GHG: Chapter 202

Testing the perfume was a very simple thing.

“Just smear the perfume essence on the palm of your hand and spread it evenly,” Lu Yizhan told Bai Liu.

“Then put the palm of your hand on an intact piece of skin on my body,” Su Yang explained to Tang Erda.

“Next, you just need to observe the speed of the skin cracking and my pain reaction. The faster the speed of the cracking and the more pained I am, the more talented you are and the more suitable you are for making the rose perfume.”

Su Yang unbuttoned his uniform one by one with slightly trembling, weak fingers. He took off his uniform and turned his back to Tang Erda.

The uniform was loosely piled up at his waist. On his pale back, the lines of flesh bloomed like unfinished tattoos, winding from the neck covered by the half-long hair to his slightly sunken waist.

On his entire back, only the piece of flesh opposite the tip of the right shoulder blade bone was intact.

This was exactly the back position of the heart. Tang Erda knew that shooting from here on the side could directly shoot into the heart wrapped in the lobes of the lungs.

Lu Yizhan sat cross-legged on the bed with his back to Bai Liu. He lifted up his hair to reveal a complete piece at the back of his neck without any cracks and withering marks. Then he lowered his head, exposing the skin of the back of his neck to Bai Liu standing behind him.

This was one of the few good pieces of skin on his body.

Su Yang and Lu Yizhan took a deep breath and closed their eyes. “Let’s start.”

Bai Liu dropped the perfume liquid on the palm of his hand while Tang Erda spread it evenly on his hand in a trance. Then they reached out and put their palms lightly on Lu Yizhan/Su Yang’s skin.

The moment they were touched, both Lu Yizhan and Su Yang fell to the ground and let out a cry that made people shudder after hearing it. Their bodies were cold and miserable.

At the same time, the two factory workers standing outside the cages realized that the perfume test had started when they heard the screams. They took timers out of their pockets and started recording the perfume paper test i.e. recording the duration of the screams of the perfume paper.

Lu Yizhan twitched and convulsed on the bed. The back of his neck touched by Bai Liu seemed to be carved by a knife. There was a deep, bloody mark that went all the way to the bone. The roses in his eyes were blooming and his face contorted like all his muscles were straining. Groans of pain continued to be heard.

Su Yang breathed deeply with his forehead against the ground. The roses in his eyes bloomed in a dazzling manner, almost revealing a burst of light in the dark cage.

All the lines on his back were surging and gathering. Blood bubbled from every wound and soon soaked through his half-worn uniform.

Su Yang tried his best not to make a sound in order to not put a psychological burden on Tang Erda. Cold sweat and tears mixed together and dripped along the tip of his nose onto the ground.

It hurt, it hurt so much!!!

Trying to resist the erosion of this thing was really painful!

Tang Erda knelt down next to Su Yang in a trance. Su Yang’s deep pain made him almost go crazy.

For a moment, he couldn’t tell if it was Su Yang being tortured or himself being tortured.

For the few seconds when Su Yang looked at him with tearful eyes, Tang Erda’s mind went blank. He took out his skill gun uncontrollably and wanted to shoot his legs, hand and feet.

In this way, he would experience the same pain as Su Yang and make Su Yang feel better.

Su Yang grabbed his wrist tightly and said, “Captain, you have more important things to do. Don’t be like me and hurt yourself here because of guilt.”

“It is pointless, Captain,” he added softly.

Su Yang’s strength to stop him was so small that Tang Erda could easily break free. Even so, he put down the gun in a trembling manner. He could see countless wounds on Su Yang’s thin arms.

Unlike the wounds caused by the rose perfume, these wounds were all man-made—they were the scars caused by Su Yang’s self-harm.

The scar on Su Yang’s face also oozed blood. He looked up with a very difficult smile on his face. The rose-red light in his eyes went out and became light and clear again.

“There was a person in the same situation as me who stopped me from hurting myself. He told me that if I could live by hating someone then hate them.”

“Even if the person I hate is his best friend.”

Su Yang’s breathing gradually slowed down. His eyelids drooped weakly and his tone was much weaker.

“Even if he saw it with his own eyes, he still believes that Bai Liu didn’t explode the factory. I couldn’t convince him, just as he couldn’t convince me.”

“We don’t have exact evidence about whether Bai Liu actually exploded the factory or not. Captain, we’ve been handling these strange cases for so many years so we know that sometimes seeing things with our own eyes….” It doesn’t mean anything.

So according to the theory of doubting the crime, that person is actually right. It was just that I am too…

People always pass on their powerless anger to others and gradually become like a human heretic.

I’ve lived to this day like a heretic, twisted and disgusting. By the time you’ve arrived here, Captain, I don’t know if I’m still human or not.

Su Yang opened his mouth and wanted to speak again, but the scars on his back squirmed wildly and made his eyes turn red.

The roses, which had originally faded, flashed red again in Su Yang’s eyes. He let out a pained cry and his soft expression became quite vicious.

Su Yang was only lightly holding Tang Erda’s arm. Now he tightened his hands instantly. He looked forward to look directly at Tang Erda, the roses in his eyes blooming in a thrilling manner. Hatred and desire flowed in a shocking manner on his face without any intact piece of skin.

“Kill Bai Liu! Captain, I saw with my own eyes that he exploded the factory and the current situation doesn’t allow us to hesitate! All of this will be irreversible if we don’t kill him!”

