GHG: Chapter 25 Part 2

Bai Liu found that these monsters weren’t only afraid of the Siren King, they wanted to restrain him. He discovered this because there was something wrong with the Siren Museum.

In the case where almost the entire town was under the rule of the merfolk monsters, there was actually no need for the Siren Museum to exist. Previously, the Siren Museum existed to conceal criminal evidence.

However, it wasn’t necessary for the merfolk.

The merfolk statues could move around the entire town just like those in the hotel. Then why fix a certain number of statues to the museum? They even supplemented the number when a merfolk statue left the museum in order to ensure there was a fixed amount.

This behavior of fixing a certain number of monsters in one place without leaving had the appropriate adjective called ‘guarding’. The Siren Museum was more like a prison guarded by a certain number of soldiers.

Yes, this was correct. These merfolk statues were guarding the Siren King in the Siren Museum.

These fish monsters must’ve prevented the Siren King from awakening using some means that Bai Liu didn’t know. It was very likely that the liquid glass showcase had a certain restraint effect on the Siren King.

Bai Liu had found that the liquid was as sticky as glue, almost condensing as a thin shell on the eyelashes of the Siren King. It also gave off a strange and dizzying smell. If the game stated that the Siren King had a weakness then Bai Liu would 100% guess that it was this liquid. It was a pity that the Siren King had no weakness. The liquid could only restrict him for a while and he would soon be able to wake up from the liquid.

In fact, strictly speaking, Bai Liu’s guess wasn’t wrong. It was because the weakness of the normal version of the ‘siren banshee’ was indeed this liquid. The siren banshee couldn’t wake up from this liquid on its own. It needed to be rescued by the player. At the same time, the player needed to use the liquid to prevent the siren banshee from attacking them once fully awake.

Unfortunately, Bai Liu encountered the Siren King, the bug version that was strengthened and he could wake up purely on his own. Therefore, it was pointless even if Bai Liu guessed right. The liquid had a very limited effect on the Siren King and it wasn’t realistic to expect the liquid to stun the Siren King again.

The Siren Museum was the prison of the Siren King. The reason why the monsters were so afraid of the Siren King waking up was because once he woke up, it was basically the death period of these monsters in Siren Town.

The monsters only started to appear after the Siren King was salvaged. If the Siren King sank to the bottom of the sea then these monsters should disappear. This was why these monsters were so afraid of the Siren King and they didn’t dare disturb Bai Liu who was pushing the cart. They were afraid of disturbing the sleeping Siren King.

The thing these merfolk monsters didn’t know was that Bai Liu would definitely die if the Siren King awoke. The reason Bai Liu dared to be so arrogant was because he knew the Siren King wouldn’t wake up in a short time. The system prompts said it would take five hours for him to wake up. This was why Bai Liu dared to use the Siren King as a ‘hostage’ to force back the monsters.

Now all Bai Liu had to do was take the Siren King to the Siren’s Gift sea area, sink the Siren King to the bottom of the sea and the game would end.

[Congratulations to the player for unlocking the entire storyline and entering the prologue of the ending. The player has escaped from the museum during the day and the merfolk statues can’t move during the day. The player currently has a huge advantage and this has a strong influence on the gameplay. In order for the merfolk statues to participate in the final plot and to weaken the player’s current advantage, balancing the gameplay, the weather is about to change. Please prepare for it in time.]

[Weather change: Cloudy → Rainstorm]

Heavy rain came down suddenly. The big raindrops touched the ground and made puddles of dust and water. Bai Liu was instantly wet and turned into a drowned rat. He held the cart with one hand and used his other hand to lift up the wet hair from his eyelids. The water dripped from Bai Liu’s eyelashes to the ground.

The world in front of him was engulfed in a white mist within a few seconds. Bai Liu was flustered by the rain but the merfolk sailors who had been chasing after him turned and swallowed the rain. They seemed to get some type of energy from the rain and they became strange. Gills grew by their mouths and a green light appeared in their eyes. They started to approach Bai Liu step by step.

Some merfolk statues that had been hidden in the shadows also started coming closer. The pure white stone fish tail seemed to come alive in the rain. They moved on the ground like they were swimming in lubricating oil and the speed of the statues was a lot faster than before.

The expression on the faces of the statues had changed from a cookie-cutter smile to a ferocious and rampant smile. The grey-black cracks around the eyes spread all over the body. The upper body lost the human appearance and became more like a fish in the deep sea.

