GHG: Chapter 197

Liu Ji followed Bai Liu step by step without speaking. He didn’t have any intention of attacking Bai Liu or informing Tang Erda.

It was just that it wasn’t quite right for this man to treat him so calmly after knowing he was Bai Liu.

Bai Liu squinted and didn’t speak.

Liu Jiayi was right, Liu Ji was indeed a bit stubborn. A person just needed to help him and Liu Ji would be sympathetic and wouldn’t hurt the other person. Just like his skill and weapon, he was a hammer and was easy to deal with. This was also the reason why Liu Jiayi shook him awake. Liu Ji was the best choice if Bai Liu needed a helper.

Meanwhile, Liu Ji didn’t know he was set up by Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu. He thought it was just an accident that he went into the inner world. Bai Liu saved Liu Ji in there so he naturally wanted to repay this favor.

It was just like how he remembered Liu Jiayi for saving him.

Coincidentally, there were many sly and cunning people in the Kings Guild while the reserve team was made up of good people. It was because these people were all the ‘backup brothers’ chosen by Hearts for Liu Jiayi. They fit all requirements in terms of a good person but the requirement for intelligence wasn’t high. Their biggest feature was their loyalty and ease of control. They wouldn’t betray Liu Jiayi easily.

The reserve team players selected by this screening mechanism just happened to let Bai Liu pick up the mistake. This was the type of personality that Bai Liu was best at fooling.

Bai Liu retracted his gaze on Liu Ji and walked to the open square. Today was the day they handed over the semi-finished product to the factory workers.

The processing worker who handed over the most semi-finished products and had the highest shipment rate had the opportunity to be promoted to a factory worker.

Liu Ji walked over and saw several factory workers sitting in the open-air square.

They wore pure white cloth robes from beginning to end and were tightly wrapped from neck to ankle. The lower half of their faces was covered in many layers of gauze and it looked like they were wearing a very dense and heavy mask.

Bai Liu’s group was the first processing worker to appear. This group of factory workers saw them but didn’t pay them much attention. They couldn’t start receiving the semi-finished products until most of the processing workers came.

Bai Liu wasn’t in a hurry. He asked Liu Ji where their semi-finished product was placed and took a look.

The size of the roses in the iron pot had shrunk a lot compared to when they were just picked. It went from being able to fill the entire pot to only one layer of the bottom of the bottom.

“Yesterday, we stir-fried it to the end. It is just that the roses are much lighter so it became more uncomfortable.” Liu Ji sighed. “We only finished a yield of a quarter to one-tenth of the semi-finished products. We had so many dry leaf roses yesterday but today there are less than 100 kg left. This is also shared between three people.”

Bai Liu looked around. The iron pots of the other processing workers seemed to have more roses than them, especially the iron pot not far from them. It looked almost full and seemed to have the most semi-finished products.

Liu Ji saw that Bai Liu was looking at other people’s pots with a strange expression and gave a quick reminder, “That is Tang Erda’s pot. The processing workers are also forbidden to steal each other’s results. If caught, they will be immediately fired!”

Bai Liu nodded to indicate that he knew.

Judging from the fact that the roses in the iron pots were directly placed here, Bai Liu realized that management of the processing workers should be relatively strict. At the very least, the mechanism of stealing from the flower pickers shouldn’t exist. Otherwise, the operation of the entire factory would be directly chaotic. No one would work and would just keep stealing from others.

Bai Liu inspected the area before returning to their pot again. Liu Ji sighed with some regret. “We should have at least half the semi-finished products when divided equally. I don’t know if we will be demoted.”

“No.” Bai Liu glanced sideways at him. “You can be promoted as long as you are willing to pay a little price.”

Liu Ji looked at the pitiful half-finished products at the bottom of the pot and then at Bai Liu with question marks. “?? What price?”

Bai Liu smiled. “Perfume.”

Every processing worker could receive four bottles of low-grade perfume as a basic salary every day. Liu Ji did have a surplus amount of perfume on his body right now. He looked at Bai Liu doubtfully and tried to ask a few more questions. “Perfume can promote me? However, I only have low-grade perfumes. How can there be such a good thing?”

These factory workers wouldn’t look at them even if they tried to bribe them.

Liu Ji asked a few more questions but Bai Liu didn’t answer. This made Liu Ji wonder if Bai Liu was making up excuses to deceive him of his perfume.

Bai Liu’s previous words were too much. A few bottles of low-grade perfume could be exchanged for a promotion opportunity. If this game was so simple, it wouldn’t be a level three game.

Liu Ji shook his head. He was well aware that he wasn’t very smart. It was too simple for a high IQ player like Bai Liu to deceive him.

The only thing he could do was to tell himself that he wouldn’t give the perfumes, no matter what tempting thing Bai Liu came up with!

It was absolutely impossible for Bai Liu, a big liar full of lies, to have such a beautiful thing. No fool would trade a promotion for a few bottles of low-grade perfumes!

Bai Liu didn’t notice Liu Ji’s various psychological activities. He just quietly looked at the factory gate, which was covered with white fog. Then he seemed to see something in the fog. He got up and walked out.

Liu Ji hurriedly followed. Bai Liu walked around the flower field and arrived at the place where they had dried the roses before.

There was a faint layer of fog next to the flower field in the early morning and several figures standing faintly in the fog. This made Liu Ji instantly alert but Bai Liu approached without any defenses and like he didn’t see them.

