GHG: Chapter 29

Above the heads of Bai Liu and the Siren King, fireballs burning like the sun fell into the sea. Below them were countless sunken corpses and shipwrecks. The sea had pieces of burned black debris floating silently. It all seemed calm but the constantly ringing alarm reminded everyone that this scene wasn’t as quiet as it seemed.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 6…]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 5…]

On the small TV screen, Bai Liu’s entire face was covered with scales and tough skin like reptile claws was growing out of his hands. The second finger was bent and the lower limbs were elongated and completely turned into a fishtail. He looked no different from the other monsters.

Wang Shun’s heart was jumping out of his chest. “His mental value is 5…”

“Bai Liu, do you still know you are a player and not a monster?” Mu Sicheng raised his head and looked at Bai Liu on the small TV with an ugly face.

The Siren King’s fishtail shook slightly and he approached Bai Liu at an unpredictable swimming speed.

On the small TV, the Siren King flashed for a moment. The next second, he appeared right in front of Bai Liu. The audience in front of the small TV exclaimed but quickly covered their mouths.

The Siren King’s expression was light and his long hair floated over his high nose. He extended a finger to touch between Bai Liu’s eyebrows. His pale lips opened and closed slightly but there was no sound. No one knew what the Siren King was saying except for Bai Liu.

“You brought me to the deep sea. What is your wish?” The Siren King wondered. “State your wish and I will grant it for you.”

Bai Liu’s pupils shrank with a sense of extreme pressure. The moment the Siren King approached him, he felt that his brain had been stirred by a mixer. He seemed to be crushed by a road roller and couldn’t move.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 1…]

Wang Shun was nervously biting at his hands. “Ahhhh, it is only 1 point! Only 1! F*k f*k f*k!!!”

Mu Sicheng’s breathing also paused. He didn’t speak and just watched the small TV seriously. The other audience members were shouting.

“Uhhh I don’t dare look at it!”

“I want to suck oxygen!”

“F*k, I haven’t seen this type of life or death player in many years that doesn’t make me want to leave. I always think he can create a miracle… my heartbeat is so fast…”

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 1. Rage limit—]

[Player Name: Bai Liu (Rage attribute bonus panel)]

[Physical strength: 655 → 955]

[Agility: 733 → 1033]

[Attack power: 555 → 995]

[Resistance: 776 → 1209] (TL: I know numbers are different from the last chapter. Author’s mistake)

[Comprehensive defense and attack power has increased. The total of the panel attribute points has exceeded 4000 and the player is rated as a super A level player. The player Bai Liu’s level has increased. It rose from A to super A level.]

Wang Shun slapped his thighs fiercely. “It is only super A when the panel attributes are pushed to the limit! This is too far from S. The panel attributes of S need to be over 10,000!”

“It is 6,000 short. It is impossible to withstand the attack of the god-level NPC.” Mu Sicheng gave a rare frown as he looked at the TV with some regret. “He is a very interesting player but unfortunately, this is his last game.”

The severe pain made him sober up. The corners of Bai Liu’s mouth and eyes were bleeding. He didn’t care and just indifferently wiped them away. Then he smiled and spoke clearly to the Siren King, “My wish is to please attack me right now.”

The Siren King on the small TV took a moment to react. His silver pupils moved and he stared at Bai Liu. “You want me to attack you? You might die.”

“Who knows? Perhaps not.” Bai Liu’s smile kept becoming bigger. Every scale on his body was bleeding and trembling due to the Siren King’s approach. He was almost identical to a merman now.

The Siren King suppressed him using blood. Bai Liu couldn’t help fearing the Siren King from the bottom of his heart but he didn’t care about this fear. This made him show a very fragmented emotion on his face. The expression on the right side of his face was filled with uncontrollable fear. Tears flowed from his eye and the corner of his mouth was pressed down.

Meanwhile, the expression on the left side of his face was very natural. He was smiling casually, his eye indifferent and the corner of his mouth tilted upwards.

Bai Liu approached the Siren King at a distance that was almost nose to nose. He looked down and whispered like a joke. “If you can’t kill me then what can I get from you?” For example, rewards such as points.

The light-colored eyes of the Siren King stared directly at Bai Liu. It took a long time before he withdrew his gaze. “Crazy wanderer, as you wish, I will attack. However, you sent me back to the bottom of the sea. If you survive then I will owe you a wish. You can exchange it with me at any time as long as you hold a part of my body and call my soul’s real name—Tawil.”

“Thank you.” Bai Liu’s eyes curved in a smile.

