GHG: Chapter 24 Part 1

After Bai Liu got off the ship, he needed to stay in the museum until the evening according to the customs of the sailors. It was to wash off the killing from his body. He had to atone for his sins before leaving. Lucy and Jeff went to the museum with him.

In the early morning, the dim museum was gloomy. A sailor sent Bai Liu in and warned him not to leave. He had the museum keeper watch Bai Liu and left.

Lucy got closer to Bai Liu from behind and whispered, “Why is this museum still so terrible during the day?”

There were statues looking down on Bai Liu and the others. The faces of these statues were even more vivid than those seen by Bai Liu yesterday. Bai Liu noticed that the fish tails of two of the statues had become shorter. Only the part under the knee was a fish tail while the thighs were in the shape of normal human legs.

Bai Liu looked at the faces of these two statues with short tails. They held a subtle resemblance to Lucy and Jeff. There was a strange smile on their faces as they looked directly at Lucy and Jeff behind Bai Liu.

It was as Bai Liu suspected. Lucy and Jeff who spent the night here were ‘sacrificed’ and turned into the ‘amulet statues’. Meanwhile, the merfolk statues that enjoyed the ‘sacrifice’ gradually became ‘Lucy’ and ‘Jeff’.

Currently, the statues should be in the intermediate transformation state of ‘breaking from the cocoon into a butterfly’. The merfolk statue wasn’t fully hatched as a butterfly. It would continue as the cocoon was broken. This was why Lucy and Jeff still had a trace of life.

Bai Liu didn’t want the transformation of Lucy and Jeff to be completed. It wasn’t due to the Virgin Mary idea of saving everyone. It was because once the transformation was successful, he would need to deal with two more powerful ‘butterfly’ monsters. Thinking about this, Bai Liu took out the flashlight to force these merfolk statues back.

As a result, the moment the lights turned on, Lucy and Jeff went even crazier than the statues. They howled and Jeff rushed to try and snatch Bai Liu’s flashlight. Bai Liu dodged just in time and turned it off, causing the two people to calm down.

Lucy slumped to the ground and looked up at Bai Liu with a bit of bitterness in her eyes. “Your flashlight was too bright. Bai Liu, were you trying to blind us?”

Jeff was supporting himself on a statue as he hysterically warned, “You better never turn on that thing again!”

Bai Liu opened his hands in an insincere manner. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were so sensitive to light.”

Of course, Bai Liu knew that Jeff and Lucy would inevitably be afraid of light once they transformed into statues. He didn’t care that the two of them would be harmed. He just hadn’t expected them to resist so fiercely that they would grab at his flashlight.

These two people were different from the merfolk amulet statues. They could move freely and weren’t any slower than Bai Liu. If Bai Liu turned on the lights and the two of them crazily grabbed the flashlight then Bai Liu would lose it.

This limited the use of Bai Liu’s items.

It seemed that since the plot had developed to this point, the game obviously used Jeff and Lucy to restrict the use of flashlight to push back the statues. This meant there was the possibility of a subsequent chase with the merfolk statues. In order to make the chase stimulating, the game banned the player’s bright light items.

Bai Liu often did this when designing games. For example, there was a mirror that could force the monster back. In order to create the effect of the monsters scaring the players, Bai Liu would let the mirror have a CD (after using it once, there would be a rest period). During the CD, players would be forced to hide to avoid being discovered and killed by monsters. Then the fear of the game was greatly enhanced.

Bai Liu might’ve been very happy when designing this type of evil plot but he wasn’t so happy once he actually encountered it.

Bai Liu put away the flashlight and raised his hands to indicate that he wouldn’t turn it on. At the same time, his gaze swept over the entrance of the museum. It was already guarded by statues and more statues were approaching him.

In this way, Lucy and Jeff would attack when the light was turned on. However, the merfolk statues couldn’t be pushed back without turning on the light. Bai Liu had to wait here until evening to be released and he would surely die.

It wasn’t just because these merfolk statues would come over to possess Bai Liu, increasing his degree of alienation and turning him into an amulet statue. There was another very important point.

Bai Liu flipped the coin in his hand and a panel popped up.

[Warning. The god-level NPC, the Siren King will be awakened in seven hours. Asking players to clear the instance before then.]

The moment this warning popped out, the audience in front of Bai Liu’s small TV exclaimed. Even Li Gou stood up and narrowed his eyes at the small TV. A few seconds passed before he burst out laughing. “It is really the god-level NPC. This person is going to be killed by the monsters or the god-level NPC. He is dead. There is no need to kill him. He f*king deserves it for grabbing my place.”

