GHG: Chapter 222

More and more people gathered under the king screen in the central hall, but the screen replay soon came to an end.

The crowd couldn’t hold back their excitement and shouted.

“Go to the exit to meet President Bai who cleared the game!”

Therefore, the crowd went to the exit with great momentum.

The exit, which had always been running smoothly, was now crowded with people. It wasn’t only the members of the guild who came to greet Bai Liu. Some came to join in while others were guilds who came to inquire about Bai Liu’s situation.

Fortunately, everyone was divided into dimensions or such a dense flow of people was prone to cause a stampede accident.

At a glance, the exit was bustling with people. Almost everyone tried to stretch out their necks to see Bai Liu coming out of the exit.

It was in this situation of great attention that Bai Liu walked out of the exit.

There were so many people coming and going at the exit, but the moment that Bai Liu stepped out of the exit, any eyes looking in his direction would easily recognize this man wearing a plain white shirt, suit pants and with a strange and calm temperament.

“—Bai Liu!”

“He really beat a level three game and came out!!”

The group of onlookers, who originally made a passage out of restraint, immediately surrounded Bai Liu after hearing these two shouts. They formed an airtight semicircle. Everyone wanted to see the strange man who fell into the No Man’s Land and was able to climb to the top of the king’s list.

Fortunately, the guild members brought by Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng forcibly opened a passage and opened up a distance between these people and Bai Liu.

Bai Liu was followed by Tang Erda and Liu Jiayi, who also came out of the exit. Meanwhile, Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng were in front of him.

Amidst the cheers, jubilation and screams of the crowd, there was a man covered in blood who was lying on the ground. He used his half-closed eyes to see through the shadows of countless moving legs and feet to the center where Bai Liu was whispering something to Tang Erda next to him.

Bai Liu stood in the center of the crowd. He was surrounded by everyone but he was at the center of everyone.

However, the man knew that with one look from Bai Liu, this group of crazy people would quiet down and follow his next command.

The man had already dreamed about this scene 3,741 times.

His apple green eyes reflected Bai Liu, who was separated by countless people, and the people around Bai Liu. There was Tang Erda standing behind Bai Liu’s left shoulder, Liu Jiayi who was as tall as Bai Liu’s waist, Mu Ke who couldn’t hold back his tears as soon as he got close to Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng, who grinned and placed his elbow on Bai Liu’s right shoulder.

In that case, the person who was originally closest to Bai Liu in the dream was him.

He would always stand 16 inches behind Bai Liu (6), in a protective position where he could attack everyone except for Bai Liu (6). He would stand in that position and wait for Bai Liu (6) to turn and pat his head, back or shoulders, smiling at him. “Daniel, good job.”

As Bai Liu moved in a straight line closer to him, he suddenly moved.

Daniel moved his injured limbs. He passed through the soles of some people’s feet and his head was trampled on by some people, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. His eyes stared at Bai Liu’s face as he stubbornly crawled forward inch by inch, dragging a long bloodstain on the ground.

He finally reached the place where he had been before—16 inches from Bai Liu.

Daniel stopped moving. He was quiet as he was trampled on by the crowd without making any noise. His limbs struggled to support his two broken and trembling forearms, like an animal cub hiding in the grass after his first injury while hunting.

He raised his head slightly and crawled under everyone’s feet. He looked up at Bai Liu (6) through the gap in the dense crowd and a faint light appeared in his eyes. Blood ran down his chin and dripped onto the back of his trembling hands.

Daniel was waiting for the man to turn around and look for him—he would definitely look back.

Bai Liu (6) always turned his head to confirm Daniel’s presence every time they left the game. If he wasn’t there, Bai Liu (6) wouldn’t leave and would wait until he appeared.

[Daniel is my most important child.]

Bai Liu (6) always said this with a relaxed smile, as if to make him laugh.

Bai Liu walked to that position and suddenly stopped. Daniel’s breathing paused as he raised his head. Bai Liu had a circle of light above his head and there was no emotion on his face. He had experienced the same game torture but this person was strong and indifferent like a god.

—It was just like in his dreams.

Bai Liu turned around with a smile that Daniel could draw with his eyes closed. Bai Liu placed his hand on Mu Ke’s head and chuckled. “Why are you crying? You did a good job, Mu Ke.”

In front of the suffering child, his god bestowed a blessing to another child.

It was just because the child was crying happily.

Mu Ke was originally fine. Then when he was comforted by Bai Liu, he cried until he almost had a heart attack.

Bai Liu never wasted time dealing with Mu Ke so he gave a simple and neat order. “Stop it. I have something for you to do.”

Mu Ke’s tears stopped in response and he looked at Bai Liu with misty eyes, trying his best to put on a serious face. “…What is it?”

As they were talking, a bloody hand with the skin of several knuckles torn off suddenly reached out from the crowd. It extended and grabbed at Bai Liu’s ankle from behind Mu Ke, trying to prevent Bai Liu’s departure. The extremely soft words ‘Padre (Father)’ came out.

