GHG: Chapter 25 Part 1

“He is only one step away from the monster book being collected. Damn, this is the first time I’m seeing it. It is amazing.”

“I really want to let those on the forum see this now. I estimate that if they met the same situation, they would be in the grave. Meanwhile, Bai Liu is at the top.”

“Good strength. He encountered the god-level NPC and didn’t care. He directly used the pickaxe to smash it and bring him out.”

“I laughed so much that my system malfunctioned. What a historical innovator. This is the first time I’ve seen the god-level NPC being dragged in a cart to be used as a tank to fight monsters!”

“Too sad! The god-level NPC is miserable!”

Li Gou’s face was dark. He slammed down the knife again but he simply couldn’t hold back the praise for Bai Liu.

Many people who had talked about Bai Liu’s strangeness on the forum also came to watch the small TV. They had a bad expression when they were beaten in the face by Bai Liu. Now they heard someone call them out and cursed back. “It is true. If he is so awesome then let him be on the central screen! Isn’t this just the single player area? What’s so great?”

At this point, the system said:

[10,003 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 9,607 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 1,300 new people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu obtained 1,300 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received more than 10,000 likes in a minute and his reputation is like a broken bamboo! Player Bai Liu has won a famous momentary achievement!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for getting the promotion position and entering the single player central screen strongly recommended position of the central hall. Wow, good job. You got a central hall promotion position and the number of views is rising rapidly.]

Wang Shun took a deep breath. He didn’t know why his heart was beating so fast. He hadn’t experienced the feeling of watching the process of a hearty and exciting game for a long time. He stared deeply at Bai Liu’s small TV that was extinguished and then turned and ran. He couldn’t miss a single minute of the video of this player called Bai Liu!

Wang Shun’s run was a reminder to the other players.

“F*k f*k f*k! Central hall promotion! This is the first time a newcomer playing the game will be on it!”

“What are you screaming for? Go! Go to the central hall! If we miss out on any plots and want to rush it again then we will have to become members. Such a high quality video will definitely enter the VIP library. Watching it is earning profit!”

“Oh yes! Come on!”

The player who previously said to place Bai Liu on the central screen if he was so awesome had a dark face. The group of people laughed and ridiculed him before running away. Li Gou, who was standing at the rear of the group, had an extremely dark expression. He gripped the knife in his hand and went to the central hall.


The central hall.

A young man was squatting on the ground, wearing huge headphones and holding a lollipop. He looked up at the center screens with relish like he was selecting a video he was interested in.

The headphones he was wearing were fluffy and looked a bit like a big-mouthed monkey holding the earpieces with its long hands.

The monkey’s eyes were red and the teeth were made from cloth strips sewn in countless pointed triangles. It looked a bit like a cartoon character but there was a trace of horror in the cuteness. The appearance of this young man was also similar to the monkey. He had a round face, dark red eyes and pointed tiger teeth. If he closed his mouth, the tiger teeth would be exposed. It was a type of cute yet slightly scary appearance.

The lollipop slid in his mouth and his cheek bulged on one side. This person complained impatiently, “Why are there no players with a bit of potential? The current ranking is really getting worse. There isn’t even a player who collected the monster book. I don’t know how they came out.”

He dusted off his ass and prepared to leave.

Just then, a screen to the right side of the central screens lit up. The small TV of a player who was here previously before going out turned on again, revealing a beautiful face that looked particularly harmless.

This player who looked like a good student was dragging a cart with a smile on his face like he was handing in homework to the teacher. His hand movements were simple and flexible as he pushed the cart containing a merman who looked like a celestial into a merfolk sailor like he was firing a cannon.

The merfolk sailor let out a piercing, horrified scream and ran away quickly, tears of horror flowing from the ugly eyes. Bai Liu couldn’t help letting out a happy grin as he chased the poor merfolk sailor.

Mu Sicheng who was in front of the big screen, “……”

Then he reacted. “??????”

Damn, where did this wild player come from? This type of gameplay was simply too reckless! Why was he running around a map pushing a monster?

Mu Sicheng quickly opened the player profile for his promotion and slowly frowned. “Bai Liu, why is this name so familiar? Have I heard it somewhere…?”

He kept turning the page. “This person is playing well. Three pages of the monster book have been completed and there is the side plot. The side plot is 100% finished… I remember!”

