GHG: Chapter 23

After reading about Li Gou’s life, Wang Shun felt for the first time that it wasn’t good for him to possess the ‘Know It All’ skill that allowed him to check players. He looked at Bai Liu on the small TV with a bit of worry and sorry.

The game over there hadn’t even been finished yet there was already a butcher guarding him out here.

Bai Liu really had a luck value of 0.


[126 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 675 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 0 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and 378 people have stepped on player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[Player Bai Liu has gained 3,000 viewers in one minute but the like rate is less than one-tenth. It seems that most of the viewers are watching you to eat melons and join in the fun~]

[A high level player Li Gou is watching the player Bai Liu’s small TV. Congratulations to player Bai Liu for winning the first high level player audience!]

[Li Gou has stepped on the player Bai Liu. Wu wu, it seems this high level player doesn’t like you.]


Bai Liu waited on the sea until dawn. It didn’t take long for the big ship that had left last night to come back. He noticed that both Jeff and Lucy were at the bow of the ship. Jeff seemed to be comforting Lucy, his hand on Lucy’s shoulder.

Lucy buried her head in Jeff’s arms like she was about to collapse and she was gently soothed by him. Jeff also kissed Lucy’s crying face affectionately from time to time. Lucy didn’t refuse and somewhat snuggled against him dependently. Looking at this scene, Bai Liu slightly raised his eyebrow.

It seemed that after one night, it wasn’t only Bai Liu’s True Love Ship that successfully made it ashore. It seemed Jeff and Lucy also boarded the ship of true love.

Once the big ship approached, Lucy and Jeff saw Bai Liu draped in the quilts like he had been sleeping all night. Lucy screamed with surprise, clutching her chest and pushing Jeff away. Jeff seemed disbelieving and took a few steps away in a panic, gesturing wildly. “Bai Liu, you are okay?! No, I mean, are you okay?”

Bai Liu calmly grabbed the rope ladder that had been lowered and climbed it. His meaningful eyes moved between Lucy and Jeff before he showed a kind smile. “I’m fine. Good morning Jeff, Lucy. I had a very pleasant evening. It seems that you did as well?”

Lucy panicked and leaned over to hug Bai Liu’s arm. Bai Liu calmly avoided her and Lucy covered her face and cried. “No, Jeff told me last night that you and Andre would both die. I was scared and thought it was my fault. Jeff comforted me.”

Bai Liu smiled but didn’t ask if Jeff comforted her using his body. His attention was on other places.

Lucy’s face was pale and there was a weird lag to her actions. In addition, the texture of her hand… was very similar to the texture of the amulet merfolk statue that Bai Liu touched in the warehouse before. It was as crisp as an egg shell and the thin texture didn’t give off a fishy smell.

Jeff also defended himself, his eyes dodging around. “Yes, Lucy thought you and Andre had an accident and stayed with me because of fear. There is nothing between us.” He squeezed out a reluctant smile at Bai Liu. “I know she is your girlfriend and I didn’t do anything. You are my best friend, Bai Liu.”

Bai Liu didn’t think so. “Where did you spend last night? The museum, right?”

Lucy exclaimed loudly, “How did you know?” Then she started complaining endlessly. “Yes, they didn’t allow us to go back to the hotel. They said it is the custom here after participating in the merfolk fishing activity. In order to wash away the scent of killing and blood, we needed to spend the night at the Siren Museum. That place is terrible. It is full of statues that seem to move at night. No matter where we went, Jeff and I would have statues blocking our way.”

Jeff was still smiling. “Bai Liu, where is Andre? Where did he go?”

Bai Liu smiled and replied, “He should be at Siren Museum now, waiting for us.”

Jeff looked suspiciously at Andre’s boat on the sea. The boat was covered with black paint-like blood and there were some torn leather strips that could be seen as Andre’s coat. Jeff’s eyes flashed at this scene and he lowered his head. He couldn’t help showing a happy grin.

Bai Liu watched Jeff. It was clear that Andre’s death had satisfied this person.

Soon, Jeff turned to look at Bai Liu again. He pretended to be puzzled as he pointed to the ship. “However, Andre’s boat is still here. It is impossible for him to return to the shore.” Jeff glanced at Bai Liu timidly, shrank back and stopped his mouth at just the right time.

Lucy exclaimed again and covered her lips. “My god, Andre is really dead! Bai Liu!” She looked at him with disbelief and disappointment. “Did you kill Andre? Did you push him into the sea?”

Bai Liu thought she wanted to cry but her eyes were dry. That’s right. How could a statue shed tears?

Jeff looked sadly at Bai Liu. “You shouldn’t have done such a thing. Andre might not be a good person but he has the right to live.”

Bai Liu smiled as he stared into Jeff’s eyes. “I might be able to say the same thing back to you.”

Jeff stared at him vigilantly. Bai Liu shrugged indifferently and turned to Lucy who was still accusing him. “You can wait until we get to the museum to see Andre. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“We’ll break up if I lie to you,” Bai Liu continued with a smile.

Lucy hesitated a moment. She glanced at Bai Liu’s trouser pockets where Bai Liu put his wallet. Then she thought of the high vacation expenses and finally closed her mouth.

Bai Liu had figured out the last 10% of Jeff’s bloody conspiracy. He felt that he had overestimated the human nature of the NPC setting in this game too much. This game actually had no teammates who were slightly kind to him.