The long eyelashes of the Siren King on the cart trembled twice. The rain moistened his slimy fish tail and washed away the remaining liquid from the glass cabinet. The silver-blue scales started to gleam in the rain.

Bai Liu scanned the monsters with the coin game manager hanging around his neck.

[Monster Name: Merfolk Statue (During rain enhancement, they will move faster on land. The Siren King’s deterrent power is reduced and the attack power is increased.]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Sailor (During rain enhancement, they will move faster on land. The Siren King’s deterrent power is reduced and the attack power is increased.]

[Monster Name: Siren King (Rain doesn’t have an enhancement effect but due to the washing away of the medicated liquid, the Siren King will wake up earlier. There are only three hours left until the Siren King wakes up. Please speed up the game progress.)]

Bai Liu saw the panel information and snorted. “This game is a bit of a rogue. It can’t play so it has to forcibly penalize the player. In addition, isn’t this strengthening too much? Not only has it shortened my clearance time, the heavy rain also restricts my movement speed and sense of direction. My panel attributes are bad and it is easy to die in a chase…”

“Well, for me, it isn’t impossible to play in this situation.”  Bai Liu’s wet hair that had been blocking his line of sight was pushed back with his fingers. The rain slid down his chin and soaked his clothes, making them even tighter. Combined with the heavy rain, Bai Liu felt a bit short of breath.

He unbuttoned the first button of his drenched white shirt, revealing a small piece of pale chest and the looming outline of this collarbone under the translucent white cloth. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and smiled lightly. “I hope the final rewards that the game will give me will match my efforts. I don’t play games with abnormal rewards.”

[If you can win then you won’t be disappointed by our game rewards. You will surely satisfy your inner desire.]

Bai Liu smiled. “Then thank you in advance for the reward.”

His tone and attitude were very natural as if he had already received the rewards from the system. However, the group of people in front of the screen looked stupid.

Due to his single-player position in the central hall, Bai Liu’s small TV had attracted many new viewers. Some of them were attracted by the gimmick ‘the new player’s small TV that Mu Sicheng is watching’.

This group hadn’t seen Bai Liu’s previous divine operations. They just saw the short-lived broadcast after Bai Liu was in the ‘strongly recommended’ position. They felt speechless that Bai Liu could still make such a confident speech in such a desperate predicament.

“I wondered what type of player God Mu was watching. I didn’t expect him to be such a thing. The monsters have been enhanced, his panel attributes are bad across the board and the game time has shortened. Yet he has the leisure to chat and act handsome. I am speechless. I really don’t understand it.”

“Previously I watched the forum praise. Now that I see him playing like this, I think he is just so-so. I don’t know how he got the promotion position. Did he rely on his face?”

Others defended Bai Liu. They were mostly those who followed all the way from the single player zone.

“He has collected three pages of the monster book yet he is f*king weak? You can play the game right? Do you have the ability to show your game record and let everyone see how many monster books you have collected?”

“Let me see who says they are better than Bai Liu? Oh, a group of people who don’t have over 10 points to charge. This is fine.”

Players could check each other’s charging points. Now they were poking at the sore points of the people taunting Bai Liu and the noise became worse.

There was fierce bickering between the two sides. Meanwhile, Wang Shun was silent as he looked at Bai Liu on the small TV in a worried manner.

Bai Liu truly had a luck value of 0. He was targeted both inside and outside the game. The system specifically restricted Bai Liu and he encountered the most difficult audience in the central hall: those watching the central screens.

The central area didn’t care much about the clearance process. Many players who came to the central area, especially the central screens, watched the videos mainly to find a way to clear the level. They didn’t care about the game process. They only looked for a few things. How much were the final reward points and if the game could be effectively cleared.

Therefore, the audience in the central area were notoriously mean and picky. The number of times they stepped on people was quite high except for the great gods. Their points were generally spent on the paid live broadcasts of high level players and the paid videos in the system VIP library. Therefore, they didn’t easily charge people and were more likely to step on players. They also held a lot of malice toward new players. They would ridicule whoever came up.

The live videos of players who weren’t great gods would quickly be stepped on by these viewers in the central area. This type of bickering situation would accelerate the rate at which viewers stepped on Bai Liu.

Proofreader: Purichan

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