GHG: Chapter 184

The processing worker in charge of the weighing was dumbfounded when he saw the similarity of the two Liu Jiayis’ movements.

“So who do the dry leaf roses belong…” The processing worker lifted the sack in a confused manner.

The two Liu Jiayis looked at each other. Then as if they had negotiated in advance, they pointed to the calm Liu Jiayi on the right. “Give her/me the roses.”

The processing worker’s eyes were fixed on the Liu Jiayi to the left. “If it is determined to be hers, you will be demoted to a flower picker.”

The Liu Jiayi on the left nodded as if she had been waiting for this moment for a long time. “Am I going to start picking flowers tonight? The pay is the same as before, 40 kg of dry leaf roses in exchange for a bottle of low-grade perfume, right?”

The weighing worker was even more confused by the scene in front of him but he acted according to the rules. He honestly replied to the Liu Jiayi on the left, “Yes… later, you and I will go and grab the flower picker’s clothes and tools.”

“As for you—” The weighing processing worker moved his gaze to the Liu Jiayi on the right and handed her the weighed dry leaf roses. “There is a total of 360 kg. Take it to the factory for the next processing step.”

Out of the two Liu Jiayis, one followed the processing worker to grab the flower picker’s clothes while the other carried the sack full of dry leaf roses to the open-air square, entering the working track step by step.

Qi Yifang’s group looked from this side to that side. Out of the two Liu Jiayis, one was walking in the direction of the factory and the other in the direction of the flower fields. Their directions were completely different.

A player from the Kings Guild turned to Qi Yifang with a dizzy head and asked, “Brother Qi, there are two Little Witches. Which one should we go with?”

There must be a real Liu Jiayi among these two while the other one was Bai Liu. The problem was that it wasn’t clear who was real and who was fake. Who should they follow out of these two Liu Jiayis?

Qi Yifang frowned as he looked at the two Liu Jiayis, who parted ways with calm expressions.

Tang Erda stared at the two Liu Jiayis.

Liu Jiayi was obviously only the executor and supporter of Bai Liu (6)’s plan. Her will didn’t play a decisive role and it was obvious that the person who decided which path to take was Bai Liu (6).

Their inner thoughts reached a rare consensus at this moment. ‘So which path will Bai Liu choose?’

Tang Erda pondered on it intently. According to Bai Liu (6)’s planning method of maximizing interests and his dictatorial and excessive desire for control, he wouldn’t hand over the main quest for others to complete. He would definitely do it himself.

According to this point, Tang Erda’s eyes moved to the processing worker Liu Jiayi, who was carrying the sack that was a bit too heavy for her and moving toward the factory. This Liu Jiayi was more likely to be Bai Liu (6).

There was just one thing that made Tang Erda feel it was somewhat inconsistent.

Tang Erda’s eyes moved to the back of Liu Jiayi, the flower picker who had just been demoted and was walking toward the flower field. Bai Liu (6)’s habitual walking posture that Tang Erda was very familiar with made him slightly narrow his eyes.

To tell the truth, he didn’t believe that Bai Liu (6) couldn’t complete the side task of drying 720 kg of dry leaf roses so that the two people could continue working as processing workers.

The situation last night was even more difficult and this guy thought of a way to steal an unknown amount of roses from Tang Erda. It could be said that he greatly over-completed the task.

Yet for today’s simpler task, Bai Liu (6) only took out 360 kg of roses. These dry leaf roses just happened to allow only one out of him and Liu Jiayi to continue working as a processing worker and enter the factory.

Moreover, if the plan of the two Liu Jiayis was simply to confuse him and the group of people from the Kings Guild then it would be better for the two Liu Jiayis to be in the same place.

This way, the power of the Kings Guild would be more concentrated to protect them and it would be harder to tell who was who.

Bai Liu (6) never made useless arrangements. So what was the use of the ‘Liu Jiayi’ who gave up the main task and was demoted to a flower picker?

However, the main task of the game was indeed to become the manager of the factory. The reward item of the Rose Factory game would only be obtained after completing the main task of the game…

Tang Erda thought about it before gripping his gun and followed the processing worker Liu Jiayi.

Qi Yifang repeatedly examined the Liu Jiayi on both sides and found that he couldn’t guess Bai Liu’s intentions. He saw Tang Erda following one Liu Jiayi into the factory and was forced to make a quick choice.

“Split the team.” Qi Yifang took a deep breath and turned to the flower picker Liu Jiayi. “I will follow this flower picker while you follow the other Little Witch. Remember to contact me if anything happens.”

“We’ve all been saved by Little Witch so we must protect her.” Qi Yifang instructed seriously. Then he exhaled and his expression became a bit complicated. “…She is trying so hard to protect the other person. if possible, please protect the other ‘her’ as well.”

The other two members of the Kings Guild were stunned before understanding what Qi Yifang meant.