When designing games, Bai Liu was accustomed to being pressured by his boss to sing praise to friendship. At the very least, he would design a teammate who was pure and good because such a game was better received. He didn’t expect this game to be the setting of all villains. The violent Andre, the cruel-hearted Jeff and his girlfriend Lucy who was dating him for money and could cheat at any time.

This type of set-up where no one was good… he really liked it.

The corners of Bai Liu’s mouth curved up.

Once he got out of the misunderstanding of ‘Jeff is familiar with the merfolk setting and must be a good person. He should be kept until the end’ then it was easy to guess the last 10% of Jeff’s bloody conspiracy.

It was no wonder that Jeff had been vigilant toward Bai Liu and that the progress bar rose twice in a strange manner. It was because Jeff had always wanted to kill two people from beginning to end: Andre and Bai Liu.

The task the driver received wasn’t only to kill Andre. It was to also kill Bai Liu. It might even include robbing him.

Go back and think about it. It was weird that the player came to Siren Town in a group and that the initiator was the player himself. It was because the setting of the player was someone with little courage who would cry even when getting in the car to head to Siren Town. He would never choose a strange place like Siren Town for a bet.

As for the others, Andre obviously didn’t know about this place. It was the first time Lucy had come here. The only one who knew about this place and could recommend it for a courage bet was Jeff who had been immersed in merfolk research for many years. The reason why such a timid person made a bet with Andre and came to Siren Town was probably due to Jeff’s instigation.

Jeff’s reason for choosing Siren Town was good. He had studied Siren Town and knew about the high theft rate and the police’s difficulty in solving crimes. None of the missing people could be found. Based on this information, it could be concluded that Siren Town was the best place to commit a crime.

There was no better place to throw a corpse than Siren Town. Jeff’s mermaid knowledge setting wasn’t intended to help them clear the game. It was used to kill players.

[Side task — Jeff’s Bloody Conspiracy, 100% progress. It has been completed and 50 points are awarded.]

[Unlocked the hidden state of the character — Jeff who resents everything]

Bai Liu swept the coin over Jeff.

[NPC name: Jeff (Status ???)]

[Character Profile: A strong fan of unnatural creatures such as mermaids and sea monsters. After learning that Lucy’s group was going to Siren Town, he actively asked to come along. He is very good at telling the legendary story of Siren Town.]

[Character Hidden Profile: Due to being beaten by Andre all year round without daring to resist, Jeff deeply hates everything in his heart. After accidentally gaining your trust and becoming your friend, he was jealous of you who has a good girlfriend and deep wealth. He resents you for not getting justice for him. He thinks that you are just a hypocrite and wants to take everything from you. He even wants to use you to kill Andre.]

[After encountering the opportunity when you and Andre were making a bet, his heart was moved. He knew the most perfect crime location in the world. It wouldn’t be him who killed you and Andre. It would be the merfolk he loves deeply. He decided to use his favorite thing to end your and Andre’s lives…]

[Warning to the player after unlocking the side story. Jeff has a very low trust in you and is likely to attack you. You should pay attention to your own safety.]

In front of the small TV, Wang Shun suddenly realized. “It turns out to be like this. I was wondering why Jeff always tried to kill the player during the land chase.”

Other players were also discussing it while complaining.

“F*k! Jeff turned out to be this type of person! His setting is that he is proficient in merfolk so I thought he was an NPC who gave information and couldn’t die casually. I saved him several times when being chased in this game and almost died!”

“There is something about this player. He caught a traitor as soon as he came ashore.”

“His thinking always feels jumpy but he is very stable.”

The audience members praising Bai Liu were talking loudly when Li Gou slammed down his knife impatiently and the audience suddenly became quiet.

Li Gou looked at Bai Liu’s small TV and sneered. “Isn’t it just a side story? I thought he was so awesome. All the people in the forum were calling him the next Mu Sicheng. The people praising him must not have played many games and haven’t received many promotion positions. Just him? The next Mu Sicheng? Is he worthy?”

Wang Shun opened his mouth but closed it without any rebuttal. He just shook his head helplessly.

Less knowledge?

He had watched so many videos of Siren Town and knew that the only players who played close to the complete side story were Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu. The video of Mu Sicheng’s gameplay of Siren Town was in the VIP video library of the system and required 40 points to watch it.

This price was enough to explain the value of the information in the video. The side story that Mu Sicheng could play out was definitely not easily done by everyone, otherwise it wouldn’t enter the VIP library.

Moreover, Wang Shun remembered that even Mu Sicheng didn’t get the final 10% for Jeff’s bloody conspiracy. Mu Sicheng had 56 points in luck when he played Siren Town. From Wang Shun’s point of view, Bai Liu could play to this level. It meant that at least in this game—

Bai Liu was far better than Mu Sicheng.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Half of Mu Sicheng’s performance is due to his luck🤞. Bai Liu is purely intelligence. But luck is also part of strenght so they are both strong players 😉 I wonder if they managed to play and cooperate in the same game, the difficulty level would spike up?

6 months ago

I thought Lucy was just a very clueless, pretty girl, but it turns out she’s as selfish as others.

6 days ago

xD here comes the bloody fued, trust your friends as you trust your enemy, you never know who’s really close to you and who’s just fooling you, secrets are best kept to the grave…