Mu Ke was startled and instinctively took a step forward, blocking this hand from touching Bai Liu.

The hand was kicked away by Mu Ke and collapsed weakly to the ground. It was as if this was his last strength. Therefore, the hand was quickly surrounded by the crowd and disappeared.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Liu turned back to Mu Ke.

“It’s nothing… it seemed as if someone was playing a prank.” Mu Ke turned his head in a confused manner, trying to find the person who had just reached out from among the dense crowd.

Bai Liu had offended many people and there wasn’t a small number of guilds that wanted to target him. It was just really strange to do it in the game hall. Players in the hall couldn’t attack each other and the bloody hand felt like a horror game item.

Therefore, Mu Ke felt that it should be a prank used to disgust Bai Liu.

Mu Ke still wanted to find out who this person was but after searching twice, he couldn’t identify the person based on just one hand. He had to give up and look at Bai Liu. “…What did you just say to me?”

The moment when Mu Ke turned around, Bai Liu’s eyes were completely blocked by Mu Ke’s shoulders. It was no longer possible to look at the crowd cheering for him or below the crowd.

He couldn’t know that at the lowest point of the crowd, in a place where light couldn’t penetrate at all, there was a pair of blood-stained green eyes that stared unwillingly, madly and never wavering at the back of Bai Liu who walked away without a word.

He looked at everyone who was standing by Bai Liu’s side, who was saved by him and given grace.

“Mu Ke, do you still remember the address of the factory under investigation?” Bai Liu looked at Mu Ke and asked. “The factory is about to explode. We have to quickly log out and rush over.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Tang Erda looked at Bai Liu with disbelief. “Do you still want to blow up the factory?”

His mind was still stuck on Su Yang telling him that Bai Liu had blown up the factory. Therefore, Tang Erda hadn’t worried that the factory would explode since he was following closely behind Bai Liu. He thought that as long as he watched Bai Liu closely, the explosion at the factory wouldn’t happen.

“I didn’t blow up the factory. If my guess is correct, it should be part of the game’s inherent program when logging into reality.” Bai Liu spoke very quickly. “It is the first generation factory manager who started the explosion.”

Then Bai Liu didn’t care if Tang Erda believed him or not and looked directly at Mu Ke.

After a brief moment of consternation, Mu Ke quickly followed Bai Liu’s train of thought. He searched through his memory for the information and replied positively. “I remember the address of the factory.”

“Okay, now check for the logout location among us that is closest to the factory.” Bai Liu looked at the people around him. “Has anyone logged in or out of the game around there? It is best to have a car.”

Everyone seriously searched through their login addresses.

Tang Erda looked a bit unsteady. Bai Liu patted him on the shoulder and told him calmly, “Relax. No matter what happens, I have a solution.”

Usually, Tang Erda would only feel a chill when the words ‘I have a solution’ came out of Bai Liu (6)’s mouth. Now it came from Bai Liu and it was surprisingly reassuring to him.

Tang Erda let out a turbid breath and relaxed his mind. He quickly checked his logout positions.

“I have a logout location that is 5 kilometers away from that place.” Mu Sicheng quickly raised a hand. “I rented an apartment off campus and it is right there. I have a vehicle but it can only carry two people at most. It is better to change to another…”

Bai Liu quickly interrupted Mu Sicheng’s words. “Two people are fine. What type of vehicle is it? Is it fast enough?”

Mu Sicheng’s mouth twitched. “…It is fast enough. It is a heavy motorcycle.”


At 4 o’clock in the morning, the streets near the suburbs were quiet.

It was obviously a nuisance to rush through such a quiet street on a roaring motorcycle but the two people on the motorcycle couldn’t care about that now.

Bai Liu in the back seat couldn’t sit down. He arched his waist and approached Mu Sicheng, who was sitting in front. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and the night wind caused his white shirt to swell as he held onto Mu Sicheng’s waist.

Any traffic cop who saw these two people driving in such a posture would blow whistles at them.

“…I told you that this motorcycle is usually ridden only by myself and generally doesn’t carry people. It is a single-seater.” Mu Sicheng wore a large helmet and gripped the handles of the motorcycle, controlling the direction to prevent Bai Liu from being thrown off from the back of the motorcycle.

He complained helplessly, “There is only one helmet but you f*king had to come up! You also had me drive at full speed!”

“It is more than 400 at full speed! If you are thrown off, your brain will be splattered on the ground!”

“I believe that you won’t let me die.” Bai Liu gave orders with no panic. He glanced at the time on Mu Sicheng’s motorcycle and calmly instructed, “Drive at full speed or it will be too late to stop the game from logging in.”

“F*!” Mu Sicheng cursed in a low voice. His hand squeezed twice and the engine of his motorcycle let out a huge roar. “Hold on tight. If you are thrown off or the traffic police stops us, I will place full responsibility on you!”

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