GHG: Chapter 185

Under the strict surveillance of the Kings Guild, the comprehensive data of Bai Liu’s small TV fell even further.

[0 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 0 new people are following Bai Liu’s small TV and no one has charged player Bai Liu.]

[0 new people have watched Bai Liu’s small TV and the system is extremely disappointed by player Bai Liu’s lack of attention. You have lost the right to dance on the burial mound. Player Bai Liu, please go to the ground with peace of mind.]

[Player Bai Liu’s small TV is about to drop from the burial mound dancing area to the little black house area. Please play the game seriously!]

If the burial mound dancing area was the ‘cold palace’ in the game then the little black house area was the ‘prison’ of the game.

Only players who were extremely inactive and passively resisted the game would be exiled here by the system.

For example, players who hadn’t automatically entered the game after seven days would be randomly selected by the system to play a difficult game. At the same time, the small TVs that these players would log into would appear in the little black house area.

In short, the little black house area was a promotion area that existed as punishment. If there were normal viewers in the burial mound dancing area then the audience of the little black house area were basically those who liked to watch liveliness. These viewers would never like or follow any player’s small TV.

In addition, the small TVs in the little black house area didn’t have the option to like or follow.

The little black house area was an all black area where the small TVs were locked behind square grid iron faces with prison-shaped lattice shelves. The ‘follow’ and ‘like’ options on the small TV were locked and only the ‘charging’ option could be clicked.

In other words, in the case where only charging was possible, players who were exiled to the little black house area had to obtain a sufficient amount of charged points in order to be released. There was a saying among players that those who entered the ‘prison’ could only be charged and released with a ‘ransom.’

If there wasn’t enough of a ransom then the system would ‘tear up’ the player’s small TV. The player would be exiled to the grave in the game, the nameless area.

This was only one step away from the nameless area that no one could come out of.

Hearts led the other members of the Kings Guild to the little black house area.

Bai Liu’s small TV was placed in the most conspicuous position on the prison-like shelf and there was a red number next to it: [You can leave the little black room after the charged points reach 100,000.]

Now in this situation, forget 100,000 points. None of the viewers would charge Bai Liu a single point. The entire little black house area had been occupied by the Kings Guild and even the spectators who liked watching the liveliness were scared away.

In the case where he didn’t get a single point charged, Bai Liu would soon fall into the nameless area.

Hearts watched Bai Liu’s small TV calmly. Her eyes were lowered and she seemed contemplative and distracted.

The fact that Little Witch showed her cards to Bai Liu didn’t seem to affect the mood of this lofty queen. She still slowly and methodically guarded Bai Liu’s small TV, waiting for the moment when this TV became covered with dead ‘snowflakes.’

On the edge of the small TV stood a circle of serious-looking or worried guild members.

In the moment when Bai Liu was about to fall completely, all the Kings Guild members were silent, regardless of whether they harbored respect, jealousy, hatred or anger toward Bai Liu. This was the most basic respect for the death of the player Little Witch had tried her best to protect and who might’ve had great achievements in the future.

Everyone looked up at Bai Liu’s small TV while waiting for the system’s broadcast.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s small TV has entered the little black house area but no one has charged him 100,000 points. The system must now painfully make the following ruling about player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[Player Bai Liu doesn’t play the game seriously and doesn’t do anything in the game. After he entered the Rose Factory, he couldn’t attract a single audience. His likes, follows and charged points are all an incredible 0. He couldn’t break through this zero after entering the little black house area. The promotions previously given to the player were in vain…]

[…Therefore, the system has determined that player Bai Liu is no longer suitable to continue being active on the small TV. He will now enter…]

At the last moment before the system’s broadcast ended, there was a sudden commotion on the edge of Bai Liu’s small TV area. A person who was so fast he could hardly be seen forcibly broke through the defense of the Kings Guild and stepped into the viewing area of Bai Liu’s small TV.

At the same time, the data next to Bai Liu’s small TV jumped suddenly and the charged points changed from a red 9 to over 14,000.

[System notification: A senior player charged player Bai Liu’s small TV with 14,789 points! The verdict is interrupted! Player Bai Liu’s small TV is kept.]

Mu Sicheng, who was running with sweat all over his body and neck, casually wiped the sweat dripping from his jaw. His eyes lit up as he saw Bai Liu on the small TV. He exclaimed with relief, “I made it in time!”

[System notification: Player Mu Sicheng has emptied his points wallet and charged player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

Mu Sicheng was closely followed by Mu Ke, who was out of breath from running. Sweat covered the bridge of his nose and his eyelashes.

He ran through the gap in the Kings Guild that Mu Sicheng had torn open and stood in the viewing area of Bai Liu’s small TV. Then he bent over with his hands on his knees, panting heavily. His cheeks were flushed and he looked like he had exhausted his last breath.

[System notification: Player Mu Ke has emptied his points wallet and charged player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

The number on Bai Liu’s small TV jumped again from 14,000 to 16,000.

