GHG: Chapter 224

“Immediately arrest heretic No. 0006 Bai Liu!”

Su Yang took out the walkie-talkie and gave a sharp order. “Tell headquarters to transport a large number of gas masks and exhaust fans. The rest of the team members will go to the periphery and use the exhaust fans to surround the entire factory.”

“Be sure to contain the fragrance overflowing from the explosion within a certain range!”

The team members saluted and turned away.

In the open space in front of the factory, there were only a few members left who raised their guns at Bai Liu. Su Yang and Lu Yizhan hadn’t regained their minds at all and were staring in disbelief as Bai Liu’s clothes flew in the night wind.

Bai Liu still had the leisure to wave at Lu Yizhan, without the slightest awareness that he had committed a heinous crime and needed to run away immediately. He smiled at Lu Yizhan. “Remember to treat me to hot pot for 30 years, Lu Yizhan.”

Lu Yizhan was unknowingly taken away by Bai Liu’s words and wanted to blurt out, ‘Isn’t it hot pot for 10 years?’

How did the price suddenly rise to 30 years?

Before Lu Yizhan could say these words, Bai Liu raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. He seemed to see the team members who went around him and were ready to arrest him and he was also fully prepared to be captured.

The team members were stunned for less than a second. Then they quickly stepped forward, pulled Bai Liu’s back and bound his wrists with the strongest handcuffs.

At this time, Su Yang’s solemn reminder came from the communicator hanging from one of the team member’s shoulders. “Be careful not to talk to him! Captain Tang said he had a strong speaking ability. He is very good at guiding others to do things for him!”

“Is that so, Vice-captain Su?” The handcuffed Bai Liu approached the team member’s communicator slowly. He pressed the answer button with his chin before the team member could react and laughed at the communicator. “What if I tell you that I have a solution to the rose perfume on you? Will I be allowed to speak then?”

The eyes of all the team members focused on Bai Liu in an instant. One team member couldn’t hold back. He even stepped forward to grab Bai Liu’s collar, trying to force him to say what the solution was!

This was the way to save Vice-captain Su and the thousands of ordinary people in the bureau!

Su Yang’s breathing stopped for a moment. Then he coldly ordered, “Place him in a mouth shackle and forbid anyone from having private contact with him until headquarters comes to take him!”

“Of course, if you are willing to give the location of the explosion then I can let you speak.” Su Yang slowed down his tone. This was a common psychological pressure method for their interrogation sessions.

Bai Liu sighed and answered honestly. “I honestly tried to stop it but sure enough, it is the explosion that solves everything.”

Su Yang paused for less than a second. “Block his mouth and stop him from communicating with anyone. Don’t be guided by his words.”

The team members stuck a huge ring shackle on both sides of Bai Liu’s mouth and pushed his upper and lower jaws apart. This was usually used on heretics to prevent them from biting or attacking people during transportation. It was a bit like the dentist’s forced mouthpiece.

However, it looked more horrible than that.

Bai Liu was escorted from the top of the building with his mouth half open, unable to speak. Bai Liu squinted at Lu Yizhan as he passed by and made a number 30 with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

Lu Yizhan was dumbfounded as Bai Liu passed by him and was escorted to the car.

Lu Yizhan’s knees were a bit weak for a moment. He took two deep breaths to stabilize his body before he looked up at Su Yang, who was following behind the car. “You… what are you going to do with Bai Liu?”

“Interrogation.” Su Yang put one foot into the car and turned to look at Lu Yizhan behind him. “I will hand it over to a professional and use the real method of interrogating a heretic.”

Then he closed the car door.

The last time Lu Yizhan saw Bai Liu, this man was looking up at him with eyes as calm as water.

It was as if he anticipated all of this.


The car, which had almost arrived at the factory, made a sharp turn under Mu Ke’s driving and rushed to another road, leaving black tire marks on the road.

“You can’t get through to Bai Liu’s phone?” Mu Ke kept his eyes on the road but his entire body was leaning back against the seat, his tone so deep that it seemed like water was dripping. “Bai Liu didn’t hang up the phone when he made that declaration. Captain Tang, you know what Bai Liu has done for you, right?”

“He should’ve been taken away by your heretics administration. You had better rescue him in return.” Mu Ke’s eyes were gloomy to the limit. “Otherwise, I won’t leave your heretics administration alone if something happens to Bai Liu.”

“—Including you, Captain Tang.” Mu Ke glared into the rearview mirror.

Tang Erda sat in the back row and his mind wasn’t very clear. Bai Liu’s words just now had clearly messed him up. It was obviously the same as other timelines but the purpose was completely different.

This made Tang Erda wonder if the Bai Liu (6) in other timelines was also trying to save people?

Then Tang Erda quickly dismissed such an idea. Bai Liu (6) hadn’t wanted to save people at all. The reason why he went to the factory was to watch, or rather, to appreciate the explosion that made the world collapse.

Bai Liu (6) knew when the first generation factory manager would detonate the explosion. At that time, he guided the entire third team to the Rose Factory and stood on the top floor with the best view. It was just to have a front row seat to watch the disaster that affected everyone.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu was completely different. This guy actually found inspiration from this type of thing and used it to achieve what he hadn’t been able to do before.