The skin and flesh on Su Yang’s face fell and folded. The rose petals in his eyes bent and stretched, completely blooming.

“Captain, kill me. I’m really going to become a heretic.”

Tang Erda pulled out his gun while Su Yang smiled and closed his eyes.

The silver bullet splashed blood-colored slashes on the ground with a slamming sound that was mixed with a heart-piercing scream. It was impossible to tell who made the scream.

On the other side.

The lines on the back of Lu Yizhan’s neck spread forward and crawled onto his face. He lay on the ground and took deep breaths. The roses in his eyes flickered and seemed like they were going to be stuck there, but they were always stubbornly eliminated by Lu Yizhan. Then the next wave of pain arrived.

Bai Liu stood beside him and looked down quietly. It was as if the person writhing and struggling in pain on the ground had nothing to do with him.

“If I had known… you had such great talent as a perfumer.” Lu Yizhan exhaled to control the pain. His clothes were soaked with sweat but he could still be distracted and tease Bai Liu. “This work is so expensive. You should’ve become a perfumer before.”

Lu Yizhan was obviously referring to those normal perfumers in the real world.

Bai Liu lazily hummed in response before asking, “Generally speaking, how long do you have to endure so that the result of this perfume test is that my talent is equivalent to a special grade perfumer?”

“It is hard to say. Look at the factory worker’s notice outside,” Lu Yizhan said with a miserable face, his words somewhat vague.

Bai Liu crouched down beside Lu Yizhan. Both hands were on his knees as he stared directly at Lu Yizhan with an unavoidable gaze. “Then let me ask another way. How long do you think my talent can torture you in this test before it stops?”

The testing time of the perfumer’s test paper depended on the talent of the perfumer. Generally speaking, it was 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the detection time of Lu Yizhan had obviously exceeded 10 minutes. Not only did the lines not stop but they also spread to other intact parts of Lu Yizhan’s body.

If the factory worker was inside and saw the test results, he would probably tell Bai Liu that his talent was enough to explode this perfume paper.

This type of talent exceeded the scope of the test paper. Usually, there was only one result. It was that the test paper would directly alienate into a monster i.e. scrapped in the words of the factory.

However, Lu Yizhan was someone with a strong will and determination. He didn’t want to be alienated by desire so now he was holding on hard. He actually managed to hold on.

The result was obvious. Lu Yizhan would need to endure double the pain all the time.

Bai Liu’s talent made it impossible to stop this experiment once it started. In other words, unless Lu Yizhan conceded defeat, he would have to endure this increasingly intense pain until he turned into a monster.

Bai Liu saw that Lu Yizhan wanted to hold on like this and was avoiding his topic, so he asked this question.

Lu Yizhan was in so much pain that his hands and feet were shaking, but he still replied to Bai Liu like it was a joke. “It will take at least 30 years. Otherwise, how can I invite you to eat hot pot for so long?”

Bai Liu lowered his eyes to see that Lu Yizhan was so white that no blood could be seen in his face. The cracks that grew on his face divided it into terrible pieces and were oozing blood, but the man’s eyes were still clean. There were no roses.

Lu Yizhan was the strangest person Bai Liu had ever seen, bar none.

If billions of people in the world had to make this choice, if they needed to endure this type of pain to live, most people would cowardly choose to give up and become monsters. Those who had a backbone would simply seek death.

Meanwhile, Lu Yizhan didn’t do that. He just wanted to live openly, painfully and with a smile.

He had the toughness and kindness of an ordinary person but he was more stubborn and unshakable. Bai Liu usually thought that a smart person didn’t have this type of thing.

However, Lu Yizhan was very smart. It was just that this person’s intelligence was focused on doing good deeds. He was a good person in the real sense.

Based on Bai Liu’s understanding of most good people, they would be the first to disappear when turmoil came. For example, in the worldview set by a game like the Rose Factory, the good people must be the first to go.

Lu Yizhan also seemed strange in this group of good people. It was because according to this logic, he would definitely try to save more people. He would try his best to keep himself alive to let others live. He would be the good person to live to the end.

“In fact, I want to kill you, Lu Yizhan.” Bai Liu spoke from the bottom of his heart. “It is easier for a good person like you to die in this type of world. It is too painful for you to live.”

Lu Yizhan was in so much pain that his eyes were already closed. He was gritting his teeth and his muscles twitched, but the moment he heard Bai Liu’s words, he opened his eyes with great effort. He propped up his body in an embarrassed manner and almost vehemently told Bai Liu, “Don’t underestimate a police officer. It is just a bottle of perfume.”

“Are good people more vulnerable? Bai Liu, let me tell you. In order to be a good person, a good person can get through the obstacles using whatever means!”

“Don’t think you are great because you are a bad person. Bai Liu, I’m telling you that you can’t beat me!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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11 months ago

This friendship is goal, Lu Yizhan bruhhh
People wqtching Bai Liu’s Tv: what weird friendship and weird person

These 2 are very different, their inner selves are the exact opposite
BL being the person you do not want to play with and LY being the person ypu want to be friends with and they are the same in a sense, i dont know which but maybe because thwy are 2 extremes that it makes them the same???

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
4 months ago

They really suit each other.. I hope their friendship lasts forever 💖
Dang though, TangTang and Yangyang 😢

It’s a good thing that they won’t truly die if they died here.. cause I’m really gonna start bawling if Yizhan dies 😭😭😭

8 days ago

You won, lu yizhan. No one can as good as you

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