GHG: Chapter 209

Tang Erda lowered the gun and under Bai Liu’s gaze, Liu Jiayi unhappily put away her poison. Then she turned to look at Bai Liu. “I have gathered a group of vagrants to come and dig up the god-level NPC.”

“Have you decided on the locations?” Bai Liu glanced at Liu Jiayi.

“It isn’t 100%, it is maybe 10%,” Liu Jiayi said. “According to the information you told me, I have marked the places in the flower fields. There is just one very serious question.”

Liu Jiayi looked around and spread open her hands. “What are you going to do with these Rose Factory employees who are blocking our actions?”

Due to the huge movement between Tang Erda and Bai Liu, the processing workers originally didn’t dare come over. Now the movement had stopped and they saw that the factory had been destroyed on a large scale by Bai Liu’s group of people. The flower pickers and processing workers were surrounding them with unkind eyes. They held various steel instruments or flower picking pliers and moved closer to where Bai Liu’s group was standing.

Bai Liu looked around. As more and more processing workers got up to work, there were more people surrounding them, forming a dense circle.

Qi Yifang vigilantly held a weather vane while Liu Jiayi once again took out her poison. The two of them were driven by the awareness from a long-term cooperation and reflexively moved back-to-back, inspecting the situation around them.

“This group of NPC employees don’t have high combat strength and aren’t difficult to deal with.” Qi Yifang smiled bitterly. “There are just too many of them and it is likely they will transform into monsters under the catalyst of the fierce battle. They have a vendetta on such a large scale. if the aggro is locked then the follow-up matter won’t be good for us.”

Liu Jiayi looked up at Bai Liu. “My perspective is the same, but I have to remind you of something. If you want to dig up that person, you must first deal with the employees guarding the flower fields. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play.”

“However, there is no way for the few of us to deal with so many…” Qi Yifang couldn’t help adding.

Bai Liu thought about it for a moment before turning to the silent Tang Erda. He asked seriously, “Can you handle it?”

Tang Erda was suddenly cued and was stunned for a while. He didn’t answer immediately but Bai Liu didn’t move his gaze. He calmly stared at Tang Erda.

Bai Liu’s direct gaze contained no doubts or scrutiny. It could be called wholehearted trust. Under this gaze, Tang Erda didn’t last long and slightly shifted his eyes in an embarrassedly manner. He turned his face and opened his mouth like he wanted to answer, but in the end, he didn’t say a word.

It was really strange. In so many world lines, he and Bai Liu (6) had looked at each other in various ways. There was anger, teasing, life or death fights, hatred to the bone…

The only thing that had never happened was this situation.

Bai Liu actually… wasn’t worried about Tang Erda killing him at all. He even wanted to hand over guarding the rear to Tang Erda without hesitation. If Tang Erda deliberately made a mistake when guarding the rear, it would be a very simple matter to kill Bai Liu.

This made Tang Erda, who always wanted to kill Bai Liu, feel a sense of absurdity toward Bai Liu personally holding out his neck and politely asking Tang Erda to kill him.

The target he had been chasing for so long entered into reach in a strange manner but Tang Erda suddenly… didn’t want to kill him.

To tell the truth, Tang Erda now felt more disgusting. Bai Liu, this type of… in short, it was a very subtle emotion.

The encirclement gradually shrank but Bai Liu wasn’t in a hurry at all. He stepped closer to Tang Erda and stared at Tang Erda with that type of look. He asked again in a gentler tone, “Captain Tang, can you handle so many people alone?”

It was like worrying he would be in danger if he fought alone.

Tang Erda got goosebumps all over his body and took a big step back uncomfortably. He didn’t look at Bai Liu as he pushed Bai Liu away and quickly replied, “I can handle so many people alone!”

Bai Liu put his hands behind his back. He smiled and leaned forward to continue to approach, “Really? Then can I trouble Captain Tang?”

Tang Erda finally couldn’t bear it and rebuked Bai Liu. “Stand straight for me and talk well!”

He would have a brain problem if he couldn’t see that Bai Liu was deliberately making him feel nauseous and disgusted!

Bai Liu obediently stood up straight and removed the gentle and excessive smile on his face. He calmly ordered, “Captain Tang will guard this place and hold off these NPCs. Liu Jiayi and Qi Yifang will go to the flower fields with me. There is no problem, right?”

