GHG: Chapter 212

Outside the factory.

Liu Jiayi dragged the cart with the long pliers in one hand and held poison in the other hand. She looked around vigilantly while pulling the cart.

She was surrounded by all types of rose employee monsters. Due to the restriction of this cart, Liu Jiayi was attacked on all sides.

Fortunately, the other two members of the Kings Guild came out of the factory to help her. Add Qi Yifang’s large-scale control skill and the attack effect of these scattered monsters was maintained within a range that could be fought.

“Bai Liu, this person really…” Liu Jiayi leaned against a wall in an exhausted manner and gasped. She raised her elbows to wipe the sweat dripping down the side of her face and looked at the cart that was separated from her by the long pliers. She whispered, “Isn’t this cart something very important to you?”

“…You gave it to me so easily. If I don’t protect it, will you use this to blackmail me later?”

A monster suddenly appeared behind Liu Jiayi. She instinctively stepped in front of the cart and waved the poison while shouting, “Go away!”

The pitch-black poison spilled inside the monster’s open petals. The monster melted and deformed, turning into a pool of blood.

The monster’s attack made Liu Jiayi, who was exhausted from the battle, forget to maintain a distance from the cart. She was affected by the thing in the cart and her mental value dropped in stages.

Liu Jiayi shook before reaching out to take the rose perfume in her pocket to restore her mental value. Then after pulling it out, she found that the perfume bottle was already empty.

The corpse of the monster rotted by the poison attracted more monsters. They surrounded Liu Jiayi and gradually narrowed the circle, forcing her to get closer to the cart. She was becoming more heavily affected by the god-level NPC in the cart and couldn’t help feeling dizzy. She had to hold onto the long pliers to stand firm.

The god-level NPC had his insides exposed after being dismembered and his impact on places was much stronger than the previous welfare home!

“F*k—” Liu Jiayi couldn’t help cursing. She simply let go of the long pliers and continued to stand in front of the cart with poison in both hands, gritting her teeth.

“Little Witch! You’ve run out of perfume right? Here!”

“I also have it! Take it!”


Three voices came from different directions and three bottles of perfume were thrown from different angles. They came from the three reserve members of the Kings Guild, her former teammates.

Liu Jiayi looked at the three bottles of perfume that slowly fell through the air and bit her lip. The hand she wanted to extend stopped—she didn’t want to owe too much to others.

The cooperation in the past was everyone fighting together to pass the level. Now in this situation, the monsters were endless and they didn’t have an abundant amount of perfume.

That guy Bai Liu was determined to play in the league in the future. If she met Qi Yifang and the others on the field, based on Liu Jiayi’s understanding of herself, these unresolved debts would make her hesitate. This wasn’t a good thing.

However, she wouldn’t last long if she didn’t take them.

“Jiayi!” Qi Yifang saw that Liu Jiayi wasn’t ready to grab the perfume and was so anxious that he called out her name. “Take them! Your mental value is about to drop below 40!”

Just then, the perfume that was about to fall in front of Liu Jiayi was swept into the arms of a human wind that suddenly came over the wall of the factory where Liu Jiayi was leaning. Then he threw it back according to the original route.

Qi Yifang and the other two were a bit flustered as they caught the perfume that was thrown back.

“Thank you for your concern and help to my Little Witch.”

Bai Liu landed lightly on the ground like a leaf, took the cart from Liu Jiayi’s hand and moved it to him. At the same time, he threw her a bottle of perfume. Then he turned his head without hesitation and swung his whip at the monsters who had approached, creating a semi-circular vacuum of empty space.

He slowly raised his eyes and looked at them from a distance, smiling hypocritically and politely. “However, we might be enemies in the future. It is better to not be so close, right Jiayi?”

Liu Jiayi sighed with relief.

Out of a nurse’s first reaction, Liu Jiayi glanced at Bai Liu’s body to make sure the other person had no major injuries. Then she crossed her arms over her chest and said sarcastically, “I thought you would swallow these three bottles of perfume alone.”

“I originally wanted to do that.” Bai Liu turned to look at Liu Jiayi with a smile. “It is just that you wouldn’t want me to swallow them alone, or actually, you don’t want to owe them. This is why you didn’t take them.”

Liu Jiayi sprayed herself with perfume twice, took a deep breath and snorted while glaring at Bai Liu, “You talk too much!”

