GHG: Chapter 196

[However, that thought lasted only a moment. I was soon shocked and terrified by such a bizarre thought and started to reject him like everyone else. I even bullied Xie Ta when I found the opportunity. It is just that I never dared to look directly at his face, even though I couldn’t see his face clearly due to my eyesight.]

[I was soon adopted by a middle-aged couple without children and left him. Yet when I dreamed back to that place in the middle of the night, the silver-blue eyes with no human emotions appeared from time to time. After I dreamed about those eyes, the fear and false desire in my heart started to boil at the same time, so that I could no longer sleep peacefully.]

[I felt my breath burning and the blood rushing in my veins like boiling water, making my temples throb.]

[Something enchanting in those eyes was attracting me.]

[I got up from my bed, took a knife after passing by the kitchen and walked to the bedside of my adoptive parents. I lowered my head and got very close to observe my peacefully sleeping, unsuspecting adoptive parents. Then my breathing suddenly increased.]

[At this moment, just like when I first saw Xie Ta, the violent, long-lost impulse in my heart resurfaced.]

[I want to kill these two people! I want to chop them up piece by piece!]

[The people in this world are all pigs, gods and beasts who abandoned me and didn’t want me! They are a bunch of inferior creatures who only look at money and future potential! They abandoned me just because they couldn’t see it in me! I have been seen as an adult and even the charity and shelter are like giving it to cats and dogs!]

[I’m going to step on your heads. I am going to control all of you with the eye that can see! I will let you wag your tails at me like I do now in order to survive!]

[Once I barely regained my mind, I saw a golden retriever puppy raised by my adoptive father barking at me, whose hands were covered with blood.]

[The golden retriever was only two months old. My adoptive father bought it specially to give me a little friend who can accompany me when growing up.]

[I suddenly woke up when I saw this little golden retriever. I knelt in front of my adoptive parents who were in dozens of pieces, trembling and holding their right hands that fell in front of me. I cried bitterly while crying out to them and apologizing to them.]

[It is just that the golden retriever kept barking and barking. I soon became frightened so I cried and let the puppy, who was supposed to accompany me, become mixed in with my adoptive parents.]

[I stood up, saw the scene in front of me and knew that everything was irretrievable. Only the living person, i.e. me, was the most important. Therefore, I cleaned the room, cooked them and buried them in the backyard. Once they were almost rotten one month later, I went to report a case with tears on my face, saying that my parents had disappeared when they went out for a walk with the dog.]

[No one doubted a 14 year old child with poor eyesight. They didn’t understand how much energy I could have under my inner desires and those eyes. After more than three years of not being able to find them, I successfully received the inheritance of my adoptive parents and became an adult with small savings.]

[Yet the eyes in my heart were still staring at me. I knew it wasn’t enough. It was far from something that could satisfy those eyes.]

[I knew there was one thing that could quickly satisfy them. It was the welfare home, the thing that the investors dreamed of. As long as I could get that thing, I could sell it at an unprecedentedly high price. Then I would soon become a rich person who could control my own destiny!]

[I went back to the welfare home but the secret was guarded so tightly that I couldn’t get it. Even so, I vaguely knew it was related to the statue that looked so much like Xie Ta.]

[I soon got married. My wife was a perfumer with a greenhouse full of roses. She developed a lot of famous perfumes but this still hadn’t reached the level I wanted. There were still people who were better off than us.]

[I used many methods to make our lives better but my wife never understood me. Every time she came to pay my bail, she would ask me hysterically why I did such a thing. I had to helplessly explain that I was sacrificing myself for our better future.]

[Soon, she left me. She said she was going to go out for a walk and came back to divorce me. She left me only the greenhouse full of roses.]

[The police told me my wife was missing. Three years later, I got her inheritance.]

[Soon, there was an accident at the welfare home. I sold everything and bought the statue. The moment I saw the statue’s snow-white eyes, I knew I was going to have good luck.]

[I put this statue in my wife’s rose greenhouse. The roses in it quickly withered while the edges of the petals became a lush crimson. The fragrance was so great that even I, who never understood perfumes, was fascinated. I started to grow these dry leaf roses but I found that no matter how I grew them, they wouldn’t grow properly without the statue.]

[I stared at this beautiful, quiet, dilapidated and holy statue. It looked back at me with pure white eyeballs without pupils. The first cruel, bloody and incessant impulse rose again in my wildly throbbing chest. I smiled and raised a saw blade toward it.]

[In this moment, I saw the silver-blue eyes within me close.]

Bai Liu scanned the somewhat long and messy handwritten diary while ignoring the screams of the Kings Guild member behind him telling him to hurry up. He quickly turned to the last few pages of the diary.

He wanted to find the secret recipe for the Dry Rose Leaf Gas and the place where Tawil was buried after he was dismembered.

Bai Liu turned to the last page and didn’t see it.

The back of the diary contained Zhang’s fragmented groaning and finally, containment. The moment he became satisfied with the low concentration of the perfume and started to use various methods to develop perfumes with a higher concentration, the first factory manager who was the most deeply poisoned by the perfume started to ‘bloom.’

