GHG: Chapter 192

During the time when the vagrants were secretly picking roses in the flower field, Bai Liu was lying in the tent disguised as Liu Jiayi. He was exhausted due to his physical strength being consumed. His face paled and he returned to the appearance of Bai Liu. He curled up on the small bed in the tent and breathed out slightly. After resting for a while, he closed his eyes and fell asleep due to extreme exhaustion.

As a player with a relatively low basic panel, Bai Liu no longer had the physical strength to use the high level skill card of Hearts. He had overdrawn his physical strength and he couldn’t restore it by drinking physical strength recovery agents. In addition, Bai Liu’s current mental value was low.

Under the influence of several factors, Bai Liu knew that he really needed to rest. He didn’t have the strength to pick roses again tonight.

Fortunately, the scene that Bai Liu created previously gave him enough time to rest.

Yet within a few hours of falling asleep in the tent, the half-awake and half-asleep Bai Liu felt an extremely cold hand grasp his ankle in the middle of his dream. It gently pulled him as if to wake him up.

However, Bai Liu’s entire body was currently wrapped in the Magic Space item.

What happened the day before yesterday happened again. Something broke through the barrier of Magic Space and touched Bai Liu. At the same time, the dizzying and rich scent of roses started to spread in the tent.

Bai Liu opened his eyes in a sober manner because of the thing that grabbed his ankle. In an instant, his consciousness started to blur under the impact of this overly strong aroma.

It was a very mysterious feeling. Bai Liu’s brain could maintain a certain amount of thinking functionality but his limbs and muscles became paralyzed under the influence of this perfume. He was unable to move and his breathing became extremely slow. A kaleidoscope of red petals started to appear in front of him.

It was like he was being pressed down by a ghost.

Bai Liu felt that the hand grabbing his ankle seemed to realize he was awake. It let go of his ankle and the fingers meekly slipped into the trouser leg of Bai Liu’s protective suit. It slowly crawled up Bai Liu’s skin. The thin and cold fingers moved up along Bai Liu’s warm thigh like a jade carving.

This type of slight touch was non-sticky and non-human, but there was indeed a skin-to-skin feeling that made it so Bai Liu couldn’t help but arch his waist and shudder.

Bai Liu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down uncomfortably. He closed his eyes slightly and his breathing became heavier.

This right hand was already crawling to his…

Bai Liu was a person who wasn’t very concerned about this aspect but after realizing that the hand in his pants was most likely Xie Ta’s hand, the back of his neck felt a bit numb and he had difficulty breathing.

Bai Liu’s eyes were red due to the aroma and he was groggy. He shook his leg vigorously but the right hand didn’t respond. It just slipped along his trouser leg to the outside.

The hand seemed a bit confused. It seemed that due to having no eyes to see, it wanted to climb up along Bai Liu’s body. Then Bai Liu resisted and shook it away with his leg, so the hand didn’t know how to react.

In the end, the five fingers of the right hand curled up in the palm of the hand, making a posture that was a bit like well-behaved squatting. It curled up next to Bai Liu’s feet with its wrist turned toward the outside of the bed. From the side, it looked like a small octopus curled up with its tentacles lowered.

Bai Liu lowered his gaze and saw the right hand squatting. For some reason, he felt a bit of grievance from the movement of the right hand, which was very similar to a cat’s paw.

Bai Liu, “……”

Wasn’t the other party the one acting like a hooligan? Why did it feel like he was doing something wrong?

The right hand didn’t close itself off for a long time. It quickly recovered and struggled to grab Bai Liu’s layers of protective clothing in order to climb up. Finally, it touched Bai Liu’s neck and grabbed the rope that the coin was hanging from.

The pure white fingers twisted along the rope as if looking for something on the rope. It didn’t find it and paused. Then it started to twist persistently a second time.

Bai Liu saw the movement of the right hand and knew what the other person was looking for.

Tawil was looking for the reverse cross.

The reverse cross was the carrier of communication between the evil god and believer. Bai Liu didn’t know what happened to Tawil in the Rose Factory instance but based on the current situation, it was obvious that Tawil only had one hand and couldn’t communicate with him smoothly. Therefore, the existence of the reverse cross at this time was particularly important.

Under the guidance of the reverse cross, the crippled god could issue oracles to his believer.

However, Tang Erda had taken the reverse cross from Bai Liu before entering the game.

Once the right hand rubbed against the rope around Bai Liu’s neck the fourth time, Bai Liu leaned forward slightly and raised his hand to interrupt the movement of the right hand. He was eroded by the rose fragrance in the factory and flower fields day and night so he was a bit used to this concentration of fragrance. He was a bit dizzy but at the very least, he wouldn’t pass out and could move a bit.

