GHG: Chapter 187

Bai Liu was still in the game. These people had signed the contract but they still needed to wait for Bai Liu to come out before they could trade souls. In other words, Bai Liu first split the Scavengers group and waited for these people to get the things before proceeding with the follow-up transaction.

Mu Sicheng saw these guild members excitedly signing contracts with Mu Ke one by one from the sidelines and frowned. He keenly felt that something was wrong but he had the familiar feeling of being pitted…

However, he couldn’t say it specifically.

At first glance, it seemed that these members had indeed taken advantage of Bai Liu. After all, their souls hadn’t even been given but the members had already obtained the management right of the guild first. Bai Liu wouldn’t do such a cheap thing for nothing. There was no profit!

The fact that Bai Liu was willing to be taken advantage of in advance made Mu Sicheng feel very incredible.

After Mu Ke finished distributing the documents, Mu Sicheng sneakily approached Mu Ke. He lowered his voice and asked in Mu Ke’s ears, “What type of medicine are you selling? You gave the guild to these people first. Bai Liu isn’t such a kind-hearted seller who delivers the goods first and collects money later.”

According to the consistent style of Bai Liu, a black-hearted businessman, the money was generally collected first before the goods were shipped. The goods wouldn’t be returned if they weren’t right.

Mu Ke maintained the polite and reserved smile on his face. He tilted his head slightly and pulled a little bit away from Mu Sicheng, who came over. He glanced at Mu Sicheng and asked in a tone that wasn’t light or weak. “…What do you think is the most valuable thing about this low level guild?”

Mu Sicheng was stunned by Mu Ke’s rhetorical question.

What was the most valuable thing in this guild?

High level items from the items library, top secret materials in the library, high guild savings points, the orderly references for clearing various instances—these were the things used in regular guilds to attract players to join but the Scavengers Guild didn’t have this.

The few high level items and points in the guild were carried by the Miao father and son and had been almost all snatched by Bai Liu in the last round of the game.

The information and instance clearance references were provided for low level players who wanted to go through familiar games again. Meanwhile,  Bai Liu was a neurotic player who jumped the difficulty of one level every time. He always played the latest games and might not be able to find reference materials for them in all the databases of the guilds in the game combined.

Mu Sicheng seemed to realize something. He turned his head and stared at the ordinary players scrambling for the contract, their faces full of excitement.

There was nothing left in this Scavengers Guild. It had long been hollowed out by Bai Liu and the most valuable thing in it was these ordinary players who were left.

In other words, Bai Liu had just divided an empty shell into thousands of copies and sold it to these players. He made the players think that they had become the owners of this empty shell.

In this case, the low level players would definitely redouble their efforts to play in order to develop their ‘own’ empty shell guild and fill it with things. Therefore, it didn’t matter if these people’s souls were sold to Bai Liu as promised, Bai Liu wouldn’t suffer any losses.

It was because what he sold was basically an air bomb. It exploded so loudly that it could scare people but there was nothing in it.

These people would desperately fill up the bomb that Bai Liu sold to them and send it back to Bai Liu, while feeling grateful to Bai Liu…

This was simply squeezing out the last shred of productivity from these lifeless low level players!

Was this still human? This was a complete deception!

Mu Sicheng endured it but he finally couldn’t help turning his head toward Mu Ke, who had a peaceful face. “It is too bad for you to do this!”

Mu Sicheng had suffered a lot as a lone player fighting alone for a long time. Now he felt a youthful sympathy toward these low level players who were really squeezed to despair.

After all, these people were likely to be his future where he was unable to fly alone—he would be forced to join the guild and squeezed to the point of losing his last bit of value.

“If we don’t do this, they will soon die.” The young master Mu Ke faced this type of trading scene and had a calm aura like he had experienced it before. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glanced at Mu Sicheng lightly, his tone normal. “What do you think is trapping them?”

“Many employees under my father are like these people. They are reluctant to leave the factory. Some people are really unable to leave while others are afraid that they won’t be able to survive after leaving their jobs.”

“They will try their best to prevent other people or machines from replacing them, hindering the modernization of the entire factory. Then in the end, once the rapid factory construction, mechanical technology revolution or economic crisis arrives, these people who are frozen in place will be the first to be eliminated.”

Mu Ke retracted his gaze. “Then what if you give every employee a share dividend and give them a completely new factory. What do you think will happen?”

“What will happen?” Mu Sicheng wondered.

“…Everyone in the factory will desperately try to develop the factory so that they and everyone can survive.” Mu Ke lowered his eyes and said softly, “No matter how cruel the environment, none of the employees in that factory were laid off to the end.”

