GHG: Chapter 26 Part 2

Bai Liu came out of the warehouse with the pickaxe and the cart. He was also holding a flashlight in his hand. It seemed his thoughts were the same as Wang Shun and the others. The moment he came out, he opened the system store to buy an item.

As he was sliding through the interface, Wang Shun saw the price of the flashlight in Bai Liu’s store and couldn’t help complaining. “A flashlight is 250 points? Is this a points grab? This price is too damn expensive!”

Then as Bai Liu slid past the flashlight without changing his expression, Wang Shun started to worry again. “Hey Bai Liu, it might be expensive but it can save your life. After this operation, you will clear the instance 100%. Don’t worry about the points!”

The other audience members were also anxious. He was only a bit away from clearing the instance but Bai Liu was still slowly selecting items. The flashlight was in front of him but he seemed reluctant to buy it.

“Bai Liu! Don’t care about that small amount of money! I’ll charge you and you can buy it!”

“Quickly! Raise a flashlight for Bai Liu! Help the kid!”

“F*k! Why are you swiping to choose items? Listen to me! The most beautiful flashlight for 100 points is good! You’ll be happy together! I’ll charge you the money!”

Even Mu Sicheng opened his own points wallet in order to charge Bai Liu. Just then, Bai Liu’s movements abruptly stopped. It seemed he finally saw the item he wanted and he smiled widely. Bai Liu’s gaze fixed on an item and he purchased it.

[Do you want to buy the high definition mirror?]

Bai Liu didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

[System prompt: 3 points have been consumed. Thank you for your patronage.]

Bai Liu placed the mirror in a corner of the ship. Then he tied the flashlight to the bow of the ship and turned it on. The white beam penetrated through the fog of the sea and hit the mirror. It was reflected by the mirror and the reflected light merged with the light from the Bai Liu projection.

The three bright lights that made the scalp numb were like three high-wattage LED lamps, forming an extremely bright triangular area on the ship, enclosing the merfolk sailors inside. The sailors covered their eyes, rolled on the ground and wailed. However, they couldn’t escape this area at all.

Bai Liu raised one knee and sat on the bow of the ship. The sea breeze and heavy rain made his hair messy. His eyes were hidden by the flying dark hair but he was smiling. “Return to sunny days, sailors.”

[System notification: Since most monsters have been restricted by the player Bai Liu, the heavy rain has lost the ability to weaken the player Bai Liu. Now the weather will change. Please be prepared for it.]

[Weather change: Rainstorm → Sunny Day]

Light slowly rose from behind Bai Liu. He stepped on the cart with one foot while his other foot swung outside the ship. Golden light fell from the overlapping dark clouds, the heavy rain dispersed and the sunlight poured on Bai Liu. It combined with his smiling expression and gave him a strange charm.

[Player Bai Liu has entered the ending of Siren Town—Return the Siren King.]

There was a short period of silence before the audience in front of Bai Liu’s small TV screamed and charged points wildly. The players hugged each other and clapped excitedly. The number of likes was rising almost every second.

Mu Sicheng withdrew his hand from where he wanted to charge points. He was stunned for two seconds before he couldn’t help laughing and clapping. “It is really you, Bai Liu.”

Wang Shun also started to clap. His hands were red from clapping so much and he was so excited that sweat dripped down his face. The other audience members weren’t much better than Wang Shun. They seemed so excited they were about to sing the song “Tonight is Unforgettable.”

“It rains when it rains and it returns to sunny days when he says so! Bai Liu, are you the son of the weather?!”

“F*k, who said that Bai Liu is the son of the weather? I’m laughing to death hahahahahaha!”

“A reversal with a mirror that costs 3 points. All the items were used perfectly, forcing the system to weaken him and then surrender. Fu*k! I think this scene can be recorded in history. This must be the most exciting operation that can be played in Siren Town!”

“Make him hot! Blow him up! Charge him with points and make him rush to the forefront! Bai Liu! Rush to the Rising Stars ranking!”


[12,011 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 12,000 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 2,077 new people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu obtained 3,011 points. More than 300 people have charged you with over 1 point.]

[Player Bai Liu has received more than 10,000 likes and more than 3,000 points in a minute. His reputation has never been better. Player Bai Liu has got the achievement of ‘Initial Success’!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu who has received the promotion position to the highly recommended central single player screen of the central hall!]

[Welcome back to your original position, player Bai Liu.]


The moment Bai Liu was pushed up, almost all the audience on the outskirts ran to follow Bai Liu. This group of viewers crossed the game hall with a lot of excitement and flushed faces, attracting the attention of many passersby who asked them what small TV they were watching.

“What are you looking at? So lively.”

“Son of the weather!”

”Mirror god f*k!”

”The person who is so awesome that God Mu acknowledged him!”

The players who asked, “???”