Liu Jiayi nodded.

Under Bai Liu’s questioning eyes, Qi Yifang involuntarily replied to Bai Liu, “I have no problem.”

Then Qi Yifang felt something wasn’t right and reacted. Wait, no, why did he agree? What did this matter have to do with him? Why was he suddenly working with Bai Liu?

He was a member of the Kings Guild, the enemy camp!

No, Qi Yifang frowned and found that something was wrong. The hunter was the same. So why was Bai Liu ordering around the hunter just now?

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Qi Yifang finally found the crux of the matter. How could a guy so naturally order around the enemy camp?

It was just that Bai Liu didn’t leave Qi Yifang much time to think about what was wrong. He gave the order, took out his whip and waved it in a ‘z’ shape. He simply and neatly swept away the group of employees in front of him, clearing a passage to the gate. Then Bai Liu took the lead in running.

“Let’s go!” Liu Jiayi turned her head and shouted in unison.

Bai Liu had swept away the group of employees and attracted their aggro. If they stayed here then they would be targets. Qi Yifang put away the words ‘I’m not on your team’ and followed tearfully.

What type of person was this?!

The attacked NPCs were full of anger and were about to chase after Bai Liu. Then Tang Erda calmly drew his silver revolver and raised an arm to stop the crowd.

He was still covered with blood that hadn’t been wiped off. His blue eyes were inexplicably horrifying and he changed bullets very quickly.

Open the revolver, refill the bullets, close the magazine, turn the loading chamber and the silver cartridge case fell at his blood-drenched feet, bouncing twice in the shining sunlight.

Tang Erda stood alone in front of the bustling doorway while everyone stared at him with hate-filled eyes.

Against the dark crowd of frantic people and the processed and discarded remains of roses, the hunter raised his gun in an unmoved manner.

The rampant employees were already crazy about roses. They were reflected in the hunter’s eyes as evil lights and shadows of black flames.

Tang Erda adjusted his posture, slightly shifting the revolver in his hand so that his finger could press on the trigger. The silver body of the gun created a bright halo on the outside of Tang Erda’s dark blue pupils and illuminating the over-blooming rose in the center of the pupils that was about to wither.

“Catch the thief who stole the roses!”

“Catch the criminal who destroyed the roses!”

“Kill the murderer who killed the roses!”

“Kill Bai Liu!”

The employees screamed bitterly, cracks appearing in their skin due to the rich rose fragrance. They turned into monsters who had lost their humanity.

“What are you screaming about? Bai Liu also killed my rose and I want to kill him more than anyone else.” Tang Erda murmured softly to himself and let out a turbid breath.

The next moment, he pulled the trigger in his hand without hesitation. A smile of inevitability stretched out on his face. Tang Erda raised his head, eyes unshakably firm. “But before I find evidence to convict him—”

“—I won’t allow any man or monster to kill him before I do!”


The silver bullet shell hit the ground with a loud noise.


Bai Liu stepped on the roses in the flower field and looked back at the distant factory the moment he heard the gunshot, a slight smile on his face.

Qi Yifang’s eyes widened slightly with disbelief. “What is going on? Why is the hunter really doing things for you?”

“It is due to charisma,” Bai Liu replied seriously to Qi Yifang, his tone teasing. “He was so fascinated by me that he is willing to do things for me.”

Bai Liu raised his eyes and looked at Qi Yifang with a smile. “If you don’t do things well for me, I will also fascinate your soul.”

Qi Yifang, “????”

Qi Yifang covered his chest with both hands and took dozens of steps back in horror. Bai Liu saw Qi Yifang quickly moving away in his field of view, becoming a small dot as he screamed, “I want to leave my body and mind to the Queen of Hearts! Don’t come over here!”

Liu Jiayi, “…= =. Don’t tease Qi Yifang. He will really believe it. He was fascinated by Hearts and desperately trained in order to enter the Kings Guild.”

Most of the flower pickers were attracted to the factory due to what happened this morning. Now they were all surrounding Tang Erda.

There weren’t many flower pickers in the field and they were much easier to handle.

After tying up the flower pickers, Liu Jiayi dusted off the ashes on her hands and let in the vagrants who hadn’t dared come out. Then she showed them the specific coordinates and the vast excavation began.

Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu also helped to dig. Qi Yifang used the wind to sweep away the rose roots and soil that had been dug up. The excavation progress was completed faster than they thought but things soon happened.

During the excavation process, the vagrants seemed affected by something. They were uncontrollably alienated and started to go crazy.

They restored the vagrants with the rose perfume. Then Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu looked at each other. They both understood what was happening.

Liu Jiayi’s speculation was correct. They were digging near the location of Tawil’s buried body parts so the vagrants were affected by the decrease in mental value and started to alienate.

Bai Liu stood up covered in mud. He clapped his hands to attract the attention of the vagrants helping him dig and said, “Attention, if any of you are alienated during the excavation process, please notify me in time so I can carry out the rest of the excavation.”

“I won’t be too affected.” Bai Liu thanked the people who came to help. “This is actually regarded as my personal business. The rest can be left to me. I have troubled you.”

Every time there was the alienation of the vagrants somewhere in the flower fields, the vagrants would stop digging according to Bai Liu’s words. Soon, only Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi were left in the flower field and kneeling to dig.

Then once Liu Jiayi couldn’t help shaking for the third time, Bai Liu supported Liu Jiayi and stopped her hand that still wanted to dig. “It’s fine.”

Bai Liu smiled at Liu Jiayi. “You are affected by it. It is enough to help me up to here. I will take care of the rest myself.”

“But…” Liu Jiayi bit her lower lip and raised her dirty little face to look at Bai Liu as if she still wanted to hold on.

Bai Liu patted her head, smiled at her with curved eyes and thanked her very seriously. “You are already very good. You should want me, an adult, to be stronger than you, right?”

“Don’t worry too much about me,” Bai Liu whispered in Liu Jiayi’s ear. “He won’t hurt me.”

Liu Jiayi was silent for a while before staggering to her feet. She was pulled out of the excavated pit by the vagrants and the nervous Qi Yifang.

In the entire flower field, only Bai Liu was left. He silently knelt in the messy mud field and dug at the ground alone.

The vagrants who came to help didn’t leave after completing what they could. Bai Liu had said it was his personal matter but they still stood silently on the edge and watched Bai Liu dig alone, keeping a distance to prevent themselves from being polluted.

Liu Jiayi was also standing on the edge. She stared blankly as Bai Liu looked down, adjusted his breathing and carefully dug.

The expression on Bai Liu’s face made Liu Jiayi a bit surprised.

She had never seen Bai Liu like this before. He was no longer lazy and not caring about anything. He could play everyone between his hands but now he was concentrating so seriously that it made her feel a bit unfamiliar.

During the last rescue of Bai Liu, Liu Jiayi had found that they knew nothing about Bai Liu.

At that time, she thought that Bai Liu was really smart. He knew all about them but he didn’t reveal anything about himself to them at all. He had thousands of masks to deal with people.

It wasn’t until this moment that Liu Jiayi felt she had touched the self that Bai Liu had hidden.

A man, lonely and covered in mud while approaching another man buried underground—this was Bai Liu.

No one could help him, no one could approach him.

All of them could only voluntarily or passively be Bai Liu’s spectators. They stood behind the safety line a distance from him, watching as he calmly and stubbornly approached the monster underground.

After 10 minutes when Liu Jiayi was distracted, Bai Liu seemed to have dug out something. The excited onlookers became noisy and Liu Jiayi’s mind also returned due to this noise. She looked into the pit.

Bai Liu had dug out a snow-white right hand with sharp knuckles. Liu Jiayi sighed with relief. Fortunately, she hadn’t guessed wrong.

Just as she was about to open her mouth and have Bai Liu throw the thing on the ground to prevent himself from being mentally affected, Bai Liu’s next action made her stunned.

She saw Bai Liu lower his eyes before reaching out to hold the right hand, their ten fingers clasped together tightly.

“Finally…” Bai Liu’s breathing wasn’t even due to the digging but the face under the mud revealed a cunning, simple and stubborn smile, like the 14 year old Bai Liu (6) who won the game. “—I caught you.”

Liu Jiayi didn’t know if she was mistaken—she seemed to see the broken hand, that was buried in the roses, shake Bai Liu’s hand back.

Proofreader: Purichan

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