GHG: Chapter 205

Tang Erda raised his fist and slammed it down hard on Bai Liu’s face. Bai Liu coughed up blood and turned his face away. The fist rubbed past his face and smashed a crack in the ground.

Bai Liu wanted to play some tactics and tricks on the captain but the opponent’s panel suppression was too terrible. Under Tang Erda’s close quarters hand-to-hand combat, he couldn’t move at all. He couldn’t even open the system panel. Tang Erda was too fast.

This person’s brain was abnormal but his reflexes were really top-notch. As long as Bai Liu tried to do something to resist and his muscles moved slightly, Tang Erda would quickly release pressure on his bones before he even had time to move.

Bai Liu deeply felt the words ‘one person with great strength can defeat ten people’ from Tang Erda.

Experience, skills, ability and control. The limits of various criteria used to rate a player were now being vividly displayed by Tang Erda.

It was only a feeling but Bai Liu vaguely felt that Tang Erda’s panel might’ve broken through 50,000 at this moment.

This wasn’t a magnitude he could resist at all. No opponent Bai Liu had encountered before could give him such a feeling. Tang Erda’s crazy extreme toughness didn’t leave any room for Bai Liu to play.

He was indeed suppressed. Bai Liu rarely found himself helpless even before Tang Erda had even fired a shot.

If it wasn’t for Tang Erda collapsing from madness and wanting to torture Bai Liu, Bai Liu felt that the grass on his grave would already be two meters high. It was too easy for Tang Erda to kill him.

This situation might be called bad luck, but for Bai Liu, it might be a type of good luck just looking at the results.

Bai Liu no longer had Liu Jiayi’s appearance.

The moment he met the red-eyed Tang Erda, he quickly removed the skill card A of Hearts. If he was fighting Tang Erda, it wasn’t a wise choice to use the appearance of an eight year old girl. In addition, this skill card consumed a certain amount of his physical strength.

Now Bai Liu was using his body to fight Tang Erda, or he was being unilaterally beaten with his own body. Blood splattered between the two of them. Bai Liu looked at Tang Erda’s twisted and brutal face and his breathing gradually weakened.

Then he suddenly smiled inexplicably.

[System warning: The player’s health has fallen below 3!]

Even so, he wasn’t entirely without a chance of winning against this person.

The current Tang Erda was like an S-grade monster. He was incomparably strong due to madness but he also completely exposed his weaknesses to Bai Liu.

He would bet once. Losing this bet might make Tang Erda completely crazy and then he would really die.

Yet as long as the bet was won—

Bai Liu stared at Tang Erda, who raised his fist high. It was now!

Bai Liu had been relaxed and not resisting. This caused Tang Erda’s muscle inertia. The moment the opponent dropped his fist, Bai Liu smoothly dodged sideways. It was completely different from his previous weak appearance of just letting the other person attack.

Bai Liu created a short one second gap that was just enough for him to quickly pull up the system panel.

[System notification: Does player Bai Liu want to use the skill card A of Hearts?]

[I will.]

An A of Hearts playing card appeared out of thin air in Bai Liu’s hand. The heart in the center of the card turned quickly after Tang Erda approached. The face in the center of the heart gradually changed from Liu Jiayi to—

Tang Erda raised his fist and took a big step. He quickly approached the back of Bai Liu’s head and roared hoarsely, “Bai Liu—!”

Bai Liu slowly turned around. The protective suit on his body gradually changed to the uniform of the Dangerous Heretics Bureau and his dark eyes became pale and light. His height was increased by half a head and there were snow-white gloves on his hands. His chair changed from short hair to half-long hair that reached the neck.

He turned around and his eyes curved in a smile. The corners of his lips were bloody and he didn’t seem to mind Tang Erda attacking him at all. Instead, he whispered in a hoarse and gentle voice.

It was exactly the same as Su Yang in Tang Erda’s initial memory.

Tang Erda’s fist stopped right in front of Bai Liu’s nose. The wind that was created by it blew away the blood-stained hair on both sides of Bai Liu’s face.

Bai Liu’s face was full of wounds after being attacked by Tang Erda. These wounds were superimposed over Su Yang’s gentle face, giving a strange feeling of violation and appropriateness.

Tang Erda’s fist clenched and trembled in front of Bai Liu’s face. His pupils trembled as he saw the face of this Su Yang that he was incomparably familiar with.

This was the Su Yang of the first world, the first Su Yang, this—

It was the real one hidden in his heart, his Su Yang.

It was the one who would never come back, Su Yang whose soul was annihilated.

“How dare you show up in front of me with his face?!” Tang Erda’s eyes were red and almost dripping blood as he looked at Bai Liu with a creepy expression. A gun appeared in his fist in the blink of an eye and fiercely pressed against Bai Liu’s forehead. Then he fired without hesitation.


Su Yang was directly shot and slowly fell to the ground, motionless. He didn’t change back to Bai Liu’s appearance. He was still looking at his captain with eyes that hadn’t reacted. He died like this.

