GHG: Chapter 195

The monsters crawling around spread out their petal-shaped skin arthropods. They dashed around rapidly on the old walls. The flesh and blood blurred faces opened their mouths viciously and let out a low-pitched roar from their squirming throats, as if to shock Bai Liu.

The skill Heart to Heart that Liu Jiayi activated directly exchanged their bodies. In other words, this body was now his own. Bai Liu’s panel value wasn’t high so he soon fell behind in the process of being chased by these monsters.

The other Kings Guild member saw that Liu Jiayi was about to become glued to the monster behind her. The monster was opening its ‘bud’ to swallow her.

He had to grit his teeth and reach out to lift the back of Liu Jiayi’s collar, running with her.

They soon ran to the entrance of the dormitory. The member twisted the rusty door knob but it didn’t open.

“F*k.” The member cursed angrily before turning his back to the door. He stared gloomily at the rose monsters that were constantly approaching them and held a long hammer in his hand. “These monsters are all S-level and I can’t last long with you.”

Bai Liu abruptly asked a question. “If you were alone, how long could you hold on?”

“???? Five or six minutes.” The member asked in a confused manner, “Wait. Why should I hold on alone? Little Witch, aren’t you by my side…?”

Bai Liu gave him a gentle smile. Then he took out a bottle of low-grade perfume he just received this morning and didn’t hesitate to spray the member who hadn’t reacted yet.

The stuffy perfume made the member cover his face and cough several times. As the perfume spread, a faint rose fragrance emanated from his body. The decaying monsters that had been watching the two of them closely now shifted their gazes in unison toward the team member next to Bai Liu. Drooling grins appeared on the bloody faces of the monsters. 

[System notification: Warning, warning! The concentration of perfume on the player is too high! It has attracted the attention of the decaying employees. They are coming over to suck your scent!]

The team member who looked up, “……”

He let out an angry roar, “F*k! You are Bai Liu!!”

The spider-like monsters acted like their nests had been stabbed. They surged toward the guild member and soon formed an airtight circle around the team member. The team member angrily cursed 18 generations as he was helplessly trapped in place. Even so, he raised his hammer to help attract the attention of these monsters for Bai Liu.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu quickly came out of this encirclement and started to look for clues in the dormitory of this inner world.

The game’s ‘inner world’ setting could usually be interpreted as two parallel worlds with different timelines, or different time points overlapping in one location. The player who entered here could freely move between the two world lines once certain conditions were met.

In general, this method of supplementing the world line was to facilitate players returning to a certain past or future point in time to explore the hidden information behind the game’s world view. Therefore, there was generally a lot of key information in this world.

The thing Bai Liu had to do now was find the key information he wanted.

The corpses of more than a dozen workers lay on the bed in the dormitory. They wore uniforms that weren’t the same as the uniforms now. The uniforms looked even older. This was most likely a past inner world.

Bai Liu soon found a newspaper under a corpse to prove this.

It was the Jing City’s Evening News. The headline of the newspaper was: [An illegal perfume may contain poisonous and addictive substances. This has caused several employees to become addicted. The whereabouts of several employees are unknown and it has now been banned by the relevant departments.]

Bai Liu looked down at the article in this report and soon raised an eyebrow.

The report read:

[…The manager of this illegal perfume factory is an orphan surnamed Zhang. Due to poor vision in the left eye from congenital cataract, he grew up in a private welfare home called the Love Welfare Institute and was determined to become a billionaire. Zhang was adopted at the age of 13. His adopted parents passed away and he received their inheritance. After being imprisoned three times for illegal smuggling, he secretly accumulated a lot of wealth and connections. However, he still wasn’t satisfied…]

[In September this year, the poisoning incident at the welfare home occurred. Zhang saw the news and returned to the welfare home to give funds. He put forward a condition for the donation. He liked a statue that was in the welfare home very much. He wanted to buy the statue from the welfare home on the grounds of donation…]

[…The dean of the welfare home agreed. In the end, Zhang exchanged a donation of 10 million for the statue of the god that was found buried in the ground when the welfare home was renovated.]

[Soon after, the dean of the welfare home was imprisoned for the blood ganoderma lucidum. The relevant departments investigated Zhang, who had a financial relationship with the dean of the hospital. He said he didn’t know anything about the bad things the hospital did. He just wanted to donate money to help the children and he liked the statue. The relevant departments searched all the fixed residences and bank safes under Zhang’s name but never saw the statue of the god.]