“Wow, isn’t it an ordinary siren banshee in the museum? How did it f*king become the god-level NPC? How to play this? He must surely die!” The people seeing Bai Liu’s small TV for the first time exclaimed.

“This was originally the place where players had to play hide and seek until they were released at night. Then they would be killed by the merfolk statues at night. However, this person can’t survive until night.”

“Originally, as long as you escaped from Siren Town this night, it would be considered a pass. However, escaping from Siren Town is just the normal ending and the evaluation and rewards aren’t high. I heard that God Mu played the true ending. He sent the corpse of the banshee back to the sea to seal the ghosts in the town. F*k, now the banshee has directly become the Siren King for Bai Liu. It is a direct GG!”

“He can’t survive either way. This newcomer is going to die.”

Wang Shun’s heart rose to his throat.

He didn’t expect Bai Liu to obediently go to the museum! If Bai Liu had run away midway then it would directly stimulate a chase to escape Siren Town and there might be a chance of life. Now he entered the museum and it was a dead end.

Wang Shun sighed with regret. He objectively admitted that Bai Liu was a player with great potential who didn’t lose to Mu Sicheng. It was just that Bai Liu had no luck.


[0 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 422 new people have saved Bai Liu’s small TV, 0 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and 378 people have stepped on player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[There are 4,500 new viewers. Congratulations to player Bai Liu. The number of people watching the small TV is more than 10,000 but no one likes the player Bai Liu. Player Bai Liu has gained the achievement of ‘no approval in 10,000 people’. It is really bad gameplay and the recommendation system is very disappointed.]

[The recommended promotion position of player Bai Liu is about to expire.]


Bai Liu headed toward the central exhibition hall with Lucy and Jeff following behind him. The body of the Siren King was still floating in the transparent liquid behind the glass showcase. The fine foam floated between his long hair and light-colored eyelashes like a layer of snow had fallen on him. Bai Liu walked next to the Siren King’s showcase and looked up at the merman that hadn’t been completely corrupted.

The face of this merman was gorgeous and overwhelming yet had a breathtaking sense of strangeness. It was like the merman would open his eyes the next second, using his long and powerful fish tail to break the bulletproof glass coffin that imprisoned him and massacre everyone before returning to the sea.

Lucy looked around and questioned it. “Bai Liu, you said that Andre is here in the museum. Where is he?”

Bai Liu didn’t look back. His eyes were still on the Siren King in the showcase as he spoke lightly, “Didn’t you already pass by him when you entered through the door? Jeff even helped him a bit.”

“I helped him a bit?” Jeff pointed at himself in a questioning manner. “Bai Liu, there is no one in this museum apart from the three of us.”

“Yes.” Bai Liu responded casually to Jeff. “When did I tell you that Andre is still a human?”

Lucy held her arms, rubbing them as she stepped back with fear. “Bai Liu, don’t joke around. Where is Andre?”

Bai Liu seemed to hear the dull dragging movements of the statues. His ears pricked and he turned his head to see a grim-faced Andre merfolk statue standing behind Jeff and Lucy with sharp teeth and nails. He seemed about to attack Lucy and Jeff. Bai Liu opened his mouth and spoke in a polite manner. “Lucy, Andre is behind you.”

Lucy and Jeff instinctively turned around and then let out a fierce male and female duet scream. Bai Liu had already expected it and blocked his ears.

This is the beginning of the author’s irregular chapter lengths, with chapters randomly ranging from 3k (average chapter) to 13k Chinese characters. Therefore, chapters might be split into multiple parts.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

now i remember, the thing that left me skeptical
there is a lack of explanation in some lil things that makes me feel as though theres something that does not make sense in how things worked out for mc

like, how can the system interfere in the instance? mc used it to pour the oil for him, and thats sus. Also, was there a system space for the items he bought?
and etc etc. Those kinds of things.

i just decided to ignore them and enjoy!
although i think that will reduce my iq lol
thanks for chapter

1 year ago
Reply to  mono.wuu

I’m guessing they have a space for the items he bought and since it came from the system, Bai can probably decide when and how he will use it. I think the system can only help him do things like that if it’s something that came from its shop. And yeah, it’s better to not overanalyze and just ignore things like this.

1 year ago
Reply to  mono.wuu

It is a game, for sure everything comes from the system. It was 54L of alchool, isn’t it obvious he was not power carring it around?
At the same vein, if he can’t carry the alchool, but, like the flashlight, can still use it, naturally it’s the system handling everything. It’s an instance not a world, everything is a game for better or for worst

6 months ago

When will they ever learn that when this crazy guy did something brainless he’d do something crazy to turn the situation around using that brainless move. So, instead of giving him promotion and taking it back, they should just give him permanent one xd