No skills or items could be maintained after death. If Su Yang was still like this after dying…

Tang Erda realized something and sluggishly released the gun in his hand. He collapsed and knelt in front of Su Yang’s corpse.

This wasn’t Bai Liu transformed into Su Yang, this was Su Yang.

Bai Liu’s voice was heard from an unknown place. It was as lazy and hateful as ever. “Captain Tang, as you can see, the person you just shot isn’t the Su Yang I have transformed into but the Su Yang you are most afraid to see in your heart. Raise your head and see what is in front of you.”

Tang Erda was stuck like a cassette tape as he raised his head in a blank manner.

There was a huge mirror at the end of the corridor and the mirror showed another mirror placed at the end of the corridor.

The two mirrors were placed at both ends of the corridor and reflected each other. Each mirror would reflect a new mirror and the new mirror in the mirror would continue to reflect a mirror. The mirrors would constantly refract and reflect between the two mirrors, creating a corridor of endless mirrors.

Tang Erda knew this mirror. It was the Murphy’s Theorem Magic Mirror that was protected by the Dangerous Heretics Bureau.

This was a special heretic that was difficult to break. It was even intact after an explosion. The longer a person stared in the mirror, the more they saw something they didn’t want to see and it would be born in this mirror.

Bai Liu took advantage of Tang Erda’s inattention to place the two mirrors at both ends of the corridor, forming a corridor of endless mirrors. In fact, he originally only had one mirror, which was the reward for the monster book of Exploding Last Train. The other was obtained when he was imprisoned in the Dangerous Heretics Bureau. He took it with him when he escaped.

However, the mirror in the real world couldn’t be brought into the system to be used in the game without the interference of the evil god.

His reverse cross was still with Tang Erda. As a rule, Bai Liu couldn’t bring the other mirror in the game. It was just that he used another method to bring the mirror in to create this mirror corridor to trap Tang Erda.

For a hunter with a very bad heart, there was no better cage than his own past that he feared the most.

All types of Su Yangs started to appear in the mirror. They climbed out of the mirror with a smile, approaching Tang Erda and calling out to him softly.


“Captain, look at this heretic…”

“Captain! Have a drink after work! The second team is buying!”

“Captain, do you like a son or a daughter?”

It was obviously a relaxed and warm, happy daily life, it was obviously a smile from someone who had been absent for a long time, but Tang Erda was so frightened that every finger was trembling. He looked at these real people, the dream-like fragments of memory, and staggered back while holding the wall. He shook his head with a blank expression.


“Don’t go on anymore—!!”

Unfortunately, he had no way to retreat. Su Yang also walked out of the mirror behind Tang Erda.

His smile was full of excitement as he patted Tang Erda on the shoulder. Tang Erda turned his head in an almost frozen manner. Su Yang smiled and told him, “Captain, we just need to win this final. If we win against Bai Liu (6) then everything is over—”

Before his brain could react, Tang Erda instinctively covered Su Yang’s temples. He screamed in pain as if something had crushed his bones. “Don’t talk about it anymore! I don’t want to win against him!”

“—I want you to live!”

A bullet shot from an unknown place strangely passed through Tang Erda’s palm covering Su Yang’s temples and entered Su Yang’s skull with incomparable precision. It made a clear sound and Su Yang’s eyes became weakly empty. The smile on his face hadn’t dissipated but he had already fallen backwards.

Blood continuously seeped out from Tang Erda’s fingers that had covered Su Yang’s temples.

“C-Captain…” The intermittent voice once again made the trance-like Tang Erda turn his head.

The Su Yang who had smiled at Tang Erda and asked him if he liked a son or a daughter now had limbs twisted at a strange angle. It was as if something invisible was stepping on him, grabbing his hair and forcing him to look up at Tang Erda.

Half of Su Yang’s face was a blur of flesh and blood and his uniform was dirty and tattered. Nevertheless, he had a very firm smile on his face.

“Captain… be sure to save those who are polluted…”


A bullet pierced directly from the back of his head through the center of his eyebrows. Su Yang couldn’t even finish speaking as he fell down in a daze, his blood flowing over the ground.

The Su Yang who asked him if he wanted to drink with the second team after getting off work was kidnapped by Bai Liu as soon as he got off work. Now he was curled up on the ground, as if something invisible was constantly twisting his bones. He couldn’t even scream. Every time he was tortured, he could only tremble with a pale face.

Something caught the jaw of this Su Yang and a piece of tape created out of thin air was stuffed into the mouth of Su Yang.

“Don’t—!” Tang Erda collapsed and knelt in front of this Su Yang. He tried his best to squeeze out the tape recording that was bluntly shoved into Su Yang’s stomach. “Don’t force him to eat this! He is in pain. He is really in pain!”

The tape was covered with mucus and Tang Erda couldn’t grab it steadily. Finally, he bit the tape with tears in his eyes. He knelt on the ground and pulled, trying to swallow it himself.

Tears slid down from his blue eyes.

The non-existent person who stuffed the tape in seemed to find that Su Yang’s mouth was too small for it to be entered. He easily removed it, forcibly dislocated Su Yang’s mandible and forced him to swallow the tape again.

