GHG: Chapter 20

Seeing that Bai Liu was about to be bitten, the audience was so anxious that they turned into grumpy old men.

“Wake up! Get up and fight the monsters!”

“F*k sleeping. Can’t you sleep when you come out? So you are just missing one hour of sleep? Didn’t your mother teach you not to quit while playing games?”

“I’ve been watching game videos for so long and I’ve never seen someone just lie down like this.”

In the midst of the crowd’s noise, Bai Liu on the small TV seemed to awaken. He opened his eyes.

He watched the waves of the sea. Half of the fish had surfaced with open mouths and were swimming to his boat. Bai Liu could see that their legs under the water had turned into eel-like tails. They looked like snakes underwater. They twisted and turned as they swam and rapidly approached Bai Liu on the sea. Andre’s boat that wasn’t far from Bai Liu was covered with blood, some pieces of meat and white bones.

The lower part of Andre’s body had started to merge and become like a fish. The cloth strips of his clothes hung from the side of the boat and floated alone on the sea. This showed how fierce these merfolk were.

In this critical situation, Bai Liu just slowly soaked the quilt in the sea water twice before pulling it to cover the entire boat. He shuddered under the quilt like he was hiding from himself. The tortoise-like behavior triggered bursts of swearing from the viewers.

Bai Liu also did this in an extremely slow and difficult manner like his body was going to freeze.

Marble lines started to appear on his originally white fingers. He had now entered Lucy’s previous situation. His body temperature dropped sharply and he felt that he was slowly turning to stone. Both his brain and actions weren’t very agile and he couldn’t help shaking.

Bai Liu’s bewildering action of covering his boat with his quilt caused a lot of complaints.

“What the hell is he doing? Does he know he is going to die so he is holding a funeral for himself in advance?”

“No way, I think he has been alienated very seriously. It is good that he can still move. His panel attributes are too low. Once alienated, he will be a frozen person.”

“God Mu praised him for being awesome. Now I think it might be irony…”


Bai Liu was unaware of these discussions. He looked at the barrels of alcohol in the items section of his panel and spoke to himself, “Pour a barrel of high-concentration alcohol in the sea around my boat and on the quilts in my boat.”

[System tip: It has been dumped.]

Bai Liu pulled a box of matches from his pocket. He shrank back in the wet quilt and his hands trembled several times before he could light it.

His expression was still calm. Once he lit the match, he casually lifted a corner of the quilt and threw the match onto the sea where alcohol was poured. The raging fire ignited immediately. Bai Liu was covered with a wet quilt and looked down at the merfolk approaching the warm fire with a calm smile that seemed triumphant. It was as if he had been waiting a long time for these merfolk to come closer.

A scorching fire was lit on the dark, icy sea. The merfolk approached the boat, swimming around it greedily. Bai Liu sat in the boat in the middle of the fire, his eyes reflecting the flames on the seat.

He wore a burning heavy quilt. The quilt was soaked with a thick layer of sea water and only the alcohol on the surface of the quilt was burned. It looked like Bai Liu was wrapped in a layer of fire armor on the sea, protecting him.

The sea water on the quilt soaked Bai Liu’s hair. His black hair stuck to his pale face and water dripped from his eyelashes. His expression was calm as he looked down at the merfolk around him. He wasn’t like a sacrifice to be eaten but a cruel fisherman who lured the fish here to kill them.

Bai Liu’s eyes reflected the colors of fire and alcohol. He was more like a sea demon who came from the deep sea than those strange monsters at the bottom of the big ship. His alienated face gave off a magical attraction.

The merfolk, who were in urgent need of prey, were caught in the fire and there was the sound of fish being barbecued. The merfolk screamed and floated on the sea while struggling.

After being burned, the fish gave off a strange aroma. The merfolk approaching the boat went to eat these cooked merfolk. The harsh sound of bones cracking and flesh being eaten was heard around the boat. The strong smell of blood and fish filled Bai Liu’s nose, turning into a strange and delicious smell that made Bai Liu lick his lips.

Bai Liu was surrounded by merfolk biting each other but he was still sitting quietly. His face that was pale and gloomy from the alienation turned healthy and ruddy due to the alcohol and fire. He looked at Andre’s empty boat and smiled.

It was a satisfied smile like he had received a reward. It was the same as the merfolk who were munching on the other merfolk with satisfaction and it was a bit creepy.

Bai Liu whispered, “Good night Andre.”

