GHG: Chapter 213

Bai Liu didn’t stay there for long. He soon casually wrapped up Tawil’s body and placed it on the cart. He turned to look at the crowd behind him and there was a hypocritical smile on his face that could be recognized instantly, no matter whether it was Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke, Liu Jiayi or Tang Erda. He declared softly, “Now, let’s overthrow this evil Rose Factory.”


The game lobby, the burial mound dancing area.

No matter how hard Mu Ke and the others persevered and how they begged the passing audience to help give Bai Liu points, a like or to bookmark him, under the high pressure of a large guild, Bai Liu’s small TV inevitably fell to the burial mound dancing area.

No matter whether it was Mu Ke, who was pampered since he was born, or Mu Sicheng, who had a good family situation and who had never bowed once from childhood to adulthood and even after entering the game—They gave up their self-esteem and face and went to pull passersby one by one to help Bai Liu delay time with all their strength.

They saw that the game on Bai Liu’s small TV was finally coming to an end and both of them sighed with relief.

In this protracted battle, it was too hard to fight against an opponent like the Kings Guild.

Now it was fine for Bai Liu to drop to the little black house area. They just had to pay a ransom to get him out. It didn’t matter how long it took during this period. It should be enough for Bai Liu to pass the game.

“Queen, if this continues, Bai Liu might really be able to smoothly pass the instance.” Someone moved closer to the Queen’s shoulder and whispered with an ugly expression. “It is currently the support season. If we can’t block him in two sieges… this is too shameful. The support rate of our guild will be affected…”

“We can’t fail.” Hearts crossed her arms and looked at Bai Liu’s small TV without hesitation. “This siege will soon be over.”

The man next to Hearts was stunned.

Soon, someone couldn’t hide his excitement as he ran over. He stopped in front of the Queen of Hearts and bowed respectfully before looking up. “Queen! Our guild’s Shield has just cleared the game in the game pool. Should we have him come over?”

Hearts nodded slightly. “Let him come.”

The expression of the worried team member suddenly changed as he glanced at Hearts in disbelief. Then he approached the team member who came to report the situation and asked again, face obviously full of joy. “Is it the full member of the team, Shield, who wants to come over?”

The excitement on the person’s face couldn’t be hidden at all as he nodded repeatedly. “Yes! The moment he came out of the game pool, he rushed to this side! He is already on the way!”

“This siege can be ended immediately the moment Shield comes!”

Mu Sicheng frowned as he looked at the members of the Kings Guild who started to make a fuss in the small TV area. “What are they doing? Did they go crazy because they saw that they can’t block Bai Liu?”

“Probably not.” Mu Ke had a vague sense of foreboding in his heart. “…They are all smiling.”

Mu Ke didn’t expect the members of the Kings Guild to tell them what they were laughing about. He quickly opened the system panel, opened the forum and searched for the information he wanted.

Soon, a popular post caught his attention.

[The Kings Guild’s Shield has left the game pool. It seems he is going to join the containment team. Hearts is acting too big this time!]

“…Who is Shield?” Mu Ke asked.

Mu Sicheng had also opened the forum and his expression turned gloomy the moment he saw the title. He quickly explained to the newcomer Mu Ke. “It is a title in the team.”

“The five-man teams in the league are regularly divided into the Attacker, the Shield, the Wanderer, the Control and the Tactician.”

“I haven’t seen a game from the Kings Guild but I heard they have a dual Control team and both Control players are extremely good. One of the Control players was Hearts and the other was supposed to be Little Witch this year.”

“Good Attacker players are hard to find and Hearts hasn’t found a suitable rotation. The quality of their team’s Attacker is very poor.”

Mu Sicheng raised dull eyes. “In order to make up for this defect, the Shield of their team is extremely strong.”

There was the sound of heavy footsteps in the distance. Mu Ke turned to look and the expression on his face and his breathing became stagnant for a moment.

A huge monster so tall that Mu Ke couldn’t even see the top of his head appeared. This person was wearing heavy brass armor on his hands and legs and several circles of spiked bracelets on his wrists. As he walked, the rings collided with each other and made a noise. Every time he moved, it seemed that the dimensional space split by the system was vibrating along with him.

His hands and feet were extremely long. He waved away the spectators and crowds that tried to block his way as easily and simply as waving away ants or the grass that grew on the country road. No one could stop him at all.

He slowly walked to Hearts in the center of the small TV area, lowered his head and placed his left hand over his heart to salute. He knelt on one knee and his voice echoed loudly, like a cannonball. It made people cover their heads and want to kneel.

“Queen, Τιτν (Titan) is here.”

Hearts lifted the hem of her skirt and curtsied slightly in return. Then she put her hand on Titan’s huge fingers, allowing Titan to awkwardly kiss her hand.

“Τιτν,do me a favor (English).” Hearts turned to Mu Ke, who was standing on the edge and smiled slightly. “Beat them as usual (English).”

At this moment, she smiled and had an indescribable resemblance to Bai Liu on the small TV.

Titan raised his head and turned to face Mu Ke and the others. He reached out a palm that was the size of an adult head and looked down at the retreating and vigilant Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng.

