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GHG: Chapter 182

Qi Yifang staggered and raised the weather vane, muttering to himself, “…Super strong winds, gusts of above 14, fine to heavy rain, rainfall of over 100 milliliters… there is a hurricane in this area. Red weather warning.”

The black weather vane turned bright red and rotated continuously until it pointed at Tang Erda.

After a brief silence, torrential rain and fierce winds blew in together. A violent tornado that could lift everyone up to the sky fell from the sky.

The thinnest Liu Jiayi and Qi Yifang were the first to be swept into the sky by the wind, followed by Bai Liu, who stabilized his body’s balance, Tang Erda, who chased Bai Liu, and finally the two members of the King’s Guild.

The processing worker who was weighing the roses saw the incoming storm and was so frightened that he started to carry the roses back to the factory. To his surprise, this strange weather that looked like it would expand to the entire rose factory stayed only around 10 meters around the entrance of the factory and didn’t spread.

It was only in such a narrow space. Outside, there was completely different weather.

It was cloudless and the sky was clear outside while in front of the factory, it was covered with dark clouds and thunder and lightning occurred.

The rotating tornado glued everything it could touch together, forming an opaque, gray cylinder belt that headed straight to the sky. The things and people swept into it were thrown around like a washing machine in this high-speed rotating cylinder.

The moment Tang Erda entered this spinning circle, he understood why Bai Liu (6) didn’t attack him directly but attacked Qi Yifang to make him enter rage mode.

It was because attacking Tang Erda was far less cost-effective than attacking Qi Yifang.

Bai Liu had no way to kill him at once so any attack on Tang Erda was ineffective and futile.

The fast attacking Tang Erda with high damage just needed an opportunity to touch his weapon, even if it was only for one minute, and the fierce hunter who wasn’t afraid of death would take the gun and fight them directly. The probability of their entire group being destroyed was far greater than the possibility that Tang Erda would lose.

At this time, Bai Liu changed his method of thinking. There was no advantage in a head-to-head confrontation so he simply didn’t fight Tang Erda. He chose to use Qi Yifang’s skill to limit Tang Erda’s skill.

In the ‘washing machine drum’ where everyone was spinning at high speed, it would be hard for Tang Erda to aim at one person even if he was a sharpshooter.

It was because in a tornado of this magnitude, he would be blown so strongly by the wind that he couldn’t even open his eyes, let alone aim at a person. This type of bad man-made weather seriously interfered with his vision.

If he shot randomly in the high speed wind without looking clearly then he might even hit himself.

However, the situation was different for Bai Liu.

Bai Liu spread open his hands and feet to stabilize his body in the wind. The violently blowing wind blew the corner of his shirt that he had originally tied to his suit paints. The upturned white shirt was stained with a bit of blood dripping from his goggles and he threw it away without any concern.

He wore the huge black goggles on his eyes and there was a bandage stained with blood. It was the one that had just been removed from Liu Jiayi’s face.

This was a visual item from Liu Jiayi’s warehouse. The name was ‘Blizzard Goggles.’

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has worn the item ‘Blizzard Goggles’ that allows you to maintain clear eyesight in extreme weather conditions such as a blizzard. It will become ineffective when damaged.]

[System notification: Do you want to use the ‘Extreme Weather’ infrared mode of this item to search and locate teammates?]

Bai Liu pushed up the goggles. [Confirmed.]

In an instant, the chaotic wind gusts in front of Bai Liu became clear. The four people turning in the wind were processed into infrared humanoids that were easily observable. They were as conspicuous as four red clothes in a washing machine filled with gray clothes.

This type of situation where everyone else’s position was clear made Bai Liu smile.

The people in the King’s Guild were really nice to Liu Jiayi.

The Blizzard Goggles were originally assigned to Qi Yifang in a level three game where Liu Jiayi saved him. It was an item reward suitable for his skills but Qi Yifang didn’t hesitate to give the Blizzard Goggles to Liu Jiayi as thanks after learning about Liu Jiayi’s vision problems.

Liu Jiayi refused at first but Qi Yifang insisted on giving it to her. Therefore, Liu Jiayi put it at the bottom of her items warehouse for Qi Yifang. If it wasn’t to have better eyesight and move faster when saving Bai Liu last time then she wouldn’t have used this item.

Unexpectedly, they happened to be matched in a game.

Liu Jiayi’s personal feelings about this situation were very complicated but Bai Liu would make the best use of it.

There was also Hearts. If nothing else, the Queen of Hearts was really generous to Liu Jiayi. In the entire game, except for Hearts, there might not be a second person willing to carefully store their skills in a playing card to protect another person, letting Liu Jiayi carry it as a life preserver.

The personal skill was relatively private in the game and was a life-saving thing. Hearts not only generously shared it with Liu Jiayi but she used a lot of methods and suffered a lot to raise this skill playing card for Liu Jiayi. She also used encryption measures.

Even if other people took it away, they wouldn’t know what this card could do. Bai Liu couldn’t even tell what this card did despite being able to directly open Liu Jiayi’s panel. Liu Jiayi was strictly protected in all aspects.

There was no second player in the entire game who could receive such treatment.

Liu Jiayi also had mixed feelings about this but in the end, she told Bai Liu how to use it and what Hearts’ skill was.

