GHG: Chapter 206

Liu Jiayi healed Tang Erda to the point where he didn’t look so spent. He went from having around one breath left to two breaths left. Then she stopped in time. It was hard to make it so this man didn’t have any combat strength. She didn’t dare to restore him directly.

“Now what?” Liu Jiayi raised an eyebrow at Bai Liu. “What are you going to do?”

Bai Liu sat down cross-legged next to Tang Erda. “It is rare for him to be so quiet. I’m going to talk to him.”

“Then negotiate a win-win deal.” Bai Liu smiled at Liu Jiayi.

The moment Liu Jiayi saw Bai Liu’s smile, she silently took two steps back and rubbed the goosebumps on her arm. She couldn’t help looking at the still unconscious Tang Erda with some pity.

Poor fool. He was about to be deceived by Bai Liu.

Qi Yifang’s terrified voice was heard from a distance. He seemed to be running to this side. He had been scared by the big change between Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu when he was remembering the numbers and only came back to his senses now.

Liu Jiayi put away the antidote and stood up. “I will go outside to stop Qi Yifang. I will give you 15 minutes to deal with this Tang Erda. That is enough time, yes?”

Bai Liu leaned against the wall of the corridor and lazily raised a hand to make the ‘okay’ gesture.

Liu Jiayi turned away. Before she left, she threw a bottle of antidote to Bai Liu without looking back. “Before dealing with others, you should deal with yourself first.”

“It is shameful for you to be hurt like this when you have my skill panel.”

Bai Liu raised his hand to wipe the blood that dripped from a corner of his mouth. He firmly caught the antidote that Liu Jiayi threw to him and smiled. “Thank you.”

He did have Liu Jiayi’s panel but Bai Liu had almost exhausted his physical strength during the confrontation with Tang Erda just now. He couldn’t use Liu Jiayi’s skill until he replenished his physical strength.

In addition, Bai Liu was a player with a heavy mentality and he wasn’t very sensitive to his own health.

If Liu Jiayi hadn’t been keenly aware of Bai Liu’s low health in time and thrown him an antidote, Bai Liu might be negotiating with Tang Erda with his meager three points of health.

If Tang Erda tried a last ditch effort at the point of death, he might really have an accident.

Little Witch waved her hand impatiently and left.

In the dark and bleak corridor, only Bai Liu and Tang Erda were left. They were two opponents who fought fiercely and survived.

Bai Liu finished drinking the antidote and physical strength recovery agent. He restored his panel to full value before coming close to pat Tang Erda’s blood-covered face.

Tang Erda had been hit by his own suicide bullet and half his face was covered in blood. There was also a lot of blood flowing under his body and his breathing and heartbeat were almost inaudible. If Liu Jiayi hadn’t forced him to continue living then he would’ve died by now.

After being relentlessly slapped by Bai Liu, Tang Erda slightly opened his eyes. A faint blue light shone from his eyes and it was the only bright color in this dark corridor.

The moment he saw Bai Liu, Tang Erda reflexively moved his bloody fingers like he wanted to summon a gun. Then he weakly released it. He no longer had the strength to fight.

He could only stare at Bai Liu with blood-stained blue eyes, as if he wanted to roll over and grab Bai Liu’s ankle. He laboriously spoke word by word, “…Let go… of Su Yang…”

“In fact, I’m curious.” Bai Liu didn’t dodge and just leaned closer to Tang Erda. He stared directly at Tang Erda without any evasion. “I saw it in the mirror. The Su Yang who made you embark on the journey to hunt me down should’ve died completely. Even his soul disappeared, right?”

Tang Erda’s pupils shrank as he tried to grab Bai Liu.

Bai Liu continued to ask calmly. “No matter what, even if your wish is fulfilled: everyone is saved and I am dead in every timeline, no longer harming others. However, the Su Yang you want to save the most still won’t be able to come back.”

“Then what is the point of you pursuing and killing me?”

Tang Erda lay on the ground like a dead statue, motionless. Only his fingers curled together like he wanted to make a fist, but he was already too tired.

Tang Erda couldn’t even do an action of clenching his fists. He could only stare at the pure black ceiling of the corridor with empty eyes. Countless voices in his head intertwined.

[…They are terrible opponents. The terrible Wandering Circus. Due to the presence of the clown, many people simply don’t have the courage to fight against them!] A voice explained passionately. [But the other team in today’s finals clearly aren’t such cowards. They are bravely confronting the Wandering Circus!]

[You must know that the clown’s sniper skill is Soul Shattering Gun! This isn’t a secret among all the players. This is information that their captain Bai Liu (6) tacitly released.]

[It is a terrible skill that has made many teams choose to surrender before the confrontation. It is because once hit by the clown’s bullet, even the soul will shatter into millions of pieces in an instant!]

[There is no one who can personally tell us what this type of pain is like because they have all left this world. However, this isn’t the most terrible thing about the Soul Shattering Gun. The most terrible thing about this gun is that—]

[It will kill a person completely and there is no possibility of being resurrected. They will disappear completely from this world.]

[Even if time comes again, even if the mountains and seas are reversed, it is absolutely impossible to be resurrected.]

[It is because the soul has completely disappeared.]

[Today! Through our previous interview, the main target of the clown sniper is the captain of the other team, Mr Hunter, who is also a gunman! It seems we can enjoy the fierce confrontation and collision between top players with the same skill!]

The noisy background sound of the venue, the dazzling spotlights that fell from above, the cheering and whistling spectators and the other team walking toward him from a distance.

The giggling clown wearing a mask stood behind Bai Liu (6), who was smiling elegantly. Liu Jiayi, Mu Sicheng and Mu Ke maintained various lazy and scattered postures on either side of Bai Liu (6).

