GHG: Chapter 183

The twisting gray whirlwind was smudged black and the poisonous mist filled the whirlwind, obscuring the vision of everyone in it.

Silver bullets brushed past Bai Liu’s ears. He grabbed the A of Hearts card and flew through the black whirlwind. He grabbed the whip and approached Qi Yifang who was on the other end.

Qi Yifang’s mental value was too low. He was attacked by Little Witch’s poisonous fog and spread out his limbs. He was like a corpse and had no intention of struggling in the huge whirlwind that he had created.

However, Qi Yifang wouldn’t die. Liu Jiayi had no intention of killing these teammates who had cleared the games with her. These teammates were all around the S-rating and weren’t so easily killed by her poisonous fog attack.

Still, it was inevitable for them to be injured and stiff under the influence of the poison.

Bai Liu grabbed Qi Yifang’s ankle with the whip and the red Hearts card he was holding started to rotate strangely. Bai Liu slowly adjusted his position so that Qi Yifang, who was lying flat in the wind, stood upright and faced him.

Qi Yifang stared at Bai Liu in a trance with his out-of-focus eyes. The red heart in the center of the playing card that Bai Liu was holding against his lips spun faster.

Bai Liu fed the antidote to Qi Yifang.

Qi Yifang coughed a few times and swallowed the antidote. His low mental value and chaotic poisoned state made him unable to distinguish the current situation. It was only the familiar taste of the antidote in his mouth that made him move his fingers, as if he wanted to grab the person who gave him the antidote. Yet in the end, he didn’t even have the strength to raise his arm.

Qi Yifang’s eyes were red and he whispered in a weak and sad manner, “…Sorry, Little Witch…”

—I didn’t protect you and made you come to my rescue again.

I’m here to bring you back to the guild but it doesn’t seem to be successful. You seem to have found a better place to belong to.

The heart in the center of the playing card gradually had the shadow of a person appear during the process of the spinning. At the same time, Bai Liu’s limbs were rapidly shrinking and becoming more slender.

The short hair that only reached to under his ears extended down to the back of his neck while the clothes on his body changed to a dark black blouse. His calm, black eyes gradually became an opaque gray color, like a piece of poorly made frosted glass.

In the wind, Bai Liu turned into Liu Jiayi.

The gray-black haze on Qi Yifang’s face due to the poison gradually dissipated as he drank the antidote in time. Then he slowly closed his eyes.

The strangely swirling whirlwind stopped with Qi Yifang’s closed eyes. Everyone involved fell to the ground after the wind gradually stopped.

Tang Erda, who was attacked by the poison, shook slightly before standing firmly. He raised his gun to search for the shadow of Bai Liu (6). Meanwhile, the other two members of the Kings Guild were also blue-black after being poisoned. They landed on the ground and couldn’t stand steadily. They directly knelt down on the ground.

Qi Yifang fell to the ground and vomited wildly after landing.

His poisoned state was lifted and it was reasonable to say that his condition shouldn’t be as serious as the others.

However, Qi Yifang was dizzy from the ‘wind.’

Yes, Qi Yifang was the wind observation user but he became dizzy from it.

Qi Yifang only needed to go back and forth in the high-speed rotating wind a few times and he would vomit out everything he ate after he landed.

This was the reason why Qi Yifang was still in the Kings Guild’s reserve team despite having good skills and having high data in all aspects. It was because Qi Yifang couldn’t make good use of his skills.

Not far from them sat two people in black robes. They should be Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi. Tang Erda stepped forward and vigilantly used his gun to push aside the wide robes of the two people sitting motionless on the ground.

Two identical, thin faces of a little girl emerged from their robes and looked at him in a confused manner.

Qi Yifang stared at the two Liu Jiayis in front of him with stunned eyes.

Tang Erda gripped his gun tightly, his expression dark to the extreme.

He fell into the trap!

He knew that he shouldn’t have hesitated due to the 10 minute cooldown of his skill in the whirlwind. He should’ve directly used the explosive skill ‘Suicide Bullet’ to kill Bai Liu (6).

