GHG: Chapter 26 Part 1

Mu Sicheng was thoughtful. “In the case of rain and fog, the light of the strong flashlight will form diffuse reflections on the droplets of rain and fog.”

“In normal weather, the light of the flashlight will scatter everywhere and it won’t be so concentrated as to form a beam of light. However, the performance and effect of the items given by the system are better than in reality. Along with the addition of the weather, this effect can be achieved… Bai Liu can even use this?”

“Interesting.” Mu Sicheng smiled, his tiger teeth biting the sugar. “Rain was clearly a condition given by the system to restrict Bai Liu but he actually used it to reverse the situation.”

Bai Liu dragged the cart all the way to the beach. The merfolk sailors behind him hesitated for a while before finally crossing the beam and chasing him. It was just that the photophobic statues were indeed all stuck behind the beam. The danger here had already been greatly reduced.

At this time, the player only needed to enter the sea and send the Siren King to the Siren’s Gift sea area to pass the level. Since most of the players would be highly alienated, they would be in a form similar to a merfolk. This allowed them to go directly into the sea to send the Siren King back.

Wang Shun saw this and understood why Mu Sicheng said it was better not to cleanse the mental value. It was because the mental value was linked to the alienation state. If the player’s mental value rose, they would change from the state of ‘merfolk’ back to ‘human’. Humans couldn’t enter the deep sea and send the Siren King back.

The last link in Siren Town was to send the Siren King back and it could only be done by a ‘merfolk’. The degree of Bai Liu’s alienation was just right. There was no need for the cleansing. He could go directly into the sea as a merfolk.

Wang Shun sighed with relief when he thought of this. Fortunately, Bai Liu didn’t cleanse his mental value. Wang Shun was also a bit ashamed of his own finger pointing. The game consciousness of a great god like Mu Sicheng was indeed incomparable to a small fry like him. Yet a newcomer like Bai Liu could stabilize himself and not cleanse…

If he compared himself to others then he would only torture himself. Wang Shun shook his head and no longer thought about the things that made him want to cry.

It stood to reason that Bai Liu only needed to drag the Siren King into the sea while finding a way to avoid the sailors behind him. Yet once Bai Liu came to the beach, he turned a corner and didn’t go into the sea. Instead, he boarded the big ship he previously took to the merfolk fishing activity!

The big ship was docked at the sea. Bai Liu pulled the cart up the gangplank and boarded the ship! It was the merfolk sailors’ base!

Wang Shun was about to suffer a heart attack from Bai Liu’s twists and turns. He covered his chest and spoke helplessly, “It was going to be cleared! Why is he going on the ship? Is he sending himself to the door to be caught?!”

Mu Sicheng was also shocked by Bai Liu’s passionate death action before the instance clearance. He bit the lollipop, only to choke on the candy and he coughed several times. Mu Sicheng struck his chest with red eyes and barely swallowed the pieces of candy stuck in his throat. He coughed a few times before replying, “If Bai Liu rushes into the sea, he will be easily chased by the merfolk sailors behind him. It is because the sailors move faster in the sea.”

“The conventional method of clearance is to use some items to limit the sailors’ movement speed. For example, like that newcomer before who floated on the sea using the fire torch. Or he could resist. It doesn’t matter as long as his mental value isn’t lost before completing the task.”

“Bai Liu should want to get rid of the merfolk sailors behind him by getting on the ship.” Mu Sicheng made a thorough analysis. “However, getting on the ship won’t work. There are still some sailors who haven’t disembarked on the ship. The moment Bai Liu gets in a confined space like the ship, he would be easily caught by the sailors still on the ship.”

“Secondly, the sailors in the sea can also climb onto the ship. These monsters swim faster than the ship. Bai Liu’s move to get on the ship doesn’t make sense.”

The moment Mu Sicheng finished speaking, Bai Liu on the small TV was in a situation.

Bai Liu pushed the cart along the wooden plank connecting the ship and the land, running quickly to the ship. The merfolk sailors on the ship moved when they heard the sound and immediately came in front of Bai Liu. The sailors chasing Bai Liu also stepped on the plank and were about to touch his shirt.

This wave of attacks caused Wang Shun to look fearful but Bai Liu’s eyes didn’t even flicker. He took out a 3D projector from his pocket and threw it to the side of the ship. The projector bounced twice on the ground, showing a similarly provocative projection of Bai Liu. The merfolk sailors hesitated a moment between the two before going straight for the other Bai Liu.

Wang Shun was sweating all over and he took out a towel to wipe his forehead. “Is Bai Liu going to repeat his trick again and use the light of the projector to limit these sailors or is it simply to confuse them and delay time?”

