GHG: Chapter 194

After seeing the reaction of the Kings Guild member, Liu Jiayi didn’t hesitate to remove the vision item on her right eye. She made it so that only her left eye could see and looked around.

In the four corners of the large dormitory, there was a huge spider-like thing, or a human being.

The skin of this thing was split from the top of the head to the upper body, petal by petal. The split skin didn’t peel off from the body but was bent at the end like a blooming rose, becoming a hard, arthropod-like attachment that was embedded in the wall, making it easier for it to move.

The peeling paint and empty spots on the wall were cracks caused by them as they moved.

In the middle of the ‘rose,’ the human pillar with its skin peeled off had become the stamen of this ‘blooming rose.’

The upper body of the ‘flower stamen’ was covered with skin tissue dripping blood. It felt fresh like it hadn’t been ‘blooming’ for a long time. It would drop a mixture of flesh and blood when it moved. The face was even more unrecognizable. She could only see bare gums and a pair of eyes that were mostly exposed and extremely white, staring at her in a motionless manner.

Liu Jiayi’s expression darkened as she turned her head and looked around.

In addition to these eight relatively large monsters, there were many monsters that weren’t ‘fully bloomed’. The stamens still showed half their faces, or less than half the face of the monster. These monsters were smaller in size and seemed unable to move on the walls.

Most of these little monsters slept under Liu Jiayi’s bed and stared at her through the bed. This was why the Kings Guild member had turned pale with fright just now.

The monster under his bed bloomed a ‘petal’ that passed through the bed board and stuck to his hand. The textured edge of the skin was wriggling and bleeding but this member could only let it touch.

Last night, they had slept all night under the watchful eyes of these invisible monsters.

This type of fear was linked to the current scene. Even if this Kings Guild member had experienced many storms in the game, at this moment,his heart was trembling with fear.

He had never seen such a strange monster before and he could only see it with this one eye. However, he actually stayed with them all night without them attacking him!

Now this strange, night-lone serenity was about to be broken.

These monsters seemed to sense that these two people could see them. All the monsters in the dormitory, large and small, twisted their heads in various ways. Their eyes turned to stare at the two people, the red ‘petals’ moving as they slowly formed a circle close to Liu Jiayi.

The member trembled and turned to look at Liu Jiayi. He was so frightened that he was about to cry. “…What do we do?”

“I wish I could pretend that I haven’t seen these monsters.” Liu Jiayi stood up from the bed, her face dark. “Now it seems that is impossible. Trigger it first and see if you can kill one. If you can’t kill it then run!”

The moment she finished speaking, the big monsters in the corners of this room cried out sharply. All the monsters in the dormitory started to rush toward Liu Jiayi.

The weird thing was that these monsters made such a big move but people were still sleeping on the bunks like corpses. They lay in place without moving and weren’t awakened at all. These things ran over the processing workers but didn’t cause any shock. It was as if they only existed in the world seen by the players.

The moment a player perceived them, they would put the player in the same dimension as them to kill the player.

Having a left or right eye blooming desire was the key to breaking into the dimension and seeing the other world in this factory.

Liu Jiayi was chased and ran very quickly. She tried to wake up the other member of the Kings Guild who was still sleeping, but once she ran to the bed of the guild member, she didn’t see his face.

It was the face of a processing worker she was completely unfamiliar with and didn’t know.

The face had withered and rotted, as if she had been dead for a long time. The processing uniform on her body was covered with dust and spider webs. Liu Jiayi touched the body with the strength of an 8 year old girl and only shook it twice. Even so, the skeleton spread out and the dry skin cracked and shattered.

Liu Jiayi raised her head and looked around. The large dormitory that had just been full of living people was now a morgue.

At a glance, it was all dark gray. Dusty white cloth covered the heads of the corpses lying on the bunks and there were huge spider webs everywhere, forming balls that rolled around in the room. Everything that could be seen was dilapidated and dead. The dust on the ground was so heavy that a person would cough after taking two steps.

The other member of the Kings Guild saw this scene while running frantically and turned to Liu Jiayi. “Little Witch, we have entered the inner world where these monsters are! Think of a way! They are moving so fast that we won’t last long!”