“We all owe her.”

After Qi Yifang finished speaking, he handed the roses in his hand to the other two people. Then he turned around and resolutely followed the flower picker Little Witch.

The game lobby, the burial mound dancing area.

The members of the Kings Guild followed Bai Liu’s falling small TV with anger and resentment on their faces. They stared at Bai Liu, who was constantly enslaving Little Witch and teasing Qi Yifang on the small TV.

Then their expressions soon changed.

Their expressions became stunned and disbelieving when Liu Jiayi took out the A of Hearts playing card and handed it to Bai Liu.

They couldn’t believe that the Queen had given Little Witch such a high degree of trust and found it even more unbelievable that despite the Queen’s preference and trust, Little Witch actually betrayed the Queen.

She told another person about the Queen’s skill so clearly and even gave him the skill card A of Hearts to use. Wasn’t this equivalent to letting him grasp the Queen’s core desire and weakness?

“Q-Queen.” A player next to her spoke carefully. “Little Witch has turned on the mute function of her small TV. She shouldn’t have the idea of making your skill public except for telling Bai Liu. Her telling Bai Liu might just be a moment of rebellion so don’t be angry with her…”

The player’s voice became weak and frightened as he kept speaking but he still insisted on finishing the last sentence. “Please forgive her!”

They all understood that Little Witch had committed an act of irrefutable betrayal but they didn’t want the Queen to become angry and kill Little Witch. Therefore, they were defending her.

Little Witch had really saved them and she would surely continue to save more people if she came back.

They knew that Little Witch wasn’t a good child but she was really good to them. This was enough.

Little Witch was the only life-saving light seen in this harsh and huge guild of the cruel game for the players who weren’t strong enough or hadn’t developed yet.

They didn’t want Little Witch to die, even if she really betrayed the guild.

Hearts didn’t seem to be angry. Her eyes watching the small TV were as calm as the surface of a lake in autumn. There was only some laziness and tiredness from standing for a long time.

In Bai Liu’s small TV, Little Witch raised her head, puffed out her chest and demanded that she participate in Bai Liu’s plan. It reminded Hearts of the first time she saw this child.

Embarrassment, vigilance, precocious puberty caused by excessive intelligence and hostile suspicion mixed together on her face. Little Witch opened her eyes that couldn’t see anything and held the poison and antidote, standing on the edge of self-redemption or self-destruction.

Hearts liked this child that was like a hedgehog. She saw her former self in Liu Jiayi’s obsession and suspicion of Liu Huai. Therefore, she held out her hand and pulled Liu Jiayi into her arms.

Liu Huai wasn’t suitable to be this child’s brother.

If Liu Jiayi wanted to get rid of her shaky mental state and move toward a brighter future, becoming the backbone of the team, she needed teammates and family worthy of her trust to be a solid line of defense.

Her brother should never betray her. He should always love her, overcome difficulties for her and die for her.

Hearts’ eyes fell on Qi Yifang and the two members of the Kings Guild on Bai Liu’s small TV.

The members of the reserve team were the ‘brothers’ carefully selected for Liu Jiayi.

They were grateful to Liu Jiayi, loyal, had excellent ability, full of cooperation and had good personalities. They had cooperated with Liu Jiayi many times. This eight year old girl was soft-hearted. She was initially repelled by these reserve team members who really gave her love and care but she gradually started to accept them.

If one of them could take Liu Huai’s place one day then the Kings Guild would be the home of this promising Little Witch.

Hearts might be the person who knew Liu Jiayi the best in the world. She understood better than anyone that this little girl could betray anyone but she wouldn’t betray her own family.

Even if she was betrayed 11,000 times by her family, she was willing to die for her family.

At that time, Liu Jiayi would naturally become the next Queen of the Kings Guild, a spiritual symbol and the unshakable tactician of the team.

Unfortunately, this perfect process of empathy and cultivation was interrupted by Bai Liu.

Still, interrupting didn’t mean it couldn’t continue.

The three reserve team members were specially selected by her to enter the game. The purpose of letting them enter the game was to prevent the Rose Hunter from harming Liu Jiayi.

However, the hunter was essentially a person with very high moral principles. She didn’t know what happened that would make him shoot Liu Jiayi but before entering the game, Hearts felt the fluctuations in his heart twice. There was no killing intent toward Liu Jiayi.

On the other hand, it was also to shake Liu Jiayi’s psychological choice.

Hearts raised her eyes and looked at the small TV where the determined Qi Yifang was chasing after the flower picker Liu Jiayi.

Little Witch, this is one of the reserve team members who has the best relationship with you and your ideal brother. If you choose to be with Bai Liu, you will have to sacrifice Qi Yifang and the other two members who sincerely treat you well in order to leave the game.

-Can you be so cruel?

Proofreader: Purichan

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