GHG: Chapter 210

The group dismantled a small tent and laid it out in the middle of the flower field. Bai Liu climbed up from the pit with difficulty and placed the tightly clasped hand onto the middle of the cloth.

Everyone kept a certain distance from Bai Liu in order to not be polluted. Even so, they insisted on not leaving so they quietly followed Bai Liu like a tide. They pushed him forward.

Bai Liu continued to dig up the cut up pieces of the body from the ground.

The left hand, the left foot, the calf, half of the ribs, the complete neck from the first cervical vertebra to the third cervical vertebra, etc. They were dug deeper and deeper out of the soil by Bai Liu and placed on the white cloth with no expression. They were then put together again according to the rules of human anatomy.

By the time the whole body was put together apart from the head and the heart, the blood vessels re-shaped and grew from the coagulated texture. The torn nerves were connected along the smooth fascia breakpoints and the hollowed-out, heartless chest cavity started to rise and fall weakly like it was breathing.

Warm blood started flowing and the sculptural body was reborn together in a strange way in front of Bai Liu’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu was quiet. He didn’t say a word as he dug and carried the body pieces, putting them together. The mental influence and fatigue made him unstable and he fell a few times. However, no one came forward to help him. Of course, he didn’t need it. He just lay in the mud and took a few deep breaths before staggering to stand up.

Bai Liu’s face showed no emotion but for some unknown reason, Liu Jiayi felt that this person who pitifully dug at the ground was actually very happy.

It was the joy of reuniting with a very important person after a long absence.

“Mr Bai, come up! There are no more fields for you to dig!” A vagrant shouted from the edge with his hands raised in the shape of a horn.

Liu Jiayi glanced at the body Bai Liu put together from a distance. She couldn’t see clearly but the statue seemed like he didn’t have a head. This made her frown. “How can there be a head missing? Did I miss a number?”

Bai Liu wrapped the statue in the cloth and tried to carry it. He failed twice and finally chose to let a vagrant grab him a small cart. He reluctantly pushed the statue out of the flower field.

He heard Liu Jiayi questioning herself the moment he came out and waved his hand. Bai Liu leaned on the cart and gasped for breath before replying to Liu Jiayi, “It isn’t because you forgot a number. The head shouldn’t be buried in the flower field.”

Liu Jiayi kept a certain distance from Bai Liu and she looked at him doubtfully. “Then where will the head be buried?”’

“This is a game.” Bai Liu said while looking at the Rose Factory where gunshots kept ringing out. Then he smiled. “The best and most beautiful reward is naturally obtained after killing the biggest boss.”

Liu Jiayi reacted violently and spoke to herself incredulously, “It is hidden with the monster in the inner world…”

“Yes, it should be in the huge body of the factory manager monster,” Bai Liu said.

He raised his head slightly, eyes half closed while his breathing after the labor was very clear. “The factory manager regards Tawil as an object of desire and blames Tawil for being the culprit who made him go on a killing spree. He feels that Tawil is the devil who manipulated his consciousness to make him commit the crimes. He is a typical murderer with excessive self-consciousness and moral attributes.”

“This type of serial killer generally leaves behind what he subjectively considers to be the most valuable souvenirs, such as the inheritance of his adoptive parents and his wife’s rose greenhouse.” Bai Liu turned to look at the shocked Liu Jiayi. “For example, he thinks that the most beautiful parts of Tawil are the head and heart.”

“So what are you going to do?” Liu Jiayi looked very solemn. “That is an S-grade monster. You don’t just want to escape by taking advantage of his weakness. You want to kill him! It is too difficult! The Kings Guild needs at least 20 or more reserve members cooperating to kill an S-grade monster.”

“I really can’t do it.” Bai Liu casually pushed the cart to Liu Jiayi. “However, Captain Tang in rage mode should be okay. I will go to Captain Tang and ask him to help me. You will help me look after this. Be careful not to let monsters snatch him away.”