Bai Liu held the bright red A of Hearts in his hand and used the goggles to lock onto Qi Yifang, who couldn’t stabilize in the strong wind at all due to the drop in mental value and kept spinning 360 degrees. Bai Liu’s previous conversation with Liu Jiayi replayed in his mind.

Liu Jiayi handed him the card with a slight sigh. “This card stores the Queen’s skill. Her skill can make you become the person the target is more eager and worried about for a short period of time. It has a certain bewitchment effect and deflects all detection items. In other words, if you change to someone then apart from the person you have become, the other people will be completely unable to distinguish between you and the real person.”

“This skill…” Bai Liu raised an eyebrow and looked at Liu Jiayi. “It is very suitable for begging for forgiveness, counterattacking or cheating someone when life or death are on the line. This Queen of Hearts is good to you.”

Liu Jiayi was silent for a while. “The Queen is truly good to me.”

Apart from inducing her… Hearts’ treatment of Liu Jiayi could indeed be said to be beyond reproach.

Hearts trained her, cultivated her, taught her how to be a person, how to learn quickly in reality and in the game and how to protect herself.

During the time when Liu Jiayi’s abilities hadn’t developed enough to show her advantages and when there were slight criticisms and disputes from the people in the King’s Guild, Hearts tilted almost all the resources of the entire guild to her.

This lofty woman would even personally take Liu Jiayi into a game and gently and kindly teach her how to do it. Later, she defied public opinion and placed Liu Jiayi in the position of core tactician in the team to train. She was even willing to indulge Liu Jiayi’s small habits that might hinder victory in the league. For example, Liu Jiayi’s unwillingness to restore her eyesight.

Liu Jiayi’s ability stabilized and grew to the point where it was today due to Hearts’ unreserved cultivation and care.

If ‘goodness’ was something that could be measured then Liu Jiayi was quite sure that Hearts was the one who treated her the best before she met Bai Liu. There was no one else who could compare. Even Liu Huai wasn’t as good as Hearts.

This was also the reason why Liu Jiayi previously wanted to live in the game. She had a sense of belonging here.

Hearts’ unconditional goodness made Liu Jiayi feel a subconscious sense of belonging to this cold and cruel game.

Queen of Hearts was more like her family than anyone else Liu Jiayi had met.

Yet it was also this person who made her lose her only family.

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath and handed over the trump card that Hearts had given her to Bai Liu. “If Qi Yifang sees me die in an extreme situation and you add your mental value attack, it is possible to achieve the type of situation you want.”

She raised her head and looked directly at Bai Liu. “At that moment, the one that Qi Yifang should be most worried about in his heart is me. If you get close to Qi Yifang at that moment then you can become another me that can’t be recognized by anyone thanks to Hearts’ skill card.”

In the wind, Bai Liu drew the bone whip while the wind blew his shirt and the hair on his forehead.

His body tilted to one side like he was stepping on a virtual plane. He stabilized his body in the wind several times. Then after stabilizing his body, Bai Liu looked around and quickly found Qi Yifang’s position thanks to the Blizzard Goggles.

The bone whip in Bai Liu’s right hand slashed against the wind resistance in a Z shape and moved forward toward the place where Qi Yifang was located. The pure white bone whip that moved forward quickly was like a brilliant lightning bolt in the vortex-like storm.

There was the sound of flesh being hit and the whip wrapped around Qi Yifang’s ankle.

Bai Liu grabbed the handle of the bone whip with one hand and pulled the bone whip forward with his other hand. The other people quickly moved closer in the middle of the non-stop wind. The bone whip was like a white bone bridge connecting Bai Liu and Qi Yifang.

Bang bang!

Two bullets were fired consecutively and crossed the center of the storm toward the white bone whip that connected Bai Liu and Qi Yifang. Tang Erda stabilized himself in the wind and quickly changed the magazine. His eyes were fierce as he kept aiming at the bone whip.

It was true that he couldn’t see a single person in this chaotic wind but there was an end point to the bone whip connecting two sides. He could still try to kill!

Tang Erda pulled the trigger one after another.

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullet struck the bone whip that moved up and down with a clear sound, like particles stuck to it. It appeared regularly and intermittently.

Even in such a violent storm, Tang Erda could still follow the white whip for a short period of time. He shot along the bone whip with great precision despite the distance. Then he saw that a silver bullet was about to strike the body of the person holding the end of the whip, Bai Liu (6)!

Bai Liu heard the sound of the gunshots gradually getting closer to him. He held Hearts’ card in one hand and took out a bottle of antidote with the other. He put the card between his ring finger and pinky finger while drinking the antidote.

The tornado swirled and Tang Erda, who was changing the bullets, reached a place where he could see Bai Liu (6). He saw a smile that he had seen a thousand times on this person’s face and the words that were mouthed to him.

“Be blessed, Captain Tang.”

Bai Liu’s face flashed and there was no time to catch him in the wind.

Liu Jiayi, who was in the topmost position due to being the lightest, spread open her hands. She took a deep breath the moment she heard the gunshots and clasped her hands together.

[System notification: Does player Liu Jiayi want to use the explosive skill Poison Fountain?]


A blood poisonous fog appeared in the sky and spread with the wind, turning the tornado into a pile of black, viscous clouds. The diffuse clouds obscured everything in front of Tang Erda’s eyes and also blocked the direction in which he last fired—

It was the direction where he aimed at Bai Liu.

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