Liu Jiayi restored her mental value and glanced around. “Where is that Captain Tang?”

Bai Liu swept away the approaching monsters with a whip again and took time to reply to Liu Jiayi, “I asked him to send me out to support you first. Meanwhile, he is cleaning up the monsters in the factory.”

“Wait for him to clear all the monsters in the factory and he will come out to join us.”

“Finish clearing?” Liu Jiayi frowned. “Most of the monsters are mainly concentrated in the factory. Can he clean them up alone…?”

Liu Jiayi couldn’t help wondering if Bai Liu trusted the ability of Captain Tang who joined them halfway.

At almost the same moment when Liu Jiayi finished speaking, a man used one hand to support himself on the high wall before Liu Jiayi and flipped over in a skillful, clean and neat posture.

At the same time, his other hand threw the strangely shaped revolver that was around one meter in length. In order to relieve the recoil of continuous shooting, he held the gun under his arm, allowing his waist to maintain the standard, powerful posture during the wall flip.

The wind blew up the hair on his forehead, revealing a pair of focused blue eyes.

As he was still flipping over the wall, he started to shoot indiscriminately at the monsters who were constantly approaching Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi.

Bang bang bang bang!

The light of the fire and the smoke of the gunfire instantly drew a line in front of Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi that no one dared to violate.

The dense layer of monsters that had suppressed Liu Jiayi so hard were turned into ashes in the blink of an eye. Tang Erda landed on the ground blackened by the bullets on one knee. Then he stood up with a solemn expression.

The peculiar, long revolver folded and retracted with a clicking sound. Within a second, it became a normal revolver around the length of his palm.

He released the magazine and manually released the shell casings. He replaced the bullets and turned to look at Bai Liu calmly, as if asking Bai Liu what else he needed to do.

“Wow, it is faster than I thought.” Bai Liu raised an eyebrow and looked at Tang Erda. “You finished cleaning up the monsters in the factory?”

There was no expression on Tang Erda’s face, as if he didn’t feel that he had done anything remarkable. He simply replied with one word, “Yes.”

Tang Erda frowned as if he felt he wasn’t doing well enough and added, “The workshops for factory workers and above can’t be entered without keys. This means the inside of the Rose Factory hasn’t been cleared, but the rest has been cleared.”

Bai Liu revealed a very satisfied smile. “Well done.”

Wasn’t this more than doing well?

Liu Jiayi glanced in disbelief at the empty, dyed black land in front of her. Then she looked up at Tang Erda.

The members of the Kings Guild on the periphery were almost stupid. They stared at the gun in Tang Erda’s hands with a frightened expression on their faces and the thoughts in their minds were in line with Liu Jiayi’s.

This was a f*king level three game!

This guy’s attack power was stepping on flat land here. It was too outrageous.

In order to learn, Liu Jiayi had watched the small TV videos of many league players in the past two years. However, apart from Spades, she had never seen such terrible skills and destructive attack power.

This was no longer a strength that could be summed up with ‘league player.’

Liu Jiayi looked Tang Erda up and down. This was the first time she had faced this opponent squarely after entering the game.

She quickly calculated Tang Erda’s panel in her mind.

Almost a single shot could deal with an explosive S-grade monster and the single-shot attack value was absolutely in the tens of thousands.

Well-trained muscles, excellent combat awareness, a fast mission execution speed, timely defense that ensured the safety of teammates and the process of reporting to Bai Liu just now was very similar to the information feedback from the front line to the tactical division.

Liu Jiayi looked at Tang Erda with amazement. This guy was a first-class league attacker who had experienced hundreds of battles.

This guy’s attack data and combat quality were even more exaggerated than those of many top teams. According to Liu Jiayi’s understanding, the attackers of the Kings Guild team were likely to be unable to fight face to face with Tang Erda.

How did Bai Liu offend such a hidden first-class attacker?

Now it seemed that Bai Liu had managed to take this terrible person for himself!

Due to Tang Erda’s strong sense of existence, Liu Jiayi, who had a certain hostility toward him, couldn’t help taking two steps back to stand behind Bai Liu.

She looked down at the shortened revolver in Tang Erda’s hand and tentatively asked, “Why did you change the skill weapon after leaving the factory and joining us? The weapon just now had a significantly higher attack power.”