Tang Erda understood Bai Liu (6)’s plan.

Bai Liu (6) knew very well that under the premise of entering the Rose Factory game, Tang Erda wouldn’t actually kill him in the game because Tang Erda needed Bai Liu (6) to tell him the solution to the dry leaf roses.

Tang Erda firmly believed that Bai Liu (6) must know how to complete this game in order to get the key item that would resolve the dry leaf roses.

The solution was at hand. The main purpose of Tang Erda fighting was to control Bai Liu (6), rather than directly killing Bai Liu (6) in the game, let alone killing Liu Jiayi.

In other words, Tang Erda actually had no intention of doing anything to Liu Jiayi. He just pointed the gun at Liu Jiayi in order to get Bai Liu (6)’s whereabouts.

Then Liu Jiayi took the initiative to touch porcelain and made Tang Erda carry the blame of ‘trying to kill Little Witch for no reason.’ Add this to Bai Liu (6)’s series of actions later and Tang Erda was in a completely passive state.

Now Bai Liu (6) had become Liu Jiayi.

If they didn’t know who was real and who was fake, under the premise that Tang Erda was a hunter who might kill the real Liu Jiayi, the other three people would definitely fight to prevent Tang Erda from hurting or controlling one of the two Liu Jiayis.

Everyone’s positions were shattered and re-arranged by Bai Liu (6) through this sudden whirlwind. The other three were forcibly moved by Bai Liu (6) to join his team.

The current situation was no longer Bai Liu (6) alone against the four of them.

Instead, Tang Erda was fighting one against five.

Tang Erda had a pale face due to the poisoning and he tightly held the gun in his hand while almost crushing his teeth together.

The current situation had no room to turn back. It wasn’t impossible for him to fight one against five. He could kill all these people if he tried desperately.

It was just that he didn’t want to kill indiscriminately. He chased after Bai Liu (6) to save others. Killing the three innocent players of the Kings Guild who were calculated by Bai Liu (6) wasn’t something he wanted to do.

The reason he didn’t cooperate with these three people from the Kings Guild was because he didn’t want to involve these three ordinary players in this dangerous matter related to Bai Liu (6). He preferred to deal with everything alone.

Yet in turn, this pushed the three players, who originally had a cooperative relationship with him due to being helped by Tang Erda last night, to Bai Liu (6)’s side.

Tang Erda didn’t want to see such a situation but he had to say that he was already used to it.

After realizing that he was a hunter who was tricked by the gods and would gradually become a monster who would bring bad luck to others, he started to cut off all contact with other people and only allowed himself to wander in the group of monsters.

Tang Erda raised his head, brow furrowed. If he was looking at a person, there would be a very fierce feeling, like a wolf was staring in order to hunt prey.

He was indeed the alpha wolf who led the wolves to charge into battle. He wouldn’t be questioned by the members of the group for betrayal. He would always be the best general and pawn, killing the most enemies and prey.

Bai Liu (6) forced Tang Erda to abandon his identity and turn his back on his own team, even abandoning his right to exist as a human being in order to defeat Bai Liu (6).

Now Tang Erda was just a dying wolf who wanted to do something for the wolves one last time before he died.

Qi Yifang and the other two members of the Kings Guild stood vigilantly between the two Liu Jiayis and Tang Erda.

They were very confused about the situation of the two Liu Jiayis, but the real Liu Jiayi was definitely here. They wanted to protect Little Witch from being shot by this hunter again.

Previously, Liu Jiayi was suddenly shot and almost killed by this neurotic hunter. Now the three Kings Guild players who were ordered to enter the game to take Little Witch back had lingering fear.

They closely stood in front of the two Liu Jiayi, vigilantly staring at the gloomy and silent Tang Erda.

Tang Erda stared at Liu Jiayi with his blue eyes. Finally, the gun in his hand wasn’t raised toward the three members of the Kings Guild who stood in front of him. This might be the last line of defense between him and becoming a complete monster.

The two ‘Liu Jiayi’ who were being protected looked at each other and showed slightly similar smiles.