Then he was confused again. “However, the merfolk sailors aren’t afraid of light. Even if the projection of Bai Liu takes out the strong flashlight, it can’t stop the sailors who aren’t afraid of light. The light beam on the land didn’t stop them.”

“Wrong. Didn’t you record the page of the Merfolk Sailor in the monster book? Take a closer look at the weaknesses on that page.” Mu Sicheng looked at the calm Bai Liu on the small TV and couldn’t help admiring it. “I know why he got on the ship. This person is amazing. It is no wonder why the system wants to weaken him like this.”

Wang Shun hurriedly turned on his electronic recorder. He had indeed written down the page for the merfolk sailor. He clicked on it and inspected it carefully.

[Siren Town Monster Book – Merfolk Sailor (3/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Sailor (Butterfly State)]

[Weaknesses: Fear of bright light, amulet, Siren King]

[Attack Method: Biting and scratching (there is a certain probability of triggering the alienation state after being scratched)]

“Eh, it’s strange.” Wang Shun pointed to one of the weaknesses and muttered to himself, “The weakness of the merfolk sailor is obviously a fear of light. Why did the sailors seem to be completely free of fear on land?”

“The amulet.” Mu Sicheng explained to Wang Shun. “There is the protection of the amulets so strong light doesn’t work on the merfolk sailors.”

Wang Shun reacted abruptly as he stared up at the small TV. “Yes, that’s it! Bai Liu is going to—”

Mu Sicheng smiled at the small TV. “Yes, Bai Liu is going to the bottom of the ship where the monsters put the amulets. He is going to smash the amulets of the sailors. Then the sailors will lose their protection and the bright light item in his hand can be used to restrict their actions.”

On the small TV, Bai Liu had already thrown away the monsters behind him and came to the warehouse. He raised the pickaxe that had smashed the bulletproof glass and started to smash the merfolk amulet statues placed below.

The amulet statues were smashed into pieces of stone fragments under his feet. As Bai Liu in the warehouse took out most of the amulets, the Bai Liu projection on the deck took out his flashlight at the right time. It looked like a pair of Bai Lius had coordinated together.

The Bai Liu projection smiled and raised the flashlight before turning on the switch. It was in a posture similar to pulling the trigger of a gun. There was a click and a bright light beam passed by all the sailors surrounding the Bai Liu projection.

The bright light struck and the merfolk sailors who had lost the protection of the amulets covered their eyes, laying down on the ground and wailing harshly. Even Wang Shun, Mu Sicheng and some of the audience members covered their eyes because the light from the small TV was too bright.

“This is too… cruel.” Wang Shun had mixed emotions. “I even feel that these monsters are a bit pitiful.”

However, the monsters soon escaped to both sides of the light. Some even jumped into the sea, preparing to climb up on the other end to attack Bai Liu.

This made Wang Shun frown. “Bai Liu might have the flashlight but there is only one beam here. In addition, he has no more projectors. Such a beam might indeed restrict the movements of the sailors but it can’t directly trap them like he did on the shore.”

Mu Sicheng crossed his arms and explained calmly. “Even if two light sources are connected in a line, it is impossible to completely restrict these sailors. It is because the location is a ship and it is different from the town.”

“Bai Liu could use the light to block the road from the town to the sea but if there is only one light on the boat, the sailors can escape from both sides of the light and enter the sea. This is no use.”

“Yes.” Wang Shun touched his chin thoughtfully. “There is no time to buy a projector to record an image. He can only buy another flashlight so that three rays of light can be connected into a triangle. Then sailors will be trapped in the triangle formed by the light.”

“I think so too.” Mu Sicheng nodded. “However, a player is estimated to bleed a lot if they buy a flashlight at this time. It is because at the end, the relevant clearance items for the game will be more expensive. For example, at this time point in Siren Town, the flashlight is a key item and will cost at least 100 points.”

“100 points?” Wang Shun was speechless. “This is too expensive. Isn’t it openly killing people?”

Mu Sicheng’s eyes narrowed. “Then would you buy a flashlight for 100 points at this critical moment?”

Wang Shun was silent for a moment before a word popped out. “Buy.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

whaaat? so what is the exact function of the 3D projector?
it can project whatever the owner wants?
i though it would just replicate the owner and copy it

aaagh, this kind of things frustrates xd
i am suspecting that the author just left black slates in details so that later it would be possible to conveniently manipulate stuff lol
thanks for chapter

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y’all forgetting he still has that one water bubble…