GHG: Chapter 181

The thing Tang Erda wanted to do with the King’s Guild was to ‘fill’ up the games to prevent Bai Liu from escaping. The King’s Guild had already done this before entering the game. After entering the game, he had a different purpose from the King’s Guild.

On the issue of Little Witch, everyone was obviously divided. It was estimated that this was the reason why Hearts forced people to enter the game with Tang Erda. Hearts recognized that Little Witch’s injury was related to him. Compared to killing Bai Liu, the purpose of these people being sent in was more to protect Little Witch from Tang Erda.

This was the reason why Tang Erda didn’t take the initiative to act with Qi Yifang from beginning to end.

There was no need to cooperate with each other. They all had different goals. They could cooperate briefly for a common purpose but there was no need to unite all the time. Sooner or later, an alliance with different purposes would collapse.

Qi Yifang, whose hand was caught by Tang Erda, and Tang Erda, whose eyes were dark, silently confronted each other. Sweat dripped down Qi Yifang’s nose and his back while the other two people around them also looked nervously at Tang Erda. Meanwhile, Tang Erda’s face was still devoid of emotion and he didn’t lower the gun he had raised.

Qi Yifang gritted his teeth. He fully understood why Tang Erda didn’t lower his gun despite being surrounded by three people.

It was because they couldn’t beat him at all. This was the oppression of absolute strength. Tang Erda only needed three shots to make them all collapse. This person’s marksmanship was fast and accurate and his physical fighting skills were also at the top level.

Now Qi Yifang’s right arm clenched tightly around Tang Erda’s arm and the entire weight of his body was hanging on Tang Erda’s arm, trying to press down Tang Erda’s right hand holding the gun.

Qi Yifang’s arm was a bit sore but Tang Erda’s right hand remained motionless despite bearing the weight of Qi Yifang’s body. He was as steady as a monster as he still pointed the gun at Liu Jiayi.

The processing worker who was weighing the roses next to them was dumbfounded.

Liu Jiayi stepped forward despite the gun pointed at her. Meanwhile, Tang Erda’s right hand under Qi Yifang’s arm followed her steps and still aimed at her.

Liu Jiayi didn’t panic. Instead, she reminded the dumbfounded processing worker, “Can you please weigh it quickly?”

“…Oh, okay.” The processing worker answered in a trance. He lowered his head and weighed the roses with confusion and some fear.

Liu Jiayi turned her head. The cold and dark muzzle was less than one centimeter from the center of her forehead. In reality, at this distance, she would surely die as long as the gun fired a bullet.

Yet in the game, even if she was shot in the head, there was still room to turn things around as long as Liu Jiayi’s health value wasn’t cleared by the attack value of Tang Erda’s shot.

She was Little Witch. She could be revived again with the antidote as long as she wasn’t killed all at once.

Liu Jiayi raised her head. She pulled off her black hood, revealing her thin and obedient face.

She wore large, outdated goggles on her face. The sunlight was refracted into a thick, black film of light and intertwined with the silver light scattered from the barrel of the gun in front of her.

Liu Jiayi looked at Tang Erda before she suddenly smiled strangely. She quickly reached out and grasped Tang Erda’s gun, her small and slender finger touching the trigger.

As Tang Erda looked stunned, Liu Jiayi didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger with an extremely calm and composed look.

At the same time, a completely different cry came out of her throat as she screamed in fear, “…Don’t shoot me! Don’t—!”


The muzzle of the gun flashed and there was the muffled sound of flesh being hit. The bright silver bullet swiftly passed through the little girl’s head and a line of bright red blood burst out and scattered on the ground.

The girl slowly fell backwards, weak and on the verge of death. Everyone’s movements seemed frozen, fading and slowing down in the narrow three-person barrier.

Tang Erda stared at Liu Jiayi, who was hit and fell to the ground behind Qi Yifang in shock, her blood flowing all over the ground.

Qi Yifang, who had his back to Liu Jiayi, looked disbelieving when he heard the gunshot. He turned his head quickly and sweat fell from his jaw at this big action.

The goggles on Liu Jiayi’s eyes slipped down weakly. Her originally gray eyeballs lost their last brilliance and were as dead as second-hand wax embedded in the eyeballs. There was blood flowing from the wound in the middle of her eyebrows and blood also flowed from her pale lips that were slightly parted in horror.

She looked like she was dying and there was no way to even get up to use her skills. No one could save her except for herself.

Little Witch, the one who saved him more than once… she wasn’t protected by him and was hit by Tang Erda…

She would most likely die in front of him.

Qi Yifang’s pupils shrank and expanded. Sweat condensed and dripped down his chin while his expression was similar to a stunned trance. His mind couldn’t return. It seemed like his soul was briefly pulled out of his body before a stinging pain pulled him back.

[System warning: Qi Yifang’s mental value is trembling! It has dropped to 40! The player is asked to quickly restore your mental value!]