Mu Sicheng suddenly remembered. Previously on the forum, there was talk about a new player who was expected to exceed his single player points record for Siren Town.

The newcomer who was said to not be able to complete True Love Ship now completed three pages of the monster book as well as the side plot, Jeff’s Bloody Conspiracy. Even he hadn’t finished it. In addition, this man’s charged points for Siren Town were already higher than his! It was really possible for this person to get the highest points record for Siren Town.

Mu Sicheng was a bit unconvinced as he entered the onlookers around Bai Liu’s small TV without hesitation.

[Mu Sicheng, the fourth ranked player on the Rising Stars ranking has entered player Bai Liu’s small TV. He hasn’t yet expressed his attitude to you. You have to work hard and impress him~]

The onlookers who saw this notice sucked in a breath. They looked left and right for Mu Sicheng.

“God Mu is here!”

“Where is God Mu?!!”

“This newcomer is so awesome that he can even bring God Mu over. God Mu hasn’t watched other people’s small TVs for a long time. He just watches the videos directly from the VIP library. The last time God Mu watched a small TV was for Spades.”

“Spades is the king of this game and the person ranked first in the total leaderboard. God Mu watching him is normal. Then what is the background of this newcomer? How can God Mu watch him?”

Mu Sicheng stood in the corner and the huge monkey headphones on his head changed to a monkey cap.

He pressed down the brim of the cap and his eyes turned dark red as he raised his head slightly to watch the leisurely person on Bai Liu’s small TV. Mu Sicheng bit the lollipop in his mouth with his sharp teeth and cocked his head as he smiled thoughtfully.

“This newcomer is kind of interesting.”


Bai Liu pushed the Siren King and walked along the streets with a pleasant smile on his face. It was more like he was playing a casual game than a horror game.

The merfolk sailors following some distance behind Bai Liu wanted to get close to him. Then they looked at the Siren King on Bai Liu’s cart with fear and stared at Bai Liu with bitterness. Bai Liu seemed to feel nothing like he was pushing a stroller at the beach. The smile on Bai Liu’s face was sinister. It felt like he was holding the feudal overlord to control his vassals.

However, the relationship between the Siren King and the merfolk sailors and statues wasn’t as simple as a feudal overlord and his vassals. In fact, it was very simple to infer that the Siren King was the last weakness of the merfolk sailors and statues. This was based on two points.

First of all, the Siren King had no weaknesses so he was equivalent to being the strongest in the game. Relatively speaking, the Siren King was indeed a great threat to players.

At the same time, it was the same for monsters. The Siren King had no weaknesses and couldn’t be defeated by monsters or players. Bai Liu instantly transferred the Siren King’s threat to the monsters.

Second, it was based on the plot of the game.

Through the previous series of plots, it could be seen that the merfolk, merfolk statues and merfolk sailors had a three stage progressive relationship corresponding to the larva, pupa and butterfly. However, it wasn’t just a progressive relationship between these three monsters. There was also a food chain relationship.

The merfolk sailors and statues, as well as the stronger merfolk, would eat the meat of the weaker merfolk. In the process of alienation, the merfolk fishermen could only serve the merfolk sailors. They had to eat the merfolk sailors’ leftovers and also do the fishing for the sailors on the boat.

Meanwhile, the merfolk sailors controlled which merfolk statues could be hatched. For example, Lucy and Jeff last night. These merfolk sailors sent them to the Siren Museum and decided which statues were hatched. This was obviously the attitude of the upper class to the lower class. It was like the boss of Bai Liu’s company deciding who would be promoted.

It could be seen that there was a hierarchical relationship between the monsters: merfolk (servant and food) → merfolk statue (minion) → merfolk sailor.

The Siren King was at the top of this food chain. He had a certain degree of control and deterrence and the other merfolk monsters were obviously afraid of him.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

The image of MC gleefully pushing the cart to chase after the sailors is so funny ww

Thank you for the chapter!

1 year ago

yeahh, that part was super funny

and i´m starting to like the broadcasting side, the commentary was fun and unlike other novels that is literally just audience it is getting more interesting!

i didnt expect god mu to have that kind of appearance and personality xd
that was a big shock. i expected a mature and elit-like man lol
but this is also good

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6 months ago

I’m sorry, I imagined god mu to be handsome but that image was overturned when I saw the word monkey associating with his name