Tang Erda glanced at Liu Jiayi and replied lightly, “This is enough if there is no need to clean them up quickly.”

D*mn! Did this make sense? Liu Jiayi grabbed the hem of Bai Liu’s clothes and silently cursed in her heart. She put the fact that the attack value of his skill weapon should exceed 10,000 in the file about Captain Tang in her mind.

No wonder why this person could play a level three instance alone. He could walk sideways through the game with this level of strength.

She thought about her opposition to him before… Liu Jiayi caressed her heart that was filled with lingering fear and glanced at Bai Liu, who was still smiling in front of her. She couldn’t help changing to a ‘= =’ expression.

In every way, Bai Liu was amazing to survive such unfortunate encounters with this opponent.

But if such a person really joined…

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath.

Based on the strange events that happened to Bai Liu, could this strange team maybe really win the league?


After basically cleaning up the little monsters outside the factory, Bai Liu opened the cloth wrapped around the cart and lowered Tawil’s head.

Snow-white skin grew rapidly along the lines of the neck joint and the originally dead face had a type of vitality. The long silver eyelashes trembled slightly and a strange, mysterious silver-blue luster spread along the long curls scattered on the ground. The empty chest cavity started to slightly contract and expand left and right, as if the heart was beating in it.

Bai Liu lowered his eyes and looked at Tawil, who was lying motionless on his knees. He was silent for a moment.

Then he suddenly stretched out his hand and placed it in the empty chest cavity. He seemed to be playing a game as he clenched his fist to imitate the appearance of a heart. At the same time, his mouth softly imitated the sound of a beating heart and there was a very strange smile on his face.

“Thump, thump thump….”

[You said that your heart won’t stop beating. If I dig out your heart, will it continue to beat in my hand?]

The 14 year old jokingly clenched his hand and viciously shook it in front of Xie Ta. At the same time, Bai Liu (6)’s face was extremely close to Xie Ta as his mouth imitated the sound of a heart beating. [Thump thump.]

[If you are curious…] Xie Ta grabbed Bai Liu (6)’s hand that was imitating a heart and pressed it against his heart. He looked up and casually said, [Touch it and you will know how my heart beats.]

Xie Ta’s hand was covering the back of Bai Liu (6)’s hand and his heart was beating against Bai Liu (6)’s palm.

They were deadlocked like this for a long time. Neither of them withdrew their hands and the heartbeats of the two people gradually became disordered.

This lasted until Xie Ta asked him softly, [Is it ‘thump thump thump—thump thump?]

[No.] Bai Liu (6) didn’t know why his mouth felt dry. His Adam’s apple moved up and down and his voice was hoarse as he answered, [It is ‘thump thump thump—thump thump thump—thump thump thump thump’. In this way, your heart is racing.]

[If I’m like this… is it abnormal?] Xie Ta asked him.

Bai Liu (6) looked away and wanted to withdraw his hand. [I don’t know.]

However, Xie Ta didn’t let him withdraw. He calmly placed his hand on Bai Liu (6)’s chest, as if to feel his heartbeat. Then Xie Ta seemed to laugh very lightly. [It seems normal.]

[Your heart is beating like this and so is mine.]

“What is he doing?” Liu Jiayi watched Bai Liu holding the god-level NPC on his knees with doubt. He had his head lowered and it wasn’t known what he was doing but he was making a strange noise with his mouth. “Isn’t he the one less affected by the god-level NPC? Even he can’t hold it in this time!”

Liu Jiayi was a bit anxious. She wanted to go forward and interrupt Bai Liu. “Even if the impact is small, this doesn’t mean there is no impact! Have Bai Liu hurry and put it down and move away!”

Tang Erda held out a hand to stop Liu Jiayi. “Wait.”

Liu Jiayi raised her poison in an alert manner and looked at him. “What? Are you going to let Bai Liu hold it like this and go crazy?”

Halfway through, Liu Jiayi suddenly stopped. She saw that there was a very shocked expression on Tang Erda’s face.

He seemed to be shocked and stunned by what he saw. It took him a long time before he barely managed to open his mouth.

“…When encountering a scarring scene, mechanically repeating the stereotypical actions related to this scene in the memory.” Tang Erda was almost unsteady as he muttered to himself. “…This is a typical symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Bai Liu, who had the same severe post-traumatic stress disorder as him.

He hadn’t seen it at all.

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