quality).]

[Function: After wearing it, you can use the amulet in any dangerous situation and have a chance to escape using the shell of a golden cicada. This is a consumable item. It will automatically shatter after one use.]

[Reward for collecting the Siren Town Monster Book—Siren King page: Item ‘Siren King’s Reverse Scale’ (quality unknown).]

[Function: Unknown. It represents the Siren King’s reply to your love, hoping that the player will wear it for a long time.]

[Reward for collecting the entire Siren Town Monster Book: Item ‘Siren’s Fishbone’ (quality unknown).]

[Function: The Siren King has given you his fishbone, which is the bone from a god. It can pierce time, space and all visible or invisible barriers.]

[—Born before the existence of truth and after the destruction of lies. It seems to be an offensive item and the player needs to explore the usage by yourself.]

[System: Comprehensive evaluation of player Bai Liu’s small TV]

[This video of the Siren Town game process was strongly liked by 49,074 players and was bookmarked by 52,899 players. A total of 15,069 points were obtained through charging. At the same time, 1,238 players didn’t like this video and stepped on it. At its peak, more than 50,000 people were watching player Bai Liu’s small TV at the same time.]

[Player Bai Liu’s game video undoubtedly has an extraordinary appeal to the audience!]

[The comprehensive data of player Bai Liu’s small TV has exceeded 100,000 and the Siren Town video is rated. It should be a silver badge video but since the likes to steps ratio is too high at around 1:40, the video is downgraded. The final rating is a brass badge video. This is eligible to enter the VIP library. Player Bai Liu’s game video has entered the VIP library.]

[After entering the VIP library, if there are players who want to watch player Bai Liu’s Siren Town game video then they need to become a VIP member of the system and pay 40 points. The points will be divided 5:5 between player Bai Liu and the system.]

[Bai Liu’s small TV has the following achievements this time—]

[Newcomer with the highest amount of points charged for a single video.]

[First newcomer to rise to the core promotion position.]

[Highest points clearance record for Siren Town.]

[First to clear the instance in the same batch of newcomers.]


[System: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for clearing the instance. It is important to note that the player must enter a horror game again within a week or you will suffer a fatal punishment. The countdown is starting now: 7 (days): 00 (hours): 00 (minutes).]

[6 (days): 23 (hours): 59 (minutes)]

[I wish player Bai Liu a happy next game~]

TL Note: So first arc is over and ML only made a small appearance. This is the reason why the author stated that romance is very late focused. ML doesn’t appear very much in the beginning but author gradually sets things up for him to appear more. Can’t wait for you to learn more about him eventually.

In addition, next arc is coming! I’m really excited about this one because it was the arc that made me truly decide to translate GHG. Once our MC starts interacting with other players then it is :blobmelt:

Proofreader: Purichan

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