Tang Erda never thought there would be such a practice of threatening others to make them follow his own pace but this was indeed Bai Liu’s style of doing things.

The process was tragic, the means were outrageous and the cost was high—this wasn’t a method that a normal person could come up with.

However, Bai Liu did achieve his goal.

The sirens echoed sharply in the air over and over again. Now the lights in the houses on both sides of the street had started to come on one after another. Tang Erda saw people running out of their homes in a panic in their pajamas. They hurried to run away and constantly approached the outskirts of the city amidst the sirens.

At the same time, a considerable number of heavily armed police officers arrived at the sound of the sirens. Tang Erda also saw some team members following them.

They wore masks and gloves and were tightly covered all over. All of them held an electric fan extractor the size of a shield. They were well trained and formed a line exactly five kilometers away from the factory.

The originally quiet streets were immediately bustling.

Tang Erda kept his composure and tried his best to get a clue from this bizarre situation.

“Bai Liu’s mobile phone is turned off. He should’ve been controlled by the team. Mu Sicheng’s phone isn’t in the service area and it isn’t clear what his situation is. If two high risk heretics, Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng, were controlled together, they are likely to be transferred to the general bureau for interrogation.”

Tang Erda let out a long breath. “If Bai Liu protected Mu Sicheng and was arrested by himself, I know that the Dangerous Heretics Bureau has a base three kilometers from here.”

“It is specifically used to pre-process the heretics who are about to enter the general bureau. The explosion hasn’t happened yet. In order to find the specific information of the explosion, Bai Liu is likely to be transferred there to be interrogated by people from the bureau.”

“What if during the interrogation, Bai Liu doesn’t say anything and continues to pretend to be the initiator of the explosion in order to ensure that the citywide evacuation continues? What will happen to him?” Mu Ke asked calmly.

Tang Erda’s voice was a bit hoarse. “…We can use some heretics specifically for interrogation on him.”

Mu Ke’s hand holding the steering wheel tightened. “Including that Murphy mirror, right?”

Tang Erda closed his eyes and replied with difficulty. “…Yes.”

Mu Ke gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator.


Bai Liu’s eyes were covered with black cloth and he was brought to an interrogation room. It wasn’t until he sat down that the black cloth covering his face was removed.

Bai Liu raised an eyebrow with surprise when he saw the person on the other side.

Su Yang stared at him with deep eyes. He placed his fingers into Bai Liu’s mouth and touched the ring stuck around the teeth on both sides of Bai Liu’s mouth. Su Yang’s fingers slightly hooked and the shackle that made Bai Liu unable to speak was removed from his face.

The moment the shackle pressing down on the gums was removed, blood oozed from the corners of Bai Liu’s mouth.

He casually licked away the cold metallic blood and looked directly at Su Yang with a half smile. “I didn’t expect that Vice-captain Su would be interested in interrogating me a second time.”

“Isn’t this what you wanted to see?” Su Yang didn’t avoid it and stared directly into Bai Liu’s eyes. “You pointed out that I am poisoned by the rose perfume and used this to lure my team members. If they come to interrogate you while worried about me, they will be easily led by you.”

Bai Liu’s hands were handcuffed but he leaned against the seat in a relaxed manner, his smile becoming deeper. “So in order to protect the team members from being affected by me, you chose to come in person. Vice-captain Su, you are a really good vice-captain.”

“It reminds me of a captain who isn’t very popular.”

“—Compared to you.” Bai Liu lifted his eyelids and looked at Su Yang. “His treatment by the team members is really pitiful. There is such a big thing and no one cares where he has gone.”

Su Yang felt pained for a while as he thought of Tang Erda, who had originally insisted on capturing Bai Liu only to be met with doubts and questions. Then he soon forced himself to calm down and not be distracted by Bai Liu. He continued to calmly confront Bai Liu.

The captain was right. Bai Liu was too good at manipulating people’s emotions. It was like a heretic’s ability.

“You wanted me to interrogate you and you have achieved your goal.” Su Yang stared straight at Bai Liu. “Now are you willing to tell me where the explosion site is?”

“No, I don’t want to,” Bai Liu said softly.

Su Yang stared at Bai Liu. “Why are you doing this? If you have a purpose, tell us. Those of us at the bureau can help you achieve it in a more reasonable way.”

“There is no reason for it.” Bai Liu looked at Su Yang on the other side with interest. “If I had to say something, I am just trying to tell everyone in this world that in addition to cigarettes and alcohol, there is a third type of pastime that can make people fascinated.”

“They should try the smell of roses.” Bai Liu leaned forward and whispered softly in Su Yang’s ear. “It is because it is really wonderful.”

“I’m sure your captain will agree with me.”

Su Yang’s pupils contracted slightly.

Author’s small interview:

Author (raises a microphone): Recently, a reader reported that you are very happy to act the villain. Classmate 6, is this true?

2 (angry): He isn’t acting! He is saving people!

Mu Ke (filled with hate): He isn’t acting! He is in danger!

6 (smiling): I’m not acting.

2 + Mu Ke: ????

+1: …= = I knew it.

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