“Yes, my queen (English).”

[System notification: Player Titan has used the skill ‘Dimensional Shield’ on player Bai Liu’s entire small TV area.]

[After using this skill, different spaces will be split into different time and space dimensions. No living or non-living thing can enter another space. Light and sound can’t propagate and the space where the skill is implemented will no longer be fused in the same multi-dimensional space (including the game hall).]

[Duration: One dimensional clock.]

In an instant, the entire area where Bai Liu’s small TV was located disappeared into thin air in front of Mu Ke. There was only a black orb that couldn’t be approached.

The pure black sphere with a size similar to the viewing area had many tiny, twinkling stars suspended inside it, like it was a corner of the universe.

Mu Ke staggered back with some unconcealed despair on his face. One dimensional clock was enough for Bai Liu to fall directly to the No Man’s Land if he didn’t have their support!

Unless Bai Liu cleared the level before he fell there… they couldn’t do anything.


The Gamblers Club Guild, the president’s office.

Charles leaned against the wide-backed chair with his eyes closed. His hands rested loosely on the leather armrests on each side of the chair. He seemed to be thinking about something as his right index finger with a shiny ring tapped the armrest one by one, making a regular, dull hitting sound.

Wang Shun sat in a restrained manner across from Charles, hands on his knees and leaning forward—it was a standard weak posture when making a request.

As the person who was being asked for help, Charles’ relaxed posture showed he wasn’t seriously thinking about Wang Shun’s request.

“President Charles.” Wang Shun raised his voice, trying to wake up the president who seemed to be falling asleep. ”I have shown you some videos of Bai Liu’s games just now. He has great potential and is strong. He is very much in line with your requirements for choosing a dark horse. Please consider it!”

Charles lazily opened one eye to look at Wang Shun, the smile on his face obviously full of ridicule. “He is indeed a taste that I like. I might’ve been persuaded by you 10 minutes ago. But now?”

He slowly sat up straight, raised his index finger and shook it from side to side. “No no no, I do like dark horses but I don’t like betting on horses that have already been placed on a hidden stake.”

The meaning of a hidden stake was that the horse had been targeted by others even before entering the track, such as putting small nails in the horseshoe so that the horse couldn’t run well on the track, or even enter the track.

For Charles, Bai Liu’s current situation was that he was given a hidden stake by the Kings Guild.

Charles had a bit of regret as he rummaged through the information that Wang Shun had sorted out for him about Bai Liu on the table. He caressed Bai Liu’s face with pity before mercilessly throwing it into the trash can under the table.

“I won’t tell your boss, Hearts, that her confidant came to me to sell a newcomer.” Charles smiled at the nervous Wang Shun, his white gloved hands slowly overlapping over each other on his lower abdomen as he added a second part, “—A newcomer who is being targeted by her.”

“However, you wasted almost…” Charles raised his hand, pushed the end of the glove away and glanced at his diamond studded watch. “30 dimensional minutes to persuade me to accept a newcomer who is about to be completely worthless.”

“My time is very precious. You must pay a price for wasting it so casually like this.” Charles looked up at Wang Shun, raised the staff placed against the leg of the chair and stood up in an unhurried manner. He walked behind the tense Wang Shun and placed his gloved hands on Wang Shun’s shoulders, sliding them down as he spoke in a vague tone, “People who come to me can’t leave nothing behind.”

“Give me some information that only you know, my lovely Mr Know-It-All.”

The cane was placed against Wang Shun’s neck at some point and Charles’ slow and methodical upward movement made Wang Shun feel uncomfortable and suffocated. He couldn’t help wanting to struggle but Wang Shun controlled his desire to tear away this cane.

Now he was being threatened. If he touched the cane then he would really die here today!

Charles hated his ornaments and magic items being touched. For example, his diamond watch, rings and this cane that was made of an unknown rare wood.

“Cough cough—” Wang Shun’s eyes were bloodshot and he leaned back against the chair to weaken the pressure of the cane on his trachea. “You really won’t regret investing in Bai Liu—”

“I know a Reverse Cross Disciple prophecy about Bai Liu—”

The cane was instantly withdrawn. Wang Shun covered his neck and coughed violently.

Charles took out a silk handkerchief that was exquisitely crafted from his pocket and wiped the cane that had touched Wang Shun from beginning to end. He threw it aside and turned to look thoughtfully at Wang Shun. “Reverse Cross Disciple? The guy who is third in the overall rankings? I remember he was called—”

“Judge Against God—cough, this year, he transferred from the sixth ranked guild Deer Hunters to the number one guild, Killer Sequence and changed his name to Reverse Cross Disciple.” Wang Shun wiped away his tears and took two deep breaths before looking at Charles. “Do you know what the skill of this Reverse Cross Disciple is?”

Charles glanced casually at Wang Shun, “Prophecy.”

“To be precise, his skill is called ‘Listening to the Words of God’.” Wang Shun gasped. “I previously found a prophecy in his heart and it is related to Bai Liu.”

Charles placed the cane against Wang Shun’s heart, made a gentlemanly gesture of invitation and smiled harmlessly. “I would like to hear more about it.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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