GHG: Chapter 193

Bai Liu might’ve told the vagrants that he knew the solution to all of this but he hadn’t obtained enough information about the specific solution to the Dry Leaf Rose Gas.

The current Bai Liu didn’t know how to solve the Dry Leaf Rose Gas.

To put it simply, Bai Liu used his own life as collateral to write a blank check for the vagrants to solve the perfume. This way, the vagrants would do things for him first.

However, this check wasn’t without a basis. There must be a solution to the perfume and he could most likely get it. This point could be inferred from Tang Erda’s words about the Bai Lius (6) in other timelines.

Bai Liu (6) from other timelines could obtain it so the probability that Bai Liu could complete this task was more than 50%.

As a player who dared to bet when the winning probability was only 10%, Bai Liu now used the ‘I can solve the Dry Leaf Rose Gas’ as his precondition to fool others.

It wasn’t until Tawil reminded Bai Liu of the oracle again that he could be sure that the specific solution to the perfume was a concrete ‘antidote.’

If the rose perfume was a ‘poison’ then the ‘antidote’ corresponded to something that could dilute or neutralize the toxic and addictive properties of the dry leaf roses.

Yet in the game so far, Bai Liu hadn’t received any information about this antidote and the system hadn’t issued any related tasks. So from here, Bai Liu inferred that the antidote clearance path of the game was likely to be different from the conventional clearance path. In other words, there was no connection with the main task of becoming the factory manager.

Horror or plot games usually had three ends—good, normal or true.

The first two were relatively easy and simple. There was no need to discover all the hidden information in the game and they were the most common clearance methods for ordinary players. However, game designers usually hid a very deep game world story to make it more complete and there was more information about the real ending i.e. the so-called ‘true ending’.

In order to play the true ending, the game path would be more dangerous and sometimes they would have to do something completely opposite to the main task to trigger special story points and get more information.

Obviously, Rose Factory was such a game.

Bai Liu had followed this route before but he made two preparations. He secretly prepared the ‘poison’ and his own Rose Factory while looking for the traces of the ‘antidote’ in the real Rose Factory at the same time.

He needed more information to get the antidote but this depended on Liu Jiayi, who would continue to advance in the factory. Bai Liu entrusted this part of the task to the little girl.

Bai Liu focused and closed his eyes to control all his emotions. It was only after he completely changed into Liu Jiayi that he opened the tent and walked out.

Qi Yifang was standing in front of the tent and looking at the small pile of roses with amazement.

Qi Yifang saw him come out and scratched his head with a bit of embarrassment. “I thought you needed my help…”

He was carrying a small bag of roses in his hand. He should be afraid that Liu Jiayi wouldn’t have enough and he brought some over to make it up. Now it seemed that it was difficult to say who needed the extra roses.

Bai Liu shook his head and declined the roses handed over by Qi Yifang. He looked through Liu Jiayi’s gray eyes at the Rose Factory with smoking chimneys that looked like a heavy industrial processing plant. His eyes were vague.

Inside the Rose Factory.

The dormitory for new processing workers was on the first floor of the factory. Dozens of people, both men and women, lived in a large area. There was no sour smell of sweat. There was just the lingering stench of rotten flesh and a faint rose fragrance that drifted on this putrid odor.

The odor was a mixture of fragrant and stinky, making people feel nauseated. People who entered for the first time wouldn’t be able to bear the strong smell. They had to take a deep breath outside before daring to come in.

Liu Jiayi, the two members of the Kings Guild, Tang Erda and other processing workers slept in this huge dormitory.

After a whole day of hard work, the new processing workers only got three hours of rest before the sky became bright again.

In the dormitory, Liu Jiayi opened her eyes first. She had left the Blizzard Goggles with Bai Liu for him to disguise himself. That was her last vision item so it made her move blindly yesterday.

Fortunately, the members of the Kings Guild who followed her also carried a few vision items she usually used with them. Liu Jiayi politely thanked them and accepted the items. In return, she poured a small cup of antidote for the two people to stabilize their health.

The two people originally wanted to refuse as these items were originally prepared for Little Witch. Finally, under Liu Jiayi’s persistent gaze, they drank it with mixed feelings.

They all understood that this was Little Witch’s habit of never owing anything to her teammates.