What the hell was on the small TV they were watching? Many players joined because of curiosity.

The ones who ran the fastest were Wang Shun and Mu Sicheng. As Wang Shun ran, he realized that Li Gou was also present. This person should’ve seen Mu Sicheng and hid. Li Gou ran with his knife and his face was terribly dark. He probably saw Mu Sicheng supporting Bai Liu and realized that Bai Liu wasn’t someone easy he could handle at will.

Wang Shun couldn’t help sighing with relief for Bai Liu. Bai Liu should stay as far away as possible from players like Li Gou.

Wang Shun and his party ran to the recommended position and there were already many viewers in the area in front of Bai Liu’s small TV. Some viewers were from those who had followed before but left midway. Others were surprised to see Bai Liu rise again.

In addition, there were those who ridiculed Bai Liu saying that his audience had low aesthetic tastes. It wasn’t known what these viewers were thinking. They obviously didn’t like Bai Liu but they were the first to gather when Bai Liu rose to the central screen. These viewers were crowded in front, gesturing and complaining loudly at Bai Liu’s small TV.

“Hey, how did he rise again? He is annoying to watch.”

“Why are there so many people who gave him likes? This is pulling down the average level of the recommended position. No way, it doesn’t work. I’m going to step on him quickly.”

“I don’t understand. What’s so good about pretending to be awesome? He tricked people into giving him over 10,000 likes and four or five thousand people charged him. Are they all fools? Spending their points on this type of person? Is there nothing else in life it can be wasted on?”

“It’s annoying, annoying. Can he go down from the recommended position and change it to players with a similar level to God Mu?”

This group of viewers interfered with the normal viewers watching the small TV. However, the normal viewers generally didn’t want to have conflict with this group of crazy people so they all endured it.

Mu Sicheng looked at this group of viewers, his mouth curling downwards and his expression sank slightly. He seemed uncomfortable but he still had a smile on his face. He took off his monkey cap, walked to the front, turned around and smiled at the talkative audience. He placed one hand on his chest and the other on his hat as he saluted these viewers. It seemed a bit funny since Mu Sicheng was wearing a plush monkey’s hat but this didn’t affect the audience members from covering their mouths and exclaiming.

“God Mu! You’re God Mu, right? You’re really watching his small TV?!”

There was also a direct questioning. “God Mu, can I ask why you recommended this player? He has no game ability at all. It is really annoying that he is occupying the recommended position of the single player games.”

Mu Sicheng smiled. “Hello, I just heard your conversation and I felt a bit nostalgic.”

The audience reached their peak and they started to comment on Bai Liu.

“God Mu, you also think that this type of player is very annoying right? This type of strange player pretending to be awesome should’ve died a long time ago. Why is he occupying a position that many capable players can’t get on?”

“It is a lot of trouble when I scan the live broadcasts. Since such a person is occupying the screen, I can’t see any high quality live broadcasts. I hope he will die soon and fall out of the strongly recommended position!”

“God Mu, you should enter the game and start a live broadcast to squeeze him down!”

These people were eloquent and excited, as if seeing the newcomer Bai Liu being squeezed down was a good thing. However, suppressing newcomers has always been the favorite thing for these central screen viewers, especially some low level ones. They wished that all newcomers would die instead of occupying the promotion position.

“No, what I mean by nostalgic is—” Mu Sicheng’s smile became realistic. He laughed with the lollipop in his mouth. “It is because when I entered the promotion position for the first time, many central screen viewers stepped on me and scolded me like this.”

The people who were previously so talkative seemed to be strangled. They suddenly closed their mouths in an embarrassed manner and communicated with each other using their eyes.

Seeing these viewers who ranted loudly in front of Bai Liu becoming silent in front of him, Mu Sicheng laughed loudly before leaning forward to ask them, “Do you know what happened to those audience members?”

The audience stared straight into God Mu’s dark red eyes and some of them shuddered.

In Mu Sicheng’s pupils, a grinning cartoon monkey was reflected. The cartoon monkey’s eyes glowed bright red and the people closest to him realized that the dark red in Mu Sicheng’s eyes didn’t come from him. The color in his eyes was originally caused by the light of the monkey in his eyes.

Facing Mu Sicheng’s weird eyes, these loud spectators gulped and took a few steps back. A chill went down their spines as they shook their heads.

Mu Sicheng smiled and drew the cartoon monkey hat from behind him. He pointed at the hat, making a gesture of display. “Since I hated those viewers, I simply killed the annoying ones in the game.”

He spoke casually as if killing people was commonplace for him. “If Bai Liu comes out then I will support him in killing those who are talkative. Of course, this is just a suggestion from someone who has come here.”

“It is because you are really noisy.” Mu Sicheng smiled politely. “You are disturbing me from watching his TV, idiots.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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