He finally chose to commit suicide out of pain and left a suicide note full of remorse. However, Bai Liu just glanced at it to make sure there was no valid information and directly threw it away.

He knew people like this Zhang very well. This thing was mostly written to beautify himself and deceive those who read it later. Every logic revolved around self-centeredness. He was a typical moral criminal who could justify himself when committing the crime.

There were many serial killers in history who used this rhetoric: I was seduced by the devil. I am innocent.

Bai Liu even felt a bad taste from it. The game designer seemed to be aimed at him. This Zhang’s experience in the first half of his life was similar to Bai Liu’s—a love of money, rebellion, welfare home origin and being stimulated by Tawil to escape from the welfare home.

It was like something was whispering evilly into his ear, ‘You see, this is your original life trajectory.’

Just as Bai Liu was about to close the diary, the withered corpse in front of him suddenly sat up. This corpse was the Zhang in the diary.

This didn’t startle Bai Liu and he just calmly took two steps back. He wasn’t sure how much of the information in this diary was true or false but Bai Liu was certain that this selfish factory manager would never commit suicide.

This thing was pretending like this. It was probably to better trap the players who entered the inner world.

Countless tentacles grew from the dry corpse’s empty, waterlogged ribs. The dried skin of the body rolled up and turned into bright red flesh.

The shriveled, narrowed head was restored to a normal person’s head due to very distorted shaking. His left eye was an opaque color similar to white marble while his right eye was a fully blooming rose.

Just looking at his head and not his lower body, this person seemed to be a polite, good-looking, middle-aged man. Then after seeing the coiled tentacles and tangled petals of his lower body, this person was like a funny, mobile growing room. His bones were full of roses.

The roses on his body bloomed and emitted a fragrance that was much more intense than normal roses.

The aroma made people dizzy. At the same time, the sound of fighting behind Bai Liu gradually weakened. Bai Liu turned around and saw that the head of the Kings Guild member was engulfed by a monster’s mouth and his limbs fell softly outside.

Bai Liu didn’t hesitate and struck the monster’s head with the whip. The monster gave a strange hiss, spat out the head of the Kings Guild member and turned to glare at Bai Liu with a bloody face.

The ‘spiders’ were attracted by the more intense aroma and started to approach Bai Liu in a hurry. Behind him was the huge ‘Zhang’, who was almost the same height as the bunk bed and he was surrounded by an increasingly rich rose fragrance.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has dropped below 60! Please restore your mental value quickly!]

Bai Liu seemed hypnotized by the fragrance of the rose. He fell to the ground in a drowsy manner. He happily allowed the tentacles of the huge monster to coil around him, as if to tear him into many pieces. The monster’s jagged mouth vaguely spoke.

“…You have… the breath of the evil god…”

The moment the tentacle wrapped around his waist and lifted him up, Bai Liu heard the system notification.

[The Rose Factory Monster Book has been refreshed – Decayed Employees (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Decayed Employee (First Generation Factory Manager).]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Aroma induction (S-), lure the opponent with the aroma and devour it.]

The spat out, dying member of the Kings Guild behind Bai Liu watched as Bai Liu was lifted up by the monster in order to save him. The member stood up strongly, gritted his teeth and looked up—only to become stunned.

His face was pale as he saw the factory manager monster. Then after inspecting the opponent’s panel, he stuttered, “S-S-grade monster!”

S-grade monsters in a level three game actually weren’t uncommon, but they were difficult to deal with. In particular, the S-grade monster that lifted Bai Liu up wasn’t a low level S-grade. The panel was 13,000, which was considered high level among the S-grade monsters.

In cases where most players hadn’t reached the S level, the only way for them to fight against S-grade monsters was to find their weaknesses.

F*k! In a few seconds at most, this monster was going to tear apart Bai Liu! How could the weakness of this thing be found?

At the same time, the multiplayer area of the game hall, in front of Bai Liu’s small TV viewing area.

Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke and the members of the Scavengers Guild were fighting hard against the members of the Kings Guild. They went like crazy to seize any opportunity but they couldn’t bear the wickedness of the Kings Guild.

Almost everyone in the Scavengers Guild had liked and followed Bai Liu. The points for charging couldn’t be easily used. In this way, Bai Liu would still fall!

Bai Liu’s small TV data points were almost tied and Bai Liu’s situation on the small TV was so critical. Mu Ke, who could’ve calmed down the members and commanded them, was now in a confused state. He clenched his fists and stared at the small TV with red eyes.

What small TV or little black house area? Mu Ke couldn’t think about the situation outside the game at all. The moment someone shouted that the monster lifting Bai Liu was S-grade, the blood in his face drained.

If it wasn’t for the quick Mu Sicheng helping him, Mu Ke might’ve directly knelt on the ground as his legs weakened.

In the last game, three players were killed by an S-grade monster before Bai Liu finally found a way to get the god-level NPC to kill it. This had become Mu Ke’s psychological shadow.

Mu Ke endured and endured but he finally couldn’t hold back from wiping his tears while sobbing, “Wu wu wu, Bai Liu! Bai Liu, don’t be in trouble! What will I do if you leave me?”