Bai Liu smiled and waved before running toward the factory. “I will cry sadly if you lose him.”

“Hey! Wait a minute!” Liu Jiayi hurriedly grabbed the cart. Then she remembered that it was best not to easily approach the cart. She would be polluted.

In the end, Liu Jiayi reluctantly used the long pliers of the flower pickers to clamp the handle of the cart and pushed it forward.

She saw the back of Bai Liu, who had run far away, and was a bit depressed. “I asked you to hand over some things to me but I didn’t ask you to throw me all of the mess!”

“If you want to do something, you should discuss it with me…” Liu Jiayi pouted and muttered in a low voice, “Captain Tang, Captain Tang, is he your captain that you can call him so closely?”

“I also got shot by this Captain Tang for you…”

Liu Jiayi became more depressed as she spoke. Her face puffed up with anger and she stomped her feet. “You don’t hold grudges!”

On the other side, the one who didn’t hold grudges, Bai Liu hadn’t reached the door of the factory when he raised a hand to his mouth to amplify his voice. He held his other hand high and waved, calling out very happily, “Captain Tang, I have come to ask you for help!”

Tang Erda, who was intently guarding the factory gate, almost lost his soul due to Bai Liu’s shout and he almost threw his gun away. He looked back and saw Bai Liu with a face full of a smile that would give anyone the chills. He ran toward Tang Erda while dragging out his voice slowly as he shouted.


Tang Erda couldn’t respond. He thought that Bai Liu (6) had done this to scare him and he almost shot this Bai Liu.

Fortunately, he controlled it in time or this story would end here.

Tang Erda put away his magazine with lingering fear. He was half shocked by the fact that he almost shot Bai Liu and half frightened by Bai Liu’s overzealous appearance.

He controlled his expression and quickly distanced himself from Bai Liu who came over, asking coldly, “What do you want me to do?”

“I have something to ask you to help with.” Bai Liu smiled and squinted. He inexplicably seemed to be in a good mood.

Tang Erda raised his hand to kill a monster that approached Bai Liu from behind. The cold expression on his face was broken and he couldn’t help criticizing Bai Liu, “You should look at the monsters around you. So what did you need my help with?”

Bai Liu briefly explained the cause and effect. Tang Erda frowned a bit uncomfortably when he heard it. He had seen Bai Liu’s mirror and knew that this god-level NPC was Bai Liu’s most important person. Now Bai Liu was going to find the other person’s head that had been cut off and hidden in a monster’s body. It didn’t sound like a very pleasant thing.

However, Bai Liu seemed very happy which made Tang Erda feel complicated. There was also some pity and softness. Was Bai Liu hiding his sadness with a smile?

He was so strong.

“I can go.” Tang Erda’s tone was more relaxed. “However, what about the monsters in the factory?”

If it wasn’t for Tang Erda guarding the factory gate, the monsters in the factory would’ve run out and harmed them. There would be no one left to guard here if he and Bai Liu entered the inner world.

“Don’t worry about that.” Bai Liu didn’t consider Liu Jiayi’s feelings at all and sold his teammate without thinking. “Little Witch and Qi Yifang can deal with it if the monsters run out.”

Tang Erda pondered on it for a moment. Liu Jiayi and Qi Yifang were really strong and they both had group attack skills. In this timeline, they were reserve members of the Kings Guild and trained by Hearts.

There might be many monsters but their level wasn’t high. The pressure after they ran out and dispersed shouldn’t be great…

Tang Erda put away his gun and looked sideways at Bai Liu. “How do we enter this inner world that you mentioned?”

Bai Liu took out a bloody eyeball. This was something he had torn off the monster’s face. At this moment, his smile became dangerous and there was a sense of deterrence that made Tang Erda tense—the Bai Liu who smiled like this really looked like Bai Liu (6).

There was a strong aggressiveness that was disturbing.

Bai Liu looked up and raised the eyeball in front of his right eye. “Just look at this eyeball with your right eye.”

