GHG: Chapter 198

Bai Liu fooled the curious factory worker without changing his expression. “I have special processing skills.”

The factory looked at ‘her’ suspiciously. The processing of dry leaf roses was originally manual work. Children weren’t dominant when it came to labor, let alone obtaining such a high yield.

Bai Liu pretended to anxiously glance at the two members of the Kings Guild below.

The factory worker understood at this point. It should be that the following two people helped the little girl and gave her their own roses.

It might be impossible for the processing workers to steal from each other but it could be smuggled secretly. One party ‘voluntarily’ gave the results of their labor to the other party. From various points of view, the review for the promotion to a factory worker wasn’t completely fair.

The factory workers who were promoted from a processing worker were well aware of these tacit, unspoken rules. They weren’t prepared to pursue too much responsibility.

It wasn’t clear what method the little girl used or if these two processing workers were her relatives and took the initiative to give her the dry leaf roses, but things had reached this point. The formal factory workers who already had stable positions and won’t be easily laid off weren’t prepared to make it difficult for the processing workers who were trying to climb up.

After all, the competition between them wasn’t that fierce.

“The processing worker number 71063 has handed over 302.7 kg of semi-finished dry leaf roses.”

The factory worker next to him lowered his head and wrote down Bai Liu’s number. Then he waved his hand for Bai Liu to go down and turned a blind eye.

Most of the other processing workers’ dry leaf roses were below 250 kg and very few had more than 280 kg.

So far, Bai Liu, Liu Ji and Tang Erda were the only ones who provided dry leaf roses weighing over 300 kg.

The weighing was soon finished. As the factory workers looked down to check the date, Liu Ji pulled Bai Liu and stood silently away from the processing workers who were watching them with hatred.

Meanwhile, a vacuum circle was formed around Tang Erda. The processing workers all looked hatefully at Tang Erda, who was more than one head taller than them, but didn’t dare to step forward. It wasn’t good to provoke a conflict with the newly arrived workers. They instead took two steps back before staring at Tang Erda viciously.

These three newcomers actually directly snatched the opportunity to be promoted to factory workers!

The factory worker finished checking the data and looked up. “I will ask the following three numbered processors to come with us.”

“Number 71063… the three numbered processing workers will be led by our three factory workers to the next workshop to understand the daily work of the factory workers. However, please note that this doesn’t mean you have the qualifications to become a factory worker.”

The head factory worker spoke in a serious voice. “This is just giving you a chance. You still have a long way to go before you become a formal factory worker.”

He turned and waved to Bai Liu. “Come with me.”

Bai Liu walked over. Liu Ji glanced at him with worry as he left with a factory worker.

Tang Erda left with another factory worker. Before leaving, he turned around and stared deeply at Liu Jiayi’s back.

He felt a very familiar feeling from the Liu Jiayi today that made him unhappy.

Bai Liu was led by the factory worker through the deep, high-domed narrow corridor. The sides contained the large dormitories where they had slept the night before. The doors were closed and not a single bit of light could penetrate the corridor.

Strangely enough, there were only two people walking in the corridor but there was the eerie sound of many hurried footsteps. The doors on both sides creaked, as if something was staring at their feet through the cracks in the door.

The factory worker walking in front was a bit pale. He seemed to have heard the sounds as well and involuntarily quickened his pace.

Bai Liu wasn’t flustered. He knew that if he closed his right eye, he would see a completely different world.

However, it wasn’t necessary right now. He already had the ‘key’ to travel freely to the inner world. It was just that he would only enter the inner world to obtain more information. At present, there was obviously more important information to be obtained here.

Bai Liu looked at the fast-paced factory worker and asked politely, “Excuse me, what should I do if I want to become a formal factory worker?”

The factory worker had been afraid due to the noise. He recovered thanks to Bai Liu’s words and his expression softened as he answered, “We will provide some outstanding processing workers with the opportunity to be promoted to factory workers, but this opportunity isn’t available to anyone. Only those who have some innate characteristics can be selected as factory workers.”

Bai Liu tilted his head. “For example, what characteristics?”