Mu Sicheng, “!”

Nothing had happened yet! Why did it feel like Bai Liu was gone based on the way he was crying?

He wanted to be calmer but Mu Sicheng’s composure didn’t last long. He exploded the moment the people of the Kings Guild started to sneer at Bai Liu.

“I don’t know if he will live long even without us stepping on his small TV.”

“It isn’t very moral but I feel cool. After seeing this scene, stepping on him again is simply comfortable, too comfortable!”

Mu Sicheng rolled up his sleeves and gritted his teeth. “I’ll f*king make you comfortable…”

The two of them quickly scuffled without getting injured.

The conflict between two guilds had always attracted many ordinary members. It was just that due to the great power of the Kings Guild, they didn’t dare come to see despite their curiosity. They could only secretly glance to that side.

At this time, the two sides clashed. Finally, some melon eating people couldn’t hold back their curiosity and sneaked in.

These viewers were immediately shocked when they saw Bai Liu’s small TV. This was the first time these ordinary viewers had seen a small TV whose step to like ratio was almost 1:1. He should soon fall out of the multiplayer area.

The viewers felt sympathy for Bai Liu being suppressed like this but based on the content of the small TV, they had to agree with the Kings Guild member who mocked him just now. Bai Liu wouldn’t live long even if they didn’t step on him.

Some players who yearned to be part of the Kings Guild were arrogant and contemptuous. “I thought that the player must be awesome to force such a big move. The result is that he can’t even pass the game. It is a waste of the Kings Guild’s time to target him.”

Many ordinary players disagreed with this player’s words but they had to sigh that Bai Liu’s luck was too bad.

In this case, it didn’t matter if Bai Liu knew the weakness of the S-grade monster. His panel was too weak to attack it.

The moment when these players were ready to turn around and leave, someone unknown exclaimed. They turned their heads one after another at the sound. On the small TV, Bai Liu was eye level with this monster. His right hand instantly turned into a black monkey’s claw and he aimed at the monster’s right eye without hesitation.

The monster let out a sharp cry of pain and released Bai Liu. Bai Liu reflexively aimed to fall at the edge of the spider monster approaching him and he wrapped his whip around the waist of the stupid-looking Kings Guild member. He pulled the player over and raised his eyes for the other person to see.

The huge monster pounded on the ground angrily and swung its tentacles toward Bai Liu. The entire ground was shaking and it felt like the inner world was about to collapse.

Bai Liu still had a calm tone as he quickly spoke. “Have you seen another world through this eyeball? Close your left eye and look at this eyeball with your desire-filled right eye.”

The player closed his left eye in a daze. One second, he saw the tentacle flicking toward the back of Bai Liu’s head with full force. The next second, he and the calm Bai Liu appeared in the normal dormitory.

The two guilds engaged in a fierce conflict in front of the small TV stopped at the same time.

Mu Sicheng secretly let out a breath before smugly hitting Mu Ke’s shoulder and looking defiantly at the opponent. “I told you. Even if this group of people die, Bai Liu will be fine.”

However, Mu Ke was still staring blankly at Bai Liu’s small TV. The ‘likes’ of the small TV had greatly surpassed the ‘steps’ in just a moment.

There were people other than their guild members silently liking Bai Liu’s small TV!

Mu Ke let out a long sigh of relief and glanced at Bai Liu’s small TV. There were still more fights left in this tug-of-war!


Inside the game.

The face of the member of the Kings Guild was white as he sat in a swaying manner on his bed, gasping heavily.

Bai Liu glanced at him casually, drank a bottle of physical strength recovery agent, jumped off the bed and walked out.

He was still disguised as Liu Jiayi and was a former processing worker of the Rose Factory. No one expelled him.

It didn’t take long for the member of the Kings Guild to sneak up behind him. Bai Liu glanced back at the other person and found that he had used double-sided tape to stick his eyelids up. Both eyes were as big as brass bells and he didn’t dare to blink as he looked at Bai Liu. He was like the cat Tom in a certain episode of Tom and Jerry, who physically opened his eyes in order to stay awake.

This man seemed intimidated by the game mechanic of blinking and switching worlds.

Bai Liu, “……”

Bai Liu silently recalled the people he had come into contact with. There was Liu Jiayi, Qi Yifang, Tang Erda and now this member who didn’t seem very smart.

Why did he feel like the brains of the members of the Kings Guild weren’t normal?

The man walked behind Bai Liu for a while before he finally couldn’t hold back. He lowered his head and whispered, “Hey, how did you react so quickly to attack the monster’s eye and come out?”

“He told me in his diary,” Bai Liu answered casually.

The man was silent for a while, convinced and shocked. “This is the first time I have seen such an honest monster!”

Bai Liu, “……”

He remembered what Liu Jiayi had told him about the other two members of the Kings Guild. Among them, there was one who wasn’t very smart and was easy to fool. His intelligence value was only 59 and he had the same surname as her. He was called Liu Ji.

Bai Liu felt that this name really matched this intelligence value.

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