GHG: Chapter 203

Bai Liu stared into Lu Yizhan’s eyes for a while before standing up and putting away the bone whip he had taken out. He was going to give Lu Yizhan a good time but it seemed the other person didn’t need it.

The snow-white whip swept across the ground and was stained with the blood oozing from Lu Yizhan’s body.

Lu Yizhan lay back on the ground. Due to the pain, his breathing became heavy and his voice was a bit intermittent. “Go outside and ask. Ask that factory worker, gasp. Your talent should be super level.”

Bai Liu went out to ask the factory worker. The factory worker looked at the time and asked about the characterization of Bai Liu’s test paper. He determined that Bai Liu’s perfumer talent was already above the special level.

At the same time, the factory worker asked in surprise, “The perfume test paper inside hasn’t been scrapped?”

Bai Liu was quiet for a moment before replying with a no.

The factory worker went in to check what Bai Liu had said. Lu Yizhan was the same as when Bai Liu first saw him in this instance. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and taking off his clothes for the factory worker to check.

The inspection finished and Lu Yizhan limped to the sink in his bloody and sweat-soaked clothes. He looked like he was ready to wash his clothes.

If it wasn’t for the lines on Lu Yizhan’s back that were still spreading, Bai Liu would even think that this person was fine.

The factory worker was amazed. He didn’t think that even after the test from a special talent, this test paper could still hold on.

Once all the checks were completed, the factory worker was ready to lead Bai Liu to go. Before leaving, Lu Yizhan called out to Bai Liu. Bai Liu turned back and saw Lu Yizhan sitting at the end of the bed with a relieved smile. The lines on his face continued to grow and heal, looking terrible and bloody. Even so, he was smiling with the warmth of an ordinary person.

Lu Yizhan stood up with difficulty. He pushed Bai Liu’s back to push Bai Liu out of the cage while saying very casually, “30 years of hot pot. Remember to change the world for me to see.”

Bai Liu carried the bone whip stained with Lu Yizhan’s blood and didn’t look back. He just made a soft hum before walking out of the cage.

The other side.

Tang Erda lowered his head and staggered out of the cage while carrying the silver gun covered in Su Yang’s blood.

The factory worker saw Tang Erda coming out with the gun in his hand and didn’t say anything. He just glanced at the bloody test paper in the cage and nodded at Tang Erda without much concern. “The perfume test paper is scrapped? We’ll deal with it later. You are qualified.”

Tang Erda walked past the factory worker with the gun in his hand like he didn’t hear the factory worker’s words. His eyes were empty and unfocused.

Su Yang’s blood dripped from his fingers. Even his clothes, shoes and face were covered with blood from when he shot through Su Yang’s heart.

Every footprint Tang Erda made, every breath, every step forward was stained with the blood of the withered Su Yang.

The blood dripping from Tang Erda formed a road that led to the gradually closing cage behind him where Su Yang was imprisoned. It seemed that he never came out of the cage where Su Yang had died.

He wanted to die in the cage with Su Yang, but he was the captain. He didn’t have such a good life.

If Tang Erda was an ordinary player, perhaps Su Yang would pity him and be willing to let him die simply and neatly.

However, he was the captain—the responsibility and meaning that this title gave him made Tang Erda hate himself at this moment.

Captain Tang couldn’t run away, stop or even die. He could only witness the tragic ending of everyone in the endless, irreparable world lines. He had to continue to move forward without any emotional fluctuations, watching all this like a machine.

How much did he want to die, the hunter who had completely withered and even had the mark of suicide on his bullets?

Tang Erda’s Suicide Bullet skill had to be used by the user. In other words, himself. Every time he raised a gun and shot at himself, he sincerely wanted to commit suicide.

In the end, Tang Erda couldn’t even tell whether it was the enemy he wanted to kill when he fired the gun, or himself.

Nevertheless, he was still alive, as if he had been cut by a thousand knives. He lived like a walking corpse while bearing the hopes of all the dead.

Bai Liu (6) could die, Su Yang could die, his team members could die and any ordinary person in the world could die.

Only Tang Erda, who was chosen as the hunter, couldn’t die.

He made a wish to God to keep everyone alive and God deprived him of the right to die.

The faint voice of the factory worker rang out behind Tang Erda, who was in a daze. The factory worker pointed out in disgust, “This scrapped perfume test paper is so disgusting. Crush it as fertilizer.”