Tang Erda was over 10 centimeters taller than Bai Liu. he had to lean forward and crouch down slightly to make his right eye face this eyeball.

The moment the two people’s right eyes were at the same level, the eyeball started to blink. It opened the eyelid covered with rose cracks and at the same time, the last petal in Bai Liu’s right eye opened.

The world in their eyes stopped and turned like a kaleidoscope. The roses were repeatedly reflected on broken greenhouse glass, turning into thousands of roses that enveloped the eyeball, the greenhouse and everything they saw.

A dark red to light pink halo formed and dissipated. A bud grew from the eyeball, from the base of the skull to a silver-blue eye that people couldn’t stop staring at. Then it withered and became a beautiful and elegant dry leaf rose, wrapped around the heart and absorbing the nourishment provided by the evil god, growing vigorously.

After a period of dizziness that made his knees soften, Tang Erda entered this withered inner world.

A monster the size of a hill stood in front of them. His body was as huge as a greenhouse that swallowed the roses. His skin was surging like there was viscous liquid about to emerge and roses were growing in him. All those who were swallowed by him would become his nourishment.

Now he stared at Bai Liu with an ugly, yellowed, pus-filled left eye—this was the one who had taken away his right eye.

[System warning: The aggro of the monster ‘First Generation Factory Manager’ is locked onto player Bai Liu! Player Bai Liu has no ability to fight against this monster. Please quickly escape from the scene!]

If it was before, Bai Liu would definitely turn around and run away without hesitation. Now he ran to a safe area behind Tang Erda and waved at him, “Captain Tang, I have to trouble you to deal with this monster first.”

Tang Erda, “……”

Tang Erda regretted that he boarded the ship of this thief. He raised his gun quickly, eyes sharp as he fired with precision. He neatly exploded the left eye of the monster trying to approach Bai Liu.

The big monster shook his tentacles and screamed madly. The ground shook due to his struggle and dust from the walls fell. The small, spider-like monsters seemed to be awakened by this movement and crawled out from all sides of the room, screaming and approaching Tang Erda.

These monsters that could make Bai Liu and the members of the Kings Guild run around the room were basically nothing in front of Tang Erda.

His movements were precise and incomparable. One shot killed one monster. Apart from briefly allowing the monsters to approach when he changed the magazine, he steadily pressed the large group of monsters so they were at least three meters away from where Bai Liu was hiding. The place where Tang Erda’s bullets swept over was like an invisible safety line that protected Bai Liu without any mistakes.

Once the first round of cleaning was over, Tang Erda swept cold eyes over the room. He made sure that none of the little monsters could kill the weak-defense Bai Liu, put away his gun and instructed coldly, “Come out.”

“The little monsters have all been swept clean and the big monster can’t be seen. The aggro lock is useless.”

Bai Liu moved out from behind a closet. He patted off the dust on his body and glanced at the corpses of the monsters who were all shot dead. They were neatly stacked three meters away from his hiding place and even their posture before death was similar.

Bai Liu raised an eyebrow and looked at Tang Erda, who was standing calmly in front of him without even the slightest bit of ash on his sleeves.

This person was really strong.

His previous feeling was correct. Tang Erda’s panel value should be far more than S.

Tang Erda threw a semi-circular scope to Bai Liu and nodded slightly as he looked at Bai Liu. “You hold this item. I generally don’t use a scope for guns in the game but this scope has a slow-down function. You can use it to see what is in the monster’s body as well as the trajectory of my bullets.”

“There are too many heads in this monster’s body and I’m not sure who you want. So when I’m fighting this monster and aiming, use this item. If you see that I am about to hit the head of the person you want, remind me so I will shift the firing line.”

“Will it affect you if I interfere with the command like this?” Bai Liu asked politely as he looked at the big monster. “This is an S-grade monster.”

Tang Erda glanced indifferently at Bai Liu. “No, in the arena, the tactical commander interferes more than this.”

