GHG: Chapter 188

Perhaps it was the long-standing tacit understanding between an assassin and thief.

Mu Sicheng didn’t know what Mu Ke would do before he moved but as a thief who was extremely sensitive to ‘stealing goods’, he seized the opportunity when Mu Ke attracted the attention of the Kings Guild.

Mu Sicheng’s eyes were sharp. He grabbed the shoulder of the person who was pushed forward by Mu Ke and used this force to jump flexibly, stepping on the back of an unsuspecting member of the Kings Guild.

Then Mu Sicheng raised his middle finger at the Queen of Hearts standing in the innermost circle of the group. He raised an eyebrow, smiled and moved this middle finger to his neck, swiping it fiercely!

The members of the Kings Guild were provoked by Mu Sicheng and came after him. Then he stepped on the shoulders of the guards on the edge and ran on the shoulders of these people with excellent balance.

The human flesh wall of the Kings Guild members on the edge staggered.

“Now!” Mu Ke yelled. “Rush in and charge points! Charge Bai Liu!”

One side received Mu Ke’s shout and squeezed in. The other side was trampled by Mu Sicheng and wanted to defend. Under the premise where they couldn’t hurt each other, everyone crowded in messily. This person’s head stuck out from under this person’s arm, this person’s arm hit this person’s mouth etc. Mu Sicheng stomped on people’s heads as he ran around and Mu Ke jumped out from time to time with his One Hit Flash skill to make a mess.

The whole scene was chaotic like the morning peak hour of Line 4 in Jing City. The only thing that could be seen was the ‘human cakes’ that were rolled up and broken.

The two sides ‘fought’ each other while the ransom next to Bai Liu’s small TV was rising steadily. This meant that people were constantly charging it.

People kept opening their system panel in the melee and pressed down. The intermittent blue light screen lit up under Bai Liu’s small TV.

On the screen locked behind the iron fence, Bai Liu’s face had a flat and serene look. It was like he could see out the screen to what was happening below him.

He seemed to have known everything that was going to happen while also knowing nothing about what was happening off the screen. He withdrew his eyes with one glance, like a god who was cold and inhuman, not caring about the life or death of mortals.

However, this was indeed the money-hungry god who dominated everyone who was crazy about him.

In the ups and downs of the chaotic crowd, only Hearts in the center was still. She pressed down her hat and skirt to prevent the people beside her from messing them up. Hearts turned a blind eye to the chaotic battles around her and instead observed Bai Liu on the small TV with scrutinizing and interested eyes.

“It is no wonder why Jiayi chose you.” Hearts’ eyes were half-closed and her red lips curved with restraint. “–You are really suitable to be her brother.”

Why not choose the most perfect brother, her favorite brother, her best brother or even her real brother?

Why did she choose Bai Liu?

Bai Liu could be called selfish, insidious and cunning. There was only a very shallow humanity in this person, which could only be peeled off from the professional, hypocritical smile on Bai Liu’s face that was used to fool others. He was good at calculation and loyal to the transaction. He never turned away from desire.

Under the circumstances where there were better ‘villagers’ around her as an alternative, why did Little Witch willingly offer her antidote and soul to a character who was similar to a werewolf?

The wind caused by the fighting in the viewing area blew the burgundy curls on Hearts’ temples as she looked at Bai Liu with misty eyes.

When a person had already revealed himself to be a werewolf, didn’t this mean there was no need to suspect this person?

Liu Jiayi would never doubt Bai Liu, which was why she chose him.

Little Witch wouldn’t return. She had found the most suitable ‘brother’ for herself.

Hearts retracted her gaze. Then Mu Sicheng suddenly appeared to her left. He stepped on the heads of players several times and quickly chased after Hearts.

Immediately to her right, a shadow with a dagger appeared. It was Mu Ke who chased after Mu Sicheng.

Mu Ke swept at Hearts’ ankle with the dagger from below while Mu Ke stepped on the shoulder of a player and jumped up. He didn’t hesitate as he flew and kicked at Hearts’ face. The two people cooperated seamlessly and without saying a word, as if they had cooperated thousands of times. They managed to block every path where Hearts could escape.

Mu Sicheng had an angry expression on his face while Mu Ke was calmer. The moment he saw Mu Sicheng running this way, he knew this guy was going to do something. He intellectually felt there was something wrong with this and it was also meaningless.

Mu Ke knew it didn’t make sense to attack a person in the game hall because it couldn’t hit.

Even so, Mu Ke was a bit immature in this moment. He thought about Bai Liu being trapped and the various traps that the Kings Guild had dug for Bai Liu…

Therefore, before Mu Ke’s brain could think about the results, his body had already coordinated with Mu Sicheng’s prank.

Mu Sicheng was much more impulsive than Mu Ke. He thought that even if he couldn’t deal damage, it would be good for Hearts to make a fool of herself in front of her members! He came to attack Hearts just to vent his anger!

Mu Sicheng was fed up with the strange organization called the Kings Guild!

Haven’t you been pretending to be a beauty in front of your subordinates? I want to see you still pretending when you fall on your butt!

Mu Sicheng’s eyes were fierce and his foot full of strength. The loose sweatpants on his legs waved in the air while Mu Ke’s dagger made a harsh sound against the ground. His body tilted and his wrist pressed downwards, the sharp tip of the knife stabbing evenly at the place where Hearts’ flesh and bone was.