It seemed that this hunter might not have a good brain but he was indeed a good person who didn’t easily act against unrelated people.

A good person was the type of person that people liked the most, no matter whether they were good or bad people. Tang Erda gave up the room for profit due to the moral principles of a ‘good person’ and this allowed Bai Liu, a shameless person, room to act.

After Tang Erda turned away for an unknown reason and kept a safe distance from them, Qi Yifang had his mental value restored by perfume and he breathlessly collapsed onto the ground with the other two people to rest.

Qi Yifang drank the physical strength recovery agent with some lingering fear. He thought that Tang Erda was really going to raise the gun and kill the five of them.

After watching for a while, the trembling weighing processing worker dared to come out with the bag containing the roses.

He looked at the two identical Liu Jiayis in front of him with some confusion. Then he said in a flustered and cautious manner, “There are only 360 kg of roses. This is only enough for one person to continue to stay here as a processing worker. This… who do the roses belong to?”

The words of the worker attracted the attention of the rest of the group. They shifted their attention to the two Liu Jiayi and even Tang Erda, who was some distance away, looked over.

Liu Jiayi only brought 360 kg of roses that were dried and Bai Liu directly flashed here. He didn’t bring any goods with him. The 360 kg of roses was only enough for one person to continue being a processing worker. If Bai Liu didn’t take out enough roses for him to stay, one of the two Liu Jiayis would be demoted back to a flower picker.

Qi Yifang and the other members of the Kings Guild naturally didn’t want Liu Jiayi to be demoted. They carefully stared at the two Liu Jiayis in front of them, trying to find the fake one.

They first used detection items but soon found that whatever method Bai Liu used to disguise himself as Liu Jiayi, there was no detection item that could distinguish him.

Qi Yifang frowned. He had never heard of such a high-level disguise technique that could avoid all items except for the Queen’s skill.

Unbeknownst to the reserve players, the Queen’s preference for Little Witch had already reached the point where she was giving a skill card.

Liu Jiayi’s possession of the Queen of Hearts’ skill card was only known to a few people in the guild.

Soon, the three of them calmed down. After all, they had cooperated with Little Witch in the game many times.

QI Yifang once played with Liu Jiayi as a reserve team member. Even if Bai Liu’s appearance was exactly the same as Liu Jiayi’s, he had the confidence to distinguish the real one through some small actions, behaviors and habits.

Bai Liu wanting to pretend to be Liu Jiayi in front of people who were familiar with her wasn’t such a simple thing.

Tang Erda also thought so. He stared at the two Liu Jiayi, who seemed to be copied and pasted. He wasn’t familiar with Liu Jiayi but he was very familiar with Bai Liu (6).

Tang Erda would be able to distinguish it as long as one of the Liu Jiayis showed Bai Liu (6)’s habitual movements and words.

However, their expressions soon froze.

It was because the speed at which the two Liu Jiayis stood up, the small angle they slightly tilted their heads, the way they moved their hands to pat the dust off their pants and the movement of tidying up their necklines and sleeves were completely consistent.

These movements were completely different from what Liu Jiayi used to do before. They looked more like the movements of an adult man in his 20s, who paid attention to his appearance and often wore a suit. It wasn’t like what an 8 year old girl would do.

The members of the Kings Guild had guessed correctly. Bai Liu wasn’t good at imitating a young girl. In particular, he and Liu Jiayi had only known each other for a short time and it was difficult for Bai Liu to know all of Liu Jiayi’s movement habits and imitate them correctly.

However, Hearts’ core skill was imitation and she was extremely good at pretending and performing. In addition, Liu Jiayi was in the golden age for learning and it was easy for her to imitate Bai Liu’s actions.

This smart little girl could imitate him seamlessly.

In other words, the two sides encountered the most difficult situation—there were two Bai Lius in the shell of Liu Jiayi.

They couldn’t tell who was who.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Connie Whitney
Connie Whitney
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Hello, I was wondering if I could do a Spanish translation of this novel, the truth is that I love it and I would like to have your permission to translate it