[Afterwards, the relevant personnel inquired about the origin of the statue in the welfare home. The dean said madly that the statue was an ominous, evil statue. It was a statue that investors bought in order to pray for the smooth cultivation of the blood ganoderma lucidum. It was bought from a decaying museum in a seaside town that specialized in god amulets and was said to be the most expensive statue in that town.]

[She said the reason why those investors thought this statue could protect the growth of the blood ganoderma lucidum was because the face of the statue was exactly the same as the evil child who gave birth to the blood ganoderma lucidum and had been dead for a long time!]

[After that, Zhang engaged in the growth of new roses and the research and development of the perfume. He leased a large field in the suburbs, employed a large number of workers to start large-scale planting of the roses and named the roses that withered after blooming as the dry leaf roses.]

[This plant (referred to as the dry leaf roses) has a miraculous growth cycle. It grows rapidly in soil that doesn’t fit the growth of roses at all and it grew all over the suburbs overnight.]

[Later, the perfume made by Zhang out of the modified plant had a similar effect and was very popular on the market through Internet sales. Then the regulatory authorities intervened. They found that the perfume had serious safety risks and banned it that month. They issued a large number of fines and strictly forbade Zhang from planting the roses and selling the perfume again.]

[One week later, Zhang disappeared and there has been no news so far.]

This was the end of the report.

Based on the actual situation, this Zhang who was the first factory manager didn’t stop there. He secretly set up a larger factory, the Rose Factory. This finally attracted the attention and intervention of the Dangerous Heretics Bureau.

The employees lying here should be the first batch of employees of the factory. They were the employees who died from intolerance to the rose perfume and were dumped here i.e. the employees whose whereabouts were unknown.

After reading the newspaper, Bai Liu continued to search. He looked under the bed of each corpse and anywhere that might contain an object with information. In fact, there were only a few objects holding information in horror games.

Newspapers, slips of paper, calendars, videotapes or diaries.

Soon, Bai Liu found a diary in the abdomen of a corpse that was face-up in the dormitory. A knife was in his hand and he had inserted it into his neck with a look of pain on his face.

Bai Liu opened the diary. In the bottom right corner of the first page of the dusty and dirty diary, there was an inscription full of remorse.

[I never regretted so much that I have opened up an unprecedented evil. I thought my desire without a lower limit was already the most terrifying thing in the world. Then I found this wasn’t the case. The statue I brought back is!]

[The dry leaf rose is a flower created by the evil god. It won’t wither and won’t decay. It will only reflect the process of blooming and withering through the body of the human that is completely bewitched by it. As a product loved by the god, it will be beautifully immortalized in the bones and flesh of the human body and release a crazy aroma.]

[The Dry Leaf Rose Gas is the most perfect perfume, a poison without an antidote. As the excavator, I understood the first point and as a deceased person, I know the last point.]

Bai Liu looked at the last words of this paragraph before turning to the next page without pausing.

[I grew up in a private welfare home that was funded by people. I understood that the investors there have a strange sorcery that was inseparable from the strange child in the orphanage. He was a very strange child. I couldn’t see his face because his long hair was always hanging down and covering his eyes.]

[I’m sure that anyone who has seen this child once will be able to recognize him when they see him later!]

[It is because he is so frightening. The moment I saw him, I only had one terrifying thought in my mind that makes me tremble when I think about it now. I was indeed afraid of him but after I accidentally saw through his soft hair into his light blue eyes that were like a giant beast in the deep sea, I only had one impulse left in my mind like I was possessed by a demon—]

[I’m going to kill him! I’m going to split him into pieces!]

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

So it all got connected except for the train arc!

9 months ago
Reply to  Anra7777

I think the train arc was just a regular scary game. Orrrr maybe it was based of bai liu life and was meant for bai liu only👀

8 months ago

… the thorns on the statue of tawil in the church….. oh my god everything is connected

I’m getting chills

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
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I have a whole lot going on my mind as well as various guesses but in the end the only answer I got is a confused_doge.jpg sigh.. I’ma just eat my melon seeds and continue to observe 😩🍿

5 months ago

my mind is spinning im very dizzy from all this information i only know that everything is connected