Liu Jiayi was protected by Bai Liu a few days ago and rested well. In addition, she didn’t do much physical work yesterday. It was done by the other two people. Compared to the processing workers who really sweated for a day, Liu Jiayi’s physical and mental state were the best so at present, she was the only one awake.

The others, including the sharp Tang Erda, were exhausted. In addition, the rich rose fragrance in the air hypnotized them to sleep.

Liu Jiayi, as a player who was brought by the unlucky Bai Liu to directly smell the original fragrance of roses (the aroma from Tawil’s hand), was much less affected by the rose fragrance in the factory.

Liu Jiayi might have the vision items but she didn’t want to waste them. She had never used an item from yesterday to this morning since she could locate things with her ears. She had just gotten out of bed when Liu Jiayi heard an unusual sound.

It was a sound like a huge, octagonal spider spinning silk, weaving webs and crawling on the ceiling. The threads moved back and forth above Liu Jiayi’s head. The movement was very small but Liu Jiayi still heard it.

There was the evenly undulating breathing and snoring of the processing workers lying on the narrow bunk beds, the crackling as the paint on the wall peeled off from time to time and the faint sound of something dragging and wandering.

She put on the vision item and looked up, but saw nothing. There was only the peeling of the old, mottled yellow wall and some dark red marks that had been smoked or colored. It looked a bit like dried blood stains.

Liu Jiayi frowned. As a person who had lived based on her hearing for a long time, she trusted her hearing more than her eyesight. On such a quiet morning, her hearing shouldn’t be incorrect.

The only possibility was that this thing existed but she couldn’t see it.

Liu Jiayi thought of this and immediately woke up a member of the Kings Guild who was sleeping next to her. The other person was half awake and half asleep as Liu Jiayi whispered in his ear, “Shh, look up now. Can you see anything?”

He wasn’t fully awake but obeying the Witch’s orders was already ingrained in these team members. He didn’t hesitate to look up. After a while, he turned to look at Liu Jiayi in a confused manner. “…there is nothing.”

This team member couldn’t see it so it wasn’t a problem with her eyes. Liu Jiayi’s mind raced as she calmly and quickly thought about the problem.

There must be some type of monster on the ceiling but it couldn’t be seen with the naked eye or vision items. So in this game, certain conditions needed to be met for the monster to be seen.

So what was this condition?

Liu Jiayi’s thoughts moved extremely quickly. She had only been in this factory for a day and all that time was spent working. The information wasn’t sufficient. Liu Jiayi felt that she couldn’t use the clues from the factory to deduce the conditions for seeing the monster.

Normally, Liu Jiayi would take a step back and be conservative. She would leave this dormitory first and go back and unlock the monster after getting enough information.

Now she had another source of information—Bai Liu.

Bai Liu entered the game and told her about Tawil’s oracle.

She didn’t know what was so strange about these two people that they would stick together in every game, giving her goosebumps, but if Bai Liu was right, Tawil was the core monster of the game ‘Rose Factory’. Tawil came to him the night before so the oracle that Tawil gave before entering the game was likely a hint to the game.

Liu Jiayi closed her eyes and recalled the oracle that Bai Liu had told her. She searched for valid information in every word, muttering in a low voice, “…Don’t use your right eye to blossom desire…”

Bai Liu’s right eye was eroded by the rose but his left eye was fine!

It was a hunt. Tawil was implying that Bai Liu should look at something with one eye.

Liu Jiayi suddenly opened her eyes when she thought of this sentence. She quickly covered the right eye of the confused Kings Guild member beside her and lifted the other person’s chin. She aimed it at the corner where she heard the sound and asked in a cold tone, “Can you see anything now?”

The sleepy-eyed expression of the Kings Guild member tensed at once. His pupils contracted and his relaxed face twitched from time to time. It was as if he had seen something extremely terrifying but didn’t dare to gasp or tremble in this atmosphere. Blood instantly drained from his face and his arms and legs became weak. He couldn’t sit up.

“I-I see a lot.” His voice and neck trembled as he turned to look at Liu Jiayi, saying very abruptly, “Little Witch, there are monsters all over the room.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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11 months ago

Such a smart little girl. U can’t believe that she’s 11 or 12 😭 i rmbr when I was 12 still playing with Barbie dolls and being mean to ppl

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she’s 8

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
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My gosh, that’s really creepy ahhh