GHG: Chapter 189

Bai Liu’s small TV in the little black house area went out and the next second, it appeared in the multiplayer area again.

Hearts calmly returned to her original form and turned to leave without looking back.

It was meaningless to fight against this group of people in the little black house area. If the other person had enough points, they would be able to ‘charge’ Bai Liu. The mechanism of the little black house set by the system was to make people throw money into it.

Then what about after it was redeemed?

Hearts waved to her subordinates. “Go back to the multiplayer area and block Bai Liu again.”

Her subordinates, who were secretly annoyed by Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng coming over to make trouble, raised their heads simultaneously and stared at Hearts with shock. “Q-Queen, do you want to block him again?”

Such a big guild surrounded a newcomer who had only played the game a few times but couldn’t block him. Wasn’t this already humiliating enough? Was it necessary to block him again?!

“Why not block him? Don’t you want me to block him?” Hearts’ brow was slightly furrowed and her waist twisted sideways as she looked back and scanned this group of people. She was interrogating them but her eyes were still lazy and flowing. There was an indescribable charm.

The person who she questioned saw her looking like this and couldn’t help wanting to collapse from fear. Like a military trainee called by the instructor, his legs pressed together as he stood up straight. He replied to Hearts but his tone was very weak, “…What if the blockade is once again interrupted by the other side?”

The ransom of the little black house was based on the people who could pay the ransom. The next time Bai Liu was blocked here, the ransom set by the system would be lower according to the situation.

It was like the previously captured Bai Liu was a child of a wealthy family. The ransom was set at 100,000 points because Mu Ke and the others could afford it.

Now Bai Liu was just the child of a group of poor people. Therefore, the ransom set by the system couldn’t be that high.

For a lower and more suitable ransom, this group of people would be willing to sacrifice everything they had and borrow from everywhere to get Bai Liu out.

This meant there was a possibility they might not be able to block it the second time.

Hearts told him, “Then block it the third time.”

The man looked even more surprised and confused as he blurted out, “The third time…? There is no need for that, right?”

“Why do you think we blocked him the first time?” Hearts asked calmly. “He is a guild leader and this is a game between guilds. Not to mention, Bai Liu is good at using people and winning their hearts. His game strength is even better. The last person who could jump to a level three game in three games is Spades and it took him less than two dimensional clocks to kill our team in the league last year.”

The man was speechless and stared at Hearts in a daze.

Hearts raised her eyes and glanced at the man. “We are fighting against a player who might cause us big trouble when we enter the league later. Do you expect to solve him in one go without wasting a single soldier?”

“You’re not underestimating Bai Liu. Instead, you think I don’t need to spend so much effort on him. Aren’t you questioning my judgment?” Hearts looked at the man indifferently and asked.

The man immediately bowed his head. “Queen, I didn’t mean that!”

Hearts passed by him and gave an order in a vague tone, “Try to surround and kill Bai Liu before he finishes the game. Besiege him until the Scavengers Guild can’t pay the ransom and he falls to No Man’s Land.”

Mu Ke, who was standing behind, watched the departing Hearts before turning to solemnly explain to the others.

“Hearts should be able to carry out the second round of containment. We will wait in the hall and try to like and follow Bai Liu’s small TV to extend the time in which Bai Liu falls to the little black house area. It is because our points might be completely lost after another round of ransom. In the third round, we will only be able to watch as Bai Liu falls to the nameless area.”

Mu Ke took a deep breath and stared at Bai Liu’s small TV.

Hearts walked to the edge of the little black house area, turned her head and glanced at Bai Liu’s small TV.

Out of the two people, one looked dull while the other opened her mouth with a smile.

“The rest is to see if Bai Liu can get out of the game before the third round of ransom payment.”

“If he doesn’t come out before then, he will fall into No Man’s Land forever.”

Inside the game.

Tang Erda and two members of the Kings Guild followed behind Liu Jiayi to the processing factory. The other two members of Kings Guild stood behind Liu Jiayi, watching Tang Erda vigilantly to prevent the other side from making a sneak attack.

Liu Jiayi, who was at the forefront, didn’t care what happened behind her. She quickly entered the next step of processing the dry leaf roses after sun drying—processing and drying over a stove.

She poured the sun-dried petals into a huge iron pot and stir-fried them until the water in the petals evaporated further. The color would turn a dark reddish brown and a strange, smoky aroma would be emitted. Then the processing and stove drying steps would be completed.