Mu Sicheng stared blankly at the hall where people were making a fuss about signing the contract.

On the countless overlapping system panels, the words ‘Bai Liu’ on the contract were reflected in these people’s gloomy eyes as they reverently signed their names.

The faint blue screen light that reflected in their eyes resembled the belief that resurrected from the ashes of death.

The little black house area.

The two groups of people in front of Bai Liu’s small TV silently confronted each other.

The edge of the small TV was full of the strong and tall senior members of the Kings Guild. There was basically a head difference with the average height of the low level players of the Scavengers Guild so it formed a condescending overlook. Combine it with their domineering and angry expressions and their scoffing noises and the sense of oppression was very strong.

The players of the Scavengers Guild who were standing behind Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng couldn’t help shrinking back. They had never seen such a battle before!

The most excessive thing that many players had done was to follow Miao Feichi to surround Bai Liu. Their highest ideal had been to join the Kings Guild but they were now about to fight the Kings Guild. Many players were about to collapse and scream in their hearts.

You are too brave! Can you take it easy? We just obtained the management rights of the guild. You can’t bring this guild down!

“Previously when he fell to the grave area, I thought that no one would come to collect Bai Liu’s body and no one came.” A person standing on the edge crossed his arms over his chest and sneered. “Now people have arrived at the little black house. Does it make sense?”

“Why doesn’t it make sense?” Mu Ke answered casually while raising his eyes. “We can’t save people in the burial mound area but we can in the little black house area.”

This was Mu Ke’s plan. After carefully understanding and sorting out the promotion data of most players, he quickly calculated it and integrated it in his brain. He found the possible position of Bai Liu from thousands of areas in the game lobby—this little black house area.

The little black house was actually a very unpopular area. The average person only heard about it. Those who really knew this area had fallen here and were basically already dead.

Fortunately, Mu Ke’s mind spun quickly. Previously when he entered the game, he had memorized the routes and most of the areas in the game lobby. Mu Ke had a basic impression of the thousands of areas in the game so he quickly found this unpopular area.

The rule of the burial mound dancing area was that the data should exceed the last time. It was impossible to do this when under siege.

It was because Bai Liu’s data was too good last time and he landed on the tail of the King’s list. This general trend of likes, follows and charged points couldn’t be made up by the power of the Scavengers Guild alone. Mu Ke was sober and calmly aware that it was a fantasy to fetch Bai Liu from that area when he only had the Scavengers Guild card in his hand.

Yet before completely falling into the no man’s land, the little black house area was set up by the system in order to squeeze out the last bit of value from the player. In other words, the last players who might charge the small TV to save them would be squeezed.

Therefore, the charging amount wouldn’t be particularly high. This was calculated by the system based on the amount of points that this person’s supporters could collect.

For example, Bai Liu’s ransom fee was 100,000. This much was basically equivalent to the sum of the points of Mu Ke, Mu Sicheng and the ordinary players of the Scavengers Guild.

The only problem now—Mu Ke looked up at the Kings Guild members standing in front of them.

They needed to be able to rush to the small TV area to charge points. Now a human flesh wall of the Kings Guild members was tightly blocking the edge of Bai Liu’s small TV area. Previously, Mu Sicheng had created a hole in it but that opening had been ‘healed’ and there were no cracks to be seen.

It was unlikely that the players behind him could rush in on their own. He could only try to see if he could create an opening from inside.

It was only by tearing a small hole from the inside that these cowardly guild members would be encouraged to follow him to take risks and recharge Bai Liu.

Mu Ke took a deep breath and flicked his wrists cleanly. A pair of shiny and dark daggers appeared in his hands.

The members of the Kings Guild saw these daggers and initially wanted to take a step back warily. Then they quickly remembered that this was the lobby of the game and the damage from these daggers would be invalid.

One person grinned disdainfully and laughed at Mu Ke from his high height. “Little friend, figure out the rules of the game before you show it. In the game hall, can you use your daggers’…” Skills?

The emotion on Mu Ke’s face didn’t change at all. He raised his daggers and charged forward, crossing over the member of the Kings Guild like a ghost. He entered the encirclement under the other party’s stunned expression and abruptly stopped words.

[System notification: Player Mu Ke has used the critical hit skill One Hit Flash!]

“Who said I would use these daggers to attack?” Mu Ke raised an eyebrow slightly and turned back to the Kings Guild member. He used his elbow without hesitation and pushed the member. “This is a mental value reduction skill with no damage function!”

It was just used by him to move.

An opening was suddenly broken in the encirclement.

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