Bai Liu (6) looked at Tang Erda with interest. Before the game began, he routinely reached out and shook hands with him, saying a sentence that Tang Erda never forgot.

Bai Liu (6) smiled at him. “You have something in you that I don’t have, Mr Hunter. I am very curious about you.”

“I want to know under what circumstances you would lose this type of thing.”

Tang Erda withdrew his hand in an alert manner. “No matter what you say, I won’t easily throw it away.”

“Oh, is that so?” Bai Liu (6) still had a polite smile on his face that didn’t change in the slightest. He glanced at Su Yang, who was standing behind Tang Erda, and the smile on his face deepened slightly. “Mr Hunter, it is better to forbid love within the team. It isn’t suitable for the team.”

Tang Erda cocked his head and the expression of Su Yang behind him changed slightly.

Bai Liu (6) waved like he didn’t say anything and turned to leave with a smile.

“Love within the team?” Tang Erda frowned and turned to look at Su Yang doubtfully. “Aren’t all the people in the team men? How can someone fall in love within the team?”

Su Yang’s face turned pale for a moment. He looked up at Tang Erda for a long time before finally laughing helplessly. It was as if he was admitting defeat.

He raised his light-colored eyes and looked at Tang Erda gently. He took a deep breath before slowly letting it out, as if he was mentally preparing to bear a mistake. Then he said softly, “He is talking about me, Captain.”

“I like you. I didn’t intend to tell you. I was always going to hide this secret until I died.” Su Yang lowered his eyes and smiled gently. “It is a pity that Bai Liu (6) could see it with one glance.”

“Su Yang in the first world had a crush on you, right?” Bai Liu looked down at Tang Erda. “I saw it in the mirror. You are really dull. You couldn’t see that Su Yang liked you with those eyes?”

What people feared weren’t only the things they were afraid of but also the unintended happiness that they had missed.

Su Yang always stared at Tang Erda with light-colored eyes. He was the fastest and best assistant who followed Tang Erda’s attack on the field. If someone called him Tang Erda’s virtuous helper then he would blush slightly. Then he would quickly look at Tang Erda’s flustered expression, who was at a loss to explain it.

They were the best duo to sweep everything in that year’s competition. The tacit understanding between them even defeated another number one duo who were a husband and wife. The moment Tang Erda hugged Su Yang’s shoulder and stood on the podium of victory with a smile, he turned his head and asked Su Yang what reward he wanted.

Tang Erda knew that Su Yang had paid a lot in order to catch up with him and cooperate with him. Su Yang trained for a long time. Tang Erda once inadvertently saw Su Yang’s sleeve that had slipped down when he was eating and his arms were full of old scars left by training.

Tang Erda felt that he should give this person a reward for being an excellent vice-captain.

Su Yang just looked up at him for a long time. It seemed that victory didn’t attract him more than Tang Erda’s side profile. Then Su Yang’s eyes curved and he revealed a very happy and bright smile. He said:

Being able to stand with the captain now is the biggest reward for me.

I hope that the next time the captain encounters something, don’t carry it alone. You can think of me.

[I want to always be your reliable vice-captain.]

Su Yang always said this. He always silently followed Tang Erda to fight. Tang Erda couldn’t hide from him or shake him off. If he looked back, he could always see Su Yang standing behind him and asking what he needed.

Su Yang was always his best vice-captain and he never thought about the reason why.

By the time Tang Erda finally understood, it was too late. He received Su Yang’s confession and his mind went blank. He said seriously that he would consider it but he was already panicking in his heart.

Su Yang just waved his hand and smiled nonchalantly. He said that Tang Erda shouldn’t care about it. He wouldn’t have mentioned it if it wasn’t for Bai Liu (6)’s deliberate words just now.

-Once you have time later, think about my words again. I just think…

Su Yang turned his head against the light amidst the cheers filling the area. His face still had that gentle smile but there seemed to be a lingering sadness in the smile.

In the moment when you asked me, Captain, I suddenly felt that if I didn’t tell you, I might really have no chance.

The Wandering Circle on the field was pressing them very hard. There was the presence of the clown sniper so they didn’t dare act rashly. Tang Erda planned to use himself as bait to induce the clown to shoot.

As long as the clown fired a shot, there would be a 15 minute cooldown where they could move as they pleased.

However, it wasn’t known what orders this clown received from Bai Liu (6). This person had always been crazy and impulsive, but this time, it didn’t matter how Tang Erda provoked him. He just wandered around the periphery and put a lot of pressure on Tang Erda’s team.

Soon, Tang Erda understood Bai Liu (6)’s intention—this guy was planning to play a drawn out battle with them!

The panel values of the members on Bai Liu (6)’s side were all higher than Tang Erda’s team. There was no advantage in wasting time and waiting for their physical strength to run out.

Tang Erda gritted his teeth and leaned against the wall. The health of his team was already being slowly reduced by the other party. If it continued like this—

However, the bait wasn’t enough. The clown wouldn’t bite the hook!

“Captain.” Su Yang, who had been silent for a while, suddenly raised his head and made a suggestion. “I will be bait as well.”

“No.” Tang Erda vetoed it. “You can’t be a decoy. The clown mainly targets me and he won’t shoot when you go out.”

“Their goal is indeed you.” Su Yang smiled and held up the A of Spades skill card. “However, it isn’t like I’m completely unable to become you. This is an item I won from a player called Hearts. It can completely turn me into my heart… you. No one will see the flaws.”

This type of advanced disguise item usually had very harsh conditions before it could be used. Tang Erda frowned. “What are the conditions for using the item?”

“A mirror.” Su Yang lowered his eyes, his eyelashes trembling slightly. “I just need a mirror that allows me to see myself and I can become you.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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