GHG: Chapter 24 Part 2

Andre’s skeleton had been taken away by the merfolk last night and the Siren Museum had received two fresh offerings, namely Jeff and Lucy. Logically speaking, the Siren Museum should have two merfolk fish statues that could leave the museum after being attached to the sacrifice’s bodies. This meant Andre’s skeleton would be made into a merfolk statue to fill the vacancy in the museum. This was why Bai Liu said that Andre had gone to the museum.

Although Lucy and Jeff’s statues hadn’t left yet, the merman statue of Andre had still entered.

Behind Andre was a large group of statues. They stood in a dense manner at the entrance of the exhibition hall and their faces were becoming somewhat similar to Bai Liu’s face. They obviously wanted to be attached to Bai Liu. He raised his eyebrow and avoided Lucy, who wanted to grab his arm while screaming.

For Lucy and Jeff, these statues weren’t dangerous at all. It was because they were already statues and it was only a matter of time before they completely transformed. The most troublesome one was Bai Liu because these statues and Lucy and Jeff were all opposed to him. He was also restricted from using the flashlight and alcohol couldn’t burn these statues.

The resistance of these statues was much higher than the merfolk. The only method Bai Liu could use to fight against these statues was the ‘direct human gaze’. This method of restricting the movement of the statues actually had a big loophole. It was that people needed to blink.

Jeff and Lucy could no longer be regarded as humans and their gaze was useless against these statues. Only Bai Liu’s eyes were useful. Every time Bai Liu blinked, he could feel the statues getting closer to him.

In the dimly lit room, the statues of varying shapes started to slowly melt like wax figures. Their faces became strange and subtly similar to Bai Liu’s face. The statues also had a weird and satisfied smile on their faces…

The statues’ long lips revealed a row of white, sharp teeth while the scales on their tails started to peel off and disappear. The fishy smell in the air gradually became stronger as Lucy and Jeff clung to Bai Liu’s right and left side. As soon as Bai Liu took out the flashlight to push back the merfolk statues, these two people would go crazy.

Of course, Bai Liu didn’t think about killing Lucy and Jeff directly. It was because after killing these two human amulets, the merfolk statues corresponding to them would instantly run away and there would be two more merfolk sailors in the museum. Those things moved fast and currently Bai Liu’s physical strength panel was bad. Once he encountered the sailors without a terrible advantage like the warehouse, he would probably die.

Seeing this, Wang Shun closed his electronic recorder and sighed with mixed feelings as he prepared to leave. Like Wang Shun, there were many viewers preparing to leave. Almost no viewers were interested in this type of game video with a predetermined failure.

However, before leaving, Wang Shun looked up at the small TV. Wang Shun was stunned. He stopped and muttered to himself in disbelief, “Bai Liu… why is he smiling?”

Bai Liu lowered his head and slowly smiled. He felt that the game that had developed up to here was quite interesting. It was a good game. He hadn’t played such a high quality horror game in a long time. His fingers flipped the coin quickly and panels popped out one by one, dazzling the audience in front of his small TV.

Some viewers started to taunt him.

“Is this panic? His last dying struggle?”

“Item shop, monster book, mission panel… wow, all the panels are brought out. What is he doing? Is this spending all his points before death?”

Wang Shun was silent. He just held his breath as he watched Bai Liu on the small TV while taking out his electronic recorder again. He could clearly see that Bai Liu was dealing with the situation in front of him very quickly. He wasn’t panicked at all like the other viewers had said. Bai Liu just did things too quickly that it seemed like he was messing around. At this point, Wang Shun was nervous. He started to look forward to whether this magical newcomer Bai Liu could make a miraculous comeback.

Bai Liu calmly handled things.

[Item shop, I need a pickaxe that can smash bulletproof glass.]

[17 points, deal.]

[I need a mobile cart that can haul giant animal carcasses.]

[7 points, deal.]

[System, open the monster book to the Merfolk Statue and Merfolk Sailor pages.]

[Yes, the Siren Town Monster Book is being opened for the player—opening completed.]


[Siren Town Monster Book – Merfolk Statue (1/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Statue (Pupa State), Amulet Statue (Cocoon State)]

[Weaknesses: Human eyes looking directly at it, bright light (2/3)]

[Attack Method: Incubation.]


[Siren Town Monster Book – Merfolk Sailor (3/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Sailor (Butterfly State)]

[Weaknesses: Fear of bright light, amulet (2/3)]

[Attack Method: Biting and scratching (there is a certain probability of triggering the alienation state after being scratched)]


[Your first and third pages only need one more weakness before the gathering is complete. Please continue to work hard!]