The Siren King slowly swam around Bai Liu. Then his pupils suddenly formed a vertical line and his fishtail curled up, hitting Bai Liu’s waist in an unstoppable manner.

Bai Liu was struck by the Siren King and shot toward the bottom of the sea like a torpedo through water. The entire TV screen shook for a moment. The seabed was shaking and cracks formed. The boiling magma below could be seen. The fish fled in a panic but they all avoided the Siren King hovering in the sea.

The Siren King lowered his eyes in a condescending manner, his long hair floating in the sea. The fishtail that hit Bai Liu swayed gracefully. In the background of the sea, the Siren King’s appearance was pure without any mud staining him. There were no human emotions on his face and there was a sense of holiness like a god descending.

All the viewers in front of the small TV closed their eyes. No one dared to open them. Then only one person whispered, “Is he dead?”

Wang Shun retracted his gaze in a melancholy and helpless manner. “He only has a mental value of 1. Even if he resists the attack of the Siren King, his mental value will be zero. He should be gone.”

Mu Sicheng looked at the screen with his hands in his pockets. His eyes narrowed and it wasn’t known what he was thinking. For once, he didn’t have a lollipop in his mouth. He just made a soft sound of agreement and sighed regretfully. “I thought I could play a game with him. Bai Liu… he was very interesting.”

Just as many viewers were preparing to leave with regret, the system suddenly issued a faint warning beep like a bad signal on the black TV screen. There was snow for a few seconds before returning to normal. This attracted everyone’s attention.

The small TV hadn’t gone out. This meant only one thing. Bai Liu wasn’t dead.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 0.1. Please pass the instance quickly!]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has continued to decrease. The current mental value is 0.1. Rage ultimate limit—]

[Player Name: Bai Liu (Rage peak attribute bonus panel)]

[Physical strength: 955 → ??? (Unable to be measured)]

[Agility: 1033 → ??? (Unable to be measured)]

[Attack power: 955 → ??? (Unable to be measured)]

[Physical strength: 1209 → ??? (Unable to be measured)]

[Comprehensive defense and attack power has increased. The total of the panel attribute points is unknown and the player can’t be assessed. The superior is being notified… the superior has intervened in the processing. Bai Liu’s small TV video data has been sealed into the game encrypted file.]

Wang Shun’s eyes widened with disbelief. He was really dumbfounded and couldn’t speak properly. “S-Still alive, a mental value of 0.1. Sh*t—!”

Mu Sicheng was also dumbfounded. He stepped forward and approached the small TV, trying to find Bai Liu in the dust. The Siren King seemed to have discovered that the person at the bottom of the sea was still alive. He slowly sank while sweeping the mud on the seabed with his tail.

Bai Liu’s limbs were embedded in the seabed in a distorted posture. The lower body that had been hit by the fishtail had directly disappeared. Only the upper body lingered in the mud. Bai Liu’s eyes, nose and ears were bleeding but he was laughing extremely openly and joyfully. He laughed so much that blood was overflowing.

Seeing the Siren King who almost hit him to death with a tail, Bai Liu still had enough energy to raise his broken right hand at 90 degrees to lazily say hello. “Yo, Siren King.”

Wang Shun was amused by Bai Liu. He felt disbelief and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Doesn’t this hurt? He even greeted the monster with a broken hand. The sensory experience of this game is 100%!”

“A madman.” Mu Sicheng sneered and commented.

Bai Liu was naturally in pain. He was dying of pain all over his body but his attitude toward pain was indifferent. The pain was physical and didn’t interfere with his mental calmness and the comfort brought about by the upcoming instance clearance. His emotions were independent of each other like paint distributed in different squares. They had no way of interfering with each other.

The Siren King spoke with no emotion on his face, “You’re still alive.”

“Yes.” Bai Liu smiled and opened his mouth full of blood. He was still in the mood to laugh. “I said that if you can’t kill me, what can I get from you?”

The Siren King leaned down, eyelashes covering his light colored eyes. He asked, “What do you want from me?”

Bai Liu’s mind was a bit confused at this time. The Siren King’s exquisite face was so close that he suddenly wanted to tease this person.

Bai Liu smiled and touched the Siren King’s long hair with his broken hand. He kissed it with bleeding lips and asked with a laugh, “Perhaps a kiss? I have never seen a creature as beautiful as you. I can’t build it myself through modeling.”

The Siren King lowered his eyes. “Okay.”

“?” Bai Liu was wondering what was okay when he saw the Siren King’s eyelids close and he leaned down to kiss Bai Liu.

Proofreader: Purichan

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