GHG: Chapter 226

Su Yang walked out of the interrogation room with a pale face. He looked more like the person being interrogated than Bai Liu. Once he came out, his knees went weak and he almost couldn’t stand firmly.

The other team members quickly helped support Su Yang.

Su Yang and Bai Liu were in an interrogation room with one-way glass. Everyone outside could hear the conversation and they understood the meaning of Bai Liu’s words just now. They saw Su Yang coming out like this and couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Captain! Use other heretics to interrogate him! For example, the Eye of Spring Water! Captain Tang said that the weakness of 0006 is water!”

“No!” The dazed Su Yang’s mind snapped back. He tightly held the team member’s hand to stop the other person’s behavior. “There is no direct evidence that Bai Liu is really a heretic. We can’t use this type of thing against him.”

“If he is just a common criminal, it is against the rules and unfair of us to use this type of thing against him.”

The team member’s face was full of unconcealed anger as he roared sharply into Su Yang’s ears, “A common criminal who put the entire city into the range of a dry leaf rose explosion?”

“Vice-captain, I know you want to hold on but you have repeatedly interrogated Bai Liu personally and prevented us from using the heretics on him. I know you want to treat Bai Liu as a criminal human being and not a heretic.”

“But does he deserve it?”

Su Yang stared at the team member with a white face but clear eyes. “He deserves it.”

The team member was blocked by Su Yang’s unwavering words. His eyes turned red and his chest rose and fell violently before he continued to question it. “Even if your lover, child and parents might’ve been tortured by this beast? Do you still insist on interrogating him without the heretics?”

“Yes, I insist.” Su Yang didn’t hesitate in the slightest. “If Bai Liu is a person then he shouldn’t be treated like a monster.”

The team member took a deep breath. “Vice-captain Su, the second team will soon come to take Bai Liu. If you can’t get something out of Bai Liu’s mouth before that happens, the second team won’t leave Bai Liu for us to deal with.”

“They will use the spring directly on Bai Liu, just like Captain Tang did.”

“I know.” Su Yang waved his hand and took a sip of the water on the table. Then he turned around and went in again. “I’ll try again.”

Su Yang walked into Bai Liu’s interrogation room again.

He hadn’t slept well for several days in a row. Combined with the destruction of the dry leaf roses and Su Yang now looked very haggard. Even so, he still tried to maintain peace of mind in front of Bai Liu, who was likely to have done something heinous to his wife and daughter.

Su Yang sat across from Bai Liu. He not only drank the water himself but also poured a glass of water for Bai Liu.

“I really want to help you. If you are willing to tell me where the explosion will take place, I will do my best to help you get leniency.”

Bai Liu’s eyes fell lightly on the glass of water like a dragonfly.

This vice-captain Su, who Tang Erda was obsessed with, definitely wasn’t a very emotional person. No wonder why he could be the tactician of Tang Erda’s team. This person’s mentality was too fixed to be easily shaken.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to tell you.” Bai Liu immediately changed his tone and sighed regretfully. “I can’t tell you.”

Su Yang heard Bai Liu’s change of tone and pursued it. “Why can’t you tell me? Is something threatening you or preventing you from saying something? If the initiator of the explosion is someone else and if you are afraid of retaliation after leaving here, we can arrange things for you…”

Bai Liu interrupted Su Yang’s assurances. He controlled his expression and looked at this person indifferently. “It isn’t any of that. I can say it but you won’t be able to hear it, remember it, see it or touch it.”

“Your captain fought desperately so that you…” Bai Liu turned to look at the black glass.

He knew that Tang Erda’s team members were standing outside and watching him with hatred but he didn’t mind much. “—And these people behind the glass will never see the truth.”

Bai Liu turned back to Su Yang. “I think it is stupid but this is the stupidity he wants to pursue. If you couldn’t bear this stupid protection, I would probably cut it off cruelly.”

“However, this time—” Bai Liu stared into Su Yang’s light-colored eyes for a long time before continuing, “I will let Captain Tang say goodbye to you in his own stupid way.”

Su Yang was startled. “…What do you mean?”

Just then, his communicator rang.

“Vice-captain Su, Captain Tang is coming!”

“Vice-captain Su, the people of the second team are also coming!”

Su Yang’s expression was slightly grim and he stood up, wanting to go out. Bai Liu calmly watched him and answered his question.

“Vice-captain Su, when you are with your wife and daughter, do you feel that your close protection is too strong and will kill them one day?”

Su Yang was slightly stunned.

Bai Liu said softly, “Your captain feels the same way.”

He finished saying this and turned to look at the glass. His eyes were extremely quiet with no waves in them. It seemed like he could see the situation through the glass even though it could only be viewed one way.