After a brief pause, his breathing became extremely fast and heavy as he forcibly controlled himself to calm down.

Qi Yifang slowly turned his head to stare at Tang Erda. The weather vane in his hand swung quickly from side to side, so fast that only the afterimage could be seen. His dilated pupils reflected Tang Erda’s rare expression of surprise.

Qi Yifang took two deep breaths and tightly gripped the weather vane in his hand.

‘Calm down Qi Yifang. You can’t beat him! Unless you drop your mental value to the limit and fight to the death, you might barely be able to fight this hunter. However, you are now the leader of the team. You can’t get out of control! Little Witch’s matter will be remembered first and reported later. We must avenge her!’

‘The key now is to clear the level. You can’t be carried away by emotions! The first goal is to protect Little Witch and retreat!’

During the time when Qi Yifang was calming himself, Liu Jiayi managed to smile from where she was lying on the ground.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Ke’s personal panel to use player Mu Ke’s personal skill, One Hit Flash.]

A blurry figure that was too fast suddenly appeared between Qi Yifang and Tang Erda, who had briefly lost his concentration.

Bai Liu held a whip in one hand and a dagger in the other as he rolled and jumped up, inserting himself between Tang Erda and Qi Yifang. This rapid operation made Tang Erda, who had sensitive combat reflexes, instantly recover. He wanted to withdraw his gun from under the bend in Qi Yifang’s arm.

Bai Liu threw the whip at Tang Erda’s face. Tang Erda reacted extremely quickly and dodged sideways. His left hand turned into a fist that aimed at Bai Liu’s face with great force.

Bai Liu rotated his body and fell to one knee on Qi Yifang’s shoulder to dodge. Tang Erda’s fist chased after him and was already at the tip of Bai Liu’s nose.

Bai Liu grabbed Qi Yifang’s head and waist and bent backwards to avoid Tang Erda’s punch. At the same time, he took the panicked Qi Yifang back with him.

Tang Erda, whose arm was clamped by Qi Yifang’s arm, was also carried forward and he fell down.

Tang Erda gritted his teeth and crouched down, trying to pull out his gun and arm. Liu Jiayi, who was pretending to be dead behind Qi Yifang, rolled to one knee and turned around, sweeping one leg to quickly and powerfully kick away the gun in Tang Erda’s hand.

Qi Yifang had his head ridden by Bai Liu and he was pressed to kneel on the ground. As he was still feeling confused, Liu Jiayi drilled out from behind him, propped her hands on the ground and looked up with blood on her face as she yelled at the other two members of the King’s Guild who were staring blankly. “What are you doing standing still? Why aren’t you attacking while he still hasn’t recalled his gun?”

Tang Erda’s gun turned into dots of light after being kicked out. Then with a ruthless expression, he pulled out his clamped hand from under Qi Yifang’s arm. He held out his fingers and a gun reappeared in his hand.

However, this time was enough for the other two people to use their skills to trap Tang Erda. Unfortunately, it only lasted a dozen seconds.

This was the most terrifying part about Tang Erda’s skill. He was the fast attacking type. If they couldn’t completely kill Tang Erda at once, they would only be able to constantly delay the time until Tang Erda killed them.

This was what Bai Liu wanted.

Bai Liu raised his dagger. Tang Erda saw it and concentrated on dealing with it, but Bai Liu smiled at him gently.

Then he moved his hand back and stabbed the dagger into Qi Yifang’s shoulder.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used One Hit Flash to attack player Qi Yifang, causing player Qi Yifang’s mental value to drop by 27 points.]

[System warning: Player Qi Yifang’s mental value has dropped to 13 points and has entered the rage stage!]

[Player Qi Yifang’s Personal Panel (Rage State)]

[Mental value: 40 → 13]

[Physical strength: 1,339 → 1,873]

[Agility: 1,795 → 2,010]

[Attack power: 2,700 → 6,100]

[Resistance: 1,840 → 2,100]

[Comprehensive defense and attack power has increased. The total of the panel attribute points has exceeded 10,000 and the player is rated as an S level player. The player Qi Yifang’s level has increased from S level to copper S level.]

[Congratulations to the player Qi Yifang for his potential panel value reaching the S level. The copper  pseudo-god rating has been unlocked. Please actively collect faith points to become a god!]

Qi Yifang’s pupils shrunk into a small dot the size of a pinhead. The weather vane in his hand changed from shaking to a rapid rotation. It looked like a single-blade fan that was spinning so quickly that it was impossible to see the body of the weather vane.

He raised his head to look at Tang Erda with a blank and stagnant expression on his face. He looked like his soul had been almost sucked away. The wind around him was constantly blowing and these seemingly subtle winds tore at Qi Yifang’s pants.

[System notification: Player Qi YIfang has opened the personal skill and the identity and form has changed to ‘Monster Book: Extreme Weather Broadcaster.’]

Proofreader: Purichan

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