The two players suddenly came to make trouble and rushed through the unprepared defense line of the Kings Guild. Yet soon, the people of the Kings Guild reacted and wanted to drive out Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng.

Someone shook his fist and sneered.

“Two people dared to come and provoke the Kings Guild. You are bold enough. This is the first time I’ve seen someone who isn’t part of the Kings Guild come to argue with us.”

Mu Sicheng’s eyes swept over those present and a smile filled with both anger and pride appeared on his face. His eyes were contemptuous. “Who said that there are only the two of us?”

Mu Ke slowly straightened his body. He finished arranging his demeanor and showed a polite smile. “Out of the diplomatic etiquette between guilds that I have just learned, we have come with the entire guild to greet you, Queen of Hearts.”

More and more people appeared behind them.

These people looked timid and hesitant. It seemed their panel levels and game quality weren’t too high. At first glance, they were low-level players that no one wanted.

In other words, these players would run away when seeing these well-trained members of the Kings Guild, not join forces to challenge them.

Yet at this time, the players seemed afraid but they didn’t flinch back. They slowly gathered behind Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng. They gathered little by little, like a bunch of inconspicuous, weak and deceptive quicksand that soon piled up into a sand mountain that could devour people.

Someone with an ugly expression leaned toward the Queen of Hearts and whispered, “…They should be low-level players left over from the Scavengers Guild that Bai Liu obtained in the last game. The high level players have already run away and there are only a bunch of low level players who didn’t dare to run…”

“They aren’t a big deal and are easy to deal with…”

Hearts turned to look over and saw Mu Ke, who was facing her in the distance. She raised her eyes and asked in a vague tone, “It isn’t a big deal?”

“Didn’t you previously tell me that the guild has been handled by you. I asked you to inform them that the Kings Guild will accept them after the death of Bai Liu so that they wouldn’t oppose our actions to intercept Bai Liu.”

She looked gloomily at the smiling Mu Ke. “So why were those people incited to gather now?”

Half a dimensional clock ago in the game world (equivalent to half an hour in the game.]

The Scavengers Guild.

Unlike the Kings Guild, which directly purchased an entire building as office space, the Scavengers Guild lived in a humble, low-rent house.

They only needed to pay 60 points a day and players could live in this low-cost house for one night.

Brass rated VIP videos could be watched for free in low-cost housing so some players rented low-rent housing to watch game videos and study game clearance skills and strategies. This way, they could save points for video purchases.

The Scavengers Guild rented this type of low-cost housing as a base. They used being able to live in a low-cost house for free if players joined the Scavengers Guild as a gimmick. This attracted some greedy and cheap players to join the guild.

The father and son of the Miao family who founded the guild were very stingy. They took most of the guild’s profits for themselves and weren’t willing to invest in ordinary guild members or construct the guild. This led to the quality of the members in the Scavengers Guild not being too high.

After the death of the Miao father and son, some good players ran away and the quality of the players who stayed was even worse.

Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng spent some time finding the base of the Scavengers Guild.

By the time they found it, the people of the Kings Guild had already come.

The players left behind in the Scavengers Guild went from the gloom of ‘My president just took office and I don’t know what he did, but he is targeted by the Kings Guild’ to the excitement of ‘Oh my god, we can join the Kings Guild. How can there be such a good thing?’

Therefore, after Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng came to the guild and revealed that they were Bai Liu’s people, the attitude of the Scavengers Guild was awkward and repulsed. They vaguely despised the new leader Bai Liu and were unwilling to follow Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng.

This vague attitude and rejection quickly intensified into a violent conflict under Mu Sicheng’s fiery questioning.

However, they couldn’t hit each other in the game hall so the violent conflict was just a bunch of people pushing and shoving at each other while shouting insults.

At present, it seemed that Mu Sicheng alone could block thousands of troops because he swore the loudest, suppressed people the most and showed the aura of a monkey and great general at the same time.

This all stopped after Mu Ke stepped onto a table and spoke with a loudspeaker.

In the chaos where they were arguing loudly with each other, Mu Ke pulled out a loudspeaker from someone and stepped onto the highest table, stomping his feet hard to try and attract everyone’s attention.

The moment the stunned group looked up at the superior young master on the table, Mu Ke cleared his throat and turned on the loudspeaker, ready to speak.

Unfortunately, the young master had never used this type of loudspeaker and didn’t know that this cheap, plastic loudspeaker would generally have a pre-set recording after it was turned on.

Mu Ke took a deep breath and opened his mouth. “Everyone, please listen to me. Today, we have come to you for something very important. Bai Liu had us come as his representative for a better future for all of us, for—”

Then a heart-rending cry came from the loudspeaker.

“—Recycling old TVs, old game managers, old go-karts, old Judge’s Balances.”

Mu Ke, “……”

Mu Sicheng, who was beating up others, “……”

The others, “……”

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