GHG: Chapter 19

Bai Liu stood on the swaying boat and watched for a long time before reacting. “Oh that’s it. Just in case I became alienated after getting on the boat, causing my mental value to drop and entering this foolish state, I made arrangements before getting on the boat. I can win against Andre by doing nothing.”

After Bai Liu on the small TV screen finished speaking, he seemed to feel it was a bit cold so he wrapped himself in a quilt. He shrank under the quilt and started to watch the show with gusto. Still, he was a bit drowsy so he started to doze off on the boat!

The audience in front of the small TV, “……”

What did he do before boarding the boat? Why did Andre die suddenly?!

Wang Shun saw Andre being eaten and curiosity scratched at his heart. He had never seen the fishermen taking the initiative to eat Andre. He also couldn’t grab Bai Liu and open his mind to see what this man had done that they didn’t know about.

“He did something before he got on the boat!”

The player beside him was also curious. He closed his eyes and thought about it. “Wait! I thought about it! In the normal process, they took the driver’s car and came here. He paid the driver and boarded the ship. The driver said he would prepare the venue and items for their bet at night…!”

The few players who were about to leave changed their minds and stayed. The crowd gathered again and someone shouted, “Can someone who is a member of the game system watch the video playback and see what he has done? I’m not a member and can’t watch the replay.”

“I am, I am! I’ll show it! I’ll project it and everyone can come over to watch!”

“Emmm it feels like he played normally? Why did this happen? The player’s luck value is only 0. It is impossible for the fishermen to bite Andre due to luck.”

“So how the hell did he do it?”

“F*k, I’ll send it to the game forum for help. I watched the replay three times and didn’t find out what arrangements he made. He is really a god.”


[Game Forum – Help! Does anyone know why these merfolk are eating Andre?]

1L: I saw a few magical gameplays from a player today. Many people have played Siren Town. Once it comes time for ‘True Love Ship’, is it possible to play the side plotline of the merfolk eating Andre? I saw it for the first time (attached Bai Liu’s game video).

2L: Kids, I have many question marks?? How did this come about? I have never seen this type of development. The monsters are taking the initiative to help the player eat Andre and complete the task? Is this a mess of emotional lines? Is there a hidden BL line between the player and Andre in this game?

3L: This player must have a very high luck value. If his luck value is high then some unthinkable things will happen in the game.

The original poster replied to 3L: No, his luck value is 0. He is very unlucky. He is a newcomer and the first instance drawn was Siren Town. The wandering NPC also showed up in the monster book. This is obviously unlucky so I can’t understand why it suddenly shot in this direction.

4L: This newcomer… has it a bit tough… then how did he do this?

5L (Mu Sicheng): You can do it with the side task Jeff’s Bloody Conspiracy. Once the completion of this side task exceeds 80%, the driver will take the initiative to go into the sea and wait for the opportunity to kill Andre. In the process, the bloody smell from killing Andre will attract more fishermen to eat Andre.

However, to play this side task, you need to control the merfolk statues on the first night and go out to discover Jeff’s plot. You also can’t be discovered by Jeff or you will be killed by him. This player is a pure newcomer? He can actually play out this side task in his first time here. This is a bit powerful.

6L: Damn!! God Mu! Taking a photo of the above reply!

7L: The great god appeared! Bless me once in a difficult game instance!

8L: God Mu is actually praising a newcomer! I want to see! Tell me what area the newcomer is in! I want to watch!

9L: Me too!


The original poster replied to Mu Sicheng: !! It is God Mu! This player is a pure newcomer and he is currently in the death comedy division… his mental value is about to fall to 60…

Mu Sicheng replied to the original poster: Death comedy? He should be a very powerful newcomer. Why is he in the death comedy zone?

The original poster replied to Mu Sicheng: His gameplay is rather strange = =. He didn’t buy the conventional items of the water bubble and fire torch…

Mu Sicheng replied to the original poster: He didn’t buy a water bubble? That is a bit dangerous. After Andre goes crazy, he is a medium-tier boss. It is good for the player to clear the side task and get rid of him in advance. However, after the fishermen attack Andre, they will immediately turn around and attack the player. It will take time to eat Andre so in this remaining time, you can survive as long as you have the water bubble. If he didn’t buy it then it is a bit mysterious…


“I’m still curious about how he pushed the progress of Jeff’s Bloody Conspiracy to 80%. In the car, the completion progress of this plotline was only 50%. Why did it suddenly soar to 80%?”

Wang Shun questioned it. As a cloud player, the information of how to progress the side plotline was extremely important to him. Wang Shun took out his game manager and asked God Mu in the forum.

God Mu replied to Wang Shun in the forum: [He gave the driver more money.]

[Jeff has already paid the driver once and the cost of the car and tour was paid as one lump sum. Logically speaking, the player doesn’t need to pay the driver anymore but the newcomer gave it again.]

Wang Shun suddenly remembered this. Yes, it was reasonable to say that Bai Liu didn’t have to give it but he gave money again.

[Watch the video carefully. He showed the driver that he still had a lot of money left in his bag.]

[The town’s residents are set as robbers. The excessive desire for money is bound to induce the driver to rob and kill them. At the same time, the driver has the side plot to kill Andre. Thanks to this side plot, he will kill Andre first.]

[Push the side plot to 80% and let the driver know you have expensive possessions. He will kill Andre first in order to steal the player’s money.]

Wang Shun saw God Mu’s reply and suddenly realized. “It turned out to be like this.”

Then he pondered on it and had a new worry. “No, then won’t the driver immediately come to rob the player after killing Andre?”

Wang Shun typed out: {God Mu, in this way, won’t the driver immediately come back to rob the player after he kills Andre?]

Mu Sicheng: [Yes, that’s why the player has to hide in the water bubble that can drive back the fish.]

[The driver can kill Andre by a sneak attack but his combat power alone isn’t as good as Andre. Andre is a boss of this level and can break the water bubble. However, Andre is dead. The water bubble can deal with the driver and other merfolk. After triggering this side task, the difficulty of the True Love Ship task is reduced a lot. It is great.]

Wang Shun scanned the forum while also frowning at Bai Liu on the small TV. “Did you see the reply of God Mu? He said the merfolk will turn around and attack the player as soon as they finish eating.”

“I saw it.” The audience member who had always been with Wang Shun in front of Bai Liu’s small TV was very sad at this moment. He looked at Bai Liu’s dazed eyes and sighed. “The newcomer was praised by God Mu. It is really a pity. If he hadn’t spent so much points on buying alcohol then he should be able to pass this level by buying the water bubble.”

Wang Shun also felt resentment toward Bai Lu for failing to meet expectations and he said helplessly, “Hey, the difficulty has been reduced so much yet he is actually stuck in such a place!”

He wasn’t the only one feeling hopelessness. The many players who came to watch because of God Mu saw Bai Liu dozing in the quilt. The merfolk finished biting Andre to death and turned to rush toward Bai Liu’s boat. Bai Liu didn’t seem to feel anything. He just shrank back into his quilt and dozed slightly, letting the merfolk silently approach him in the water.

Many players didn’t know what to say at this scene and were choked up.

Proofreader: Purichan

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