“Aren’t you going to play in the league?” Tang Erda looked up at the big monster and moved one leg back to make a jumping posture. Countless points of light gathered on the silver revolver in his hand. “You should get to know what a league player is like now.”

[System notification: Does player Tang Erda want to equip the Monster Book: Withered Rose Hunter?]

[I do.]

Tang Erda’s hair floated and fluttered in the dots of light. The pupils of his blue eyes contracted violently and turned into the eyes of a wolf.

 A dazzling amount of light gathered on the silver revolver in his left hand. The body of the gun stretched out to around a meter and some type of vine-like equipment belt grew and spread rapidly from the position on Tang Erda’s chest all the way to the end of the gun. A huge, rose-decorated magazine floated behind the revolver, constantly making the sound of bullets reloading.

“Observe the trajectory of my bullets.” Tang Erda glanced back at Bai Liu with narrowed eyes. “Don’t blame me if you don’t pay attention and I hit it.”

The next second, Tang Erda used his back leg to press down slightly. He used the overly long, strange revolver to shoot the ground. His entire body shot up due to the recoil and he disappeared from in front of Bai Liu, leaving only a residual shadow and a strong wind with the smell of gunpowder that blew away Bai Liu’s hair.

Soon, Bai Liu understood why Tang Erda gave him the scope with the slow-down function.

It was because Tang Erda’s movement speed was too fast. Bai Liu couldn’t even see Tang Erda’s specific figure. There was only the countless ammunition and wind traces created by the rapid movement in front of him. Then the monster violently twisted and struggled. He emitted a series of heart-rending screams like he was being abused.

Bai Liu put on the scope.

Under the view of the red scope, the bullets moved forward in a strange trajectory, intertwining in front of him into a space that seemed to be covered with infrared alarm devices.

A tentacle flew toward Bai Liu. Before it could touch Bai Liu, it was pierced by a bullet that came from an unknown place and turned into a scorched tentacle that fell to the ground, bouncing feebly.

There were countless heads in the monster’s body, like a doll machine with many dolls of different sizes and appearances. The doll machine was still bouncing, making it more difficult to distinguish the exact location of a certain head inside.

Bai Liu quickly scanned the monster’s body twice. He soon determined the specific location of Tawil’s head and at the same time, he saw a bright red firing line that seemed to be aimed at Tawil.

“You are about to hit it, Captain Tang,” Bai Liu spoke very quickly.

The moment he finished speaking, Bai Liu saw the firing line shift its position and explode a head next to Tawil.

Bai Liu sighed with relief. He was too focused. The impact of the scope’s range of view combined with the bones and bullets. Many things were a translucent texture and it was hard to specifically locate the position of an object.

Therefore, Bai Liu didn’t notice that a monster had climbed above his head and opened the ‘petals’ toward him, ready to swallow him.

The next second, Tang Erda appeared out of thin air in front of Bai Liu. He held the gun that was over a meter long in his left hand. The muzzle of the gun aimed at the head of the monster while Tang Erda’s back was facing the monster. His other hand was on Bai Liu’s shoulder as he turned Bai Liu over, protecting Bai Liu. At the same time, the rose magazine continued to emit the continuous sound of bullets being reloaded.

The muzzle of the gun aimed at the monster’s head flashed red.

Bang bang bang bang!

The huge monster slowly fell back at the continuous shooting of the gun and the sky was full of dust.

[System notification: Congratulations to player Tang Erda for killing the S-grade monster ‘First Generation Factory Manager.’]

This clean, concentrated firepower could be called second to none.

The moment the monster fell to the ground, Tang Erda instantly stepped back and pulled away from Bai Liu. He was a bit uncomfortable as he turned his head away and clenched his fists. It was as if he was dissatisfied with his instinctive behavior of protecting Bai Liu. Then he seemed to remember something and sternly raised his head to reprimand Bai Liu. “Did you forget to pay attention to the monsters around you?”

“If your focus is only on the goal, how will you play in the league?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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