Bai Liu’s rapid operation made the players in front of the small TV feel numb. The players who had previously been laughing were now silent. Everyone was staring at Bai Liu’s smiling face as he switched quickly between different panels with ease.

Panels with different colors reflected their light on Bai Liu, cutting Bai Liu’s face into pieces. The calm and relaxed feeling around him was too convincing. Everyone could tell that Bai Liu wasn’t messing around. One player asked in a weak voice, “What the hell is he going to do…?”

Only Wang Shun’s eyes lit up. “He is collecting the monster book!”

F*k! Wang Shun hit his hand with a bit of annoyance and admiration. Why didn’t he think of such a simple method of clearing the game? If the previous weakness was banned and couldn’t be used, simply abandon it and explore a new weakness!

The others discussed it with surprise.

“No way? He really wants to collect the monster book?”

“It was previously said that only God Mu successfully collected the entire Siren Town Monster Book. Ordinary players could only collect one page. Can this newcomer do it?”

“I don’t think it is possible. I have watched the game video of Siren Town many times and I have never seen the third weak point of the merfolk statues and sailors.”


Bai Liu couldn’t hear the confusion. He just raised the pickaxe in his hand lazily and aimed it at the Siren King in the glass showcase before smashing down.

The glass cracked and shattered. The Siren King gradually fell to Bai Liu’s feet along with the liquid. The merfolk statues seemed greatly frightened.  They withdrew from the central exhibition hall and fled in all directions. Even Lucy and Jeff clutched their heads and ran away from the central exhibition hall, screaming like they had seen a demon.

Wang Shun looked with bright eyes at Bai Liu who was drying the liquid on his fingers. Now the situation was obvious.

“The third weakness of the merfolk statue and merfolk sailors is the Siren King!”

Bai Liu crouched down and raised the Siren King’s chin. Liquid clung to the Siren King’s eyelashes like glue before dripping down onto his gorgeous lips. The lips moistened from the water and gleamed as if inviting people for a kiss. In this way, the face was even more enchanting and beautiful beyond the limit of human imagination. Only unconventional words like siren and sea demon could frame such a face.

The texture under Bai Liu’s fingers was cold and delicate. It was incredible. Bai Liu wanted to say that the NPC modeling of this game was quite excellent. It could make such a beautiful NPC.

Then as he came to the door, Bai Liu also suddenly remembered that he was broadcasting. The collection of three pages in the monster book was quite exciting and the audience should want to see him speak in a chuuni manner. Therefore, Bai Liu exhaled in a serious manner and smiled. “Everything starts from you and everything will end with you, the beautiful Siren King.”

“Let me lead you to your ending and my victory.”

Bai Liu leaned down and put the Siren King into his small cart. He looked up and smiled slightly as he stepped on the foot of the cart and pushed it. The cart with the Siren King exited the museum in an arrogant manner. No merfolk statue dared to approach. They stood far away in the dark corners of the museum and were afraid to step forward.

[Siren Town Monster Book has refreshed – Merfolk Statue (1/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Statue (Pupa State), Amulet Statue (Cocoon State)]

[Weaknesses: Human eyes looking directly at it, bright light, Siren King]

[Attack Method: Incubation]

[The Merfolk Statue (Pupa and Cocoon State) page in the monster book has been collected. I hope the player can continue working hard.]


[Siren Town Monster Book – Merfolk Sailor (3/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Sailor (Butterfly State)]

[Weaknesses: Fear of bright light, amulet, Siren King]

[Attack Method: Biting and scratching (there is a certain probability of triggering the alienation state after being scratched)]

[The Merfolk Sailor (Butterfly State) page in the monster book has been collected. I hope the player can continue working hard.]


[System Notice: Player Bai Liu is only one step away from collecting the entire Siren Town Monster Book. Please keep working hard!]

There was a three minute silence in front of Bai Liu’s small TV. Even Li Gou was taken aback for a while.

In the end, it wasn’t known who it was but someone called out excitedly, “Bai Liu! Charge him! Great! Awesome!” The entire atmosphere of excessive silence was shattered.

It was like a drop of water had fallen into an oiled pan. In an instant, all the players watching Bai Liu’s game were incited by this desperate situation and reversal. They couldn’t help their screams.

“The monster book is coming together!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

wooooow!! thats so cool, even the chuuni word!
our mc keeps surprising me, he never fails to outsmarten me and thats so cool

1 year ago

okay, that was cool and all but Bai Liu’s script was cringe 😭😂