The fog quickly faded as the distance narrowed. Several vagrants stood there, each holding a large sack in their hands. They saw Bai Liu coming and their eyes lit up as they greeted him with great respect. “Mr Bai is here!”

“We didn’t come too late!”

Bai Liu nodded and asked, “Did you bring everything?”

“We brought it!”

The vagrants handed the sacks in their hands to Bai Liu and Liu Ji helped hold a few.

Liu Ji felt something heavy when he took it. He opened it and was dumbfounded. The sack was filled with semi-finished products that had been dried and fried!

There were so many sacks. How many semi-finished products were here?

“Thank you for your hard work.” Bai Liu nodded seriously at these vagrants. Then he turned to the dull-looking Liu Ji and naturally tilted his head. “It is one bottle of perfume for one sack. There are a total of four sacks here and your sacks. Pay for it.”

“Oh oh, okay.” Liu Ji was distracted by Bai Liu’s natural tone and was about to pay for it. Then he suddenly reacted.

Liu Ji turned to ask Bai Liu, “No, I should pay for the sacks I am using. Why aren’t you paying for your own sacks? You want me to pay for you?”

Liu Ji was shocked by Bai Liu’s frank shamelessness. None of his girlfriends had ever taken it for granted that he would pay like this!

“You are paying the referral fee,” Bai Liu solemnly said. “I am the trading introduction between you and these vagrants. It would be impossible for you to make a deal with them without my introduction. You can try and see if they will trade with you without my presence.”

Liu Ji instinctively turned to look back at the vagrants.

The vagrants watched him vigilantly. One stretched out his hand and snatched the sack back. “If Mr Bai doesn’t agree with this deal then please return the semi-finished products to us.”

Liu Ji who coughed up a mouthful of old blood, “……”

He was frustrated but he honestly paid for Bai Liu. He took out five bottles of low-grade perfume to give to these vagrants. They excitedly received the perfume and bowed to Bai Liu one after another to thank him. Then they left gratefully.

Liu Ji, “……”

He was the one who gave the perfume! Why didn’t anyone thank him?

What was going on with these NPCs? The right object of hatred and gratitude should be pinpointed!

The thing Liu Ji didn’t know was that the vagrants thanked Bai Liu because they originally wanted to give these semi-finished products to Bai Liu for free. Bai Liu was helping to get the raw materials for free and giving them for free. It was too much for them to also sell these things to Bai Liu for money.

However, Bai Liu just smiled mysteriously at the time. He said that someone would pay for him so they should cooperate with him to act.

Unexpectedly, there was really a fool who took the bait! They earned five bottles of perfume for nothing. They naturally thanked Bai Liu, who was thinking of them.

Liu Ji got a promotion opportunity but he was completely unhappy. He returned to the open square with the few sacks of semi-finished products. At this time, the number of processing workers in the open square had gradually increased.

Tang Erda and the other member of the Kings Guild were working overtime to finish the task. The rest of the processing workers were also busy. The review of the factory workers was about to begin.

Bai Liu followed Liu Ji and quietly mixed the semi-finished products he brought back into the iron pot.

The other member of the Kings Guild saw the extra dry leaf roses in the pot and stared at them with astonishment.

Bai Liu shook his head slightly and signaled for him to be quiet. The three of them quietly divided the roses equally.

Then the factory worker’s review officially began.

The processing workers put the stir-fried roses into sacks and queued up in turn. The factory workers first confirmed the quality of the semi-finished products before weighing them. The review criteria was divided into two items. One was the yield rate and the other was the color of the roses.

Bai Liu and the others were at the end of the line. There were constant noises in front of them about someone feeling regret or someone escaping a disaster.

Most of the outputs of the processing workers were stable at around 200 kg.

Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise.

“352.3 kg! This man’s yield is so high. It is close to 50%!”

“…F*k, it is the new processing worker. The strength and endurance of this man is too outrageous. He stirred the roses so quickly that not too much of the moisture evaporated…”

“It is too much. Damn, it is estimated that he will take up one promotion place.”

The processing workers were all cursing. Bai Liu cocked his head and looked at the indifferent Tang Erda standing next to the weighing table.

He didn’t seem to think it was a disruptive thing to make three times more dry leaf rose semi-finished products than the others. He shook hands with the happy factory worker and nodded.

Liu Ji’s expression became solemn. The total weight of the semi-finished products on their side was more than 800 kg. It was more than 200 per person. It was more than most of the processing workers but it was too far away from Tang Erda.

If there was a number higher than them behind them… the three places for a factory worker would be hopeless!

“Choose one person with 200 and the other two people will have 300.” Bai Liu looked at the other two people and immediately made a decision. “This will guarantee the factory worker’s position.”

“I’ll get the 200 kg.” The member of the Kings Guild who woke up last smiled bitterly. “I don’t know how you got so much product but it had nothing to do with me. It is good to guarantee that I don’t get demoted.”


Bai Liu came forward to weigh it. The factory worker confirmed the weight of the picked roses and then Bai Liu’s output weight. He lowered his head and used the calculator to calculate it. Then he looked up at Bai Liu in disbelief. “There were 360 kg of fresh roses and your output is 302.7 kg?”

“It is an 80% output rate and is almost a 1:1 yield. How did you do it?”

Bai Liu, “……”

He was careless. He copied the homework too much and forgot to think about the problem of the output ratio.

Proofreader: Purichan

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