The two people, an assassin and a thief, were both extremely fast professions but to Hearts, all of their movements seemed to be in slow motion.

The lady wearing a skirt pressed down her skirt and jumped without any hurry. Her action was a bit like a little girl playing jump rope. Once she fell, her sharp high heel stuck in the round hole on the wooden handle of the dagger. Mu Ke, who was rushing forward, was stuck in place and couldn’t pull out the dagger.

At the same time, Hearts leaned forward gracefully and lowered the brim of her wide hat while dodging Mu Sicheng’s flying kick.

The hat wasn’t kicked. It was just skimmed slightly. Even so, this action took off Hearts’ hat.

The wide, red round hat fell slowly between Hearts and Mu Sicheng.

Hearts turned reflexively. The woman’s heel was still stepping on the round hole of Mu Ke’s dagger as she used one hand to grab her hat while her other hand grabbed Mu Sicheng’s ankle and pulled him up.

Mu Sicheng was unprepared. He was pulled by Hearts like this and fell back on the ground.

The woman slowly lowered the hat that covered her face. She had a standard smile on her face that resembled a model but it was much more mysterious than that. She was indeed beautiful.

The red lips, snow-white skin, dark red eyes that seemed to suck away the soul and burgundy, curly hair that was scattered around the face all made Hearts’ originally beautiful facial features have a type of attractive, irresistible charm.

Hearts leaned forward and looked down at Mu Sicheng on the ground. Her face quickly twisted and changed. Her long curly hair became a clean, long ponytail and the elaborate clothing on her body became a school uniform. The narrow and uplifted red eyes became round, apricot eyes that looked kind…

Halfway through this change, Mu Sicheng felt as if he had been captured.

He stared at Hearts’ face, unable to move his eyes away. The expression on his face wasn’t a mesmerized look but an expression of memory that was caught between fear and dead silence.

Hearts’ lips curved as she smiled. She reached out her index finger to hook the chin of the dazed Mu Sicheng, “…Is this the person you are most afraid of?”

One second before Hearts touched Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke kicked him away. Mu Sicheng landed on his back, eyes dazed and breathing heavily. Hearts turned to look at Mu Ke, who was behind her. Mu Ke took a few steps back vigilantly before Hearts could approach. He even hid his face and didn’t dare to look directly at her.

He had just seen Hearts’ skill. Mu Ke didn’t understand what this skill was but he knew it wasn’t a good thing. Mu Sicheng’s expression just now seemed like he was seeing an incredible illusion.

“Mu Ke.” Bai Liu’s voice was suddenly heard in front of Mu Ke.

Mu Ke instinctively raised his head. The next second, his pupils contracted violently.

Hearts, who turned into Bai Liu, had the same smile as Bai Liu.

Hearts slowly stretched out her hand to Mu Ke, her voice full of laughter and seduction. “Do you want to leave here with me?”

“Do you want to play games all the time?” Bai Liu’s voice had never been so gentle to him. “You are my most useful teammate. I trust you very much. Mu Ke, in fact, I trust you more than Mu Sicheng. I’m sorry I treated you so coldly before. I actually don’t hate you.”’

“I don’t mind even if our initial encounter wasn’t good. You have proven how important you are to me.”

Mu Ke’s breathing became rapid. In front of his eyes was a summer heat wave and watery mist. Everything was in the clouds. Only Bai Liu who walked toward him was real. It made people enchanted and willing to follow.

“Mu Ke.” Bai Liu looked at him with a smile and spread out his palm upward. “What are you hesitating about?”

Mu Ke felt the ground under his feet falling and his surroundings shook. He staggered back two steps and shook his head, trying to wake up from this beautiful dream. However, it was like a ghost pressing him to the bed. It was obviously fake, obviously a dream, but he couldn’t move or wake up.

Like a puppet being manipulated, he had to walk toward Hearts step by step, sluggishly raising his hand in order to put it in her hand.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s small TV has reached 100,000 points and is officially unblocked!]

[Player Bai Liu’s small TV is now re-launched in the multiplayer area.]

Mu Ke, who was about to put his hand on Hearts’ palm, abruptly woke up. Hearts, or Bai Liu who was Hearts in disguise, looked up at the small TV that made the system notification and her lips curved in a smile with an unclear meaning.

For the first time, someone was able to escape the blockade of the Kings Guild.

The author has something to say:

6: I heard that someone used my appearance to confuse you to do something?

Mu Ke (feeling guilty): I wasn’t firm.

6: Mu Ke, look at me.

Mu Ke (starting to get nervous): I…

6 (imitating Hearts’ seductive tone): Mu Ke, listen, I am now the changed Hearts. Where is your safe? What is the password? If you wake up and find out that the safe has been stolen, go to Hearts. She did it.

Proofreader: Purichan

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fluffy bunny
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Hahaha aww! Mu Ke is so cute!

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not bai liu tryna steal his family’s money 😂😂😂

Lush red tint
Lush red tint
1 year ago

Mu Ke don’t be fooled the original Bai Liu will remain mean towards you. Don’t believe that girl pretending to be your love

11 months ago

The ending is believable

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The small theater is the alternate timeline where Bai Liu found out about this incident