[Side task ‘True Love Ship’ —Player Bai Lu has won against Andre in the bet and will be rewarded with 100 points.]

[Side task — Jeff’s Bloody Conspiracy, 90% progress.]

[Main task: Participate in the merfolk fishing conference has been completed. 50 points will be rewarded.]

[Siren Town Monster Book has refreshed – Merfolk (4/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk (Larval State)]

[Weaknesses: Fire, light, relatively fragile in a manner similar to humans.]

[Attack mode: Biting and scratching. This won’t trigger the alienation state. They have low intelligence and can’t use tools.]

[The Merfolk (Larval State) page in the monster book has been collected. I hope the player can continue working hard.]

A long list of rewards and achievement panels popped up, almost hitting the dazed audience members in front of the small TV. After a long time passed, the audience member who said that Bai Liu was just lying down let out a curse. “F*k!”

This operation was like snapping his fingers so that all the audience members who were immersed in the scene regained their senses.

“I take back what I said about God Mu’s irony.”

“I now think that his operation of covering the boat with the quilt is to send these merfolk to their funerals. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I apologize to the newcomer.”

“Lying down, what nonsense! This guy actually won by lying down. It is an awesome operation.”

“The newcomer’s face is quite capable of fighting. The fire is burning but I’m looking at him, not the merfolk under the boat.”

“?! You’re starting again?!”

“Am I the only one who is focused on how he did it with alcohol? I am super curious! A barrel of alcohol only costs 9 points while a water bubble is 70 points. He saved a lot of points!”


[2,300 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 2,670 new people have saved  Bai Liu’s small TV, 499 new people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu obtained 499 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received over 2,000 likes in one minute and his reputation is rising rapidly!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for gaining a promotion position and entering the recommended location in the single-player division system. The number of viewers is rising rapidly…]


Bai Liu sat on the boat in a bored manner as he watched the merfolk eating each other. Once they finished, he poured another barrel of alcohol and lit it. The cooked merfolk were much more attractive than Bai Liu so the other merfolk didn’t attack Bai Liu. There was also a circle of fire around Bai Liu. Bai Liu seemed like he was feeding the fish as he sat on the boat and burned the merfolk.

He roughly estimated that four or five barrels of alcohol would last him until dawn. This was only 45 points, which was a fraction of the 140 points needed for two water bubbles. He also had five barrels of alcohol left.

The reason he bought alcohol was because he heard from the keeper of the Siren Museum that merfolk could be cooked, including roasted, and everyone loved eating them.

If they could be roasted then a high temperature fire attack was effective. Fire wasn’t effective against statues but these merfolk in the fragile larval state weren’t statues. It should be effective considering they could be cooked and eaten. These merfolk should be very attractive to other merfolk. It could be seen from Andre’s desire for fish steak. He didn’t eat as much raw fish tonight as he did the fish steak in the morning.

Meanwhile, there were the two popular items in Siren Town, the fire torch and water bubble. Bai Liu hadn’t bought them but as the name suggested, the core of these two items was to drive back and isolate the fish.

Bai Liu combined these two ideas with the merfolk’s fear of fire. It was using the high concentration alcohol and quilt to create a fire bubble on the sea. Buying a few more barrels of alcohol could increase the usage time and it could isolate and drive the merfolk back. This saved him money.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Nice~ also thankfully the system can be used to help douse the quilt and water with alcohol. It’ll be quite tough if he had to do it by hand (esp with the alienation effect)

2 years ago

honestly, there are some things that just leave me a little skeptical
thats sad, cause it disturbs me quite a lot while reading

anyways, i love our smart mc
i didnt think about the fire, i love how he catches up with those little details and it always amazes me^^

1 year ago

these merfolks do be having a mukbang 😂

1 year ago

Only if I were as smart as him in class…

3 months ago

Nice! I guessed correctly what he was planning on doing! Alcohol is less dense than water so it will stay afloat.

The only critic I have is that oil would have been better. It’s less likely to be diluted and mix with water, would last longer than alcohol and will be harder to put out.

1 month ago

I have read the story on wuxiaworl 1 and a half year ago, for some reason I abandoned it after finishing arc 2 so now I’m here and determined to read it! (still got 440 out of 1080 chapters to read from another novel, a short but long chapters wife chasing crematorium with 60+ chaters and 100+ notifications on chrysanthemumgarden to check out I don’t know where the heck my ambition come from lol)