Tang Erda gripped the gun in his hand. Then in the next second, as if hallucinating, Su Yang’s faint voice before he died rang in Tang Erda’s ears again.

“Captain, go forward. Don’t… turn back.”

[System warning: Player Tang Erda’s mental value has been violently shaken and dropped to 11! The panel is about to explode!]

Tang Erda turned back with a blank expression and pointed his gun at the head of the factory worker who was kicking Su Yang’s body. He whispered softly to himself as if he was answering someone, “Su Yang, I can’t do it without turning back.”

There was no way he couldn’t turn back from a long time ago so the only thing he could do was to turn back.



Bai Liu, who was separated only by a wall, was also walking forward with the whip.

Behind them were the mutilated bodies of their best friends while in front of them was a closed road. They moved through the dark underground at the same time, carrying weapons stained with the blood of their most important person as they walked toward the fateful end.

The factory worker inserted the key into the lock and opened the door in front of Bai Liu.

Tang Erda kicked away the dead body of the factory worker who just said he was going to crush Su Yang’s body.

There was an obvious gunshot in the forehead of the corpse. It seemed that a second before he died, the factory worker who was shot to death by Tang Erda was also shocked he would end up like this.

Tang Erda’s right hand held the blood-stained gun loosely while his left hand held the keys to open the dungeon.

The sunlight outside the door melted into a bright line and landed on the faces of Bai Liu and Tang Erda at the same time.

Bai Liu looked up and the beam of light shifted and shone in a dazzling manner on his face.

Tang Erda’s lips violently curved up. His face was covered with splatters of blood and he showed a strange and cruel smile. The corners of his mouth were raised to the maximum.

The light fell on the upper half of his face and the roses in Tang Erda’s eyes stretched and bloomed against the ray of light that fell into his pupils. Behind him was the factory worker who died tragically.

“What a perfect encounter. I didn’t design it for so long in vain.” The man in the black hood and playing the Werewolf game playfully moved the hunter card in front of him.

This hunter card was different from the hunter card at the beginning of the game. The hunter who was originally cold was now holding a withered rose and weeping sadly. Tears dripped from his blue eyes and the rose in the hunter’s heart also withered.

“The magic card hunter who went crazy and turned evil and the wolf card who seems to be on a mission to save the world. It is funny and interesting.”

The man looked up at the prophet sitting silently across from him. He rested his chin casually on his folded hands and inexplicably smiled. “Prophet, do you want to use your ability to predict the outcome? Or did you anticipate this situation?”

The prophet didn’t answer him and remained silent.

The man didn’t care about the prophet and continued to talk to himself with a smile, “Sure enough, no matter the world line, it is still Bai Liu (6) who is the most interesting.”

The prophet finally spoke. “In this world line, his name is Bai Liu.”

“If you insist.” The person opposite him shrugged. “I think he would prefer to be called Bai Liu (6).”

The man smiled. “Or I think he will soon turn back to Bai Liu (6). At the end of his duel with the hunter, if he kills the hunter then Bai Liu (6) will lose his position as an ordinary person. Then the result of our world line bet on Bai Liu (6) will come out.”

“You only need to lose once and our Werewolf game is over.”

The prophet stared at the card of the weeping hunter on the table and the werewolf card next to it without opening his mouth.


At the same time, next to the flower field.

Liu Jiayi read through the diary that Bai Liu had put in her items warehouse and gained a basic understanding of the supplementary content of the entire game.

She just wanted to contact Bai Liu to determine his next move when a loud noise erupted from the factory in the distance. The sound of gunshots was mixed with the sound of glass breaking. It could be heard clearly even from the distant flower fields where Liu Jiayi was located.

However, her hearing ability was beyond that of ordinary people. For example, Qi Yifang next to her couldn’t hear as clearly as her. He only faintly heard a loud noise and was looking over nervously.

She looked back quickly. The help of her vision item meant she could see that the open dormitory window on the first floor of the Rose Factory had been smashed by something. She also heard an extremely faint, muffled groan from Bai Liu.

“Damn!” Liu Jiayi’s expression changed. “That guy Bai Liu is fighting with that gunman!”

She could never mishear a gunshot. It was the strange skill weapon she had been shot with—the gunshots of the silver revolver!

This gun had the screeching sound of the magazine changing before firing!

She instinctively wanted to go over and see what was going on, but Liu Jiayi soon calmed down. Bai Liu might be a player who liked to do big things but he wasn’t an impulsive tactician. He chose to fight against Tang Erda, who had a much higher panel than him, so he must have his own considerations.

