GHG: Chapter 22

The forum questioned whether Bai Liu’s operation was good or not but Wang Shun had already expected such a scene.

Bai Liu’s previous performance was too amazing and the amount of points he was charged was too much. The total amount had surpassed 500. The previous record holder of Siren Town, Mu Sicheng, had got more than 1,000 points from charging. Over 500 points was quite high for a pure newcomer.

Being too eye-catching would inevitably attract other people’s envy. Other people played Siren Town and had to live in fear of danger. After deducting the cost of the items, they barely earned one or two hundred points. Meanwhile, Bai Liu could use dozens of points to buy items to easily fight the monsters and could earn hundreds of points.

The effect of the show and the cost-effectiveness of his instance clearance were incredible. If nothing else, Wang Shun was certain that Bai Liu must be in the overall rankings in the future.

Nevertheless, he was curious about what the remaining barrels of alcohol that Bai Liu bought would be used for. Wang Shun felt that Bai Liu was the type of player who wouldn’t squander one point. This operation of having five idle barrels of alcohol and buying the water bubble didn’t match him.

According to the process, the player was about to go ashore. There were merfolk statues on the shore and they couldn’t be burned by alcohol at all. The brightness of the light emitted by burning alcohol wasn’t strong enough to match the level that the merfolk statues were afraid of.

Wang Shun frowned and fell into thought.

The single-player zone where Bai Liu was located was much larger than the previous dark corner. If the death comedy zone was like a 1980s video hall then this was a clean and tidy big game hall, with small TVs distributed in each zone.

Moreover, Bai Liu was in the ‘recommended’ area. The system recommendation area was at the entrance of the single-player zone. The flow of people here was quite good and the conditions for going up were relatively loose. A player could go up by earning only 2,000 likes in one minute so it was a highly competitive area.

Generally, old players with a certain fan base would rely on the fans they accumulated in the previous games to quickly collect 2,000 likes and rise to this promotion position. This position could be regarded as a very standard springboard promotion position. The flow of people was good, the location was good and the conditions for entering it weren’t too harsh. As long as players did well, they could rise to a higher promotion position. This meant it could be regarded as a battlefield to be fought for.

This promotion position was generally where old players relied on their fans to fight. In order to get to this position, many mid-level and low-level players would tear at each other and fight. Few newcomers could rise here.

Bai Liu’s ability to get this position as a newcomer caused a lot of controversy and attracted many curious eyes. In addition, the forum was still arguing about his operation so more people came to watch the newcomer who had a strange brain circuit.

As Wang Shun was thinking, more and more people gathered behind him.

The viewing area of each player’s small TV was an infinitely expandable space that could accommodate countless players. It looked like a small place from outside but once inside, they would find it could accommodate thousands of spectators.

The dense group of players talked in front of Bai Liu’s small TV.

“Isn’t this system recommendation a demon field? It is said that there is a bloody storm before it opens. Why is there a newcomer here?”

“Hiss— the data of this newcomer is a bit awesome. A pure newcomer can play so well so the system will help. It is no wonder the recommendation position is given.”

“However, this newcomer rose up. Then the person who was in the system recommendation position before will go down. I remember that the last batch of players recommended by the system were crazy. It is said there was also a murderer for the show effect… who was pushed down by this guy named Bai Liu?”

“I will look… f*k! He squeezed down Brother Gou!”

“F*k! This newcomer is going to be cold!”

“I saw on the forum that Brother Gou has cleared the game. He should now know that he has been squeezed out of the promotion position. I’m lighting a candle for this newcomer.”

A tall man over two meters tall with a long scar on his right eye walked into the area.

The man’s face was full of flesh and the flesh on his cheeks was stacked on top of each other. His teeth were clenched and he looked like a savage Shar Pei about to bite. This man had a fat upper body and used a black steel nail belt to carry a machete as wide as two palms on his back.

Some viewers secretly stepped away.

This person was Brother Gou. It was said that his last game was a multiplayer game. This person killed his other teammates and stole from them before clearing the level for the effect of the show.

After killing, he peeled their skin from their bones for the show effects. There were quite a few perverts in this game who liked to watch this type of bloody scene. This Brother Gou should’ve had blood on his hands before entering the game. His actions were extremely skilled and in the eyes of the audience who liked such scenes, they were as elegant as a cat.