“The characteristics of a perfumer,” the factory worker replied softly. “The reason why the factory workers selected by the Rose Factory are regular employees and can’t be laid off is because we are reserve perfumers. Perfumers are a profession with a very short life span. If the reserve candidates aren’t selected in advance, faults can easily occur and the factory can’t continue to operate.”

“Therefore, the factory worker’s nickname is the perfumer apprentice.” The factory worker continued with a complicated expression. “Before becoming a formal perfumer, we are responsible for basic operations such as distillation, extraction, purification and concentration. After becoming a perfumer, we can truly produce the Dry Leaf Rose Gas for the factory.”

“Most perfumers can only create low-grade perfumes their entire lives. The preparation procedures of intermediate-grade perfumes are already very complicated. The number that is produced isn’t high and it is difficult to buy with money outside. High-grade perfumes now aren’t sold. They are only for some special customers. As for special perfumes—”

The factory worker turned to look at Bai Liu. “They are only auctioned at the Annual May Rose Festival and will be sold for the highest price.”

“Then how do you screen a person for the qualities of a perfumer?” Bai Liu wondered as he pondered on the requirements for the profession of perfumer in the real world. “Is it olfactory sensitivity?”

Then he started to change the panel in his hand.

[System notification: Does player Bai Liu want to use player Mu Sicheng’s soul banknote to enter the other person’s system panel?]

[I am sure.]

Bai Liu remembered that Mu Sicheng’s sense of smell was extremely sensitive.

Even if he had a good sense of smell, Bai Liu wouldn’t be able to tell the specific type of species. However, a game of this level should only be a simple screening of simple characteristics. Otherwise, no ordinary player could pass except for a professional perfumer.

The game would lose its playability.

There was no basis but Bai Liu felt that the game designer behind the system shouldn’t like a game that wasn’t playable.

“We don’t screen perfumers based on the simple sensory trait of smell.” The factory worker shook his head. “We are screened according to a very important perfume instrument.”


It was the first time Bai Liu had heard of an instrument that could detect the characteristics of a perfumer.

In his impression, most of the perfume instruments were for stirring and mixing, such as pipettes, picks and test papers. They were relatively simple and had no technical content. There weren’t many modern instruments.

In the game world where the level of technology was backwards in all aspects, was there still such an instrument?

Bai Liu continued to ask questions but the factory worker was unwilling to say anything related to this instrument.

Every time Bai Liu tried to talk about it, a look of fear and awe would appear on the factory worker’s face.

In the end, he said quietly, “No, it isn’t any instrument you can imagine. It is from a dead person but it is really a living instrument. It even has a heartbeat!”

“The instrument is like the living dead that picks anyone who can use it.”

The factory worker never spoke again after this sentence.

Silently and with a pale face, he led Bai Liu to a room that was pure white. It was as white as an operating room and was used for cleansing.

The factory worker asked Bai Liu to change to a clean and sterilized protective suit and to clean his hands before entering the next room for screening.

Bai Liu was led by the factory worker through a purple disinfection room. He passed several disinfection rooms filled with unknown, unpleasant smells. The factory worker explained that this was to disinfect them before entering the core fragrance room. The thick, protective clothing that Bai Liu changed into could only play a simple, protective role.

These rooms used the rough and direct method of sterilizing objects to sterilize people who were still alive. They didn’t care if those who were sterilized would die because they couldn’t bear the high intensity of the disinfection. It could be seen that the builder of the Rose Factory thought that the instrument that tested the characteristics of a perfumer was more important than the lives of these people.

After passing through three or four rooms, Bai Liu was finally led to a square, tightly sealed metal room.

Bai Liu’s eyes changed for the first time since entering this dangerous factory. He looked up and examined the door of the room from top to bottom.

The room was completely sealed and the tall door was exactly the same as the structure of door number 0001 of the Dangerous Heretics Bureau. Even the small window that was forcibly welded at the top of the door was the same.

The factory worker knocked twice on the small window and there were two knocks from inside in response.

The factory worker bowed his head respectfully and whispered to the person behind the door, “I have brought the newcomer to accept ‘its’ screening.”

There was a moment of silence. Then the heavy door full of welded scars slowly opened inward.

Bai Liu’s pupils slightly contracted the moment he saw the scene inside.

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