Now wasn’t the time to save Bai Liu. He had his own panel i.e. the Witch’s skill panel that could restore his health. He wouldn’t easily die.

She was Bai Liu’s support player and had to understand what he was going to do by holding onto Tang Erda!

Liu Jiayi once again opened the diary that Bai Liu placed in the items warehouse. Finally, she found a scribbled sentence on the last page that was obviously written in a hurry.

-Before the real death comes, the time on you is unique and irreversible…

“Time, time…” Liu Jiayi muttered to herself. “Before the real death comes, the real death—”

Something representing time and real death that appeared throughout the game…

Liu Jiayi’s eyes widened suddenly. “The date of the explosion in the newspaper and the specific time of some major deaths!”

The author has something to say: 

Interpretation of the Werewolf rules made by a reader in the comments: 

The prophet and hooded man’s Werewolf review:

-1st night (Siren Town instance): The prophet checks no one and the hooded man releases the merman (Tawil).

Personnel: Bai Liu (Werewolf)]

Ending: Bai Liu (Werewolf) played alone. Christmas Eve passed.

-2nd night (Mirror instance, seven people): The prophet checks the thief, the hooded man releases the mirror (Tawil).

Personnel: Bai Liu (Werewolf), Mu Sicheng (Thief), Du Sanying (Villager), Puppet Zhang (Guilty puppet master), Liu Huai (Villager), Li Gou (Guilty villager), Fang Ke (Villager).

Ending: Bai Liu (Werewolf) killed Puppet Zhang (Guilty puppet master) and Li Gou (Guilty villager). 5 survivors (Bai Liu, Mu Sicheng, Du Sanying, Liu Huai and Fang Ke): 1 werewolf, 1 thief and 4 unknown types of villagers.

Summary: The thief transferred to the werewolf camp. The werewolf killed two bad guys. The thief and four unknown villagers survived. The prophet wins.

-3rd night (Blood Ganoderma lucidum instance, six people): The prophet released the witch (Liu Jiayi) and the cupid (Liu Huai). The hooded man released the Blood Ganoderma (Tawil).

Personnel: Bai Liu (Werewolf), Mu Ke (Villager of the Werewolf camp), Liu Jiayi (Witch), Liu Huai (Cupid), Miao Feichi (Offender), Miao Gaojiang (Offender)

Ending: Bai Liu (Werewolf) killed Miao Feichi (Offender), Miao Gaojiang (Offender). Liu Huai (Cupid) died because of Bai Liu (Werewolf) and 3 people survived (Bai Liu, Mu Ke, Liu Jiayi): 1 werewolf, 1 werewolf villager and the witch.

Summary: The witch transferred to the werewolf camp. The werewolf killed two bad guys. Cupid died and the villager of the werewolf camp survived. This round was a draw for the prophet and the hooded man.

-4th night (Rose dungeon, six people): The prophet checks the hunter and releases the hunter. The hooded man releases the roses (Tawil).

Personnel: Bai Liu (Werewolf), Liu Jiayi (Witch), Tang Erda (Hunter), Qi Yifang (Villager), Kings Guild member (Villager), Kings Guild member (Villager).

Ending: Unknown

Summary: No matter whether the werewolf or hunter is killed, the prophet will lose. It can be seen that the villagers are good people. If the prophet wants to win, all members must survive.

Prophet victory condition: Guide the werewolf to kill the bad guys, don’t kill a good person.

Hooded man’s victory condition: The werewolf kills a good person.

It is a draw if the werewolf kills a good person and a bad person.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Either die as a hero or live long enough to become the villain

Tang Erda reminds me of this phrase with his monologue in the begining

Most of the time a heroes path is filled with triumoh that it let us forget that this path was once led by the blood of the people he/she loved, they who sacrificed themselves so the person who holds the responsibility will stay alive to fullfill his/her role and once the duty is done they can leave but they will aleays remember that path, the past

I can now see why old people are more peaceful, its not that they have regrets but theyve fullfilled their duty

Thats why i hate roles that encourages you to be the leader, i cant hold that responsibility

1 year ago

Thank you for the werewolf game explanation and thank you for the translation, and thanj you author for this great novel!

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
7 months ago

The werewolf game is too complicated of a game for my dull brain to understand HAHAHAHA but I can somehow understand it after the author’s note

2 months ago

I’m willing to hope for the prophet’s victory, I believe in you Bai Liu.