However, Su Yang knew this was impossible. Unless Bai Liu had the special contact lens like him, Bai Liu wouldn’t be able to see the other side of the glass.

Su Yang walked out of the interrogation room amidst the summons from outside. He strangely felt a type of tenderness from this more indifferent Bai Liu, as if he was being merciful.

Bai Liu seemed to have been preparing to do something even crueler to Su Yang, but for some reason, he finally stopped and handed over the right of choice to Captain Tang.

The confused Su Yang walked out of the interrogation room and stepped into the fiery confrontation outside.

Compared to the third team who stayed at headquarters for a long time, the murderous aura of the second team that directly contained the high-risk heretics was much heavier. Their means of identifying harmful heretics was much more decisive and cruel.

Due to the different division of duties, the overall authority of the second team was one level higher than the third team. In other words, it was like the member of the third team just said. If the people of the second team wanted to take Bai Liu away, no one could stop them.

There was only one special case in the third team—Captain Tang.

Tang Erda’s authority was given to him by the former captain of the first team and it was the highest authority in the entire bureau. In other words, it was higher than the second team.

If Tang Erda was there, it wouldn’t be easy for the second team to take Bai Liu away.

Yet in such a major crisis, it also wasn’t easy for Tang Erda to save Bai Liu from the hands of the captain of the second team who acted ruthlessly.

The moment Su Yang came out, he saw Tang Erda coldly confronting the captain of the second team.

The captain of the second team was a man who didn’t look very friendly. His left eye was covered with an eyepatch and there were two crisscrossed old scars from his chin to his collarbone. His uniform coat was loosely draped over his shoulders and there was still some unwashed blood on the fluttering sleeves. The ID card hanging casually from his coat read:

[Captain of the second team: Cen Buming]

Everyone present knew that Captain Cen’s eye was eaten on the spot when a heretic was being arrested, along with his former vice-captain.

Up to now, the second team still didn’t have another vice-captain. Captain Cen didn’t promote anyone to be his vice-captain and left it empty. He alone was the core leader of the team and the entire team only listened to his command. The force of the whole team was surprisingly strong.

“Captain Tang, Heretic 0006 should be handed over to the second team to deal with.” Cen Buming got straight to the point. “The explosion is about to happen. The third team has taken control of the heretic for 13 minutes but still found nothing about the explosion. They were supposed to enter the next stage of the interrogation immediately after the heretic was arrested but your vice-captain—”

Cen Buming’s intact eyeball bulged slightly and there was a type of dim yellow precipitation. Like a wounded eagle, he gave people a strong sense of being prey when he stared at them. “Su Yang didn’t act and has dragged it out until now. This is a major dereliction of duty.”

Tang Erda stepped forward to block Su Yang. “I instructed it. It isn’t certain yet if Bai Liu is a heretic and we can’t directly carry out this type of torture.”

Cen Buming looked away from Su Yang and turned to Tang Erda, smiling sarcastically. “Captain Tang, if I remember correctly, you already tortured Heretic 0006 with more than three heretics just 25 hours ago.”

“This heretic released all the heretics in the headquarters in the process of escaping, causing 67 members of the team to be injured, 17 of whom were seriously injured and are still lying in the emergency room.”

“At 4:17 a.m. the next day, the escaped heretic claimed to have set up an explosion in the Rose Factory in retaliation in order to pollute the whole city.”

“Now you are telling me that he isn’t a heretic?” Cen Buming tugged the coat off his shoulders and casually threw it aside. He took a yellow-brown file bag from the team member behind him and opened it directly in front of Tang Erda. He pulled out the file inside and threw it at him. “Take a look, Captain Tang.”

Tang Erda took the file and saw the number on it—0006.

The file being here meant that headquarters already treated Bai Liu as a heretic.

Tang Erda’s expression was solemn as he opened the file.

[Name of Heretic Item]: Bai Liu.

[Number]: CEDT-0006.

[Report]: He was predicted and captured by the captain of the third team, showing close ties to other heretics in the process of escaping…

…Humanoid heretic with human-like thinking and ability to carry out actions. He is the first living heretic to be captured by the Dangerous Heretics Bureau…

…The captain of the third team stated that not only does this heretic have the ability to manipulate other heretics but he also shows great hostility to humans. He likes to torture humans and is good at bewitching and manipulating human beings. His ability to pollute others is very strong. He can pollute living people into heretics for his own use…

…Major group injury was caused…

…After testing, this heretic has a strong rejection of water-based liquids (including but not limited to fresh water, sea water, etc)…

[Containment method]: It isn’t recommended to contain him. He will be destroyed immediately once arrested.

[Danger Level]: Unknown (extremely high and can’t be classified with the existing classification).

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