Liu Jiayi leaned sideways to avoid a sharp petal of a monster coming from behind. “I know. I am thinking about how to get out.”

[System tip: Congratulations to player Liu Jiayi for triggering the monster book.]

[The Rose Factory Monster Book has been refreshed – Decaying Employees (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Decaying Employees (Processing Workers, Factory Workers and Perfumers)]

[Features: The upper class people who adapted to the low concentration rose perfume soon couldn’t be satisfied with the low concentration aroma. They had to use the rose perfumes with higher and higher concentrations…]

[…As the concentration of the rose perfume they used grew higher, they became radiant, youthful and beautiful, as young and fragrant as the dry rose leaf in bloom…]

[…But they soon found themselves becoming more and more like a rose. The energy in the transformation was enough to explode after going into full bloom. In order to delay such blooming, those who were addicted to the roses had to use a higher concentration of perfume to domesticate their bodies and delay their blooming period…]

[…Blooming is the fate of roses. Refusing to wither will surely usher in the fate of blooming. The mad nobles tore off their hypocritical faces and revealed their bloody true hearts. At this moment, what you see is a group of high class slaves raised by the roses. Please enjoy watching their last, magnificent bloom. If you refuse, you will be forcibly caught in another world to see their former glory…]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Rose broken limbs (A+), attack the opponent with arthropods.]

Liu Jiayi quickly read the description of this monster. At the same time, her mind spun quickly as she hid from the chasing monsters. In the game, the other world usually hid more game information.

If the crazy Bai Liu wanted to play the ‘true ending’ then it was inevitable he would turn the world upside down. It was only by finding all the hidden information that he could play the true ending.

In this situation, Liu Jiayi just wanted to run. She wasn’t good at fights where the weak confronted the strong head-on, just as Bai Liu wasn’t as good at the previous battle situation she was in.

As a healer, Liu Jiayi didn’t want to praise this type of behavior but Bai Liu was indeed good at gambling. In other words, he forced himself to take a chance when his side had no possibility of winning at all.

This combat method was very effective when the enemies were much stronger than him.

He left parts to people who were good at it rather than one person taking all the risks. This was the most risky way of fighting—this was Liu Jiayi’s tactical guideline. It was also something she taught to Bai Liu before and was now about to do.

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath and sincerely apologized to the member of the Kings Guild who was still avoiding the monsters. ‘This member, I will soon hand you over to an unreliable madman.’

‘You must be careful when cooperating with him. He generally won’t let you die but he won’t let you live easily either.’

‘With your IQ, just believe in him.’

Liu Jiayi silently said these sentences before opening her system panel and taking out the A of Spades playing card from her items warehouse.

The skill playing cards that Queen of Hearts left for Liu Jiayi was an A of Hearts and A of Spades.

In the absence of the queen, the only skill card that was basically useful was A of Hearts. It was because the skill of A of Spades was called Heart to Heart.

The skill Heart to Heart meant that if Liu Jiayi used A of Hearts and the face that appeared was consistent with anyone on the field, she could use the Heart to Heart skill of A of Spades to exchange positions with the other person up to three times.

This card was generally only useful when the Queen of Hearts was present because only she could become the person Liu Jiayi had transformed into at will. Then in cases of extreme urgency that Liu Jiayi couldn’t handle by herself, she could use this card to swap positions with the Queen of Hearts. This way, the Queen of Hearts would bear the danger for her.

This was a set of skill cards used in combination and it was also the life saving means that the queen prepared for Liu Jiayi in the league. It was equivalent to sacrificing herself once so that Liu Jiayi could have a chance to escape.

The result was that Liu Jiayi gave it to Bai Liu first.

The running Liu Jiayi let out a breath, closed her eyes and held up the A of Spades card.

[System notification: Does player Liu Jiayi want to use the skill Heart to Heart?]

[I am sure.]

The black heart on the playing card started to rotate rapidly. The face in the heart gradually changed to Bai Liu’s face. At the same time, her body gently fluttered. The next second, ‘Liu Jiayi’ opened her eyes.

‘She’ looked at the situation in front of her, raised an eyebrow and revealed a smile.

Well done, Little Witch. You found the information I was looking for.

Proofreader: Purichan

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