Tang Erda couldn’t stop it. He could only watch as in the process of swallowing, Su Yang covered his stomach and trembled. Then he gradually stopped breathing, his mouth full of black blood.

It was exactly the same as when he was dissected.

Tang Erda’s soul was lost and he knelt in place. His hands fell backwards as if he had died with Su Yang.

Murphy’s Theorem Magic Mirror was a mirror that could reflect all the fears in the heart. Now this mirror was in front of Tang Erda and it showed the death process of Su Yang in every timeline.

Every frame and scene appeared in front of Tang Erda’s eyes. They were the daily scenes that once made him feel happy that happened before Su Yang’s death. He had already recalled them countless times so the moment he saw Su Yang’s smiling face before death, he couldn’t help being afraid.

No matter how many times he tried to stop it and how long he had been running with all his strength, until now, he had never once saved Su Yang from Bai Liu (6)’s hands.

He could only watch time and time again as Su Yang was tortured to death in various poses. He had to accept Bai Liu (6)’s unhurried teachings and rhetorical questions.

[It is true that I don’t suffer due to the pain of others, but you see, if I do something casually, it must be you, an empathetic good person, who suffers more than a bad person like me.]

On the tape, he asked Tang Erda with a slow laugh, “So Captain Tang, it has reached this point. Can you still tell me the meaning of being a good person?”

Tang Erda stood up shakily. The real deceased Su Yangs and the illusions in his mind overlapped together. He seemed to be answering Bai Liu (6)’s words across time and space but he was also talking to himself.

“Being a good person is really a thankless thing and it doesn’t make any sense.”

“However, I despise being a bad person. It is disgusting. Even if I already want to die, even if it is just an illusion… as long as I’m alive, I am going to save him!”

Tang Erda gritted his teeth, took out his gun and aimed it at his own head. “It is because I am his captain!”

“Stop all this, Bai Liu!” Tang Erda’s gaze was precisely fixed on one of the Su Yangs who behaved a bit strangely as he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

The Su Yang in front of him slowly turned around, eyes dark. It was indeed Bai Liu!

[System notification: Player Tang Erda’s mental value has collapsed and the panel has fully exploded!]

[System notification: Player Tang Erda has activated the explosive skill Russian Roulette-Suicide Bullet.]

[Locked object: Suspected player Bai Liu.]

[System notification: The roulette has started to turn and the bet is about to start… the bet has failed. The suicide bullet will take effect.]

The bullet passed through Tang Erda’s head and made a loud bang. Tang Erda looked stunned as blood burst on half his face. He fell to the ground along with the other Su Yang. He lay dying in a pool of blood, unable to move.

In a trance, he saw the ‘Su Yang’ he had seen before turn into Liu Jiayi.

“How did he run away…” Tang Erda lifted his head, eyelids drooping. Then a relieved smile appeared on his face. “Forget it, he always has a way to win the game.”

Tang Erda’s eyes gradually closed. “I finally lost the bet, I can leave…”

“Hey, wake up.” Liu Jiayi crouched down in front of Tang Erda in a dumbfounded manner.

Just now, Bai Liu activated Heart to Heart to directly teleport her over. Before she could figure out the situation, she saw this stupid man shoot at himself. She was frightened because she thought the previous scene was going to play out and hurriedly drank an antidote.

As a result, this stupid man shot himself and collapsed. Liu Jiayi looked dumbfounded. Had Bai Liu tricked the other person?

Could it still be sent like this?

Just as Liu Jiayi was looking at Tang Erda, who was lying on the ground and about to die, and wondering whether she should save him or not, the mirrors disappeared and the door outside the corridor suddenly opened.

Bai Liu walked in through the door. He seemed to have anticipated the situation inside. The moment he saw Tang Erda lying on the ground, he just took one glance before he turned to look at Liu Jiayi. “Save this person first.”

Liu Jiayi gave Tang Erda an antidote while examining Bai Liu in disbelief. “How did you make him like this?”

Tang Erda was at least an S-grade player and his panel value was ridiculously high. The monsters in this game couldn’t take him on. It was said that the only one who could defeat him in this game was himself.

However, Bai Liu actually succeeded in inducing Tang Erda to shoot at himself. In the case where his panel had entered rage mode, it completely broke through Tang Erda’s protective value and beat him to the point where there was only a trace of health left.

Now this guy only had one breath left. If Liu Jiayi had come one step later, he would be dead.

“Oh, yes. I studied his skill, Russian Roulette.” Bai Liu explained in an orderly manner. “This is a gambling skill. Whoever has the highest luck value won’t be hit. This is why he can win against me every time he uses it. Therefore, at the critical moment, I first changed to your appearance stored in A of Hearts and used A of Spades to change places with you.”

“Now it is a bet of luck between you and him. I thought that your luck is better than mine so the probability of you winning the bet would be greater than me.” Bai Liu looked at Liu Jiayi innocently. “It looks like you really won the bet.”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath. “Bai Liu, your father sakj(*&@*&#!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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