It sounded simple but the high intensity stir-frying lasted more than eight hours without interruption. If they stopped then it might burn to a paste. The petals would stick to the bottom of the pot and turn black.

In addition, a newcomer could only use the pots with paste marks and this made it easier for the roses to stick to the pot. In order to prevent their pot from being taken by the old workers, the new workers usually had to stir-fry 360 kg of roses at a time. It was real physical labor.

Liu Jiayi poured the sun-dried roses into the pot on the stove. The pot was taller than her and the spatula used for the frying was even taller than her head.

The moment the fire burned, Liu Jiayi put the shovel in and jumped up, pressing down on the top of the spatula. She moved the spatula with the weight of her body like she was sitting on a seesaw, stirring with great effort.

It could be seen that she really wanted to do this but it was too unbearable to look at her directly!

The strong sense of seeing child labor made a bunch of people, including some NPC processing workers, unable to help using the ‘= =’ expression when watching Liu Jiayi lean on the spatula and dancing wildly.

This was a work of strength so it was natural for it to be easy for Tang Erda. His eyes were shining and his spatula moved powerfully. He fried it quickly and a wisp of white smoke soon appeared from the large iron pot, emitting a dizzying aroma.

Tang Erda shook a bit from this aroma. He propped the spatula against the ground to support his body and shook his head. A piece of skin around his mouth fell off like rusting puppet paint.

[System notification: Player Tang Erda’s mental value has dropped to 51. Please restore it in time!]

Tang Erda took out a bottle of perfume from his pocket and sprayed himself with a frown. His mental value quickly returned above the safe value and the cracks on his face healed under the effect of the perfume. However, the rose in his eyes became more arrogant.

It had already bloomed 10 petals. A fully bloomed dry leaf rose had 20 petals so there were 10 more left before the rose in Tang Erda’s eyes completely opened.

The two members of the Kings Guild watched for a while before they helplessly had to go forward. They hugged the tired and sweaty Liu Jiayi, whose hands and feet were trembling but she still stubbornly refused to stop. They sighed and told her, “Little Witch, hand this over to us two adult men.”

They didn’t know if this Little Witch was real or fake. They felt that this Liu Jiayi was subtly different from what they remembered…

Little Witch never forced herself to do hard work. She knew she wasn’t good at it and would usually look for a more suitable way to deal with this type of task, such as using items.

Now Liu Jiayi gave them the feeling of deliberately selling misery in front of them to make them do it for her. This felt more like a method that the shameless newcomer, Bai Liu, liked to use—using others.

[We all owe her.]

[She is trying so hard to protect a person like this. Please protect the other her as well.]

They thought about what Qi Yifang had told them before. The two members of the Kings Guild looked at each other before letting out a long sigh and smiling bitterly.

Even if this Liu Jiayi was fake, they had seen Little Witch desperately using herself as a shield to protect Bai Liu. Even if their hearts felt sour and uncomfortable and their teeth were so itchy that they didn’t want to help, they couldn’t be ruthless.

Then what if this was really Little Witch?

Liu Jiayi had saved their lives! Was it really necessary to see her have an accident in order to complete the task?

One of them raised the spatula in a resigned manner while the other raised the sack and poured the roses inside. They used full force to stove dry the roses, sweat dripping down their heads into their protective clothing before they threw away the clothing.

Once they were exhausted, the two men drank the physical strength recovery agent and continued to do it.

Standing on the side, Liu Jiayi lowered her head and drank the physical strength recovery agent. She seemed exhausted. Her breathing was still rough and she seemed to have no spirit.

Yet every now and then, Tang Erda would glance and frown. He looked at the 360 kg of dried roses brought by Liu Jiayi and always felt that something was wrong.

He really didn’t believe that these two smart people, Bai Liu (6) and Liu Jiayi, would only produce 360 kg of dried roses. This was too coincidental. 360 kg was just enough for one person to continue working as a processor.

However, if these two people got more than 360 kg of dried roses and didn’t use them for further promotion, where did the other roses go?

Tang Erda didn’t guess wrong. They had collected more than 360 kg of roses. Together, the two of them collected a full 900 kg of roses from the flower pickers. They reached the weight limit of the roses that could be collected in a single day.

Liu Jiayi glanced casually at the sap left by the roses in her hands—it was left behind this morning when she helped sneak the roses out of the factory.

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