Bai Liu held the right hand in front of him. However, this right hand didn’t seem to believe that Bai Liu would lose the reverse cross it had given him. It struggled to continue searching, fingers stubbornly entering Bai Liu’s slightly open neckline.

Bai Liu’s strength wasn’t as great as this hand. Under the effect of the rose fragrance, his entire body was soft and he only had a bit of strength. Moving his hand was an action that took all his strength to do.

Seeing this hand that was acting like a hooligan without knowing it, something really indescribable would happen below the neck if he let it enter.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, and to let this chapter pass the review smoothly, Bai Liu took out the professional ethics of a Jinjiang male protagonist. He quickly and calmly came up with a way to communicate with the one hand without speaking.

Bai Liu wrote a sentence on the palm of the right hand. [The reverse cross was taken away. I lost it.]

The right hand stopped struggling. It took two slow steps back before making the closed off motion of a little octopus squatting down.

Bai Liu, “……”

Bai Liu felt a rare sense of helplessness. He sighed lightly and leaned his head against the knuckles of the ‘little octopus.’ Then he used his fingers to slightly open Tawil’s curled up fingers. He looked down and wrote one stroke at a time on the other person’s white palm: [I’m sorry.]

Tawil paused before stretching out his finger. He stood up and wrote on Bai Liu’s palm.

[Remember what I said to you before? The key to everything is in the hands of the Witch. The antidote or poison is the key to your choice…]

[Before the real death comes, the time on you is unique and irreversible…]

After writing, Tawil’s palm covered Bai Liu’s face. Bai Liu’s eyelashes fluttered lightly. The other person’s index finger touched his forehead, cold and gentle. It was as soft as when Tawil once kissed Bai Liu’s forehead.

Then the pure white hand turned into scattered light pink petals that fell to the ground. They were dragged underground by the vines that emerged.

Bai Liu slept in the rose-colored prophecy.

The following day.

Bai Liu opened his eyes abruptly and sat up. There was nothing around him, just as before. Everything looked like a dream. Then Bai Liu sniffed his pillow and could smell the roses on it.

There was also the strong smell of roses from his thigh, neck and even waist. It was so strong that it was as if he had slept on roses all night.

There was indeed an uninvited right hand last night.

Tawil’s appearance seemed to have many restrictions. He didn’t know why Tawil was in a fragmented form but the vines that kept dragging him underground was the best proof.

Even so, under so many restrictions, Tawil appeared several times as if to remind Bai Liu to pay attention to something.

Bai Liu narrowed his eyes.

Tawil reminded him of the oracle that was previously given.

Was there something he left behind that he hadn’t thought about?

-The key to everything is in the hands of the Witch… poison or antidote is the key to your choice…

-Before the real death comes, the time on you is unique and irreversible…

Bai Liu was still thinking about this when clear footsteps were heard outside the tent. Bai Liu had recovered after resting all night and instantly equipped Hearts’ skill card. The person outside was so close that their shadow was projected on the tent. In the last second, Bai Liu’s body shape changed from an adult to a little girl and even his protective suit became smaller.

Qi Yifang’s voice rang out with surprise outside the tent. “Did you pick so many roses last night?”

Bai Liu saw that he had changed back to the appearance of Little Witch and looked down at himself. Then he suddenly stopped.

He thought of something.

[The key to everything is in the hands of the Witch. Poison or antidote is the key to your choice.] The core of this sentence wasn’t Liu Jiayi like he had thought before.

It was because in the current instance of Rose Factory, there were two ‘witches.’ According to this sentence, the antidote or poison was the key to ‘your’ choice. Then it became obvious that the ‘witch’ in Tawil’s oracle wasn’t the real Little Witch at all.

It was the false witch i.e. himself.

Bai Liu slowly raised his head with an amused smile on his face.

Tawil’s oracle had long seen that he would turn into Little Witch to deceive other people. By the same token, if the ‘witch’ in the oracle was false then the ‘poison’ and ‘antidote’ that the false witch possessed shouldn’t be the poison and antidote in the conventional sense.

If the ‘key’ in Tawil’s oracle was the hint to clear the game then from the perspective of game designer Bai Liu, the antidote and poison were likely to be the two very different game ending choices.

According to this idea, the ‘poison’ in the Rose Factory game was too obvious. It was the Dry Leaf Rose Gas. If he chose poison then he would get the secret recipe of the factory, becoming the factory manager to pass the game.

Tawil said the witch could choose between poison or antidote, proving that there was both.

So what was the antidote?

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