Brother Gou walked to Wang Shun’s side. His left eye glanced at Wang Shun and Wang Shun got a chill. He smartly retreated to give the best viewing position. Brother Gou immediately sat down on the ground and grinned viciously as he stared at the screen. “I want to see what little bunny has taken my position. I will follow him in the next game to see how good he is.”

The people who were just whispering fell silent. Bai Liu might’ve reached this position due to his own ability but he had provoked the vicious Brother Gou. Even if he could survive this game, he wouldn’t survive the next one. In the last game, Brother Gou killed his teammates and robbed them of over 36,000 points and some items. His wealth was so high that he wasn’t someone Bai Liu could contend with.

Wang Shun frowned and opened his own game manager. He used his skill to inquire about the information of this Brother Gou.

[Player Name: Li Gou]

[Player Occupation (before entering the game): Butcher.]

[Reason for entering the game: Imprisoned for the cruel rape and murder of a female high school student who bought meat from him in the afternoon. A strong desire to survive was aroused during the trial and he entered the game.]

[Core wish: He wants to be released from prison and wants to retaliate against those who accused him. He has drawn up a retaliation plan and decided to accumulate points to be released from prison before setting a fire to kill the family of the female high school student who accused him.]

[Recommended products in the game store for fulfilling the wish: Crime erasing cream (can make changes to the face, giving all the people who committed a death penalty crime to live a brand new life and brand new face. One bottle lasts for 10 years and one bottle costs 12,000 points), seamless arson match (just lighting one stick can cause a fire that is considered an accident at this location. Remember, it is an accident~ It has nothing to do with you. One stick is 21,000 points).]

The detailed criminal record of Li Gou was also attached below the information. Wang Shun hesitated before clicking on it.

Li Gou’s criminal record was raping and killing a female high school student in a small alley.

The female high school student was in her third year of high school. She was on a break from school and went to buy meat to help her parents who were cooking. In the end, she was raped by the malicious Li Gou. Since she resisted fiercely, he became angry and chopped off the girl’s hand with a knife. The girl bled to death in the process.

Li Gou didn’t want to be discovered so he chopped off the girl’s hands and feet, selling her meat as pork.

The girl’s parents thought their daughter was tired from studying and went for a walk when she didn’t return from buying meat for a long time. They even went to buy the meat. They almost collapsed when they learned the truth.

However, Li Gou gritted his teeth and insisted he killed her unintentionally. He just saw she was pretty and wanted to tease her. He didn’t expect to kill her by mistake. His later actions of chopping off her hands and feet and selling her meat was due to regret, not intentional torture.

The girl’s parents were stubborn and wanted to sue him even if they lost all their money. He was indeed sentenced to death. This aroused his resentment and desire for revenge, becoming an opportunity for Li Gou to enter the game.

TL Note: The author wrote a disclaimer in later chapters because Chinese readers were getting frustrated with the audience comments. The audience comments are important for giving some information about the background of the world etc. The author actually got rid of around 5,000 words of comments before releasing but couldn’t eliminate anymore or else things wouldn’t make sense. The audience comments won’t show up so frequently once the first arc is over. It is also the reason why I said the first arc is a bit slow due to the setup.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

What is wrong with this game world providing ways for murderers. Too afraid to make the audience obvious ghosts but includes rapists smh…

2 years ago

i also thought the audience was interfering too much
im relieved that it will be reduced later on

1 year ago

I have no problems with the audiences’ discussion but tbh I find them annoying and redundant everytime they talk bs about BL lmaooo, like they watch his stream and one wrong and they will leave, what a lack of faith yet they’ll be kissing his ass later 😂

1 year ago

Nah the audience’s comments means nothing to me since reality is also like this, now-praising, then-stepping sort of behavior.

9 months ago

I like the audience comments for some reason…

7 months ago

It’s so unfair that this guy can kill other players in instances and face no consequences. The game should have more strict rules about it, but I guess it’s enjoyable for the audience to watch so nothing will be done to stop it. Also, the story about the female student is just so sad. The fact that he wants to get revenge on the family- revenge for what?? He literally did everything they accused him of… what an evi, disgusting monster.

6 months ago

As I do find the audience’s comment annoying, it won’t actually disappear later on in the story right? I mean, I don’t want it to completely disappear… Guess I got a little attached

3 months ago

I am glad to know that the comments are reduced in the future